報復 Bàofù II: Crimson Lotus: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 7

A Golden Lotus…..

40,000 years ago…..

“Don’t leave me! NO! NO! NO! NO! Qian Qian! NOOOOOOOO!”

His sorrowful howl resounded. Everyone there heard his anguish and distress. Grievously Ye Hua roared full of despair as he clung to Bai Qian’s limp, lifeless and tattered body in pure desperation. His loud, noisy heart-wrenching weeping echoed in the massive fortress, that once belonged to the White Goddess. It was also the vile, wicked place of her week long torture, bleeding, prison, and finally her death.

He saw her grave physical condition. Ye Hua watched her take her last breath but couldn’t let go. Bai Qian was the only woman his heart and body ever knew. She was his other half and the one who taught him love, desire, pleasure, despair, remorse, rage, possessive jealousy, and self-discovery. She made him a man and gave him a beautiful child. She was his life. She was his everything.

Before her final, last breath came to an end, he stopped time and all those around him froze in place except Zhe Yan and Mo Yuan. Their elite life force and cultivation were such that Ye Hua’s spell didn’t affect them as it had everyone else.

Her death scene was painful and distressing for Zhe Yan as he whispered sadly to Ye Hua, “Let her go, Ye Hua. Let Xiao Wu go peacefully and don’t prolong her suffering.”

Tears ran endlessly down Ye Hua’s devastated face and his eyes swollen entirely red, bloodshot but his piercing glare bore into Zhe Yan intensely. Ye Hua demanded, “Zhe Yan, you said you needed more time to return her blood to Qian Qian’s body. Now you have it. SO SAVE HER!”

To Zhe Yan’s outstretched reaching hands, Ye Hua possessively yanked Bai Qian closer into his protective embrace, and refused to allow anyone near him or her. He instantly raised a shielding spell around them and stared Zhe Yan down with full of rage.

Zhe Yan who seldom raised his voice, barked sharply, “Ye Hua! Give Xiao Wu to me NOW! I need to fix and make her look presentable before I take her home to Qingqiu! If any of her family member see her like this, imagine how they would feel? It might very kill her parents and I’m her family. Not you so lower your spell! If not I’m smashing it down and I could hurt you in the process!”

“You said you needed more time to replace her blood. Please, Zhe Yan, what harm could it do to try?”

Bitterly Ye Hua wept, spoke in between ragged breaths. He begged, pleaded with Zhe Yan and urged “If my Qian Qian is dying then why can’t we try something, anything and everything? What do we have to lose? I’d rather die than let her go and I’m not going to watch her die again!”

Zhe Yan threw his hands up in frustration. Swiftly he paced the small area, turned to Mo Yuan and vocalized impatiently, “He’s your brother, Mo Yuan. Talk some sense into him! Xiao Wu is gone! This moment is painful and heartbreaking for me too, I’ve known her since her birth! What’s occurring now is sacrilege to her body and I won’t allow Ye Hua to keep her!”

The intensity of extreme emotions caused the tension in the room to swiftly escalate, as Mo Yuan studied both Ye Hua and Zhe Yan thoroughly. Both had valid points, but his selfishness and desire to keep Bai Qian alive made him more bias and affected his decision. Mo Yuan sighed and supported Ye Hua as he directed Zhe Yan.

He said in a soft voice, “Zhe Yan, what do we have to lose? If Shì Qī is gone as you’ve stated then she’ll die in a few hours, and I consider it extremely inappropriate to return her body to Qingqiu without her blood.”

Mo Yuan continued, “Whether you restored her blood here or there, it needs to get done so do it now.”

He turned to Ye Hua and urged gently, “Ye Hua, let Zhe Yan have her so he can do what he must. Lower your shield. There’s been enough loss today. Let’s not fight among ourselves. Ye Hua, lower your spell.”

Calmly Mo Yuan met Ye Hua’s frightened gaze and nodded his head to comfort his brokenhearted twin. He reached out for Bai Qian but he flinched back, glared at Zhe Yan and demanded suspiciously.

“On your life swear that you’re not tricking me! If you’re deceitful, I’ll kill you or at least hurt you severely even if it kills me!” Ye Hua’s absolute desperation made him doubtful and distrusted Zhe Yan’s intentions.

Zhe Yan’s face flushed and he challenged back, “Ye Hua, I’m the Medicine God! I don’t need to swear to you and give Xiao Wu to me instead of wasting precious time!”

Mo Yuan’s full brow furrowed with anxiety. He frowned, nodded his head towards Ye Hua and extended his arms to Bai Qian. He scrutinized his brother’s concerned expression intently before eventually, and hesitantly he lowered his shield.

Gingerly but speedily Mo Yuan picked up Bai Qian’s body, and placed her back on the table so Zhe Yan could restore her blood. He held Ye Hua back to give Zhe Yan room to do his task.

The sense of helplessness was overwhelming as the hours passed slowly and felt more like years. Both Ye Hua and Mo Yuan paced watching the crimson veined stent in her heart, now reversing its earlier process under Zhe Yan’s watchful expert gaze.

Zhe Yan paused to wipe the sweat from his forehead. He looked utterly perplexed but then infuriated by Bai Qian’s severely, wounded, damaged physical state. He swore aloud in ferocity.

He cursed, “Those bitches, Xuan Nu and SuJin! Those damned savages! How could anyone do this to another human being! I can’t believe Xiao Wu lived as long as she did!”

Zhe Yan’s voice broke as he lamented sorrowfully, “Her liver, most of her organs are nonexistent and her throat parts crushed. Xiao Wu’s pharynx, epiglottis, larynx and esophagus demolished. They must have choked her out repeatedly and not just with their hands! 70% of her body is scorched black, and there isn’t a single place on her entire body without a wound or bruising!”

Ye Hua sobbed again and his eyes were puffed, red from crying excessively. Mo Yuan turned his back and lightly cleared his tightening throat while hiding his tears. It was difficult for either of them to look at Bai Qian’s condition, without feeling guilty for not being able to protect her from such agony. Her ravaged appearance showed clear indisputable evidence of everything she’d endured and more.

More time passed and Zhe Yan appeared exhausted from hours of repairing her destroyed body. He was emotionally fatigued and his thin light voice reflected his weariness. He took a deep breath and added somberly, “Alright. I’ve done the most basic internal restoration; returned all of Xiao Wu’s blood to her body, and we won’t know until time restarts if my efforts were successful or not. Ye Hua, do it now.”

Time resumed and all held their breaths, watched Bai Qian for any sign of life intently. Approximately two minutes which felt more like an eternity passed without change, then suddenly a weak and feeble semi exhale was heard by all.

Both stunned, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua glanced up at Zhe Yan who was as shocked as them. He declared excitedly, “I can’t believe it! Her heart is BEATING! It’s weak, faint but she’s alive! This moment is a miracle! Xiao Wu’s stubbornness may have saved her life! Her even but faint heartbeat is a good sign but she’s not out of the woods yet, so I need to rush her back to Ten Miles to begin more intensive repair!”

Ye Hua threw himself beside her limp body, pressed his forehead to her hand and repeatedly cried, “Thank you, Qian Qian! Thank you for coming back to me! Thank you for not dying. Thank you for not leaving me again.”

“What about Ye Hua’s child? Zhe Yan, does the child still have a chance?” Mo Yuan asked even though he knew the unfortunate answer.

Zhe Yan frowned, looked at Ye Hua with remorse and explained sorrowfully, “I’m sorry but your child is dead. I sense the lingering embryonic energy, but there isn’t a heartbeat or active growth coming from the fetus. I’m sorry, Ye Hua, that I couldn’t save them both.”

The broken expression on Ye Hua’s face was such that it brought tears to both Mo Yuan and Zhe Yan’s eyes. They felt his profound pain and loss. Ye Hua said nothing but lightly caressed Bai Qian’s hand and then cried silently but suddenly jumped up.

A golden lotus!” Ye Hua abruptly shouted and continued to ramble nervously. His distress, grief was too intense and caused him to lose all reasoning.

Ye Hua said in a rushed frenzied voice, “My delayed birth! Heavenly Mother’s body aborted me but here I stand. I can use half my life force to make another golden lotus and save my unborn child. I can and will wait for an eternity and he or she could be born like me, later! It’s possible!”

It was an indescribable sadness, sorrow watching his twin and Mo Yuan understood Ye Hua’s inability to accept his extreme loss. He was lost, crushed and grasping at last straw. Considering and thinking the impossible, irrational and illogical.

Mo Yuan reminded his twin of the significant difference between his delayed birth, and what he was venturing to do when he stated, “Ye Hua, our father used half of his immortal life force to create your lotus. Our father’s immense life force was much more powerful than yours or mine. He created the world. What you’re thinking about doing is unachievable and impossible with just half of your life force alone.”

Ye Hua suddenly dropped to his knees in front of Mo Yuan and replied without hesitation, “Then use ALL of my life force and save my poor innocent child. Mo Yuan, when I’m gone protect my baby, Qian Qian and A-Li. Brother, do this for me. You’re the only one I can trust with such an important task. You’re the only one in this world that loves her as I do.”

More watery droplets fell, ran down Ye Hua’s already tear stained face. He had blood smudged and smeared on his skin, so the tracks of his teardrops were visible when he whispered wistfully, “Qian Qian deserves to enjoy motherhood at least once. I destroyed it for her the first time due to my stupidity. I’ll use ALL of my life force and you, brother, watch over everyone after I’ve gone. Please.”

Ye Hua straightened his posture and kowtowed respectfully to his older twin, but Mo Yuan could see Ye Hua’s shoulders quivering due to his uncontrollable sobbing. He and his younger twin were more strangers than sibling, but the sentimental moment tugged at Mo Yuan’s heart.

For the first time since their meeting, Mo Yuan felt an undeniable stir and pulling sensation for his brother. At that moment his heart became one with Ye Hua’s as they were once In Utero. Had they not started from one single egg before the genetic split and separation?

Gently he lifted Ye Hua up by his arm, met his tear filled gaze and stated fondly, “Ye Hua, I’ll help you. We’ll do it together. I’ll use half of my life force and with your half, I believe we can make a golden lotus for your unborn child. Let’s do this quickly so Zhe Yan can take Shì Qī back to Ten Miles.”

Both Heavenly Father’s sons, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua used half of their immortal life force, elite cultivation to create a protective golden lotus. Together they preserved the embryonic energy of his unborn black dragon baby, that they affectionately nickname ‘A-Chang’. The meaning of the nickname was ‘flourishing’ because it was both his and Mo Yuan’s most earnest hope, wish, dream that she or he would flourish and one day be born to their mother, Bai Qian.


Empty Promises…..

40,000 years later…..

The disciples seemed to be expecting his arrival, and promptly directed Ye Hua to their Shifu’s location before he said a single word. He found Mo Yuan exactly where they’d guided him by the lotus pond on Kunlun Mountain.

Informally Mo Yuan spoke without glancing back at Ye Hua, who was standing behind his older brother silently seething, “Well, that was quick.”

Mo Yuan stood with both hands held firmly behind his back and the many, countless metallic nail top-like ornaments all over his royal azure, blue garment caught the sunlight from above most brilliantly. His soft, smooth voice was even, serene and tranquil as usual.

But Ye Hua was fuming, furious after hearing of his visit to Qingqiu. His brisk language lacked his usual courtesy when he demanded bitterly, “Mo Yuan, what are you doing?! Didn’t we both agree not to see Qian Qian or interfere in her life again? Did you go to Qingqiu today?! Why?!”

His older brother kept his backside towards Ye Hua and merely replied without a hint of remorse “Yes, I did indeed go to Qingqiu and I saw her. My Shì Qī looked stunning, beautiful, exquisite and it felt…incredible to see her up close again. You were right when you said she’d grown even more gorgeous over the last 40,000 years.”

“She was quite funny also and I caught her making silly faces at her father behind his back.” Mo Yuan responded while faintly chuckling under his breath.

His gentle laugh only exacerbated Ye Hua more as he angrily snapped, “Are you doing what I think you’re doing?! Mo Yuan, how can you be so shameless and dishonorable?! You and I made a deal! A solemn oath not to see her ever again! Were your promises and sworn vows nothing but empty promises?!”

“Ye Hua, what do you think I’m doing?” Mo Yuan responded then unceremoniously turned to face him, as his blank expression remained unreadable and impassive.

Ye Hua’s dark eyes narrowed skeptically and pierced into Mo Yuan with full hostility as he challenged, “You’ve been creeping around and working with Bai Zhi and Zhe Yan to stay in contact with her indirectly. You’ve been sending wine to her father and we both know you were sending them for Qian Qian! Do you take me for a fool?! I know what you’re trying to do and you’re using your friends to sneak back into her life!”

“Your actions are undoubtedly suspicious and your inappropriate intentions are obvious. But I CAN’T and I WON’T allow you do what you’re planning!” Fearless and boldly, he stepped closer to Mo Yuan confidently, defiantly until they stood only inches apart.

Mo Yuan responded in his even quiet voice, “Are you threatening me, Ye Hua?”

Most aggressively Ye Hua advanced even nearer and warned his brother in a furious menacing tone, “Yes, I AM threatening you! Stay away from Qian Qian!”

He smirked proudly, braved his wrath and Mo Yuan responded nonchalantly, “Ye Hua, what will you do if I don’t?”

Surely Mo Yuan met, locked gazes with his extremely agitated younger twin as they’d once done 40,000 years ago, as love rivals and blatantly ridiculed, “Ye Hua, do you still want that reverse harem?”

“Hell no! Mo Yuan, if you want to start this battle with me again prepare to lose. This time I have much more at stake. My family! My golden lotus. My child will one day be born to Qian Qian so back off!” Arrogantly Ye Hua smirked and confidently snarled back because he didn’t fear or feel intimidated by Mo Yuan anymore. Not even in the slightest.

The faint laugh from Mo Yuan sounded as if he were mocking Ye Hua when he said, “Well, if you were planning to somehow move Chang’s energy back into Shì Qī, then your vows were also empty promises, weren’t they?”

To be continued…