金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 23 NSFW

The dusty charcoal residue all over his palm caused him to smile nostalgically amused at himself. It reminded Mo Yuan of his lively youth when he and Zhe Yan wanted to run away, flee and travel the world freely as two nameless vagabonds.

It was during their most adolescent, unrealistic and utopian period. When he and Zhe Yan both yearned to live independent of their privileges, heritage, and birthright. Their only aims, aspirations and merely simple desires were to meet many various and countless beautiful women. Drink down massive quantities of potent, fruity, fragrant wines with these women, and then draw pornographic sexual images of their nudity after sharing bodily pleasures with them.

Then he and Zhe Yan intended on selling their erotic drawing of masterpieces to support their free, bohemian, nonconformist, carefree lifestyle. It was once their most earnest dream. A reckless and wild idea that never happened. For many reasons but the most significant was…neither he nor Zhe Yan were talented artists.

Mo Yuan could sketch a bit, but Zhe Yan’s ability was drawing stick figures so that they would have surely starved to death had they followed their unrealistic dream.

Thinking back on it now, Mo Yuan softly chuckled under his breath, because it was entirely absurd even to consider doing such a reckless thing. Still, how many times and days had he done it inwardly? Privately? Countless moments throughout his long, dull, monotonous life, he recalled back at that period of age and believed those free-spirited days with Zhe Yan were his most carefree, joyous times but he was wrong. The most profoundly joyful and blissful minutes of his life were definitely with Lifen, the mortal who was also the immortal, Bai Qian.

Because in so many unexplained ways, she’d made his most personal dreams and secret desires a reality. Indeed, even now while watching her sleep nude beside him, Mo Yuan still couldn’t believe how she’d mysteriously and abruptly come into his life. She changed him entirely or perhaps converted him back to the man he was before becoming the monk Master of Kunlun Mountain. She’d brought back to life and revived the dormant man within the God of War as he’d never known, or experienced such rapture, euphoric and exhilaration in his entire life as he did with her.

“Husband, when do you think I’ll become pregnant?” Lifen asked sleepy-voiced when Mo Yuan thought she was sleeping.

He promptly put down the charcoal, laid beside and faced her. Mo Yuan pulled her warm body closer to his and enclosed her tightly within his powerful arms. While in his tender embrace, he gently ran his big hand through her luxurious and thick locks of hair.

Happiness exuded from her every pore as Lifen giggled, wrapped her slender feminine arms around his neck. She parted her shapely legs wider, allowing his muscular legs to slip in between them like scissors, while he kissed her tulip-like lips affectionately.

He covered her lovely face with sweet love pecks repeatedly and tenderly responded, “Well, let’s see. We’ve only been married three days so it might be a tad longer. Would you like a baby girl or boy?”

“First a girl! A girl who is smart and educated so she’ll never have to touch anyone’s dirty laundry. Since her father is a genius Shifu, she can gain all the knowledge and everything you know. Then she’ll have all the unlimited opportunities that I never did.” Lifen answered cheerfully and pushed herself tighter into his body as if she wanted to melt and render into him.

She snuggled even closer, slightly rubbed herself against his upper thigh and added most sincerely, “Mo gēge, our second child will be a boy. A handsome little boy that looks just like his father, so people will stop us on the street and marketplace just to pinch his rosy cheeks. I want a little mini twin of you…well, minus your beard and mustache of course. I think that would look strange on a baby!”

It tickled him amusingly to watch her when Lifen giddily snickered because in her mind, she was the funniest person she knew and her response was endearing. The feel of her rubbing against him was highly arousing, so Mo Yuan declared straight-faced and accepted the challenge, “Let’s try again. We’ll continue working at it until it happens. Shall we?”

Lifen giggled and snickered when Mo Yuan turned her on her stomach while playfully inched up her body, on top of her growling. His muscular, sculpted front side was direct, flat entirely on her backside and his face hung over her right shoulder. She turned her head to him. They kissed slowly, lovingly while their tongues curled and rolled against one another as they tasted, and savored the unique flavor of each other’s mouths.

Their passionate kiss persisted until he gradually moved his craving mouth, and traveled from her lips down to her shoulders. With his tongue, Mo Yuan washed over and down her entire back before pausing to nip, chew and nibble on her perfect bottom teasingly. He parted her silky legs and stroked, rubbed the full length of her pink, smooth, candied crevasse in repetitive sweeps with his long fingers. He continued to massage her teasingly while his lips coasted leisurely, and slid down the backside of both her legs down to her delicate ankles.

There wasn’t a part of her body that Mo Yuan didn’t touch, taste or kiss. His full exploration of Lifen’s body was absolute and thorough. On his way back up, he tasted all and every part of her again, while his index and third fingers moved in and out of her beckoning, inner heat at a deliberate teasing pace.

Next, leisurely and gradually, Mo Yuan ascended back up her smooth body while his hand, lips, and mouth revisited all the places he’d already explored many times. He consumed every inch, every crease, every fold unable to get enough of the taste of her. The deliberate creeping speed of his seduction continuously built up her need fast, and a fresh new surge of moisture covered his long fingers.

She was whimpering, grunting with increased urgency and Lifen was in need. He laid himself flat on her backside, and she was soaking moist when Mo Yuan parted her thighs more. Effortlessly he slid into her inner warmth. Her warm, snug, silky, sweet sugar walls enveloped his girth instantly. She groaned as a result of her fulfilled need and his full descending penetration of her.

Mo Yuan interlocked their palms, so they were holding hands and pushed them above her head. She turned her head to the right and faced him. Their craving lips and tongues connected in an unending kiss while they slowly made love. His defined hips moved in a deliberate half semi-circle as he entered her further. Lifen moaned in between deep and airy breaths.

He was in the most profound diving depth of her inner core, and there wasn’t any barrier to block him back anymore. Lifen was now able to take all of his thick and massive manhood. There was much wetness of moisture, so his gentle but plunging insertions were slick and smooth. And her internal hold on him was indescribable ecstasy.

Incredible. The silkiness of Lifen’s inner folds made it difficult to hold back his release, so he paced himself with a change in physical position. Mo Yuan rose to his knees and pulled her up with him. He laid back flat and sat her upright straddled on top but facing away from him.

He heard the apprehension in her voice when she asked unsure of herself, “Mo Yuan Oppa, what exactly am I suppose to do? Move up and down or side to side?” Lifen swiftly moved side to side as if she were practicing.

“Listen to your body and do what feels pleasurable for you because that will also satisfy me.” Mo Yuan replied hoarsely as his mighty hands caressed and gently groped her fully exposed bottom.

She sat still for a moment then awkwardly moved up and down on him. She paused not knowing what to do, and her posture was tense when Mo Yuan suggested in a gruff whisper, “Lifen, close your eyes and listen inside you. There’s a rhythm like your heartbeat. Capture and match it then let nature take over. Your body will know what to do.”

She exhaled a sharp, deliberate puff through her mouth somewhat nervous and nodded that she understood. Mo Yuan lightly held both sides of her hips to guide her movements as she attempted to let go, and discover her inner beat. Lifen’s fast breathing became even and more controlled as her stiff, rigid and nervous posture softened.

Subtly dropping her head back, her hair slowly swayed to and fro as Lifen planted her open palms on his most upper thighs. He watched her in awe and wonderment. The most astonishing and incredible metamorphosis as nature took control, as her body moved to a sensuous internal rhythm of its own. Her curvaceous hips and body instinctively gyrated and rubbed against him.

To everything new, she was a quick study, and Lifen was beautiful to watch in her phase of discovery. She lifted her hair up with both hands exposing her lithe and graceful back while her hips rotated, swirled to a steady rolling swing. Her body’s movements were fluid, smooth and flowing as she rode him beautifully.

She was experimenting then suddenly slanted and folded over just at her slender waist. Her upper body leaned forward as she planted her flat palms firmly, and slightly down Mo Yuan’s legs under the knees but above his tibias. Nonetheless, Lifen’s feminine hips and shapely behind remained fastened in their joined sexually pleasing position steadily rotating.

Still, in her slanted forward position, Lifen balanced herself on bent knees, and her extreme flexibility made it possible for her legs to fold in half. Positioned were her feet by her luscious buttocks and sharply her lower back arched. She isolated her muscles, dropped, and bounced only her bottom. She was steadily mounting and riding him by elevating just her shapely tush up and down the entire length of him. He felt her glide up and slide down his full mass by using only her lower back and derriere.

Enharmonically she bounced on him in a constantly accelerating tempo with her sexy bottom when Mo Yuan pushed up himself on his elbows and in his sights, and his unobstructed, clear view was an erotically provocative image. The panorama of his full, thick manhood moving in and out of her pink, drenched, inner folds. The provocative picture drove him crazy, and Lifen’s deep rose-hued flushed twin lips that tightly hugged his girth felt indescribable. Between the arousing physical and stimulation visual, Mo Yuan was on fire.

Mo Yuan grabbed both her ankles and gently pushed her down into a sharper forward incline. The tilt made her gasp aloud as the shift in the angle of his enormous shaft changed internally, and his head bumped, hit and tapped against her interior sensitive spot. He banged her again, and it was like an explosion when her dew splashed all on and over him. Soaked in her honey was Mo Yuan entirely.

Immediately Lifen’s pleasure soared, and he watched as she sped up, and her agile lower back ached even more distinctly. With every move, he observed her sliding up and sitting down on him from the tip of his swollen, engorged, domed head way down to the base of his defined V-shaped pelvis. The way Lifen’s thin and slender body moved beautifully similar to a dancer. It was smooth and flowing as she climaxed from the internal penetration without clitoral stimulation.

She kept going and on every descend, she sat enfolding and took him into her entirely. She ground, gyrated and rolled against him, and her luscious honey was visible bathing Mo Yuan’s entire sex. It was gathering around her body where they joined, met and became one with each other leaving his manhood looking shiny and glossy.

Mo Yuan was a visual man and most excited by arousing sexual imagery so swiftly his excitement and arousal escalated. He sat up behind her, speedily raised Lifen’s upper body until she was sitting upright on his lap and pulled her back to him. He caressed both her soft, young, and perky breasts from behind.

His massive thumbs made circles and twirled around her hard, round, dark plum-hued nipples with firm pressure causing her insides to tighten up around him. Lifen placed her small hands on top of his, pushed her fingers through, entwined them so that they were both actively massaging and stimulating her soft breasts. Closer, to him she reclined back and continued to move and gyrate her hips while moaning loudly and continuously.

She spoke and moaned in airy sighs, “I can’t believe how incredible this feels… My insides feel so hot like there’s a fire.”

She was right; Lifen was hot inside, and her aroused voice drove him absolutely crazy. Mo Yuan’s one masculine hand was still touching her breast and nipple, but the other skated down below. Their interlocked palms skimmed and coasted down her flat navel past her smooth womanly mound to where she could feel him inside her. Together they rubbed the most intimate place where they became one with each other as a thick, hoarse groan came from deep down his throat. Their joined fingers felt the excess nectar of her beautiful flower.

“I love you.” Mo Yuan whispered as he kissed her smooth now slightly dewy neck.

Lifen whimpered back breathlessly, “You’re so big, and it’s so wet here where we meet…I feel so… filled up with your manhood inside me.”

Her inquisitive hand and fingertips lingered longer as if intrigued by the mysterious sensations she was touching for the first time. The physical and tangible feel of their lovemaking was all brand new to her and Lifen’s innocence, and curiosity only aroused him more.

She increasingly sped up and proceeded to grind against him faster and harder taking his entire girth and mass. While Mo Yuan steadily rubbed her sensitive outer sweet spot slathered in her slickness.

Among sultry moans and groans, she drew her bottom lip between her teeth. Lifen panted as she turned to face Mo Yuan sideways and urged breathlessly “Ahh… Mo gēge, kiss me now….. I want your tongue in my mouth when I orgasm.. I’m close… almost there…”

Mo Yuan pushed his tongue into her mouth and her wet tongue frenzied around his as she started to climax. Lifen’s hand was still touching where they were connected as she ground herself into him forcibly and began to wail out like a siren.

It began with panting and grunts before turning into a soft moaning but changed and became louder. Lifen screamed as she continued to climax and her orgasm seemed to intensify. She was drowning in the oblivion of her blissful pleasure peak, and her silky inner folds were pulsating, spasming internally when Mo Yuan deliberately sped up his finger’s circular motions on her sensitive hooded button and pinched her nipple harder.

Lifen abruptly stopped screaming, and an odd gasping choke-like sound came from her lips as if her body was in shock and there was silence because she couldn’t utter a single sound. The magnitude of her extreme orgasm not only took her ability to speak but also produced another large splash of her honey all over his already wet thighs.

Long and intense was her pleasure peak. She pulsated and clasped around Mo Yuan for minutes after her orgasm. Lifen was utterly winded, exhausted and her body was relaxed but his intense love for her and her body made him gluttonous, greedy for more and Mo Yuan was just getting started.

Lifen rose off him and collapsed on her back beside him when Mo Yuan moved between her thighs. He kissed her open-mouthed, skated down and sucked on her hard round nipples before rising and sitting back on his knees.

By her hips, he gently pulled her up to his pelvis, so Lifen’s lower back arched, but her upper body was on the bed, so they had direct eye contact. Mo Yuan pulled her to his big muscular upper thighs. His quadriceps flexed tight when he entered her, and she gasped as he penetrated her thoroughly with his massive sword as most in-depth as possible. His repeated piston-like diving thrusts were abyssal, invasive and Lifen moaned loudly. She cried out his name.

Lifen’s hands rhythmically closed with his diving insertions and opened when he withdrew. The sound of their wet smacking joining echoed in the room. Mo Yuan grunted and panted aloud with every exquisitely delicious injection, and the brink of climax neared, so he withdrew himself from her, Lifen’s honey was dripping off and down him.

Passionately he kissed her, and Mo Yuan’s soft voice was raspy with arousal when he spoke, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She whispered, and after licking her full sensuous lips, Lifen’s request flowed out in throaty seductive, sultry purr, “Husband, come inside me and fill me deeply. Plant your seed inside me.”

Mo Yuan lovingly lifted her upper body off the bed, held her tightly in his embrace then he kissed her again and again before saying, “Tell me if I hurt you. Promise me?”

“I love you, and I promise,” Lifen replied speedily.

Mo Yuan positioned her on all fours, moved between parted legs and held her hips as he penetrated her again. His pace was swift from the start due to his urgency. His tight abdomen muscles flexed with his accelerated hips movements and dips.

His thrusts were deep, diving and piercing. He watched Lifen’s body for tension and didn’t see any so he pushed harder and she started to scream out in ecstasy. She was going to come again. Mo Yuan sped up, gave her everything he had with more in-depth but carefully penetration. The tightness of Lifen’s hot and wet flower was incredible and felt unbelievable.

Mo Yuan reached around and grabbed both her breasts and nipples when she started to climax again. They began to come together. He exclaimed, “Aaahh… I love you… I love you so much…”

Dropping his head back, Mo Yuan grunted, roared, pumped into her before his body somewhat violently jerked and seized. He wasn’t just coming inside her….. Mo Yuan’s liquid release was exploding inside Lifen, and his sword continued to fill her to the point of over-filling her, but astonishingly his seed was still squirting inside her.

His incredible climax, it took his breath away. After what felt like an eternity, Mo Yuan collapsed beside her and pulled Lifen into his arms. While catching his winded breath, he was kissing her head and repeatedly telling her he loved her when Lifen chirped.

And she said, “Husband, I have a good feeling and think we just made a baby. It feels sweltering and tingling in my stomach.”

“You’ve said that every time we’ve made love.” Mo Yuan teased and held her tighter, but Lifen instantly responded enthusiastically, “No, this time is different! I feel it right here, and I think our baby is starting to grow!”

She rubbed her stomach excitedly and asked, “Oppa, can we have a picnic by the lake and pretend it’s the ocean? I’ve never seen the ocean, but it’s probably very similar to the lake but maybe bigger?”

Mo Yuan asked surprised, “You’ve never seen the sea?”

“No, how would a farm girl see the ocean?! I’ve heard stories and seen paintings so we can pretend, okay?” Lifen pushed her face into Mo Yuan’s chest and sweetly added, “Pretty please?”

Mo Yuan smiled, wrapped her in a bear hug and said, “Close your eyes.” And used his magic and took them to the sea.

Lifen was making sweet sounds of contentment smothered into his muscular chest until she heard the waves and seagulls overhead. She jolted up and glanced around confused by the sudden change in surroundings. They were still lying together in bed, but the bed was now unexplainably on a beach. She stared at the rolling and curling waters caressing the shoreline. She gawked at the bright sun, and it’s beamed reflecting off the waves. Curiously she sniffed the salty air around them.

Lifen looked around utterly dumbfounded and came inches from his face and asked with enormous confused eyes, “Mo gege, I think I’ve lost my mind. I see the ocean. Have I gone crazy from too much bodily pleasure?! Can that happen?”

Inwardly he snickered to himself and just replied, “You’re dreaming. How else could we suddenly be by the ocean? How could our bed be transported here magically? Lifen, you’re dreaming.”

Her affection behavior and adorable responses never ceased to amaze him, when Lifen threw herself into his arms and declared, “All my dreams have come true since I’ve met you. You’re my guardian angel and a dream come true! If this is a dream, I can do anything, right?”

“Yes.” Mo Yuan whispered back with his eyes closed while enjoying the heat of the afternoon sun on his bare skin. He couldn’t recall the last time he sunbathed nude.

She squealed with delight and exclaimed, “Since this is a dream, I’m going to dive into the water like a mermaid!” Before jumping off the bed and running towards the sea.

At first, Mo Yuan stretched out and smiled at her adorable statement but then his eyes promptly flew open. He rushed and chased after her because his mermaid, Lifen couldn’t swim. She moved swiftly like the wind, but he caught her by the waist.

She giggled while he playfully carried her into the water when he heard a familiar voice call out from behind, “Brother, I’m sorry to disturb you. Mo Yuan, it’s me, Ye Hua. I have my eyes covered.”

It was Ye Hua, and he and Lifen were nude. Mo Yuan threw her on his back to hide her nudity and stood in waist level waters to cover what he could under the unusual situation.

How unexpected. Ye Hua found them and Mo Yuan instantly knew something was wrong. Ye Hua uncovered his eyes and saw Mo Yuan’s lack of clothing and gave him a wide-eyed visual once-over, wagged his full brows suggestively, and tried to peak over to look at Lifen. Mo Yuan also shifted to block Ye Hua’s lustful wandering eyes.

Ye Hua cleared his throat a couple of times and whispered, “I went to the cottage first, but I thought I’d let you finish. You sounded like you were really into it. Isn’t that nice of me? However, you suddenly vanished, so I followed you here. Sorry.”

“What are you doing here, Ye Hua?” Mo Yuan asked pre-knowing whatever was occurring was urgent.

Quickly Ye Hua became quite solemn and answered, “Brother, you need to come back to Kunlun Mountain now. All hell has broken loose. High God Bai Zhi found out about all the details regarding Bai Qian’s heavenly trial. He challenged Star Lord Si Ming to duel. Donghui Dijin, Heavenly Grandfather, tried to stop them. It’s a mess!”

“Of course, Zhe Yan is doing his usual.. stirring the pot. The Fox Emperor is in a rage. We need you to come back and solve this issue. Everyone is waiting on Kunlun Mountain for you to mediate. By the way, is she nude on your back?” Ye Hua explained.

It was the worst-case scenario. Mo Yuan profoundly sighed as Lifen deliberately crawled up higher on his backside and peeked over at Ye Hua utterly confused. Lifen’s dumbfounded expression full of surprise and her nervous gaze was full of worry.

She asked in a faint scared whisper, “Husband, why do I see two of you and what kind of dream is this?”

“HUSBAND?! Did she call you, husband?! Brother are you married?!” Spontaneously, Ye Hua gasped, choked, and shouted as he stared at Mo Yuan in absolute disbelief.

To be continued…..