Inside the Brain of YeGenMo 18


Happy Monday! Spring is upon us and in two months, it will be the first year. Yup, 365 day anniversary of my blog going public. End of May last year was when all this began and you would think by now, I would be tapped out of ideas. However, luckily for everyone and myself included. My twisted brain is full and jam-packed with more stories. I also have my muses and those who inspire me to keep my warped head churning. Yipee!!

Now to current news:

報復 Bàofù: Revenge: Part I is over and we are currently in 報復 Bàofù: Crimson Lotus: Part II. Let me say the debate is strong with this particular fanfiction (thanks to Anne and Siona) so I wanted and felt the need to explain a few things about this 3310 saga.

報復 Bàofù: Revenge: Part I connects all the upcoming stories. The following tales: Part II: Crimson Lotus, Part III: Evanescent and Part IV: The Jade Fox all stem from報復 Bàofù: Revenge: Part I but with alternative endings.

Meaning part I and II are one story. Part I and III are another story and of course, part I and IV will be the final end. All three endings will have the usual follow up epilogues as my other pieces. I like my packages all wrapped up nicely with a pretty bowed finish.

Different, right? You all know I love to try new things.

Those of you asking, “What about 金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon?” Don’t fret your pretty little heads. Jīnlóng is merely slower coming but I’ve extended that fanfiction also. I just love, love to make Mo Yuan struggle while courting and romancing Bai Qian aka Lifen, that I feel the need to torment him more. It entertains and cracks me up to see him so out of his comfort zone, peaceful, smooth and controlled life become a reckless lovesick man!

After these come to a neat end, it will most likely be an NSFW adult fanfiction 皇后 Huánghòu: Queen. But then I might detour and you never know so I can’t make any promises.

As always thank you for following my writings and of course, to my lovely muse and editor, Vanessa. Be happy and good or naughty. If you decide to be naughty then do it thoroughly!

Anyhoo, until next time…..

YeGenMo Unni



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