報復 Bàofù I: Revenge: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 33

False Hopes Became New Hopes…..

Carelessly SuJin half tossed Ye Hua’s daily requested tea on his desk and hatefully sneered at her rouged lips. She naturally assumed he was fully aware of evil Bai Qian’s sinister drugging of her. Then allowed her to be hauled away like a common criminal after all SuJin had ever done, which was served him most faithfully.

But what did she expect? From the cold and heartless man who’d stabbed her on their wedding day. Right in the heart and then slammed the gates behind him on the happy day of their sacred marriage. SuJin had anticipated Ye Hua’s sword but not the cold and steel one that kills. And afterward, while she laid in agony, half-dead he’d come only for the lamp to recreate his SuSu. His beloved SuSu who was in reality, High Goddess Bai Qian of Qingqiu!

Just thinking about that dreadful day made the phantom aches surface in her heart. 300 years and the old pain never went away but if anything, it only deepened daily like a bottomless abyss. A thick heavy sigh came from her lips as a deep grieved exhale. SuJin gingerly placed her hand over her heart, as the hurtful memories of the other day hit her again like a tidal wave.

It was the very same day right after being released from the Cold Palace. She’d passed by The Hall of Beautiful Youth and heard them having sex. While she suffered alone in a dirty, cold, and dreary place, Ye Hua was with Bai Qian, and the sexy noises he made still echoed in her ears.

The new rumors were rampant that they had spent three days locked up together, and now all the female servants stared at Ye Hua with a newfound interest. He went from being the frightening iceman to the desired hot lover of Nine Heavens, and SuJin had yet ever to see that side of him. He was much crueler than she imagined. She forcibly slammed the teapot on the desk when she heard his soft but cold voice.

And Ye Hua asked, “Why are you slamming things on my desk?”

Silently he moved like a ghost and SuJin didn’t even know Ye Hua was there. He’d yet to ask about her well-being but she hid her disappointment and faked a smile.

Sweetly SuJin replied, “It slipped from my hand, Ye Hua.”

She purposely delayed and loitered around expecting him to say more. But when Ye Hua turned to his documents SuJin was defeated and began to sulk out of the room, when he called out suddenly.

“SuJin, I think Bai Qian is too full of herself. Arrogant since she’s a High Goddess and of course much older than us.” Ye Hua said without expression.

SuJin blinked nervously not knowing how to reply but he said ‘us’ as in her and him. Ye Hua then said something that made her heart flutter and race wildly.

Ye Hua added in the same soft voice, “I think the engagement is a terrible match between her and me, but I can’t break it because of Heavenly Lord. It’s unfortunate that I’m not in his position and could easily break the agreement between the two clans.”

“Still, even if we don’t marry, I feel the need to teach her a lesson. Bai Qian is quite disrespectful to me. What do you think about that, SuJin?” She couldn’t find words because Ye Hua had never asked her a question.

Nervously excited she stammered, “Ye… Ye… Ye Hua! That’s inexcusable and against the rules of Nine Heavens. She may be a High Goddess and Queen but you’re the MAN! The Crown Prince of the Celestial Clan and heir apparent to the throne. You should unquestionably put her in her place!”

“I’m glad you see things my way. Bai Qian will come to your chamber later today to see how you got out of the Cold Palace. I only became aware of your drugging after your release.”

Ye Hua mumbled, handed SuJin a small bottle, and instructed, “Put this in the wine but make sure only she drinks it. When Bai Qian falls asleep in your room…”

“When she falls asleep in my room?!” SuJin questioned in shock but Ye Hua ignored her and continued in his faint voice, “Leave her there and you come to my chamber.”

SuJin’s eyes flew open in utter disbelief as she whispered her reply, “You want me to come into your room? And do what?!”

“I guess…sleep or whatever.” Ye Hua turned his full attention back to his documents as if she’d left the room.

SuJin wandered out in a daze unable to believe what just occurred but if she had understood Ye Hua correctly, he wanted to bed her! Furthermore, he knew nothing about her drugging from the evil old fox! That fact made much more sense because he would never leave her behind in such a miserable state. Finally, after a lifetime of desiring and praying for only him, he was going to make her his official, proper side consort and consummate their marriage!

In an emotionally charged state of euphoria, SuJin hurried to her room and spent long hours on her hair and makeup. She had the servants slowly massage her body with exotic oils. Perfection was her aim! She wanted to make herself perfect, flawless so Ye Hua would never forget their first time together.

Inwardly she giggled giddily and wondered how many days they would spend in bed? If only she could conceive right away, there wouldn’t be a higher joy in the world.

Prepared to perfection, SuJin waited, and as Ye Hua proclaimed Bai Qian came to her and offered her artificial sympathies for SuJin’s recent sufferings.

“SuJin, about you being locked up in the cold palace…”

Swiftly SuJin cuts Bai Qian off and sighed, “Sister, it’s all in the past and I’d rather not discuss it. Come sit next to me.”

For a High Goddess, Bai Qian was so naive when she sat, requested humbly, and spoke softly without her usual superior attitude, “I’m not in the position to ask but try your best to make Ye Hua happy.”

SuJin tried her best not to giggle in mockery. Who was she to tell her to make Ye Hua happy? She spent her entire life trying to please him! She had to give it to the old fox. She was one heck of an actress. Bai Qian’s heartfelt performance was nearly convincing, but SuJin knew it was another one of her evil schemes.

Her smile was a well-practiced mask as SuJin poured the alcohol and purred, “Sister, you appear unwell, weak, and not your usual spirited self. You’re too pale and I worry. Please have some wine with me to bring back the lovely color to your beautiful cheeks.”

She suspected nothing like an idiot. Bai Qian drank the spiked wine and promptly fell asleep as Ye Hua had explained, then SuJin ran to his chamber and patiently waited for him to come to her.

During her wait, not even a single piece of clothing did she removed since Ye Hua would do that for her. She believed he was going to deflower her as she’d dreamt for years, finally. However, after waiting for hours and he was nowhere in sight. SuJin summoned a servant to confirm his activity, and she was told that he was in her chamber with Bai Qian and they were making love on her bed.

The sheer nerve and audacity of them! Too numb was SuJin and anesthetized from the pure agony that she couldn’t even cry a single tear. That throbbing blow slowly turned to despair and finally, rage.

Again, Ye Hua filled her with false hope; this time the pain and disappointment were too profound. It was time to take something from him as he’d taken from her. He stole SuJin’s hopes, and dreams and she in return would steal something. A little someone that he treasured more than his life.

It was time to tell Xuan Nu that A-Li was alone on Mount Junji, and it was time to take Ye Hua’s son’s life for leading her on with false hopes. Immediately SuJin sent word to Xuan Nu, then lounged and stretched both legs out fully on his bed. The area smelled warm and clean just like him and SuJin laughed happily to herself.

After A-Li’s death, she planned to frame Heavenly Lord for working with Xuan Nu, for killing both A-Li and High Goddess Bai Qian. Yes, she was next to die and if she didn’t die, SuJin had a backup plan. She would confess to being forced, terrorized by Heavenly Lord to take SuSu’s eyes and caused her death. In tears, SuJin would return Bai Qian’s eyes to her full of remorse, and explain she was powerless against the almighty Heavenly Lord of Nine Heavens.

Then Ye Hua would naturally and quickly take the throne as the new Heavenly Lord. Had he not hinted earlier that he wanted and needed SuJin’s help? He was subtle but she caught on to it immediately. He wanted her to help him gain the throne so he could cancel the marriage agreement with Bai Qian. Then, of course, he would make SuJin his Heavenly Empress.

Her false hopes became new hopes as SuJin smiled at her bright future, and closed her eyes to the best rest she had in tens of thousands of years. She also dreamt a beautiful dream. In her night visions, it was an image of herself giving birth to Ye Hua’s next son. She would become the mother to his only living son and the next Crown Prince of Nine Heavens.

To be continued