金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 34

A sudden flurry of Blue Morpho butterflies wrote out the following poem in the air…

Beautiful summer
A golden dragon worships
in spite of the fox…

An impromptu gathering of Crimson Summer Tanager songbirds, chirped the next verse in harmony…

Warming eventide
A young, white fox desires
after the dragon…

Love haikus from Mo Yuan appeared magically, inside the Fox Den at random times on the day of their lover’s rendezvous. It made Bai Qian smiled, giggled and snicker like an infatuated schoolgirl, because of his earnest efforts to chase her properly.

Mo Yuan’s distinct methods of pursuing, gaining her affections were highly engaging and extremely effective. He was beyond charming, sentimental and Bai Qian considered herself quite fortunate, to experience the delightful pleasure of his passionate courtship.

Since Mo Yuan was putting forth so much enthusiasm on his part, Bai Qian wanted to do something out of the ordinary too. She was inspired to make their first date memorable, and that opportunity mysteriously presented itself, in the form of a most unexpected gift from Zhe Yan.

The old Phoenix surprised her with an offering of a beautiful, but slightly short length lightweight summer gown for her date. He knew Mo Yuan for much longer than she, and Bai Qian relied on him for his excellent fashion advice.

Her endeavors and desires to appear as stunning as possible were successful, or at least she believed. Bai Qian didn’t expect to cause quite the bustle, and didn’t understand all the excitement about her appearance.

Bai Qian thought she looked attractive and others did also especially Zhe Yan. Due to his urging to go nude underneath which she felt moderately exposed and indecent. But innocently he stated his expert judgment, was purely due to the fine material of the lightweight dress which was too thin and delicate. Therefore her undergarments would create an ugly visible panty lines.

Hm? Visible panty lines? She wondered in curiosity because it felt like one of his terrible tricks or pranks, but it also made some sense fashionably. Yes, if nothing else, Zhe Yan had fabulous suggestions and knew much more about the style than she. Being the only girl with all brothers, Bai Qian, the tomboy, had much to learn about such matters as feminine style and proper dress.

To perfection, Bai Qian dressed and fixed herself up flawlessly for her time on Kunlun Mountain. It was more than apparent her attempts were successful by Mo Yuan Oppa’s first response, which was smiling delightedly to see her. Then she surmised her beauty stunned him speechless, and caused him to blush a deep shade of crimson.

Did she overdo it? Bai Qian considered perhaps she made herself too beautiful, because Mo Yuan choked and gasped aloud. The main reason she heard him choke so distinctly was that of her slight provocative. Maybe a bit sexier than usual appearance made all his male students equally red faced, and speechless as their astounded Shifu.

The Kunlun Mountain Disciples initially greeted her with respectful salutations, bows and bends before abruptly becoming silent when they noticed her overly exposed legs.

That odd, awkward, uncomfortable stillness was directly followed by Mo Yuan’s rushed, speedy physical dash as he ran to her. Instantly flying in front of her to conceal, block and blackout everyone’s view of Bai Qian. She couldn’t understand his strange behavior when most nervously he coughed, tensely cleared his throat repeatedly, shifted back and forth to obstruct her vision brazenly.

He whispered and Mo Yuan’s voice was naturally soft but he spoke in a hushed, anxious mumble, “Good, you’re here but you seem to have left your dress at home. The sunlight is beaming right behind you, and the dress material is thin too flimsy so stay behind me.”

“Oh, this was a gift from Zhe Yan. He said you would love it and I thought if we stomped grapes later, a short skirt would be more convenient. What did you say about the gown material?”

She spotted Die Feng. Radiantly Bai Qian greeted, smiled and waved her hand at Mo Yuan’s senior disciple. “Oh, is that Prince Die Feng?! Hello, Prince Die Feng! How are you?”

How annoying! It was hard to see anything over Mo Yuan’s broad shoulder but Bai Qian peeked out over the side and he – just like the moon does to the sun during a total eclipse – hindered her viewing.

Directly Die Feng stood on the other side, smiled brightly as he blushed, waved back and spoke. They proceeded to have a conversation with Mo Yuan’s physical frame, acting as a screen of separation, “Congratulations, High Goddess Bai Qian, or should I call you Gugu?”

Respectfully Die Feng asked while they played an unusual game of peek-a-boo, due to Mo Yuan who resolutely stood between them like a solid brick wall, “Mo Yuan Oppa, move a bit please. I can’t see Prince Die Feng.”

Bai Qian was delighted by his proper recognition and she gushed girlishly, “Don’t be ridiculous, Prince Die Feng! Bai Qian is fine between friends. Also, you’re older than me. Oh, by the way, when is your wedding? Soon?”

Mo Yuan corrected his student with his stern Shifu tone of voice,”Die Feng, Bai Qian is the only High Goddess. It’s only proper and respectful to refer to her as Gugu.”

“Yes, Shifu. Of course I understand.” Die Feng replied and questioned curiously, “Gugu, what wedding are you referring? Is someone getting married?”

Bai Qian shrugged her shoulders, pushed out her bottom lip and made the ‘I don’t know’ gesture with both palms up to Die Feng then questioned, “My Mo Yuan Oppa said you were engaged when I once asked about you. That last time I was here a couple of years ago.”

She turned to him and asked inquisitively, “Mo gēge, didn’t you tell me before that Die Feng was engaged to a beautiful Princess?”

The diligent disciples openly snickered and laughed at her silly nicknames for their Shifu, Mo Yuan.

His lack of answer was noticeably unusual, and Mo Yuan wantonly avoided answering her probing question. Although, the more he dodged her question, the more Die Feng and his student’s eyes all narrowed on their Shifu most skeptically. He came off astonishingly suspicious.

“Gugu, I think our Shifu must have liked you from early on and told you that to deter you, because he said the same to me about you. I also inquired about you and he said you had a prearranged agreement.” Die Feng graciously answered in his most polite tone of voice, but she noticed his offense because it was apparent and written all over his plastic, forced smiling facial expression.

Hearing about his deceitful, sneaky ways to keep her to himself made her giggle utterly amused, by his dishonest love tactics. Bai Qian eagerly wrapped her arms lovingly around his waist from the back and teased, “Mo gēge… Wow! Did you really like me from the start? Heavens! How did you wait for so long, High God Mo Yuan?”

Bai Qian’s very public display of playfully teasing their Shifu caused his students to snort, and gossip openly at their wildly blushing father figure. They were witnessing history being made, something a bit naughty and scandalous.

Finally, their parental leader was a man’s man in their eyes! No, not just any man but a very young woman the age of his daughter lusting man! Mo Yuan became a pervert, and one lucky fellow in their sight when they saw his level of friendship with Bai Qian.

He was full of surprises and when Mo Yuan softly confessed in front of everyone, “I liked you from the start. I’ve always had an infinite weakness for homely, odd and overweight girls.”

“Shifu! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!”

Chanted all the students noisily stunned at their playful banter, when Bai Qian slapped Mo Yuan’s back hard and screamed, “Oppa! I hate you! I’m going home!”

The usually calm, polite and reserved Kunlun Disciples went absolutely crazy! Bai Qian tried to sneak away when without turning, Mo Yuan used his strong arms to catch her. He securely held her against his muscular backside and after excusing his students for the day, he swiftly turned to face her.

He bent down ever so slightly, fondly held her face with both hands and stealthily snuck a little smooch on her lips. Then smiled in that particular way that made the corners of his bright, sparkling eyes crinkle and Bai Qian recognized his happiness precisely. She found herself mirroring his merry expression exactly.

“Qian’er, you look too beautiful today. My poor students are probably all wildly in love with you, and will be dreaming about you for days. I’m so happy you’re here. Did you like my haikus?”

Bai Qian blushed and felt the heat travel throughout her entire body, when he enveloped her with his strong arms around her waist. Mo Yuan continued to share his honest views, “Your unbelievably perfect legs are dangerous and could start a war!”

Mo Yuan knew just what to say to make her grin with happiness, and harassed her more by asking in an earnest tone of voice, “Qian’er, do you want to make more babies with me?”

The choke was involuntary when Bai Qian gagged and turned her huge, dark, chestnut hued eyes to him, and saw a paper origami baby frog perched in Mo Yuan’s giant palm. It was precisely the exact one she’d made for him in the mortal realm as Lifen, before they became an amorous couple.

It was during their courting or the chasing stage but she was chasing him, and asked him the very same ridiculous question to avoid studying. Suddenly a charge of nostalgia and emotions engulfed her.

But the playful manner in which he smiled with a sneaky smirk-like smug expression was infectious, and Bai Qian punched Mo Yuan square in the arm. He in return teasingly pretended to be in extreme pain. He was quite a specialist at wooing a woman, and she fought back the intense urge to kiss him passionately.

Suddenly Mo Yuan cranked up the romance when he stated, “I have a surprise for you. Since you always baked delicious moon cakes for me. I wanted to make something yummy for you.”

He took her by the hand, and lead Bai Qian to what appeared to be the Kunlun Mountain kitchen. The spacious cooking chamber had every kind of cooking device, and things she’d never seen before. It was well equipped to prepare and cook mass quantities for the students.

There was a formal connecting dining hall with several long dining tables and bench-like chairs. Mo Yuan effortlessly hoisted her up by the waist as if she weighed nothing, and sat Bai Qian on the smooth wooden surface on the table closest to them. She noticed there was a large wicker basket full of her favorite fresh loquats nearby.

There was a reason for them to be there, and Mo Yuan held out a delicious delicacy as he explained, “I made a loquat tart for you. Take a big bite.”

“I didn’t know you knew how to bake. How did you know I love loquats?” She took a huge bite and said, “Yummm! That’s delicious. The sweet fruit is naturally ripened to perfection. Did you use magic or make these yourself?”

With a wink, Mo Yuan smiled and bragged, “I made them by hand. I peeled every piece of fruit myself and also made loquat marmalade. I candied some too!”

Unblushingly, he was shameless. Mo Yuan dipped his big index finger into the glass dish, spooned out the jam with his fingertip and held it up to her mouth then advised, “Let me warn you before you taste this, Qian’er. You might strip off all your clothing and molest me afterward.”

Bai Qian side eyed him with uncertainty but it was obvious she was playing along, “We’ll see about that. Oppa, here, give it to me. I can do it myself.”

She spoke and reached out for the bowl. However, Mo Yuan teasingly hid it behind his back. Instead, he gently rubbed the sticky pulverized fruit mixture directly on her lips, and deliberately slid his candid fruit covered finger into her parted mouth. His sugary offering was utterly irresistible as she seductively sucked, and licked the entire length of his pointed finger.

The playful lover’s game fueled the desire rapidly growing between them. Their fiery gazes met, locked and intently he watched her sensuous deed with an expression of pure hunger. Lightly biting his full bottom lip, Mo Yuan groaned. A faint, low, rumbling growl that came from deep down in his throat. As a direct result of the provocatively arousing sensation of her tongue languidly tasting, and savoring the sweetness on his fingertip.

He observed her for as long as he could resist before he kissed her slow and sensuously. He licked her mouth open, and his tongue caressed hers with a gradual provocative swirl, like mating snakes they danced erotically.

His creeping hands slowly rubbed her arms, moved to her bare exposed legs when Bai Qian stopped him and said, “I thought we were drinking wine?”

“You’re a little too fast for me, High God Mo Yuan. It’s going to take a bit more than fruit and jam to feel me up on our first date.”

She teased but Mo Yuan made innocent face and eyes before answering, “I wasn’t going to feel you up…yet. Why? Were you hoping or more like anticipating that I’d jump you and take you like a beast? I have much more planned before I attack you because I’m a true gentleman.”

He picked Bai Qian up by her waist, placed her feet on the ground, but deliberately ran his hand over her bottom then asked bewildered, “I’m not trying to be sexually forward but did you forget your panties today?”

“How did you know? Zhe Yan suggested it because this dress is thin. He said the indents of panty marking would show.” Bai Qian answered and watched Mo Yuan’s eyes narrow annoyingly, but she didn’t know the reason behind it.

His voice was unreadable and unclear when Mo Yuan stated casually, “I don’t know if I should thank him or kill him. He picked out the dress, advised you go bare and naked underneath so instead of seeing panty lines, you show off your enticing lady bits?”

“I need to kill him…after I hug him.” Mo Yuan stated matter of fact and led the way to the lower level.

It tickled her skin when Mo Yuan fondly took her hand, lovingly kissed the soft backside, and carefully guided her down to the lower level on Kunlun Mountain. He’d prepared in advance so the entire grassy path down was lit up with small votive candles, and created an incredibly romantic ambiance. Nature added just the right touch to the scenery, and spruced up the evening with the moonlight from above.

Luna, the night star, was out brightly glowing with luminosity, and the many flickering fireflies dancing in the sky increased the already amorous mood. The warm spring air around them smelled sweet like honeysuckles in full bloom.

For Bai Qian, there was something astonishingly, sentimentally tender about innocently holding hands, and she loved the secure feeling of how her small hand fit perfectly into his broad palm.

Repeatedly, he raised her hand, kissed it tenderly and his neat, trimmed mustache tickled her skin. Mo Yuan wasn’t a Shifu or High God with her but merely an honest man in love, who wasn’t afraid to express the sincerity of his tender emotions in candor.

It reminded her of how gentle he was, is and how much he’d done for her during her trial. He’d risked much by helping, protecting her as he did and Bai Qian knew well, how he’d put himself in quite a precarious position. Mo Yuan even went to the mortal brothel to find her. It would have been difficult for him to explain his reason for being at such a place.

She glanced up at his handsome face adoringly. Bai Qian loved how he pulled her closer, wrapped and enclosed his powerful right arm around her shoulder. However, when she sucked in air through her teeth and hissed from the throbbing ache, his concern was real when Mo Yuan immediately voiced his attention verbally.

His voice was sweet with worry as he questioned, “What’s wrong? Are you in pain? Did you hurt yourself?”

Steadily with her balled up fist, Bai Qian pounded her sore spot and explained the reason behind her discomfort, “The baby. Jīnlóng is spoiled. Between my family, you and I…he gets held all day and now cries when I put in down. My arms are sore from carrying him all the time.”

“You should move up here. There are sixteen babysitters on-call here on Kunlun Mountain.” Mo Yuan coaxed in his sweetest voice.

She beamed at the sheer idea of his suggestion and replied in a cheery singsong voice, “We’ll seeee…”

“Qian’er, did you know that Kunlun Mountain has the best hot springs, and your body would benefit from a good long soak. Plus it’s night so nobody would see us.” Abruptly Mo Yuan stopped her mid-step, and suggested enthusiastically with an angelic expression.

Bai Qian side eyed him suspiciously and demanded, “Us?! Both of us naked?! Why would you be in the water? Are you hurt too?”

“Well, I would be there in case you get a cramp or need some help like a lifeguard. Also, I have strong hands and can give you a clean straight massage only. You can even drink wine while I give you a nice soothing rubdown.”

He continued to coax without a hint of a smile, “Qian’er, imagine how wonderful it would be with the moonlight, wine and I can keep you company.”

Dis-trustingly Bai Qian challenged his suggestion for them to take off their clothing, “I don’t trust you! Mo Yuan Oppa, I think you’ll try to take advantage of the situation.”

Thrusting out his pinky finger, Mo Yuan tilted his head ever so slightly and solemnly promised, “I won’t do anything that goes against your wishes. If you recall, you were the aggressive one with me sexually. You kissed, grabbed and did things to me first when we started getting intimate. Qian’er, I’m God of War and my word is everything.”

Bai Qian’s eyes narrowed as she linked pinkies with him in the dark. Although, she could have sworn he involuntarily gasp delightedly when she agreed. Still, she readily allowed Mo Yuan to take her to the hot springs, and there were puffs of steam floating above the naturally formed pools.

“Turn your back so I can undress.” Bai Qian requested softly.

“Ahhhh!” She screamed in shock when her dress abruptly ripped into several pieces and flew in the air. The reason for her dress exploding was from Mo Yuan’s wanton abuse of his magic, to strip her naked instantly.

Bai Qian stood in disbelief at her sudden nudity, but felt him grab her from behind and whispered in her ear, “I got you where I want you. Now I’m going to eat you up! Haha…you’re all mine.”

“Oppa, you pinky swore me!”

She challenged but he responded, “I had my fingers crossed. Now stay still and let me do what I need to do with…and to you.”

She felt his lips caress her bare shoulders and neck. Mo Yuan purposely pressed his body against hers. It was the silky sensation of skin on the skin because he was also nude.

To be continued…..with NSFW!!!