報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 30

Reverse Psychology…..

Ye Hua closed and rested his tired eyes. His temples throbbed due to the extensive range of chaotic emotions churning inside him, which were baffling. He couldn’t decide which was worst – the injury or the rage; the sorrow or the profound disappointment; the desperation or resentment; the love or hate. He felt all these emotions all at the same elevated levels of intensity.

A large part of him wanted to shake Qian Qian and make her come to her senses, while the other desired to beg for her love. The best and worst in him at the same time, she brought it out as Ye Hua couldn’t decide the best method to deal with her.

Qian Qian wasn’t complicated, she was bipolar as her moods and actions at the very end of two extremes. She was mysterious but transparent. She wasn’t SuSu, yet somehow she was and her insanity was starting to seep into him.

Ye Hua felt as if he were slowly losing his mind. Why else would he be laughing at a time like this? But enough time had passed and he chuckled in disbelief. How could she say such hateful things? How could such hellish words come from the mouth that was heaven to kiss? She was a thoroughly bewildering riddle full of contradictions, and nothing she did or said made any sense. Her illogical mentality and reasoning were the very opposite of his so he couldn’t understand her at all.

Qian Qian was a blazing fire that burned and scorched but the sensation was sometimes euphoric and ecstasy. At other times her heat and fire were unbearably painful. Too intense like a back draft that charred, seared to the bone left Ye Hua aching, scarred and wounded.

Lying in bed, he tried not to cry but she’d damaged him much more than he revealed earlier. And now he felt the deep urge to slap her across the face. Then shred off all her clothes, take her roughly and possess her but then felt ashamed for thinking such thoughts.

In deep reflection was Ye Hua, that he didn’t even hear his Uncle Lian Song enter his room and subtly jumped at his jaunty voice.

Uncle Lian Song teased lightheartedly, “I heard…well everyone heard you and Bai Qian. Three full days? Youthful stamina! I’m proud of you but are you resting in the middle of the day because she wore you out?”

Ye Hua said nothing and instead lightly ground his teeth when Uncle Lian Song asked smoothly, “So I also heard that she has another. I overheard that she and Mo Yuan do not have a simple Shifu-disciple relationship. Regardless of who she picks, she ends up with the same since you and he are twins. Is that why you’re pouting?”

His soft voice came out in a low growl when Ye Hua spoke, “I don’t know. Maybe that’s why she’s going to Kunlun Mountain today.”

Most defeated, Ye Hua covered his eyes with one arm across his head and sighed profoundly, as if the world was coming to an end.

“I wonder why? She won’t meet Mo Yuan today because he just went into seclusion yesterday. They don’t expect him to be out for weeks. Well, that’s what Donghua Dijun said because he went to Kunlun Mountain yesterday. Donghua’s word is usually 100% accurate.” Lian Song responded casually.

Swiftly Ye Hua sat up as his uncle smiled in a way that showed his dimples, and side eyed him knowingly before declaring, “Got you Kiddo! All the sudden my conversation is interesting, right? No, she won’t be anywhere near Mo Yuan for weeks. Maybe even months.”

Ye Hua dropped back on his bed and stared blankly at the ceiling. Lian Song curiously glanced up to see what Ye Hua was staring at and said nonchalantly, “Ye Hua, you know strong alpha women like Bai Qian. Women with power, status, beauty and money who are beyond successful. Well…they like to be taken roughly. In bed is the only time they can be the weak female.”

“And if I know you, Ye Hua. You were probably telling Bai Qian you loved her every two seconds. Pleasing her first and maybe even cried when you climaxed with her.” Lian Song just smiled wide when Ye Hua turned his narrowed gaze to him without moving his head.

Lian Song proceeded to share his essential, worldly opinion on women and expressed, “What you should have done was grabbed her by the hair, pushed her face down into a pillow and taken her roughly from behind! Forget about her pleasure. You should have pulled out right before and yanked her up and released all over her face. Ha ha ha! I think she would have fancied that kind of harsh treatment. Women like her like, no, love to be tied up, spanked and manhandled. I know this for a fact!”

Ye Hua snorted and lightly chucked at his uncle’s words, but then thought about the way it felt to have Qian Qian chained to the bed. That overwhelming powerful feeling to have control over her physically, when he forced his manhood into her mouth… She did seem to enjoy it immensely but the thought of being so rough, and crude to the woman he loved made him openly roll his eyes in disapproval.

“You’re too softhearted and young. Too much of a pleaser. One day you’ll thank me for such excellent advice. But, Ye Hua, can I ask you a serious question?”

Silence. The lack of response from Ye Hua didn’t deter Lian Song from going further when he asked, “What’s SuSu really doing here? Is she here for her eyes, A-Li, you? What is her aim? Her real motive?”

He couldn’t hide his expression of pure shock as Ye Hua speedily sat up and stared at his uncle dumbfounded. Never had he expected such a question and answered numbly, “How did you know?”

“You had sex with her. I know with full certainty that you wouldn’t take anyone other than SuSu to bed. You’re loyal to a fault. So, did she talk you into some absurd, strange scheme and you said yes like a little puppy? Is that why you’ve kissed her ass and so protective of her? Also perhaps why SuJin was suddenly pregnant so mysteriously? SuSu is up to something. What is it?”

Lian Song sat beside Ye Hua on his bed, patted his knee sympathetically and added, “Ye Hua, you are the most intelligent person I know. That also includes your older brother in the mix and life is fair. One can’t be too rich, beautiful, powerful, exceptional in bed and smart. She’s great in bed, isn’t she?”

“I’m going to say she’s not so bright as in ‘Lights are on but nobody’s home’. A bit ditzy, confused and perhaps even mentally unstable? She’s a talker but no action or can’t stay focused? Why don’t you outsmart her that should be a breeze for you!?” Informally Lian Song opened his fan and gently fanned himself.

Immediately Ye Hua defended Bai Qian and faintly suggested, “Uncle Lian Song, she is still the mother of my child. I’d prefer… I demand you remember that and respect her.”

Disbelieving Lian Song’s eyes flew wide open, he promptly closed his fan in a single swift snap and popped Ye Hua in the forehead then yelled.

He hollered, “This right here is what I’m talking about when I say you have much to learn! You know I’m right but can’t see through her bullshit! Or you can and can’t accept it. Bai Qian is not SuSu. I bet she doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Her heavenly trial was tragic and mentally scarred she is but I’m not saying this to make you feel guilty.”

“I’m telling you to take control of the situation! You feel like you’re losing to your older brother but it took him over 90,000 years to make his move. Granted, he was dead for 70,000 of them but he still had 20,000 years and did nothing! Unlike you who met, married and deflowered her in three months time! You’re way ahead of Mo Yuan! Don’t feel so beaten and instead of always losing to her try reverse psychology.”

Ye Hua replied softly, “Reverse psychology? I don’t understand.”

Lian Song moved closer to Ye Hua and spoke in a lower tone as he explained, “SuSu or Bai Qian rejects and toys with you. She even humiliates you.”

Lian Song instantly raised his hand to stop Ye Hua from defending her, and continued in his gentle educational tone of voice, “She spent three days in bed with you and said she was going to Mo Yuan. If that isn’t a humiliation, I don’t know what is. And it must be the last time! You’re the Crown Prince of Nine Heavens and a son of Heavenly Father!”

“So instead of following her around like a lost puppy. Totally refuse her. Cut her off emotionally. Stop giving into her insanity and madness! Enjoy, use her for sex, then behave cold and distant afterward as you do with others. Pretend as if you’re going to other women as she did to you! Let her have a bitter taste of her own medicine! Better yet show interest in other women. I know you loathe SuJin but she’s the perfect bait! That would sting Bai Qian if she believed you were falling in love with the vile and wicked woman, who still uses her eyes.”

Ye Hua immediately stated adamantly, “I can’t pretend to love SuJin!”

“Just put on the pretense! Nine-Tailed Foxes are highly jealous creatures! Sometimes one must suffer the loss of what they’ve taken for granted to appreciate it sincerely.” Uncle Lian Song stood and straightened out his garment.

His soft voice was full of hesitation when Ye Hua asked, “What if everything backfires on me and she leaves me for good! Qian Qian is like that. What if she cuts me out of her life as she did with Li Jing?”

Totally abashed, Uncle Lian Song sternly scolded, “If you believe yourself no better than that hound Li Jing than you deserve to be alone. Forever! If I had even half your looks and charisma, I could rule the world and bed a different woman every hour on the hour! Listen to your wise uncle who had many, many, many, so many more relationships than you. Reverse psychology never fails. We always want what we can’t have!”

Uncle Lian Song started to stroll out of Ye Hua’s room but spun around once more, and urged most earnestly in a solemn voice, “Whatever SuSu is planning against SuJin and my father…make her stop immediately. She’s not bright enough to pull one over on them, and she’s going to end up getting herself killed if she continues.”

“Advise, no, command her to use the proper channels and do things correctly. She has the backing of the most powerful clan in the immortal world and High God Mo Yuan. This helpful tidbit is my offering since I couldn’t do anything to save her eyes, but this information might end up saving her life.” The cautious concerned look in Lian Song’s eyes was somber, grave and there wasn’t the slight bit of his usual light, playful side.

It was the oddest sensation but when Uncle Lian Song spoke his closing words, a chill of dread ran throughout Ye Hua’s body. And he knew his uncle was not only correct but he knew Lian Song saw it.

Uncle Lian Song through dreams could sometimes predict and see the future. He’d warned Ye Hua about SuSu’s depression and suicidal thoughts days before her death. However, he thought the prospect of their upcoming marriage was enough to save her but he was wrong. Deadly wrong and long regretted not taking his uncle’s words more seriously.

To be continued