報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 25

The Twin Sons of Heavenly Father…

Even with his backside to him, Ye Hua quickly seemed to sense Mo Yuan waiting behind him and with a single smooth pivot, he spun around with both hands securely fastened behind his back.

Ye Hua boldly faced Mo Yuan straight on. His younger twin’s dispassionate and cold expression was one he was well familiar with because it was the same on his face. As they observed, calculated, and studied each other with the same closed appearance on their faces. Both a confident demeanor in their stances and even their focused, but cloaked gazes mirrored one another most precisely.

Ye Hua spoke first and his brisk tone lacked his usual courtesy, “High God Mo Yuan, you are indeed proficient. Ingenious. Visiting Heavenly Lord first and then going to my Qian Qian. Alone behind a privacy spell in her room…hm? But judging by your neat appearance, today you were unsuccessful in your quest for love from ‘our’ fiancée.”

His arrogant, sarcastic tone when he said ‘our fiancé’ Mo Yuan ignored it and spoke calmly, “Ye Hua, this palace is your residence. Even though we’re all involved in unique circumstances, I still know proper etiquette and manners. My purpose for coming is because I have a legitimate concern that you need to know also. It involves her safety.”

He began to explain the situation when Ye Hua rudely cuts him off and stated haughtily, “She’s safest with me but, Mo Yuan, I have to ask you. Have you figured out what she’s doing?”

It was difficult not to laugh at the young puppy when Mo Yuan sighed and responded to Ye Hua, “Of course I have. I’ve known Bai Qian since she was 50,000 years old. Always slow and dense when it comes to matters of the heart. Her naïvety is part of her charm. She’s purposely trying to push both of us away and attempting to get us to leave her first. I feel for her precarious situation caught in the middle. She has a childlike soul so I know she’s suffering.” Mo Yuan now mirrored Ye Hua’s rigid stance, as he held his hands behind his back and he kept his head high.

Ye Hua’s youthful arrogance caused him to smirk, “So, what are we going to do? Cut her in half? Split custody? You get her for six months and I get the other? The reason that I’m not submitting to you is that she is A-Li’s mother and my once mortal wife.”

“Your once mortal wife, SuSu, from a temporary trial that doesn’t hold any legality and you know it. I spent 70,000 years, 25,550,000 days, re-gathering my soul to be with her and I’m sorry but SuSu is gone. Bai Qian will marry me and become my life partner.” Mo Yuan’s tone was calm, and firm as his smooth voice was unwavering and absolute.

Ye Hua shook his head full of skepticism and countered, “Bai Qian of Qingqiu is my official fiancée. Everyone in all eight realms and four seas knows this fact. Your good friends, High God Bai Zhi and High God Zhe Yan accepted it willingly. Our confirmed agreement is one between two clans. It’s on paper. Ask your best friend; surely he has a copy and you can see it with your own eyes.”

“They accepted it because they thought you were me, Ye Hua. Why don’t you understand? They believed you were a reincarnation of me and that’s why they agreed. The Fox Emperor knows all about our engagement. I asked for his approval and received it two hundred years ago.”

Mo Yuan continued coolly, “I’m not here to waste my time arguing with you. Our exchange will happen but not today. Xuan Nu wants her blood. She’s desperate and it’s to save her stillborn child. I came to ask you to have extra men on watch around the Hall of Beautiful Youth. Bai Qian refuses any of my or her father’s men, so I came to request you to handle the serious matter personally.”

“Who are you to request anything for my Qian Qian?!”

Ye Hua snorted and went on, “She’s my son’s mother! As if I, out of all people, wouldn’t handle it correctly? I’m fully aware of Xuan Nu and her wicked designs. I discovered it weeks ago, there are already men stationed all around her guarding for anyone and everything. I’m one step ahead of you so you can put your mind to rest. I’d suggest returning to Kunlun Mountain and doing what you do best…seclusion.”

Mo Yuan watched in pure disbelief as Ye Hua haughtily and rudely turned his back entirely to Mo Yuan. He intentionally made it a point to wave the two fingers he’d unmistakably used inside her and declared, “Mo Yuan, I won’t be seeing you out because I have some unfinished business with my Qian Qian. Thanks for visiting.”

Deliberately Mo Yuan inhaled air through his nose, held fast his tongue, and refused to allow himself to get pulled into Ye Hua’s childish mind game. But his young twin knew just how to trigger him, and never had he excepted such coarse terms to come out of his mouth. However, at that very moment, when he wantonly sniffed his two fingers and mumbled ‘delicious.’ Suddenly Mo Yuan remembered what she said about almost climaxing with Ye Hua; the words flew out of his mouth and he was secretly pleased.

Nonchalantly he revealed, “Over 50,000 times, Ye Hua. That’s how often I’ve given my Shì qī my seeds during the last two hundred years.”

Ye Hua’s amused reaction wasn’t what he’d expected. Instead, mockingly he laughed and retorted, “Mo Yuan, it’s all about quality, not quantity. All those times and you never impregnated her? Not even once? Maybe your best buddy Medicine God Zhe Yan should prescribe something for your…potency. I planted A-Li inside her while breezing in and out like the wind.”

“Are you bragging about leaving her all alone for years at a time? Ripping her beautiful eyes out with your own hands and giving them to SuJin?” Mo Yuan countered with a lethal attack.

Ye Hua came back swiftly, “You stole her blood like a leech for 70,000 years.”

Finally, Mo Yuan amusedly chuckled as he strolled away because he’d won their first verbal confrontation, and tossed out most casually when he spoke.

He said, “No, there is a huge and considerable difference, Ye Hua. Shì qī readily and willingly fed me blood from her heart for 70,000 years. Think about why she would do such a thing. All those long years. By the way, make sure my Shì qī doesn’t drink too much tonight. She tends to get a bit carried away during times of stress.”

The twin sons of Heavenly Father walked away from each other both with clenched fists, blazing eyes and tightened jaws. Mo Yuan and Ye Hua were identical in every way. Their controlled appearances, confident attitudes, smooth speech, concealing gazes and most of all; their intense attachment and love for the same woman.

Bai Qian, the dense and obtuse woman who was stupidly pushing both of them away, so she could protect something that was never there between them. Yes granted, they were indeed the twin sons of Heavenly Father, but unfortunately, they were never siblings. Not really. The twin sons of Heavenly Father, Mo Yuan, and Ye Hua were not brothers. They were love rivals.


The Connoisseur…..

He was right and it was annoying how well Mo Yuan knew her. Loaded, wasted was Qian Qian. The pungent fragrance of wine permeated and filled her entire room. There were bottles…4 no, 5 no. There was another under the bed, 6. There were six empty containers in total littered all around the floor in her chamber.

She sat hunched over in the corner of her bed and didn’t even bother to say a word when Ye Hua entered her room. Qian Qian didn’t complain today which was unusual because she often did when he came to her. He lovingly cupped her warm, flushed face with both hands and stared into her troubled but guarded gaze.

Like Mo Yuan, he too could see her distress but just as he’d expected she spoke coldly and condescendingly to him, “What?”

“SuJin is now locked in the cold palace. Somehow Heavenly Lord heard of her illness and the Medicine King announced her pregnancy. Considering I denied involvement in her gestation, confined is she until further investigation.” Ye Hua narrated in a voice that was still tender.

Qian Qian laughed but she didn’t sound amused. There was real unmistakable sadness in her phony giggling. Promptly she reached out for another bottle of wine when Ye Hua grabbed it from her hand.

He chugged down the contents and declared, “No more. You’ve had enough.”

Drunken words, Qian Qian slurred, “Poor SuJin. I’ve never been one for fire. I’m not an arsonist but you do reap what you sow. What will you do to save your beloved Consort Beautiful Eyes? Hm?”

“I don’t care about her, you know that.” Ye Hua replied and tried to kiss her, but Qian Qian suddenly jerked away as if his touching lips would cause her pain.

Instead, she scoffed mockingly, “What, Ye Hua? Do you need to finish what you started earlier? I know you somehow and someway manipulated SuJin before. I’m not quite sure how but you did do something. I’m not a moron.”

“Also, my body is full. Overfilled with your brother’s new essence. It’s like a huge puddle under me and running down my legs as we speak. Do you still want me?” She ridiculed.

It was the wine but intoxicated Ye Hua openly laughed at her and said, “Qian Qian, you are a moron. Honestly so dense and stupid at times.”

Moving closer to her, Ye Hua closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, profoundly before confidently declaring, “Qian Qian, I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to you. The connoisseur of your body is me. I know just by your scent that you’re lying. By the way, has anyone ever told you that you’re a terrible liar? I precisely know how every part of your body smells, feels, and tastes. I can even recognize the subtle nuances and differences of the flavor of your neck and your breasts.”

Again, Ye Hua pushed in even nearer so he sat directly in front of her. Inhaling most profoundly but this time his nose slowly traveled down her body to her abdomen. He smirked and laughed to himself proudly enjoying his private joke.

The superior grin on Ye Hua’s face was incredibly smug when he delightedly announced, “Full of my brother’s seeds you say? I-don’t-think-so, Qian Qian. The delicious scent of your skin is just you with maybe a dash of me from earlier.”

He continued in the same arrogant manner, “You could blindfold, tie me up and I’d be able to distinguish every part of your body with one single lick. I swear that I wouldn’t even need to lay a single hand on you because that’s how well I know you. The connoisseur of you is me. I’m the specialist. Nobody. Nobody knows you or your body better than me.” Ye Hua smirked, finished off the wine, and casually tossed the bottle to the floor so it rolled and joined the others.

She burst out into sudden hysterical laughter holding her stomach. She couldn’t stop snickering. Thoroughly drunk was Qian Qian and entirely amused by Ye Hua’s ridiculous bravado. He watched her glassy, unfocused gaze give him a visual once over and she roared out into another fit of laughter. She snorted and giggled so hard that tears sprang from her eyes. She was still howling as he studied her most keenly.

Silently and inwardly, Ye Hua wondered to himself if it could be so simple to entrap her in his lustful maneuver. Qian Qian was highly competitive by nature and easily motivated by a challenge plus she was intoxicated. Utterly wasted was she and he didn’t care or feel ashamed of using that against her in his quest to bed her. If anything, liquid courage rushed and raced through his veins, as he analyzed her reactions somewhat entertained because she’d reacted just as he’d predicted.

The connoisseur of me is you? Could you recognize my correct body part with a single lick? A 50,000-year-old child like you? I highly doubt it, Ye Hua, but I must say you do humor me tremendously. I recall being your age and thought I knew everything but once you become my age, Ye Hua. You’ll understand you know nothing and you’re wrong. My lower treasure is full of Mo Yuan.” Qian Qian leaned back into the corner of her bed so she appeared to be lounging, and continued to laugh mockingly at him but she was barely able to keep her tired and heavy eyelids open.

“You doubt me?” Ye Hua continued to bait her.

Aloud she snorted and responded, “I think you’re 150% full of bullshit.”

Ye Hua drew his full bottom lip between his perfect teeth, tilted his head to one side playfully, and teased, “Qian Qian, you don’t seem to believe me. I’m offended. How do we solve this issue?”

“How about we play a game. I’ll let you blindfold me and tie me up. I’ll prove it to you and if I win… You’ll let me finish what I started earlier?” Ye Hua suggested.

Qian Qian snorted and retorted, “If you lose, you can’t touch me ever again. Not even a finger. Deal?”

“Deal!” Ye Hua barely held back the urge to laugh when he saw her dark eyes meet his gaze and twinkle. Bingo! His bold trap ensnared and caught her and Qian Qian was his for the taking.

To be continued