報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 26

A Deal with the Devil…..

How many hours had it been? Days? Months? Surely it hadn’t been a year yet but time flowed much differently for incarcerated SuJin. Because locked away in the Cold Palace was she after being wrongly indicted, and accused of committing adultery.

SuJin couldn’t help but chuckle at her outrageous state as she gingerly touched and caressed her stomach. The pregnant announced the Medicine King. The dark humor of pregnancy in the cold and barren place was twisted irony. But here she was locked up like a criminal when she was purely innocent, still, her hope remained and persevered. She knew Ye Hua would come to save her. Her Ye Hua was coming for her and all she had to do was wait.

He was a cruel, cold being but he was honest and just. That much SuJin knew about him. The sound of the chains unlocking brought newfound faith to her heart. Was it Ye Hua? Already?

The doors suddenly swung open causing a ray of bright light to blind her but unfortunately, the figure was too small to be Ye Hua. It was just a helper with her afternoon meal.

She said nothing but noticed the servant lingered and remained. Her shoes she could see and the rude, disrespectful attendant was staring at her without a proper greeting. Fury filled her because she was still Ye Hua’s Side Consort, Princess SuJin.

“Have you forgotten who I am? How dare you stand before me and not bow correctly. I may be here now but once freed, your pathetic future will be in my hands. Kneel before me!” Boomed SuJin as she demanded in her loudest tone of voice.

The servant arrogantly and mockingly laughed causing SuJin to glance up and it wasn’t a servant at all. No, her unmistakable attire was a gorgeous, ornate crimson and black dress. Crazy but it was the demon beast-like woman who’d brought death to her entire clan.

It was Xuan Nu, the Queen of Ghost Realm in Nine Heavens. She sharply recoiled and backed into the wall as far as she could from the unwelcome fiend. Being seen with her alone could implicate SuJin most terribly and she knew it.

“Your wretched living conditions are far from what I expected. Not as magnificent and much dirtier than I ever imagined.” Her voice was full of sarcasm when Xuan Nu spoke.

Xuan Nu touched the surface of the post in the center of the room. She wrinkled her nose, blew the dust from her hand into the air, and dramatically coughed as if overcome by the dustiness of the room.

“How dare you come to Celestial Heaven? You murderous bitch! Because of you! Gone forever is my family because of you!” SuJin accused and screamed for a guard only to have Xuan Nu plug her ears, and openly roll her eyes before she lectured.

She ridiculed, “Nobody is guarding you, SuJin. Do you know why? Your Ye Hua has all his men watching and protecting his beloved old fox queen.”

Xuan Nu crossed her arms over her chest and continued, “And yes, I’m a traitor but what wouldn’t you do for love? You shouldn’t judge me considering you stole a mortal woman’s eyes. If anything, you should thank me. Due to my efforts, you existed and breathed life as an honorary princess in Nine Heavens. You too were born to a lowly concubine.”

“You’re nothing but a girl without heritage who would have never met Ye Hua due to your low status. Trust me. I’m not condemning you because I understand. I too, Xuan Nu, was born to a concubine so that’s why I couldn’t marry into the Fox Clan as my sister. But it was for the best and yes, I know all about you, SuJin. Why? Because you and I have a common enemy. Bai Qian of Qingqiu is our nemesis but you might remember her best as SuSu.”

Astonished SuJin gasped and blanched ghostly at the mere mention of SuSu. Her fear-filled eyes widen and dread shook her entire body as she loudly screeched, “No, the mortal is dead! She died 300 hundred years ago. You lie! Get out before you bring death to me for being seen with you. You and I are nothing alike! Ye Hua is coming for me and when he does, your head will become separated from your body!”

Smirking haughtily and her superior expression said everything when Xuan Nu taunted SuJin and explained, “Being SuSu was Bai Qian’s trial for ascension to High Goddess and SuSu died, but Bai Qian still has her mortal memories. I’m sorry to say this but your Ye Hua isn’t coming to save you, because he’s too busy fornicating with Gugu or he’d probably say he’s making love.”

“The youth are full of passion and sentiment. Either way, their need for each other was so urgent that they forgot to raise a privacy spell. So everyone and I do mean everyone has heard them crying out in ecstasy for hours. Ye Hua is young so I’m sure he’ll be quite busy for a while. So you and I can talk. SuJin, let me illustrate how much our lives parallel with each other.”

Xuan Nu continued speaking in the same droning tone of voice which strangely had a soothing effect on her. SuJin tried to close her mind to her but the words drifted in the air into her ears like music, and lastly profoundly rooted deep inside her confused brain.

“Here you are, locked up for adultery because she’s been drugging you. Stupid! Haven’t you noticed your illness came on right before she appeared in Nine Heavens? You made an enemy when you accused Shao Xin’s son of raping you. They are working together.  Now you, a faithful virgin who had waited and pined for Ye Hua stand falsely accused of pregnancy. I have to give that bitch some credit! Her plan is evil. Bai Qian has always had a twisted mentality.”

“Here I am. My poor innocent child was born without a breath and I’ll never conceive again. Because my Li Jing only touched me once in 70,000 years, after I changed my appearance so I resembled Bai Qian. Both…you and I have endlessly waited for them to see us finally and to love us but no…it’s always her. Everyone… Mo Yuan, Ye Hua, and my beloved Li Jing all only desire her. She’s all they think about and you should know the bitterness of what I feel because you must feel it too.”

Xuan Xu wiped her tears and continued, “All I ever wanted belongs to her and she doesn’t even need or want it! Can you see the sadness of our situation? Both are begging for her, our most beloved and she treats our honorable men like stray dogs groveling at her feet!”

She moved closer and added, “SuJin, you and I can work together and solve all our issues. Bring her to me, I’ll make her suffer, as I suck out every drop of blood from her stone-like heart and make her disappear forever! Then, I’ll take A-Li too and you can be the mother of Ye Hua’s only living child.”

SiJin laughed though she was afraid…anxious and tempted, “What power do I have to accomplish such a feat? Bai Qian, she’s a High Goddess. You’re crazy because even if I wanted she’s totally out of my league, and I don’t have the elite cultivation to beat her. I must say, I do love the idea of A-Li vanishing and then all traces of her would fade. Still, get out. I’m sick of listening to your insanity.”

Xuan Nu inched even nearer and declared, “Insanity? Bai Qian has watched you for 300 hundred years but I’ve been following her for 70,000 years. She’s not as bright as other believe and I have spies everywhere! I’ve always been several steps…miles ahead of her and she’s not as formidable as you might expect. I’ve just given you all the tools to beat her at her game. Now you know everything I do!”

“SuJin, take a chance and join hands with me. You would be the mother of Ye Hua’s next child! His only living child. Heir to the throne! Yes, alone we can’t do anything but there is someone…and if that someone joined us. It would be like stealing candy from a baby. Effortless!” Xuan Nu beamed and she looked beautiful to SuJin.

“Who would openly harm High Goddess Bai Qian and A-Li the Imperial Great-Grandson?” SuJin sneered at her absurdity but her curiosity piqued internally.

“The powerful man who helped you steal her eyes. The esteemed man who’s been backing your dirty deeds. The well-known man, High God Mo Yuan, knows all about it and it won’t be long before he reveals everything. Then, there will be an unsightly, an unfortunate tribunal to judge you, Heavenly Lord and your Ye Hua too. He took her eyes and I know her much better than you. She’s here to hurt him too.”

SuJin winced at the mere thought of it. Ye Hua’s life was at stake and she would endure any trial but not him. There wasn’t anyway to know if the Fox Clan could dole such severe punishment to him, but she couldn’t take a chance, and the thought of killing A-Li to make room for her royal baby brought on a blissful sensation. She watched as Xuan Nu held out a small vial smiling most temptingly.

Xuan Nu purred, “This will rid your body of the harmful chemicals and you’ll be released from this place. Then, all you have to do is tell Heavenly Lord the truth about SuSu. Also, about High God Mo Yuan’s intentions to charge him with crimes against humanity, and advise him to act before they do. He’s a clever man who will devise a way to get her out of Nine Heavens and then I’ll take her away. Bai Qian of Qingqiu will vanish and fail to exist. It’s a win-win situation.”

Holding the vial inches from SuJin, Xuan Nu urged with tears in her eyes, “SuJin, do you want to watch your Ye Hua punished for your wicked deeds? He took the eyes of a High Goddess who happens to be High God Mo Yuan’s secret fiancé. She is the Queen of Qingqiu and we all know about the Fox Emperor’s power and love for his children.”

“At the trial, they might give him the death penalty. How can you do nothing while others plan to harm your only precious and cherished love, Ye Hua?” Xuan Nu held her hand open with the flask in the middle of her palm.

Swiftly SuJin grabbed the bottle from Xuan Nu and made a deal with the devil. She would go to hell a million times. She would take A-Li’s breath two million times and give it to her child but not Ye Hua. No. SuJin would do anything to save him and even join hands with the villain who slaughtered her whole entire family.

To be continued…