報復 Bàofù II: Crimson Lotus: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 2

Profound Awkwardness…

Most beautifully, her dark sparkling eyes danced. They gleamed as Bai Qian’s bright beaming smile conveyed her innocent excitement to meet the notorious and infamous immortal brothers, High God Mo Yuan and High God Ye Hua, finally. Both men were well known for their strikingly good looks and their cold, indifferent personalities towards women.

Over the countless millenniums, she’d never even gotten a glimpse of them, but all and every goddess she’d ever come across fawned and flattered excessively. They praised, raved endlessly about the incredibly handsome identical twin sons of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

Although, unfortunately for Bai Qian, her excitement speedily converted into profound awkwardness because of the way they were looking at her. It was due to the strange manner in which they stared, and gawked at her as if she were a hideous hobgoblin or apparition.

It was difficult to describe but that’s how they appeared. Nervous and frightened or was it bothered and annoyed? It was challenging to read them. Either way, both High Gods were mysterious men entirely and thoroughly intimating. Most nervously, Bai Qian gulped instead of swallowing because they were downright scary. Both brothers dressed in dark hued clothing, intensely staring her down in a way that made her mouth go dry from excessive nervousness.

She was wondering how to break the tension when blatantly her brother-in-law, Zhe Yan, laughed and scolded, “Xiao Wu! Do you know what time it is? It’s morning! Day drinking and early boozing isn’t something you should be proud of, because it shows you’re an alcoholic!”

Zhe Yan’s rude offhanded comment made her big, round eyes bigger than usual. Tensely Bai Qian chuckled nervously and most fake. For several reasons. First and foremost, the facial expressions on both High God Mo Yuan and High God Ye Hua’s faces to her warm greeting were…interesting. And the fact Zhe Yan openly called her an alcoholic in front of Heavenly Father’s sons was embarrassing!

Bai Qian’s fair ivory complexion flushed with sudden color becomingly. She lightly cleared her throat and tried to speak again, but it sounded more as if she were grumbling to herself than talking to others.

She mumbled, “Hmm? Did I make a faux pas? Was I suppose to address you with ALL your proper titles?”

Still rambling anxiously she continued in the same flustered tone of voice, “I’m sorry and forgive me, High God Mo Yuan, God of War and Master of Kunlun Mountain. High God Ye Hua, Heavenly Lord of Nine Heavens.”

She paused to take a deep breath and vocalized, “Wow! That was a mouthful! By the way, I’m not truly an alcoholic and I would NEVER drink wine now! It’s still the morning, I’m a proper and decent woman. Zhe Yan is sometimes a bit TOO excessively playful and exaggerates TOO much.”

Playfully Bai Qian reached out and pinched Zhe Yan, but it was apparent she’d used all her strength and tweaked him forcibly because he yelped out loud.

Bai Qian nervously wrung her small hands in front of her body and declared tensely, “Although it DOES appear that I’ve interrupted a critically important moment. I only pray and hope it wasn’t about a war or something major. You see, I don’t get out much and stay in Qingqiu so my social behaviors are a bit lacking.”

“Please…please continue. Carry on and excuse my rude, inappropriate interruption. I have other plans anyway so if you’ll excuse me.” Bai Qian announced and started an expeditious retreat.

Gracefully but quickly spinning around, she rushed away from them in the opposite direction when Zhe Yan yelled out to her, “Xiao Wu, where are you going?! What about your birthday wine?!”

She turned to them but continued to walk away but now backwards. Flirtatiously batting and fluttering her dark eyelashes, Bai Qian revealed with a spirited smirk, “Brother-in-law, I’ll be back later because my lover is waiting for me! Bye!”

Her eyes shifted apprehensively to Mo Yuan and Ye Hua. Subtly rounding her arms, she bowed to them but tripped on the hem of her long flowing gown since she was stepping backwards.

“Oh! I almost fell. Now THAT would have been a major embarrassment! It was a real pleasure meeting you both and have a blessed, beautiful day.” Bai Qian said and her soft light sky blue colored dress vanished in a single blur, before their eyes as quickly as she’d appeared. She left both Mo Yuan and Ye Hua utterly speechless and astonished.

They were both dazed but Mo Yuan knew his younger twin was holding his breath the entire time. He caught him when Ye Hua weakly tripped and stumbled forwards. Now, Ye Hua loosely grasped onto his brother’s arm for balance and muttered in absolute reverence.

Ye Hua whispered, “How could she become even more beautiful? How is that possible? She seems so happy and carefree. Her attire, hair and her style have changed. Qian Qian has grown more sophisticated, refined and elegant over the years. When did she start wearing her hair up like that?”

“Yes, she grows more beautiful every year. Xiao Wu started to wear her hair in that lovely fashion after we erased her memories. She refuses to let her hair grow out fully and purposely keeps it shorter.” Zhe Yan casually revealed and added with a genuine smile.

“Xiao Wu has bloomed more physically but the fascinating part is her mind now like a child. Innocent, clean and pure because she doesn’t have a single memory of suffrage, pain or trauma in her life.”

Zhe Yan’s words brought tranquility to his heart. Mo Yuan tenderly patted Ye Hua’s back and reaffirmed in his soft, smooth voice, “Then we did the right thing. We certainly did.”

Mo Yuan smiled nostalgically and shared his opinion, “A-Qian reminds me of how she was when she first came to Kunlun Mountain. She was a child then and she is again.”

Mo Yuan raised his glass and said, “Let’s have that last drink now because I think it might taste sweeter.”

“Who’s her lover, Zhe Yan? You never mentioned that she had a lover.” Ye Hua asked while still looking wistfully in the direction where she had vanished.

Chuckling amused Zhe Yan explained, “It’s a play and tea or a play and wine in the mortal realm. Depending on her mood. Xiao Wu says calling her time alone her ‘lover’ sounds less pathetic than saying, ‘I’m an old maid who watches plays by myself.’ I told you she’s quite silly now which is what we hoped and wanted for her precisely.”

Mo Yuan, Ye Hua and Zhe Yan silently raised their glasses up for Bai Qian’s birthday, the lost opportunity of a precious, innocent soul’s birth and finally to her pain, torment free, happy and peaceful state of mind.


Old QQ From Qingqiu…..

“I told you someone stole my money and I’m the victim here! Some thief mugged me!” The young man hollered while being dragged out of the tea house.

The tea house owner and another sturdy man hauled the handsome young man out by his collar. Apparently, a young immortal was trying to sneak out without paying. Bai Qian brazenly snickered watching the spectacle in pure amusement.

The young immortal was a High God by his aura but he wasn’t even 50,000 years old. There was only one boy his age that was a High God. It was Crown Prince A-Li. High God Ye Hua’s only child and heir.

Bai Qian casually tossed a sizable pearl to the owner and said, “That should cover that young man’s bill.”

She turned back to her play when she heard him arrogantly say, “I’m not into older women. I’ll pay you back as soon as possible, QQ.”

The sheer audacity of the toddler standing behind her made Bai Qian spin around in shock and corrected, “Did you call QQ?! It’s Gugu. Not QQ. How do you know who I am?”

The young immortal pushed his long silky loose hair back off his broad shoulders, sighed and helped himself to a seat at her table. He then grabbed the bottle of wine and poured himself a cup without asking permission.

Proudly he spoke, “Your aura tells me that you are the OLD QQ from Qingqiu. I’m Crow…”

Briskly Bai Qian cuts him off and finished for him, “You’re High God A-Li. Crown Prince of Nine Heavens. I know who you are.”

Loudly and audibly A-Li gasped and asked in fear, “QQ, have you been stalking me?! How do you know who I am? I’m NOT into old maids just in case you have any romantic intention! I KHOW that I’m immensely handsome so I’m warning you now to save you from heartbreak later.”

Bai Qian reached for the wine bottle but A-Li filled her cup first, “Child, do I look like a perverted pedophile to you? Crown Prince A-Li, I knew who you were because the pendant you wear around your neck has your name engraved on it.”

Instinctively A-Li grabbed the large gold locket and caressed it tenderly. It appeared to bring him comfort and his expression softened so he looked younger than he was.

“Is it true that piece of jewelry holds bits of your deceased mother’s hair?” Bai Qian asked nonchalantly.

He was still lovingly stroking the pendant when A-Li replied, “Yes, it’s accurate. It holds her hair and it’s my good luck charm. It brings me luck.”

The sudden change in his young voice caused him to sound more like an adult, and it made her look at him more closely. A-Li was a handsome young man. He possessed both strong and delicate facial features. For some odd reason, he somewhat reminded her of Bai Zhen. She was openly staring at him when he warned.

“QQ, don’t get any funny ideas. I’m not looking for a wife and OLD maids turn me off! I mean you’re pretty and all but you’re as ancient as Donghua Dijun.”

Bai Qian gasped in shock most offended and half yelled, “I’m not even close to Donghua Dijun’s age, you jackass! I didn’t invite you to sit down so go about your business.”

A-Li openly ignored her and said indifferently in an informal tone, “QQ, turn around and watch the play. If there’s one thing I hate; it’s when ignorant people yap during the show and ruin it for others!”

She was utterly speechless at his rude comment. He’d come to her table, called her ignorant, and told her to shut up. Who was this brat, Crown Prince A-Li, and why was he so astonishingly entertaining and endearing?

To be continued…