報復 Bàofù II: Crimson Lotus: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 5 NSFW


All I Saw Was You…..

“Shifu, why are you so late? It’s rude to keep a lady waiting.” The soft familiar female voice called out to him in the darkness of his room on Kunlun Mountain.

Mo Yuan lit the small candle by his bedside and there she was waiting on his bed nude. Her tantalizing body fully exposed for him to worship and adore as always.

He caressed her soft, smooth cheek and whispered, “My Shì Qī. I’m a terrible man to keep you waiting on your birthday out of all days. How should I make it up to you?”

Her luscious lips curled up into a lovely smile as Bai Qian reached out and began to undo his clothing slowly. She drew her full bottom lips between her perfect teeth and smiled teasingly.

She taunted with a spirited twinkle in her dark eyes, “You didn’t seem very surprised to see me today? I was sure you’d be more shocked but you weren’t.”

“Shì Qī, you looked too beautiful today, you know? Poor Ye Hua. He almost fell over when he saw you.” Mo Yuan’s soft voice was tender as he stared affectionately, sincerely and intently into her loving gaze.

Her giggle was girlish and playful when she replied, “I didn’t notice him. All I saw was you…as usual. Shifu, did you make my birthday wine as delicious as you’ve been doing for the last 40,000 years? I can’t believe Zhe Yan takes credit for making it every year. He’s so shameless to pretend it’s his creation!”

“Of course. It was for you. So I put forth all my love and attention to make it the best every year. Because it’s for you, my Shì Qī, and the day the world was blessed with your birth.” Mo Yuan responded and gently but eagerly pulled her silky nude body into his expecting arms.

He kissed her and she tasted like sweet wine. She licked Mo Yuan’s lips, seductively sucked on his bottom lip before pushing her tongue into his waiting mouth. The heated and sensuously exciting way their tongues caressed, rubbed and rolled make him instantly erect.

She pulled away and purred, “Shifu, do you know what I want for my birthday?”

Mo Yuan couldn’t help but chuckle as he grabbed her and playfully flipped her onto her stomach. Bai Qian’s round bare bottom now on his lap. He gave her a light, playful spanking and began to count aloud as he presented her with a birthday spanking.

“Shifu, there isn’t enough time to give me 180,000 spankings!” She squealed while lightly kicking out her legs like a bratty child having a conniption fit or tantrum.

Bai Qian wiggled her body to get off his lap however then teasingly pushed her tantalizing bottom up, and parted her creamy thighs for him. Mo Yuan caressed her feminine curves with his mighty hand and coasted down the valley to feel, to touch her slick wetness. As expected she was drenched and gasped, when he slid his third and fourth fingers into her expectant warmth.

She moaned, pushed out her bottom more to give him fuller access to her beckoning bloom, and her delicious nectar was slathered all over his plunging fingers. The irresistible wetness of her flower and her heat made him crazy with lust. His thick, ready manhood twitched impatiently to be firmly encased, and enclosed within her tight sugar walls.

He needed her. Mo Yuan moved her to the bed and climbed up on her silky backside. Bai Qian moaned hoarsely and spread herself open for his deep entry. The demand was pressing when he pushed himself against her private entrance, the slickness of her and his precum mixed made his diving insertion slippery. Slick and he gasped from the immense pleasure of being inside her silky, wet inner folds.

Bai Qian turned her beautiful face to him so they could kiss. Mo Yuan penetrated her slowly and lovingly but giving her full, all and every bit of himself. She was his lover and like the lovers they were, they held hands while their bodies met, moved, rolled against each other in sync and perfect harmony.

He offered himself and readily she received him as she groaned, “Shifu, I love you. Don’t ever stop. I love you. I’m going to love you forever.”

“I love you too, my Shì Qī. I won’t ever stop loving you.” Mo Yuan answered and caressed her delicate shoulders with his lips. He licked, tasted her smooth skin and quickened his speed of penetration because he knew what she needed precisely.

“Yes, that’s it. Faster and deeper… Shifu, make me feel good. I want to come while your massive manhood pumps into me.” She begged urgently.

Bai Qian’s body quivered under his as she purposely pushed her derriere up higher for him to grind harder into her. Her internal hold on his girth was exquisite and propelled him closer to his need for release.

With every probing dive, she cried out and a massive surge of her moisture covered him entirely. Her silky wetness was too much, and Mo Yuan pushed himself up to his knees while pulling her lower body up with him. She moved gracefully with him so he never had to withdraw his sizable sex from her soaking lower treasure, and his thrusts continued.

He held fast to her curvaceous hips, gently but steadily sped up. Bai Qian cried out in ecstasy. Her deep rose hued lower, twin lips tightly wrapped around his width was pink and shiny from her access dew.

Bai Qian cried out in pure rapture and the arousing noises of her pleasure grew louder as she screamed, “Shifu, don’t stop and fill me while I cover you with my honey. I’m ready… I’m coming!”

“Yes, Shì Qī. Come all over me. Cover me with your sweet honey.” Mo Yuan groaned back and his voice was raspy as he pumped into her with more ferocity.

“Shifu, I love you!” Bai Qian cried and moaned repeatedly drowning in her blissful rapture.

Mo Yuan grunted louder, thrust deeper as his pleasure hit its peak. Almost frantically he jerked abruptly and hot seeds began to fill her inner core. He was still squirting his essence inside her spastically but cried out mid-climax.

“Shì Qī, I love you! I love you.” He moaned out as his speed of plunging slowed and felt himself release inside her completely.

His spent manhood was still pulsating as he caught his breath and slowly opened his eyes. As usual, he was alone, and covered was his lap with his liquid release which he wiped up with the towel by the bed.

“Happy birthday, my darling Shì Qī. I love you.” Mo Yuan whispered, blew out his candle and thought about how lovely Bai Qian looked in Ten Miles.

Mo Yuan closed his eyes as the hot fresh tears ran down the left side of his face. He fell asleep and dreamt of her again as he had for the last 40,000 years without her.

To be continued…..



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