報復 Bàofù II: Crimson Lotus: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 20 NSFW

The Art of Making Love…..

Similar to the skin of a freshly bathed baby. Qian Qian’s cream-like complexion was rosy pink like a newborn infant, after her long soaking bath in peach blossoms scented water.

From her luscious body, she exuded the sweetest perfume, as she sat perched beside Ye Hua clothed only in her thinnest silk robe covering. And the tantalizing curved contour of her edible nipples pressed firmly against her lingerie. They beckoned and called for his fingertips. His enthusiastic fingers instinctively reached out, and slowly rubbed the hardening bumps over the sheer silky textile.

Like sun ripen cherries, they hardened and rounded immediately under his stroking thumb as she shuddered and shivered. Qian Qian faintly groaned then opened her garment, and let it slip dropping from her delicate feminine shoulders. The smooth fabric slid, sank and cascaded around her slender waist, as she revealed herself to Ye Hua completely.

Her seducing, her dark, sparkling, beguiling bedroom eyes were bewitching as she kissed Ye Hua again with more desire. Qian Qian nibbled, sucked on his full bottom lip as her smooth naked body rested lightly on his chest, while her hands leisurely raked and ran through his long, loose hair gradually.

Sighing with contentment, Ye Hua murmured with a tiny smile, “You smell fresh and delicious.”

She smiled in a way that made the corners of her pouty lips turn up, and curl playfully at his sexually suggestive statement. Qian Qian kissed Ye Hua most teasingly at a slowed, leisurely probing pace with her tongue before abruptly ending their kiss.

Qian Qian intentionally positioning her full breasts above Ye Hua’s mouth. She pushed her breast towards him. Ye Hua immediately lurked forward with his mouth parted to hastily, and eagerly suck her tantalizing breasts and nipples. But playfully Qian Qian jerked and pulled back swiftly before he could reach them.

He warned, “Qian Qian… Do you know what happens to those who tease? When you taunt the bull, don’t be surprised if you get the big, hard horn.”

Qian Qian smirked at Ye Hua and declared haughtily, “Don’t whine. I’m going to give you something much yummier to eat.”

Mischievously she giggled as their engaging, and overtly erotic exchange moved further to the next phase. When Qian Qian still laughing, placed her hand on the center of Ye Hua’s chest, she held him down and deliberately positioned her enticing body over to straddle his face.

“Am I not good to you? Maybe, I’m spoiling you and instead of my skin, I’m offering something much more delicious to lick.” She exclaimed in earnest and Ye Hua faintly chuckled amused by her arrogant tone, but he broke out in a sweat from her tempting sexual play.

Qian Qian’s alluring lower treasure was intentionally directly set in a most suggestive position, and she teasingly sunk down into him so ALL he saw was her when she challenged haughtily.

She charged, “Resist me if you can, Heavenly Lord Ye Hua. How much willpower do you possess?”

Ye Hua didn’t have any willpower and he heard her talking, but engrossed was he in the enticing picture in his immediate sight. It made his mind go blank, and all he wanted to do was devour her gorgeous honeysuckle flower. He couldn’t turn down her most irresistible offering, and dragged Qian Qian down by her soft, silky parted thighs.

Qian Qian gasped aloud, when Ye Hua’s fully extended tongue reached out to her most personal, intimate place, her sumptuous sweet rosy chasm. He groaned with genuine pleasure the instant he tasted her honey, and his tongue licked her with full washing sweeps.

It was pure heaven when they both drowned in mutual pleasure and combined bliss. She from the sensation of his licking tongue devouring her, and Ye Hua due to the sweetness of her sugary nectar.

He noted this sexy version of Qian Qian was another facet of her that he’d not meet before, and she turned up the heat by openly caressing, rubbing her full breasts. Then most provocatively without a hint of shame or embarrassment, she reached down below and deliberately, brazenly separated her lower flower petals. She did this to expose her delicious hooded pink pearl to him explicitly and indecently.

It was an irresistible lure. Ye Hua licked her ravenously while Qian Qian swayed, and rolled her curvaceous hips sensuously, to the precise beat of his lapping tongue’s movements. She ground and rode his extended tongue with erotic, lewd hip twirls and movements.

Breathlessly Qian Qian purred in her sultry voice, “Ye Hua, if you keep eating me like this… I’m going to come so hard.”

She whimpered, “Do you love how I taste? Let me reach back and check to see if you’re as turned on as me.”

Qian Qian suddenly arched her lithe and limber lower back. Extended, stretched and reached behind her body while still grinding, riding his tongue. Her left palm planted flat on Ye Hua’s muscular upper thigh for balance, and her right hand searched then found his rock hard shaft.

She moaned, “You’re so thick. Did you get this hard from eating me?”

Qian Qian’s sexual utterances were incredibly arousing, as Ye Hua groaned loud and audible from the stimulating sensation of her hand. She deliberately rounded, made a cup shape with her open palm, to smooth over the enlarged top of his swollen manhood. She slipped, coasted her hand up and down the entire length of him while riding his mouth smoothly.

Her skillful technique of handing him produced an abundance of his fluids. Drops of crystal clear, sticky precum drizzled and trickled down the full engorged head of his pounding sword.

She growled, “I can’t wait to lick every drop of you.”

Then Qian Qian’s hand expertly milked and squeezed Ye Hua’s massive erection while her undulating body swayed, slink and moved fluidly. Without missing a beat, she abruptly straightened out her arched lower back, then sat upright and rolled her hard, erect nipples between her fingertips then groaned.

“That’s it, your tongue…feels so incredible. Don’t stop!”

She uttered and her orgasmic climax overcame her. Qian Qian cried out from her pleasure peak, shuddered and then pulled away from his mouth. Instead, she moved, descended and re-positioned her body, and slid down his fat readiness in one single gliding movement.

Qian Qian dropped her head back and groaned out sounding breathless when she moaned, “Feels so incredible and you’re hurting me…but I love it.”

“You’re so wet… I love being inside you.” Ye Hua got out in between panting breaths.

He grabbed her by both sides of Qian Qian’s soft feminine hips, Ye Hua gripped her and watched transfixed as she dominated him. She looked like a savage and untamed creature with her wild hair hanging in her face. Her full teardrop shaped breasts moved and bounced with her steady bobbing motions and hips rotations.

She rode him vigorously and Ye Hua bolted, sat upright with her still on his lap and his girth inserted deep inside her inner silky folds. Qian Qian ground, rotated and rubbed against him rhythmically with her elbows on his shoulders, then kissed him with ravenous urgency.

Her tongue tasted his mouth as Ye Hua grabbed her by her soft round bottom, and pulled her into his body for more in-depth entry. Being far inside her hot, tight wetness was exquisite and Qian Qian suddenly arched her lower back. Her beautiful body angled perfectly for him to lick, and suck both her breasts and nipples, while feeling her sliding up and down on his widening shaft fluidly.

She purred, “Ye Hua, I want you in my mouth because I want to taste us on you.”

Swiftly Qian Qian leaped off him and the bed and positioned herself between his thighs. Ye Hua follows her movements and she grabbed him mid-shaft, licked him in full up swept with her greedy tongue as if he were candy.

“You haven’t a clue how sexy you look with me in your mouth.” Ye Hua groaned out.

Qian Qian reached the swollen head of him and made eye contact. She studied Ye Hua’s expression, while her tongue swirled around him before suddenly taking him hungrily, further down in her throat. Her right hand moved swiftly, pumping him while devouring his manhood. Her left hand massaged and caressed him underneath his shaft.

Ye Hua’s necessity was pressing and urgently he yanked her up from her knees, spun her around and bent her over before entering, penetrating her wetness with deep diving strokes. Ye Hua’s stabbing thrusts were hard, fast and rough as he pumped into Qian Qian’s lower treasure with an intense need.

She snarled, “Harder.”

“Ahhh, Ye Hua… I can feel you widening inside me.” Qian Qian cried out overcome by rapture. Her explicit language pushed him as Ye Hua growled when he climaxed, clenched and felt himself pulsate. She in return spasmed back against him, causing a milking sensation on his squirting manhood.

Ye Hua shook and by the time he was done, he was weak kneed from his incredible climax and pulled Qian Qian into his arms. He embraced her tightly around the waist before falling and plopping down on the bed. He affectionately stroked the tip of her nose with his index finger and asked straight faced.

He bit down on his bottom lip and asked inquisitively, “Where did you learn to talk like that?”

Proudly she beamed and announced, “My mortal stories. I’ve learned everything I know from my books. I have some picture books too that Zhe Yan gave me. All my scandalous naughty erotic ones came from his collection.”

Qian Qian bragged, “I’ve learned everything I know about sex from reading. I’ve had a lot of time to educate myself. Did you know why nerds are the best lovers? Because we research!”

“Case and point. I’ve never had sexual relations with anyone before you but I might be a natural. Maybe I’m Sex Shifu like a prodigy in the art of making love.” Qian Qian said with a playful but innocent gleam in her eyes.

“Alright, Sex Shifu, let’s hear more of this naughty talk of which you’re so proficient.” His curiosity was piqued and Ye Hua was sincerely interested.

Qian Qian snickered and said, “Here’s a juicy one… Take me like a whore with your massive sword! And this one too, I love feeling you in my hot, wet, tight puss…”

“Stop! Stop right there.” Ye Hua covered her mouth lightly as he pursed out his lips, and repeatedly blinked at her in bewilderment. This woman Qian Qian was now an indecent naughty creature and he absolutely loved it!

The mischievous expression brightened Qian Qian’s entire face as she teased him, “Is the ‘P’ word too naughty for your young ears?”

“So if I whispered in your ear, Ye Hua, my puss…” Qian Qian started to say but he abruptly cuts her off.

He covered her mouth again but she bit his hand hard, and Qian Qian shoved his hand away roughly. Ye Hua hung halfway off the sleeping platform after failing to grasp her, when Qian Qian fled to the other side of the room and feeling safe with the distance between them.

She giggled hysterically, but her laughter didn’t last long because Ye Hua used his magic to disappear, and reappear behind her causing Qian Qian to scream aloud. He picked her up like a caveman, and threw her over his shoulder then proceeded to carry her back to bed.

He growled, “What did I tell you? You messed with the bull now prepare yourself to get the big horn.” Qian Qian’s voice bellowed in false shock, “My, my Heavenly Lord, your horn is HARD and HUGE!”

From the Fox Den in Qingqiu, the sounds of their playful teasing, and uncontrollable giggling bellowed out and far into the distance. The sweet music of their joyous, celebrating laughter carried in the air, and outside floating happily into the lotus pond, the Crimson Lotus glowed brightly. She shimmered and dazzled a brilliant shade of crimson, under the mid-day sun showered by her parent’s carefree laughter.

To be continued…..