報復 Bàofù II: Crimson Lotus: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 22 NSFW

Pillow Book…..

His hushed voice was full of worry. “Are you going to run away from me again?” Asked Ye Hua in fear. “I’m afraid you’ll run away because that’s what you’ve always done in the past.”

She heard his concern. Ye Hua’s sober and melancholy voice was fainter than his usual which was soft anyway. There was real grief, a genuine sadness when he spoke and he didn’t attempt to hide his pain. Instead, emphasized his distress with vocal intonations more when he said ‘again’, his suffering was perceptible and audible.

The change in mood between them was a direct result of him openly confessing to their intimate, but unknown past relationship which was close enough for them to have had A-Li. Yet how sorrowfully but she remembered nothing and felt relieved he couldn’t see the sad, and grieved expression on her face from behind.

Bai Qian wasn’t the only one upset. In his current emotional state, Ye Hua was openly distraught, uncertain and clung to her as if seeking security through their close physical contact. He embraced her more while they laid like resting spoons, before burying his face deep in the curved ridge of the side of her neck.

“Please, Qian Qian… I’ve waited so long for you. Don’t hide from me…from us again.” Said Ye Hua as he caressed her bare skin with his lips and murmured in her ear. “I love you and I know you love me. In all honesty, I think this time, perhaps you love me more openly without your former emotional restrictions and limitations.”

Ye Hua’s hand caressed the side contour of her feminine body, as his lips stroked her delicate shoulder and neck. “Come back with me.” He urged. “To Nine Heavens and take your rightful place beside me. I swear that I can and will protect you with my life. There isn’t anyone left who can hurt you ever again.”

His emotional appeal moved her, and Bai Qian thoughtfully considered how she should reply before uttering a single word. And when the sounds finally came out, it flowed like calm waves that were crawling gently towards the sandy shore.

“I do love you, Ye Hua, but I don’t want to be the Heavenly Empress. I’d rather live simple without a position, and I plan to step down to live as I’ve always desired modestly.” Bai Qian spoke and pushed herself deeper into his curved body.

She reached back to stroke his cheek with her left hand without facing him, because she felt so incredibly ashamed and confessed, “Ye Hua, I’m not going to run away but I think I need time, and I’d like to speak with A-Li at some point. But now, I’m too unworthy… If I’m sincerely candid, I feel undeserving of you two.”

“There is so much I don’t know and I feel… I think…” Bai Qian’s words of uncertainty trailed off as Ye Hua pulled her down on her back. He hung above the right side of her body and they were face to face.

He kissed her tenderly to stop her from saying anything else. It was then Bai Qian held his face with both hands carefully and studied Ye Hua’s striking, and handsome features in a new light. Her new visual appraisal of him caused her to deliberate, how could she have left such a perfect man and how could she have left a son like A-Li?

Now it made perfect sense to her why Ye Hua had said she was the devil, and oddly Bai Qian knew his remark was an extreme oversimplification. It was a kindness to spare her feelings and she sighed with a long exhale through her mouth.

Bai Qian didn’t realize she was crying until he reached out to wipe away her tears. He saw her sorrow and reacted similarly to a child. Ye Hua placed, rested his head on her chest and pressed his cheek to her beating heart. It was a movement to reassure, calm and comfort her but also himself.

He took a couple of long deep breaths as if to focus himself before moving towards her, and his lips found hers. Bai Qian shuddered as she inhaled deeply through her parted mouth, because she couldn’t stop crying.

“Qian Qian… I need you.” Ye Hua whispered.

His intense need for her was both emotional and physical, while his voracious kisses were demanding. Bai Qian could also get the meaning behind his vocal sentiments through his touch, embrace and kiss.

“I need you so don’t go anywhere and stay with me.” He begged in earnest before Ye Hua’s body deliberately shifted then crept on hers. He climbed between her waiting, open thighs as their hot desire filled kiss deepened and lengthened, as their bodies instinctively intertwined.

Then most fluidly like a well-practiced dance, her arms wrapped around Ye Hua’s strong shoulders. Bai Qian’s legs slid up rubbing against him provocatively, and his arms moved to encircle her around her mid-back pulling her into him with purpose.

Bai Qian’s right arm coasted. It ran below and she took hold of his eager manhood. She lightly slapped him against her feminine mound to test for his readiness. Ye Hua had been hard, thick and ready when she guided his smooth insertion then gasped breathlessly.

The incredible sensation of Ye Hua’s thick erection pressing firmly against her moist and rosy entrance caused her to moan out when he pushed in further. Bai Qian groaned hoarsely as he shoved himself in deep and all the way.

She cried out in ecstasy. The saturation of him penetrating her silky, internal folds upon folds created an immediate surge of wetness, and made his slick entries effortless. She closed her heavy eyes, broke their heated kiss, dropped her head back and absorbed Ye Hua’s low diving thrusts to the fullest.

“How can you feel this incredible every time?” Ye Hua asked in her ear. Bai Qian whimpered. It was the same for her and it didn’t matter how many times they had made love; the feel of Ye Hua filling her internally always took her breath away, and when her body coiled with his, it moved to a rhythm of its own.

Her legs massaged up and down the sides of his body, before wrapping tightly around his slender trim waist and drawing him into her, as close as possible. Bai Qian wanted to drown and die in the indescribable pleasure of being one with Ye Hua.

Their intimate dance continued when Ye Hua reached out, scooped his right hand under her neck and raised her face to his. Their impassioned gazes met, locked and he watched her aroused facial expressions with genuine excitement as if observing Bai Qian’s pleasure gratified him and it did.

Bai Qian asked. “What do I look like when you’re inside me?”

“So beautiful.” Ye Hua said and forcibly crushed his mouth to hers.

He kissed her with an explosively urgent hunger and craving, while Bai Qian embraced Ye Hua even tighter. A raspy sound came from deep down in her throat and the tears began to flow, then run down the sides of her face again. He buried his face into her dewy neck, kissed and sucked her exposed smooth skinned throat until she implored with want.

“Harder. I want to feel you in the deepest and lowest part of me.” Urgently she pled, “Show me to whom I belong.”

“You’re mine!” He grunted and the piercing way, in which he stared at her bore into her heart the same way his thrusts drilled into her body, and lower treasure.

He braided his fingers into hers then raised their coupled arms above her head, before clasping Bai Qian’s wrists dominantly. He kissed her wildly with unbridled want and pumped into her silky, intimate, feminine wetness with sharp, low diving hip thrusts.

The gravity of his deep, descending abyssal plunges made Bai Qian gasp aloud from the sharp pain, but at the end of his internal blows, there was a rapture. His attack on her was fierce and relentless.

Bai Qian’s body tensed with her growing arousal, and she wrapped her legs tighter around his body to pull herself up to meet his powerful thrusts. She moaned louder and louder until she cried out with immense ecstasy.

“Oh…yes. Ye Hua…harder…harder and don’t stop. I’m ready.” Bai Qian’s whimpered as her moving body flowed like a wave.

The thickening of his engorged manhood pounding into her narrow, inner walls was tremendous. She cried out from her pleasure peak, and clung to his body in a way that made him groan before swiftly picking up speed. But then, he suddenly slowed his pace and changed their positioning to prolong their lovemaking.

“Qian Qian…” Ye Hua breathed as he rose and shifted behind her to change their bodies pose.

Ye Hua pushed Bai Qian to and on her side before taking her from behind. He opened her wider, then threw her top leg over his defined upper thigh to swiftly enter her again.

He groaned out from his pleasure, “You’re so wet and tight. I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

His voice full of hunger was beyond arousing. Bai Qian instinctively swayed, and tilted her curvaceous hips to push her bottom out towards him for more in-depth entry. She rolled just her upper body so her back was flat on the bed. Ye Hua pushed and fixed himself up on his elbow, groped her full breasts hungrily.

He kissed her most heatedly without hesitating his entering and withdrawing strokes, as Ye Hua pushed one of Bai Qian’s breast up toward her lips. She extended her roseate tongue and provocatively licked her lips, then the upper fullness of her bosom where she could reach. He sucked on her hard plum-like nipples and moved to the same spot on her full bust line until their tongues met and connected.

They kissed. Ye Hua grabbed her by her hips and rolled with her when she rotated flat on her stomach. Bai Qian rose to all fours seductively and felt him pull out to appreciate her lower beauty, but he stroked himself while rubbing her lower rose hued petals with his fingertips.

“I need to taste you again.” Said he and dove into her dewy bloom as Ye Hua jerked himself off at a steady pace. His mouth ate her as if she were the sweetest dessert, while Bai Qian remained in the most graphically explicit and exposed position.

She climaxed again from his ravenous consumption of her and felt Ye Hua rise behind her. He pushed just the swollen head of himself into her, and grabbed her by both sides of her curved waist. Instead of entering her, he dragged her body back onto him, until fully encased was his manhood in her velvety inner place.

He stayed still while she backed up with him completely inside her then dropped, and lifted herself to create a stroking effect on him at a creeping but swiftly building pace. Ye Hua grew thicker, fatter and Bai Qian knew he was close to climax, so she picked up her speed of movement.

However, instead of orgasm, Ye Hua suddenly withdrew. He forced her on her back and pushed Bai Qian’s legs open wider and up over his shoulders. He entered her again with force and the fullness of him was incredible, painful but such euphoric agony.

“Qian Qian, I want to look at you.” Ye Hua declared, then his constant pumping motions came harder and faster, while his tongue bound with and around hers in a frenzied way.

Ye Hua came hard. He climaxed so intensely inside her that Bai Qian slightly retracted her body from his internal strokes, and felt relieved when his pounding thrusts delayed. His movements slowed, but she sensed the steady inner pulsating twitches from his release, until he withdrew after he’d given her all his seeds.

He gasped to catch his winded breath when Bai Qian teased, “If you think I’m running away from that…well you’re an idiot.”

He kissed Bai Qian again in between chuckles and dropped beside her. Ye Hua took her in his arms and hugged her with all his might before summoning a leather-bound book. She recognized it was something she’d kept many years ago, but hadn’t seen it so assumed she’d lost it like everything else.

“That looks like my diary but I forgot all about it. Ye Hua, why do you have it?” Bai Qian laughed at the irony of such a thing popping up out of thin air.

Ye Hua sounded nervous as if he didn’t want to give it to her but reluctantly placed it in her hand. He smiled and patted her hand reassuringly. “Qian Qian, it’s your pillow book. Your diary which I found in your room a long time ago.”

“I’m sorry but I read the contents. I’ve read it…many times because there are parts that made me so damn happy. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing giving this to you.” He added in a voice full of worry.

“Hahaha, Ye Hua. I never used it the entire time I had it. It’s empty.” Bai Qian laughed and confessed, “I’ve never been diligent enough to keep diaries. I’m lazy.”

“You are lazy. This information about you is something I already know, but you started writing in it after the accident and when you woke up from your coma. I’m giving it to you because you promised me that you weren’t going to run away, and you were going to run to me regardless of what you discovered about yourself.”

Ye Hua closed his eyes and continued, “Qian Qian, you’ve made many promises but you swore you would come back to me and you did. So, I’m returning a part of your painful past and if you can handle this, you can handle everything.”

To be continued…..