報復 Bàofù II: Crimson Lotus: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 12 NSFW

Goodnight, Qian Qian…..

The dainty copper earrings dangled off her ears and caught the sunlight from above. Bai Qian stroked the delicate moving metal sections with her fingertips. Never would she have considered such an original and intelligent idea. Ye Hua was young but he was bright. Calling him bright was an oversimplification on a massive level.

Ye Hua was a genius and held the position of Heavenly Lord ever since his grandfather’s sudden abdication. Nobody knew the real reason but there were rumors that the old man had lost his mind. Bai Qian never knew the previous Heavenly Lord so she couldn’t make any comparisons, but Ye Hua was indeed more than proficient at his youthful age.

For such a young man he carried a silent burden Bai Qian could readily sense and identify. Inwardly she queried why he never remarried or didn’t have a large harem which was customary for celestials. Why did he choose to raise A-Li on his own? It couldn’t have been easy to care for a child and oversee such a vast domain.

Ye Hua was only 90,000 years old, but he had the heart and soul of someone much older and such sadness in his dark eyes. Perhaps one day when they became more friendly she could ask him these questions but for now, they were merely getting to know each other. Asking him such personal subjects would be rude so she turned the conversation in another direction.

“Ye Hua, your flower? Do I need to care for it? Such as pruning and whatnot?” Bai Qian asked because she prayed she wouldn’t have to be responsible, since she tends to kill every living green things that ever entered her life.

Tenderly Ye Hua cradled the red lotus like a newborn baby which was slightly strange and answered, “No, Qian Qian. You won’t need to do anything but let it be.”

She sighed with relief and retorted, “Thank goodness because I’m terrible with plants and living things. I usually end up killing it by over watering or not enough. Caring for things isn’t my forte.”

“You’re a High Goddess. Why not use magic and restore the plant? You have that power.” Ye Hua asked confused by her odd statement since she had the power, and reviving a plant would take nothing from her side.

She answered nonchalantly, “In Qingqiu, I’d prefer to keep things simple without using magic for everything. Otherwise, my people would become bored.”

“Why not start a mock war to keep them entertained? I’ll lend you some of my soldiers.” Ye Hua answered automatically without much thought, because his attention was on the lotus in his hand.

She scoffed at his reply, made the peace symbols with both her hands and declared, “I’m a liberal pacifist. A peace lover. Haven’t you ever heard the term ‘make love not war’?”

“Then, why don’t you create an orgy for them if war isn’t your thing?” He snickered softly to himself when he heard her gasp aloud and responded, “Ye Hua, I’m not a pervert! My name is Bai Qian, not Caligula!”

Bai Qian watched him curiously and wondered silently to herself, why he was planning on stepping in the water fully dressed, instead of throwing the bloom directly into the pond? So she asked, “Ye Hua, why don’t you toss it into the pond? You’ll get soaking wet if you go into the water with all your clothes on.”

“I can use a spell and dry off.” Ye Hua replied without looking her way.

Casually Bai Qian plopped down on the grass, stretched out her legs, leaned back on her extended arms and said, “Ye Hua, in Qingqiu, we don’t use magic if possible. Just toss the flower in the water. It’s not a delicate newborn baby and instead, relaxes here beside me so you and I can plan how to meet with your brother.”

Enthusiastically with a huge smile she beamed, patted the empty spot beside her and made the hand motion that he should plant himself there.

Ye Hua froze and stared at the red lotus in deep contemplation before gingerly setting it on the ground. Wordlessly he began to remove his heavy robe.

“You’re going to remove your clothes on a chilly day like this just to place some silly flower into the pond?” Bai Qian asked flabbergasted by Ye Hua’s unusual behavior because it was difficult to understand him. It was late autumn and a somewhat cold day.

He disrobed all his clothing, removed his boots and stood in only his long, white, silk undergarment that tied with a sash at the waist. His defined chest was even golden hued, hairless and silky smooth. His tiny dark nipples were firm and erect from the cold, gentle breeze.

Audibly she gasped because she couldn’t help herself. Never would she have guessed Ye Hua would possess such a flawless, perfect body under his heavy black garment. Bai Qian swallowed nervously and stared at him in disbelief, when he leaped into the water with the lotus in his hand.

It was difficult to describe but he handled the flower with such tenderness and love. Was it possible to love a plant? Yes, for him it was and Ye Hua whispered something inaudible to the red crimson bloom. The sad expression in his eyes was pure yearning and profound sorrow, as he lightly kissed the blossom’s tips.

Bai Qian watched Ye Hua’s confusing actions in wonder but when he jumped out, and she saw his soaking wet pants stuck to his lean body. She heard herself suck back her saliva aloud. She was drooling and gawking because his white pants were thoroughly transparent and see through.

The thin nonexistent material did nothing to hide his firm flawlessly defined and sculpted upper thighs. Water was dripping everywhere but glued were Bai Qian’s eyes to his male parts. The darkness of his pubic hair showed through and the shape, the outline of his flaccid but sizable manhood pressed up against the delicate sheer fabric.

In an instant, her heart began to race and her mouth became dry. Tensely she tried to clear her throat repeatedly because it felt as if it were closing up but to no avail. She couldn’t swallow so instead, she gulped nervously.

Bai Qian began to hyperventilate and panted, especially when Ye Hua looked down to see where she was staring and their eyes met most awkwardly.

Ye Hua subtly blushed, smirked and didn’t try to hide, conceal his physique. Bai Qian also couldn’t remove her focused gaze off his perfect Adonis-like body. Never had she felt so flustered, aroused and excited in her entire life. Had she been all alone, she would have undoubtedly pleasured herself because that’s how overly stimulated she was.

Their eyes met and locked for what seemed like an eternity, but Bai Qian broke their staring contest first because she felt as if she had the vapors. It honestly felt as if she might pass out at any given moment, and she seriously didn’t know how she could rise from her seated position, because her wobbly legs were shaking so severely.

Suddenly like a top she popped up, turned her back to Ye Hua and murmured nervously, “Get dressed and come to the Fox Den. I told my father that you were coming today and he asked that you stay for lunch.”

Bai Qian started to march speedily but her walk quickly turned and transformed into a trot then fast sprint. Most excitedly she fanned her overheated self with both her hands, and splashed cold water on her face the very moment she reentered the fox den immediately. Her blushing face felt warmed, sunburned and hot. Her entire body felt as if it might burst into flames suddenly.

Ye Hua followed a few minutes after her and politely introduced himself to the Fox family. He appeared slightly amused by her flustered behavior, but never mentioned a word about their oddly awkward moment. Lunch was pleasant and friendly. Her father invited him to a game of chess but he respectfully declined.

“Emperor, I’m already aware nobody has ever beaten you at chess and I’ll only make a fool of myself.” Ye Hua stated and his flattery was as smooth as his voice.

He added, “Qian Qian, I have something to tend to today but we’ll discuss more another day.”

Ye Hua bowed respectfully and left the Fox den calmly. She walked him out, watched him fade off and disappear into the distance. He turned back once and waved goodbye then Bai Qian went to her room, threw herself on her bed. She couldn’t get the sexy picture of him in his wet pants out of her head.

Every time she closed her eyes the arousing provocative image danced around in her mind. It was near impossible not to question if perhaps she was a pervert, because Bai Qian was lusting after a boy a third her age.

After Ye Hua’s departure, Bai Qian spent most of her day under a freezing shower. She wondered was it because she’d remained a virgin for too long? She’d met other men in her life, they never had this kind of effect on her but then she never saw them wet and almost nude.

In all honesty, never had Bai Qian seen a grown man’s private parts as thoroughly as she viewed Ye Hua’s today, and it was an utter mouth watering scene. What she saw was near heavenly and he’d just been in cold water so she considered shrinkage but then, what she imagined made her head spin.

She tried in vain to distract, entertain herself and drank some wine but actually made it worse. It only increased her sexual desires and arousal. Somehow she made it through the longest day of her life.

The Fox Den was utterly silent for the night and everyone there was fast asleep. Bai Qian closed her eyes and the tantalizing image of Ye Hua flashed through her mind again. Carefully she pulled, raised up the covers up to her chin and accidentally brushed up against her breasts. The stimulating sensation moved throughout her whole body. Her soft, even breathing sped up and quickened instantly.

Bai Qian fondled her breasts and rolled her hard nipples between her fingertips. A soft series of pants then moans escaped her lips, as she moved her hand down below between her thighs, and she had a sexual fantasy like in her romance novels. It was a scene right from a bodice-ripping situation.

In her fantasy, Ye Hua strolled into her room and covered her mouth with his hand before she could utter a sound.

“Qian Qian, nobody knows I’m here. I’m using a spell of invisibility so don’t speak.” Ye Hua warned and pressed his lips firmly to hers.

His kiss was urgent as his tongue quickly moved into her mouth and he tasted like sweet peach wine. Ye Hua must have had a few drinks because his cheeks were rosy and warm. His full lips moved to her neck, nibbled and sucked on her skin. The heated, warm sensation of his tongue lapping over her skin’s surface made her wet between her thighs.

Ye Hua’s hoarse voice was a whisper when he said, “I saw how you were staring at me earlier. Qian Qian, would you like to touch what you saw? Because I’m dying for your touch.”

He grabbed her hand and shoved it down his pants. The skin of his erect manhood was incredibly soft and contrary to the stiffness of his sex. He groaned provocatively in her ear when she stroked the full length of his girth.

Ye Hua suddenly ripped her dress apart and then overpowered her body. His greedy mouth and eager hands were everywhere. They touched, rubbed, licked and probed her entire body but she wanted him inside her. He sensed her need and shifted between her thighs. His body and skin were hot to the touch and the scent of him was mouth watering.

Bai Qian began to whimper, “Ye Hua, I’m a virgin…”

But Ye Hua replied in his manly way, “Qian Qian, not for long. I’m going to make you a woman tonight. I’m going to make love to you all night and make you come repeatedly.”

Aggressively his hand touched her down below, and the sudden increased slick wetness between her feminine folds caused him to groan with need. His mouth, tongue and lips licked, kissed and sucked on her full breasts, while continually penetrating her lower treasure with his right index and third fingers.

A faint groan came from her parted mouth as her arousal soared and Ye Hua began to coast down her body. He was going to devour her and the moisture from her bloom was everywhere. Bai Qian bit down on her full bottom lip to stifle her soft sounds of bodily pleasure.

“Aaaahh yes, that feels so good. Lick me… Ohhh, I can’t believe how wet you’re making me.” Bai Qian moaned breathlessly under the covers while her intense fantasy about Ye Hua continued.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt such extreme need and moaned, “Yes, your tongue… I’m about to come don’t stop, Ye…”

“Qian Qian?” He said.

Bai Qian’s sexual fantasy about Ye Hua so intense she was able to hear his smooth voice genuinely… Wait for a darn minute! How baffling. Why could she hear his soft and faint voice?!

Lightly he cleared his throat then spoke tensely in his faint soft voice, “Hmm. Qian Qian. I can hear you. I can listen to everything from your end if you’re still wearing the copper earrings.”

“Huh?! What?!” Bai Qian swiftly bolted upright in bed and glanced around her room in pure confusion.

She returned in a low, faint, hushed voice bewildered, “What? Who’s there? Ye Hua? Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Ye Hua answered and his voice sounded as if he were holding back from laughing aloud.

She gasped in ultimate horror and whimpered, “But I’m alone… Oh, my nine tails! The earrings! You heard me?! Did you hear everything?!”

Ye Hua cleared his throat again, paused as if he were embarrassed and replied softly, “Yes, I heard everything. Why didn’t you remove the earrings?”

“I was worried that I’d lose them if I take them off. I tend to lose everything. I’m a bit of a knucklehead. Plus, they are so delicate and beautiful, I thought I’d wear them all the time.”

Noisy Bai Qian thumped, threw, tossed herself on her bed and mumbled under her breath ashamed, “Now that I know you can hear me and everything I’m doing. I’ll have to figure something else out.”

She hesitated and asked apprehensively, “Ye Hua, can I ask you a huge favor?”

Bai Qian squeaked similar to a little mouse and continued in the same embarrassed tone of voice, “Ye Hua, could you try to forget what you heard?”

“I’m so mortified and don’t know if I’ll be able to look you in the eyes again. I’m taking them off now…so good night.” Her self-humiliation was entirely noticeable by the way she spoke.

There was a distinct lengthy-long drawn pause before Ye Hua finally responded, “I’ll try my very best to forget what I heard. Goodnight, Qian Qian.”

Bai Qian removed the magic copper earrings and gingerly placed them back in the original box. She then covered her face with her pillow forcibly and repeatedly screeched. Because getting caught pleasuring herself by Ye Hua, the one she was fantasizing about was the pinnacle of the most embarrassing moment of her entire life.

To be continued…..