報復 Bàofù II: Crimson Lotus: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 17

This too shall pass…..

Dressed in all black, Ye Hua’s striking features stood out and apart, from the stark contrast of the early morning light. He rose to his feet, casually strolled towards the water’s edge, when the words came flying out of her mouth before Bai Qian could stop them.

She mumbled under her breath somewhat frustrated, “Out of all the things we could do together, you want to skim rocks?”

“What?” He asked with a confused expression.

Her recovery was swift as she grinned innocently and replied, “Nothing. I was talking to myself. But, Ye Hua, we need to move further away from Red to be safe. I can’t have rocks being hurled at my lovely flowery friend.”

Bai Qian said this and cowered close to the stony ground. She carefully examined all the rocks thoroughly. Gathered two handfuls of the choicest, flat stones that would fly best. She puts them in her pockets, followed behind Ye Hua with a cheery skip and hop in her joyous steps.

She said nothing as she handed him a stone, which he looked at with skepticism before haphazardly flinging out. The gray pebble skipped once and sunk in the calm water instantly.

“Aya! Remember, it’s in the wrist. It’s a flick, not a toss.” Informally Bai Qian suggested, stood behind, sniffed Ye Hua and wondered why he smelled so nice.

Deliberately trying to get as close as possible, she wrapped her right arm around his trim waist but with her left arm and hand, she held his and commanded, “Relax your wrist.”

She moved their joined hands back and forth a few times, to demonstrate the specific tossing motion. Bai Qian noticed how his hand was so manly, strong and his fingers so long that it made her snicker, thinking about how they would feel on her body.

“This time, let the rock go.” She ordered and he did. The rock skimmed twice and promptly sunk as the other.

Automatically Bai Qian grabbed another stone from her pocket, placed it in his hand and guided his movement again. Her arm around his waist slowly, sensuously coasted up his hard, defined chest and she could feel the physical definition of his sculpted muscles, under his clothing.

Most casually she asked, “Ye Hua, do you have a scar here? A major one shaped like a blade mark?”

She ran her fingertips gingerly on the area, and he stiffened noticeably before he replied without emotion, “Yes.”

“I saw it in my dream and isn’t that a bit odd to see in a dream?” She questioned.

Swiftly Ye Hua answered, “You probably noticed it that day I put my flower in the pond. I undressed in front of you and you most likely saw my scar then.”

She snickered and mumbled in her faintest voice, “I was staring below your waist and didn’t even notice your chest that day.”

“What?” Ye Hua replied without looking back.

Bai Qian answered, “Nothing. I was talking to myself again.”

Then the hand on his chest slowly, gradually, probingly moved down to his right hip area but much closer to his pelvis, and Ye Hua abruptly gasped from the intimate, private location of her hand. The action was deliberate as she brazenly felt him up, and he stiffened then turned back to face her perplexed by her sudden intimate ways.

She tapped and caressed the private area on his body from his hip to his upper thigh, met his confused gaze and asked curiously, “Do you have two little moles here?” Ye Hua’s reaction was extreme when he jerked away from her, but his face revealed nothing and went blank before he uttered, “I don’t think so.” But his voice lacked conviction and suddenly Ye Hua declared, “Qian Qian, I need to go. I have things to do.”

It was the anxious tone of his voice that caught her attention. Was it fear, worry, nervousness, tension or…perhaps all?  Yes, she made him tense and jittery with her questions, but she couldn’t allow him to go without more time, because his quirks only roused her curiosity more. Therefore, Bai Qian purposely jumped into the cold water when he turned his back to go and cried out to make her act more believable.

“Ahhhh!” She yelled with just the right amount of surprise in her voice.

Ye Hua spun around in pure panic when he heard her scream. His protective response was instantaneous when he yanked her from the icy water immediately. He gave her a complete visual once over to make sure she was alright and unharmed, before his brows furrowed at her clumsiness. It appeared as if he was about to scold her but his concern was real, and genuine in his worried gaze. She shivered from the cold in her drenched clothing.

Bai Qian clung to him, lied and declared laughing at her awkwardness, “I’m so clumsy. Now I’m soaking wet and I’m getting you damp hanging on you.”

Gradually she pulled away from his protective grasp but felt his arms linger, delay as if he didn’t want to let her go. She sensed something like pining, longing but couldn’t pinpoint it precisely and Ye Hua’s expression hardened spontaneously.

To her, he was such an enigma and spoke to her with cold, emotionless speech but his actions were entirely contrary to his briskness. His behavior was warm, protective and loving as Ye Hua wordlessly removed his heavy outer garment.

Tenderly he set it over her petite shoulders to warm her shivering body, but Bai Qian decided to take a chance and execute the boldest move in her life.

Politely she stated, “Ye Hua, draping it on top of my wet clothes will only make your coat damp even more. Hold on for a second.”

Bai Qian spoke as she pushed his coat off then began to provocatively remove her wet dress. She heard him gulp when she stripped down in front of him intentionally, and let her damp gown drop to the ground at her feet.

After disrobing down to her bare body, she casually reached for his cloak, loosely wrapped it around her nudity then finally raised and met his shocked gaze. Ye Hua’s face was red, and his dark eyes sparkled with apparent desire but he didn’t make a single move.

Stunned was she by his lack of action. She was nude and had openly stripped naked, undressed in front of him; any other man would have reacted! Bai Qian knew she was much older but… Wow! Ye Hua was a tough nut to crack and destroying her self-confidence.

Bai Qian drove her performance to the next level, took a step, leaned weakly to one side and lied, “Ouch… I think I twisted my ankle when I fell into the pond. I’ll have to walk very slowly.”

She purposely leaned and inclined into his perfect body but Ye Hua asked, “Why don’t you use your magic and save yourself some trouble, perhaps avoid hurting yourself more? You have to be freezing since you don’t have much on, as in clothing.”

Ye Hua fretted over her but bypassed making direct eye contact, and Bai Qian sighed regretfully then used her old excuse because it was perfect, “In Qingqiu, I’d prefer not to use magic for everything and I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me. Oh, but if you need to go…here, don’t forget your coat.”

She was playing on his sympathy and began to remove his cloak to return it to him, when Ye Hua suddenly exhaled in pure annoyance from her stubbornness. Then did precisely what made her openly swoon as he lifted, and proceeded to sweep her right off her feet.

He was carrying her in his arms, marching towards the Fox Den while purposefully evading looking straight at her. But Bai Qian wrapped her right arm tightly around his neck, so their faces were mere inches apart, and she languidly raked her left hand through his long silky hair.

He stiffened. Ye Hua’s rigid posture was hilarious; it was so obvious he was trying and putting forth much effort not to look at her because Bai Qian was batting and fluttering her eyelashes at him flirtatiously.

“Ye Hua, do you know how handsome you are? You must. I understand now why all the goddesses desire you.”

Bai Qian purred but Ye Hua replied impassively, “You think this because I’m Mo Yuan’s twin. Do you remember until a couple weeks ago how much you wanted him?”

“Hmm…no. You’re wrong. I think it was the other way around. I think he caught my eyes because he looks like you, but I was confused for a little while. Now, I’m sorry to say that I truly dislike him immensely. Also, you’re not identical because you’re much more handsome than High God Mo Yuan.”

She carried on chatting most informally, “However, I get it. I understand your deep devotion to your deceased wife but I have a question? Have we… I mean, did we ever meet before? Before my birthday in Ten Miles this year? Do we have any history?”

He scoffed, “Don’t be ridiculous, Qian Qian.”

Casually Bai Qian asked with her face so close to his, that she could smell the clean scent of his golden skin and added, “Like now, this feeling I have isn’t new but have you ever held me like this before? I think I know you more intimately or did at some point in my life. I can see flashes of your naked body…”

He choked aloud at her direct line of questioning, which seemed to stun him as Ye Hua gasped and stopped walking. Finally, he stared, gawked at her in complete shock when Bai Qian announced the following statement.

She declared, “I believe, I know how it would feel with you inside me. I have a great imagination but not that detailed. What I’ve been seeing isn’t a dream but I think lost memories.”

He was flabbergasted but she continued in the same friendly tone, “Ye Hua, did we somehow meet during my heavenly trial while you were married? Did you and I have a torrid affair and is that your wife in the lotus? Did I get jealous because you refused me and turned her into a flower like an evil witch?”

His hold slacked and Ye Hua almost dropped her but Bai Qian hung onto his neck even tighter. He was utterly speechless and just blinked rapidly when she added, “I’m a very jealous bitch. I’m also resentful and behave really, really ugly when provoked. Red? The female in that flower loves you and I think I do too. No, I know I do.”

Such an unusual reaction to her crush confession. Ye Hua blatantly snorted at her bold love declaration and his skin paled temporarily, before full crimson rose up his sharply, chiseled cheeks. He clenched his jaw tensely and rushed into the Fox Dex then directly to her chamber. Gently but swiftly he placed Bai Qian down on her bed and tried to make a speedy retreat when she questioned him further.

Bluntly Bai Qian questioned, “How did you know which chamber was mine? I didn’t tell you and last time you were here, I never came to my chamber so was it a lucky guess? No, I think you knew because you’ve been here before. Have we been in my bed together too?”

Her uncertain speculations were crazy and weird, but Ye Hua’s extreme attitude was stranger and more suspicious. He placed his hands on his hips but said nothing and watched her for a long while. Then he simply shook his head at her as if in total disbelief and abruptly he spun to leave, but it was much more as if he were running away when Bai Qian called out.

“Ye Hua…”

Patiently she anticipated until he faced her fully because he didn’t do it immediately. Ye Hua paused, hesitated and took a couple of deep audible breaths then turned to her. Bai Qian coolly removed his cloak and held it out to him.

In total nudity, she thrust out his coat and said appreciatively, “Here. You forgot this. Thank you for letting me borrow it.”

Incredulously he chuckled as his mocking laugh was one of complete bewilderment before he roughly snatched his cloak from her hand and stomped out angrily. But he came right back and demanded extremely indignantly.

Ye Hua growled, “What are you doing to me? Is this your form of seduction? Qian Qian, you’re totally nude and have been for some time. What would your family think if they saw you naked?!”

Suddenly he was furious and bitterly spat, “Deception! You go as far as to fake an injury, and I think your misfortune out there at the pond wasn’t so accidental!”

His dark eyes were aflame with rage as he continued to blast at her verbally, “Qian Qian, you are not in love with me. You’re under a spell of enchantment!”

Ye Hua stared at her challengedly but it was her turn to laugh at him. Bai Qian was still entirely nude. She undid her soaking, wet hair, carelessly shook it out so it cascaded and fell over her bare shoulders. Deeply she sighed, laid back on her bed, rolled onto her stomach, and comfortably supported her head with her right arm against her right cheek. Blatantly, naturally, she flaunted her nudity and didn’t make any attempts to conceal herself.

Bai Qian clarified his misconception with a playful smile that curled up the corners of her lips, and oddly Ye Hua’s rage seemed to intensify, “Don’t worry, my family isn’t here. I’m all alone or rather…we’re alone. Oh, the enchantment spell… Yeah, about that. I broke out from under it the next day. I must say, your son, A-Li, is quite clever.”

“Rather ingenious I may say. I haven’t a clue how he stole my Fox magic and incorporated it with his Dragon energy. It was potent for his age but I’m almost 200,000 years old, and it would be a sheer embarrassment if I couldn’t detect or break from his juvenile spell.”

“As for temptation… I guess my seduction wasn’t so impressive or exciting, because you’re offended instead of feeling aroused or desiring me.”

She smiled and added offhandedly, “Alright, I understand you loud and clear, Ye Hua. Don’t worry. I won’t bother you anymore with my whims, wants and since I’m nude. Well, you don’t mind if I won’t see you out, right?”

Aloofly she acted. However, it was out of pure embarrassment when she deceived and hid her actual emotions, lowered and rested her tired head on the feathery pillow. In the opposite direction from Ye Hua so he couldn’t see the miserable, dejected and crushed expression on her face. Because it was a low moment for her, perhaps one of her lowest ever.

Humiliated Bai Qian felt like an old fool. She held her breath waiting for him to go and he did. Unfortunately, he did. Ye Hua marched directly out of her room, and she blinked away the hot tears starting to flow from her closed eyes. The sorrow was real when she listened to his departing footsteps, and in earnest considered perhaps she should become a proper nun since she was living the life of one anyway.

This too shall pass… This too shall pass… This too shall pass…

Bai Qian tried to quiet her noisy, cluttered, chaotic mind and reminded herself that nothing was permanent even for immortals.

However, the feeling of self-hatred was profoundly overwhelming, when she suddenly felt herself being hoisted in the air and it was Ye Hua. He was back and lifting her up to him.

He warned in his soft voice which sounded winded and breathless, “You’ve brought this on yourself.”

Then Ye Hua pressed his full, shapely, perfect lips to her and kissed her in a way that made her cry tears of intense joy. At that very moment, Bai Qian felt something she’d never experienced before and it was inconceivable because there weren’t any words in the world to describe her sentiment correctly.

The indescribable sensation of feeling complete overcame her, and she knew Ye Hua was the ‘one’ she’d been waiting for her entire life. Bai Qian’s mate for life.

Yes, it was unquestionable because he was the ‘one’ and the exquisite feel of his urgent but trembling, searching, caressing hands on her craving bare body…was everything she’d ever wanted, desired or ever would.

She heard herself moan, whimper and plead breathlessly, “Ye Hua, love me and make me yours forever. Don’t ever let me go.”

To be continued…