報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 29

I’m Only Black…..

During the countless hours, Bai Qian just laid awake in bed while listening to Ye Hua’s soft, gentle, and even breathing. For what felt like the longest time with her eyes closed; before finally and quietly sneaking out of bed and instantly regretful her choice to sleep on the inside. In the process of creeping out, she had to step over him who was still peacefully and thoroughly fast asleep like a worn-out child.

Fully nude and exhausted in her bed – Ye Hua. Bai Qian’s young and beautiful lover was once her far from perfect, but he was a sincerely loving and devoted husband. Yes, he was loyal and dedicated to only her and she now understood this fact.

Because all the doubts and vile suspicions planted by SuJin 300 years ago while she was SuSu, vanished the moment he touched her skin. The very instant he moved inside her, Bai Qian immediately recognized she was the only one he ever loved, and it wasn’t due to Ye Hua’s tears when he came inside her. No. She just sensed it in her soul from his touch that there was never anyone else but her for him.

This moment of clarity should have pleased, satisfied, and relieved her. Weren’t those doubts about Ye Hua’s love, like a heavily weighted stone in her heart during her troubled times? However, it entirely brought on even more confusion and merely drove her harder to end things quickly and make him hate her immediately. It was for his sake. Bai Qian told herself it was for his sake.

Glancing down at him dreaming comfortably, she cursed herself because it was supposed to be one single day. That was what she initially swore to herself. Bai Qian told herself, that it would be only one day. Solely for 1440 minutes, during that restricted but precious time, she would overlook, ignore, and disregard their past grievances and unfortunate history. She would allow herself to remember only their love and passion for just one day because it would be the very last time Ye Hua would love her.

But like everything else in Bai Qian’s well-planned design, she had miscalculated or had forgotten the sheer intensity of their real and physical love. Their intimate bond was so utterly sublime, and beautiful that the single promised day somehow turned into two and then three.

Furthermore, somehow during that time frame, SuJin managed to free herself from the Cold Palace mysteriously. There was work to be done and she couldn’t halt wallowing in her misery. Bai Qian splashed her face with the cold water from the clean basin in her room left by Nai Nai. To clear her brain which still felt intoxicated, muddled, and dazed.

Now her allotted time with Ye Hua was up. It was time to move forward, ahead and carry on with her carefully contrived plan. Bai Qian sighed a long exhale until her lungs felt empty. Lightly she cleared her throat and took one last loving glimpse at his beautiful sleeping face and naked body. The profound sadness within her was incredible, as she took him in her mouth while trying her best not to cry. He was flaccid but swiftly growing erect in his sleep.

He mumbled drowsily but happy, “Qian Qian…are you trying to kill me? You are an absolute nymphomaniac. I’m exhausted. Tapped out but…as a gentleman, I can’t ignore your efforts.”

“Since you’re so insistent and dedicated to making me come again, let me see what I can do for you.” Ye Hua sounded sleepy but playful and suddenly quite aroused.

The loud groan from Ye Hua was hoarse and thick when Bai Qian firmly grabbed him midway on his now fully erect large manhood. Steadily, she pumped her hand up and down his thick shaft while sucking on the fat engorged head of his sex. Expertly, evenly she swirled her tongue around him, sucked with pressure while her hand regularly and continuously sped up in pace.

Ye Hua’s soft, even breathing changed immediately, and said somewhat surprised in between panting breaths and moans, “This is insane and I can’t believe it but I’m about to come again. Qian Qian, your mouth feels astonishing but stop and come up here…”

She ignored his request, Bai Qian’s hand sped up even quicker and she took Ye Hua deep in her throat with full force. His slender body tensed and jerked as he climaxed and she tasted the honey sweetness of his essence in her mouth. She stayed where she was, and closed her eyes for a few seconds to gather and composed herself. Raised her inner shield and got into character for her evil villainess role.

But Ye Hua’s little shy smile on his face was so boyish and cute that it almost shattered through her internal barrier. As he lifted her to him, hugged her tightly, and declared, “You’re ridiculously incredible at that, you know. I didn’t think I could come again and surely not that fast. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve climaxed in the last three days? I might be suffering from dehydration.”

Post orgasm bliss, he was so giddy that it was nearly impossible to speak the words. But it was time. The cue for Bai Qian’s first hurtful line and she delivered it flawlessly with a subtle casual laugh.

She teased, “I should be a pro. I’ve been sucking my Shifu, Mo Yuan, off for two hundred years. If I weren’t able to get you off that would be a problem.”

The shock of what she said aloud, it didn’t hit Ye Hua immediately. Perhaps five seconds before his dark eyes narrowed as if he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Confusedly, he rapidly blinked, licked his lips nervously when Bai Qian lay beside him, and nonchalantly said.

Casually she stated as if discussing the weather, “You two are twins in every way. I mean; your size, your styles, believe it or not, you even like…love the same positions. It’s interesting. Mo Yuan, I mean my Shifu also comes hardest when I ride him too. Or is it when he’s behind me?”

Bai Qian rolled on her stomach, held up her head with both hands under her chin and continued in the same informal tone, “Well anyway, you and he are identical in every single way. That’s what I was trying to say.”

Ye Hua swiftly sat up, stared at Bai Qian in utter disbelief, and asked, “Is this crazy conversation happening? I’m still asleep and this is a terrible nightmare, right? Are you talking about having sex with my brother after we’ve made love for three days straight?!”

His cheeks crimsoned but Ye Hua held back his anger and asked between clenched teeth, “Since Mo Yuan has come up what are you going to do now? When are you going to cancel your engagement with him?”

She scoffed and laughed at him mockingly before answering, “I’m going to tell him the truth. That you and I had sex but I’m not going to cancel my engagement with him. Why should I? He’s free to withdraw from his end but I’m sure he’ll overlook my discretion. He’s very forgiving my Shifu. It was a blunder…a mistake. I mean us having sex was an error.”

Bai Qian simply replied as she stood and unceremoniously began to put on her robe when Ye Hua demanded fiercely.

“A blunder?! Once is a mistake… I’m pretty sure after the fifth time it’s considered premeditated and deliberate. You said you loved me!”

This time was the first time she’d ever heard him raise his voice. Ye Hua yelled out dumbfounded by her sudden chilly performance and behavior.

As if most annoyed by his outburst, Bai Qian subtly but openly rolled her eyes, sighed, and answered coolly without expression, “Ye Hua…love? Please. If you ate any woman the way you ate me out, they would also say, no, scream that they loved you. Also, you’re almost a family member. Considering you’ll soon be my younger brother-in-law, of course, I love you.”

“You’re lying! You do love me! I know you and not as your future brother-in-law. How about when you told me how much you loved the taste of me?” Ye Hua argued and adamantly refused to accept her cold, heartless words.

Bai Qian tied the strap on her robe, sat at her vanity to fix her hair because she couldn’t look Ye Hua in the eyes, and plainly stated, “I do love how you taste… I relish how you and Mo Yuan both taste. Your flavor is the same as his, you know. They say the human body is 75% water but I disagree. I’ve swallowed so much of your brother’s cum that my body might be 50% water and 25% semen. Or 60% to 15% I don’t always swallow.”

The stroking hairbrush froze midway. Bai Qian stopped brushing her hair, curiously turned her gaze heavenward, and added cheerfully, “I wonder if Zhe Yan has a test to determine such an odd thing? I’ll have to ask him one day.”

Bai Qian faked a chuckle, went back to brushing her hair, and hummed faintly to hide her quivering voice while controlling her hands that shook violently.

It was difficult to watch how devastated Ye Hua was, as he dropped to his knees beside her and rested his head on her lap. Softly he pleaded with her in earnest, “Please, Qian Qian, don’t do this. I know you’re purposely trying to make me hate you. Please don’t do this. You’re trying to save something that doesn’t exist. Mo Yuan and I are not like you and your siblings. We’re practically strangers.”

Ye Hua’s words to comfort her only brought more pain, because they were twin siblings but disconnected due to her. Make it quick and don’t prolong his torture, Bai Qian reminded herself as she patted his head as one would do to a puppy. She lightly stroked his head and requested in a soft tone of voice without taking her focused gaze off her reflection.

Bai Qian stated, “Ye Hua, I need to get ready to leave so please give me some time alone. I’d like to get dressed and look extra beautiful today for my Shifu.”

“I’m dying out of curiosity since you’ve revived my body. Oh, thank you for that by the way, but I’m kind of interested to know if Mo Yuan could make me climax harder…than you since he’s a bit more experienced than you. I guess there’s only one way to find out!” Bai Qian sounded jaunty and excited.

While fixing her makeup, Bai Qian was halfway expecting Ye Hua to strike her. He was outraged, wounded, and confused. Furious and from her peripheral vision, she could see him shaking with rage.

Ye Hua was livid but still managed to speak in a low tone of voice as he questioned, “Why does everything have to be so black and white with you? Hot or cold? Why can’t you have a middle ground? I know that I made terrible and inexcusable mistakes. I’m truly trying and will never stop trying my best to make amends with you. Qian Qian, even if you’re in love with both my brother and I… can’t you choose me for A-Li’s sake? To save our family?”

“Ye Hua, that’s where you’re wrong. I’m not black and white. I’m only black, void a dead thing so I don’t care about ‘our’ family. I never spent time with A-Li so I don’t have any motherly feelings toward him. Aren’t you suppose to make SuJin think that you love her? I haven’t seen you make any progress on that project.” Bai Qian aloofly spoke while applying her lipstick. She purposefully chose a neutral glossy color, because it was impossible to use a darker shade while shaking so profusely.

“I heard the servants mention she’s free and back in her chambers. You should check on that while I’m on Kunlun Mountain and report back to me when I return…tomorrow. Or the day after depending on how things go today.” Bai Qian muttered as she checked her final makeup application, then her profile, and proudly smiled pleased with the results while openly admiring herself.

He was seething with rage. Ye Hua stood, glared down at her with pure hatred, and declared, “Qian Qian, I hate you…no, I hate what you’re doing. If you continue as you are, I might hate you for real. Once you lose my love, you’ll never get it back. You know that, right? I love you, Qian Qian. But I’m not your doormat either and there is only so much I can take.”

Finally, Bai Qian turned her body entirely towards Ye Hua and gave him all her attention, before stating with a genuine smile, “Good. Keep hating me. Curse the day you ever met me and live your life considering our time together was like stepping in shit. Just pure bad luck. I’ll give your greetings to your older brother and tell him you said hello.”

Bai Qian hummed as she went behind the changing screen and heard Ye Hua stomp away furiously. She held fast. Her small hands clenched into tight fists and she resisted. She fought the strong urge to run after him. To apologize profusely and keep him from leaving but it was too late.

It was much too late for everything. Accomplished was the damage Bai Qian intended towards Ye Hua and now it was Mo Yuan’s turn. It was time to go to Kunlun Mountain and do her Shifu as she did Ye Hua. She had to break her Shifu, Mo Yuan’s heart.

To be continued…