金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 33


In Mo Yuan’s time having a family came in a precisely specific order. Two people meet either through a matchmaker, relatives or a prearranged agreement. Then the two individuals married frequently without ever seeing each other’s faces, until in their wedding chamber as husband and wife. After their primary meeting, the newlywed pair consummated their nuptials and union, if they were lucky a child came three years later.

It was common practice and it often happened between Mo Yuan’s friends, but the buddies teased each other after one of them married. They gave each other grief and made fun of each other especially if the bride was unattractive. If the brides were too beautiful, they tormented each other more out of jealousy and rivalry. This spirited practice became an amusing tradition amongst good friends.

He came from a conservative era but Mo Yuan’s life wasn’t as he’d expected, and he was doing everything backward. He wasn’t married quite yet but he was a new father and a wedding was definitely on the horizon…he hoped. His potential future wife wasn’t pretty but stunning, and possibly one of the most beautiful women in the world. Plus Bai Qian was exceptionally young so it was now his turn to get harassed, and his torturer was none other than the nemesis like his brother, Zhe Yan.

His brother who had suddenly appeared in his room, while Mo Yuan was preparing for his date with the mother of his son. It wasn’t his first rendezvous with a woman but he was exceedingly nervous. He had been waiting all day counting down the long hours to an amorous and romantic evening, drinking wine under the myriad of twinkling stars with his beloved, Bai Qian.

“Zhe Yan, it’s rude to appear inside someone’s room without the owner’s permission.” Mo Yuan reminded him who was lounging out on his bed.

Zhe Yan turned, casually supported his head with one arm, leisurely rested on his side facing Mo Yuan and smiled most suspiciously. He knew he was up to no good.

Zhe Yan summoned a bottle of wine, drank it and explained in a lively chirp, “Yuan’er, your son, Jīnlóng, is adorable. He’s a strapping baby just like his mighty father. That kid is a chip off the old block. You must feel so proud of him. By the way, is that a new outfit for your date with Xiao Wu?”

“You know, Tuzi, after seeing your kid. I think you should go back to being celibate. I’m all the sudden very worried about the peace of the world now that your mind is cluttered with sex, sex, sex.”

Zhe Yan openly voiced his strong opinion and continued, “You’re in the ‘Romantic Stage’ of the relationship when your enormous brain releases a cocktail of all these chemicals (including Oxytocin, Phenylethylamine and Dopamine) that make your heart thump and of course, light an inferno in your immortal loins.”

He continued to harass Mo Yuan, “Oh, about your romantic date. I have a message from your beloved, but Xiao Wu regrets that she won’t be able to meet with you tonight or tomorrow. No date for you!”

With those words, Zhe Yan abruptly had all of Mo Yuan’s attention. His focus moved from his reflection in the mirror, and he spun around to face the rotten old Phoenix with a worried, annoyed and disappointed expression on his face.

Without a doubt, there was more when Mo Yuan asked tensely, “Why didn’t she send word earlier and why are you here instead?”

He rested flat on his back and crossed his feet at his ankles, placed both hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling. Dramatically Zhe Yan sighed and answered, “Oh, I went to Qingqiu to check on your son and Xiao Wu baked my favorite. I have a box for you too. Here you go.”

Zhe Yan watched closely, snickered audibly when Mo Yuan opened the box and gawked in shock at his moon cakes in confusion. They weren’t cakes but more like pancakes. Low and smashed down flat like flapjacks.

“The moon cakes were these beautiful heart shaped cakes.”

Zhe Yan made the heart shape by joining his hands and added regrettably, “They were quite lovely, although she smashed them with her fist. That’s when she canceled your ‘date’ and asked me to deliver these with her message.” He taunted Mo Yuan further.

Mo Yuan picked up the box of pastries and yes, he could clearly see the indents from Bai Qian’s clenched hand. But he wondered why she would do such a thing and why did she suddenly decide not to see him, then a reason popped into his head. It was apparent Zhe Yan said something to anger her.

Gingerly he sat beside Zhe Yan and asked in his calm voice, “What did you tell her, Zhe Yan? Why and what made her so angry?”

Zhe Yan crossed his arms over his chest and divulged informally, “Yuan’er, I merely shared a couple of funny stories and your infamous nicknames from our school days. I assumed she would enjoy knowing more about the father of her son.”

“I told her about ‘Mr. In and Out’. Donghua called you that for obvious reasons. Xiao Wu liked that one. She laughed and found that amusing. I also shared ‘Fireman’. We started to call you that after you thought you impregnated that one virgin deity. Then you started taking precautions by pulling out, but sprayed it all over the girls like a fireman putting out a fire. Hahaha.” Zhe Yan laughed hysterically at Mo Yuan’s miserable expression.

He was close to crying when Mo Yuan dropped his face into his open palms. Zhe Yan struck and pinched Bai Qian’s nerve of jealousy which Mo Yuan knew was fierce and extreme. Now everything made perfect sense. The smashed moon cakes and her sudden cancellation. All Zhe Yan’s evil handy work!

Zhe Yan was the devil. His blatant deeds of sabotage on his plans for love were deliberate and with malicious intent. Mo Yuan would eventually calm her down with much work. No, he wouldn’t allow this single obstacle to come in the way of his courtship of his beloved.

“Yuan’er, I forgot one but Bai Zhi chimed in too, and told her another one of your infamous nicknames that I’d forgotten. Do you remember being called ‘Picker’? As in ‘Cherry Picker’, that one doesn’t need any further explanation but boy was she angry. Xiao Wu was pissed off.”

That was it. Mo Yuan knew he was in trouble big time and afraid of what was coming his way. Zhe Yan with words alone successfully made celibacy his future.

He knew time was of the essence and started to rush to Qingqiu when Zhe Yan ridiculed in his taunting voice, “Mo Yuan, don’t bother running off and rushing to Qingqiu. Xiao Wu isn’t home. She’s with Ye Hua.”

Swiftly Mo Yuan furiously spun around to beat Zhe Yan’s ass but gone was he like the wind. He’d appeared just long enough to do his damage and vanished before Mo Yuan caught him by the neck.


Zhe Yan’s tactic of blocking the progress of Mo Yuan’s love life was highly successful and productive. Bai Qian was angry and refused to meet him. She wasn’t petty and never stopped him from seeing the baby. However, she disappeared the instant he came anywhere near her.

He sent massive quantity of flowers but found them in a heaping pile out by the entrance of the Fox Den, and they didn’t have any effect on Bai Qian whatsoever. Mo Yuan sent love poems but she returned them ripped up into little shreds. Jewelry, hairpin and other tokens of love didn’t phase her the slightest. She was much meaner than Lifen and she didn’t try to hide her spitefulness. If anything, she flaunted her firm resolve which was scary.

Mo Yuan scolded Ye Hua, warned him not to see Bai Qian again but he boldly, openly defied him and saw her more often. Every time Mo Yuan went to Qingqiu, she was out with Ye Hua. He knew she was trying to make him jealous purposefully. She was doing a damn fantastic job and highly successful.

Jealousy? Mo Yuan never felt insecure, jealous because of a woman before and he also never knew he had high blood pressure until now. Just hearing Ye Hua’s name made his blood pressure surge intensely, and caused him to grind his teeth tensely. All these new extreme emotions were wholly new for him and made him feel…… It made him feel young, feisty and horny. Yes, he wanted to get Bai Qian naked and in his bed immediately.

It was the perfect moment show her why he was the God of War. Show her the mighty man he was, seduce Bai Qian properly with his abilities of pure male sexual prowess and masculinity. Make her knees weak, swoon as other women have in the past from his manly charms, sexy glances and subtle not so innocent touches.

Mo Yuan decided to crank up the flame in his wooing and courting of her. His ways and concepts were simple but romantic and incredibly heartwarming. He hand delivered bottles of wine with a love poem and replied to Lifen’s many letters. He read all of her notes she wrote while at the brothel. He attached her original message with his reply.

In his responses, Mo Yuan honestly revealed how it was for him searching and being without her. He told her how much he loved her and how scared he felt. He apologized for leaving her alone and regretted not being able to find her. He confessed all his heart’s sentiments without reserve and sincerely thanked her for giving birth to his son…their beautiful son, Jīnlóng.

That was only the start because once he began to describe all his feelings and emotions, Mo Yuan couldn’t stop. He came up with a record of reasons why he loved her, and that list he compiled had over 3,000 reasons why she was the one for him.

Mo Yuan hand delivered the love message accompanied with her jade ring, and the most valuable wines he’d ever created in his entire life. ‘Foxtail.’ The wine was produced from the batch of grapes she’d fallen into, before her heavenly trial that he lovingly nicknamed ‘Foxtail’ and under ingredients, he wrote Qian’er panties.


Bai Qian was actively punishing him even though the rational side of her told her it was all in the past. Although, she couldn’t help remember his offhanded comment, about being with so many women that he couldn’t recall all their names, and now she knew Mo Yuan Oppa lied about how many virgins he had thanks to Zhe Yan.

He’d deflowered so many they called him the ‘Cherry Picker’ and hearing this nickname made her blood boil.

She was ready to make Mo Yuan Oppa suffer much, much longer until she read the lengthy list of all the reasons why he loved and wanted to be with her. Bai Qian didn’t want to admit it, but his letters made her swoon when she read and reread them at night alone.

What broke her firm resolve was the silly note attached to ‘Foxtail‘ the wine made with the grapes they fell into that day on Kunlun Mountain.


You were right. You do taste delicious and if I could go back in time, I would have taken you up on your offer and licked the grapes off of you. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

Now please, stop tormenting me and making me crazy with jealousy by meeting Ye Hua! I’m sorry Zhe Yan made you angry but did you know what the best part of having a lover’s quarrel? Makeup sex but I’ll take a hug and a kiss for now.

I love and miss you so much. At the vineyard on Kunlun Mountain is where I’ll be waiting until you come to me. 

💗💗💗Mo Yuan Oppa

Bai Qian choked on ‘Foxtail’ the wine she was drinking. She scrutinized the claret colored liquid in the large wine glass in her hand with full disbelief. It ticked her immensely and never did she consider he would really create wine from those ruined grapes. And Mo Yuan’s shamelessly bold sexual innuendos and references made her blush.

Others identified Mo Yuan as the stern, solemn Shifu and Taoist Master. However, Bai Qian recollected a loving, affectionate and extremely skillful sexual partner. Plus his silly use of hearts in his letter made it that much more adorable.

He successfully defused her anger and it was time to accept the olive branch, call it a truce and meet him on Kunlun Mountain for makeup sex……perhaps, a hug and a kiss first.

To be continued…..