金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 36

Zhe Yan’s Eden within his ten miles of peach trees was usually the place of pure peace, and serenity. It was the tranquil scenery, where one could detect even the faintest nearly nonexistent sonances of fully blossomed florets falling to the ground like raindrops.

In this magical place of habitual silence. There was the most unusual mirthful sweetness of festive, and pleasant music flowing from the harmony of various instruments like zithers, flutes, and violins.

They performed happily until Zhe Yan made his appearance, and his presence had the very same effect as a conductor of an orchestra. All the musicians stopped as if on cue when he stood, and waved his arms dramatically to hush everyone in his orchard.

He made animated hand movements with full theatrics. And only after gaining everyone’s attention; he continues to make the most tantalizing offer to the evening’s special guests, that caused an intense flurry of energy and enthusiasm.

“Attention, can I get everyone’s attention! I have the most incredible proposal so I need everyone to listen carefully to my offer!”

Zhe Yan called out as he proudly waved, and displayed one of a kind glasscase in the air for all to see before proceeding. “For the lovely and lucky darling who can get one sweet kiss from Mo Yuan – the mature but still youthful enough to be a new groom – will win this beauty elixir that I created with my most prized peaches.”

As he’d expected, all the women gasped, clapped euphorically with delight, and Zhe Yan snorted barely control himself from laughing aloud. It was sinister but provided him an immense joy to see Mo Yuan blatantly roll his eyes, as he sat still amongst them like a marble statue with a look of being bored and miserable.

Zhe Yan haughtily patted himself on the back because done was the damage, and his method had successfully incited bickering among the immortal courtesans. They were quarreling over Mo Yuan, and all were clamoring for the privilege to sit near him like hungry alley cats fighting over a bowl of warm, sweeten cream.

Times like this, Mo Yuan’s years of rigid meditation was beneficial. Since his general lack of enthusiasm or interest bordered on being impolite, because he didn’t care and he was already suffocating. He was drowning in the sea of floral jasmine and spicy sandalwood scented bodies.

The extreme smells and odors exuding from the overly perfumed, and underclothing celestial entertainers were beyond pungent almost unbearable. Zhe Yan undoubtedly saw Mo Yuan’s suffering and discomfort, but snickered before he spoke teasingly.

Zhe Yan ridiculed, “Xiao Wu’s future husband, Mo Yuan Oppa. These lovely beauties aren’t going to bite you, unless you’d like one of them to give you a little love nibble for your future wife to see. I find nothing stirs passion and desire like a healthy dose of jealousy.”

He didn’t even bother to respond to Zhe Yan’s stupidity and it was an intentional act, when Mo Yuan avoided all contact with the countless lively women that encircled him excitedly.

They were excited to be in Ten Miles and attending such an exclusive invitation only event. The reason for such special celebration was after several long months of waiting, and anticipation; his and Bai Qian’s wedding was finally just a few short days away.

And in recognition of Mo Yuan’s last days as a bachelor after almost 300,000 years, Zhe Yan planned an impromptu gathering of close friends for a night of unlimited wine with informal parleys, and easygoing conversations.

It should have been a harmonious and relaxing eventide. However, it became a stressful situation due to Zhe Yan’s ridiculous conception of entertainment. His absurd idea of fun was provocatively dressed women running around all over the place, and everywhere.

The scantily costumed, overly friendly females made Mo Yuan nervous, withdrawn and anxious. He avoided looking at them directly because many had their nipples out in the open, and exposed due to their entirely sheered see through clothing.

But he was well prepared and combat ready. Mo Yuan had been highly suspicious, and understood something like this might happen. He had meticulously prepared precautions, and it wasn’t all due to Bai Qian’s threatening note her father delivered, but it carried some profound swaying power and bearings to the situation. She composed the following.

Mo Yuan Oppa~

BE GOOD! Don’t you dare even look at one of those filthy whores Zhe Yan has invited to your evening of friends, wine, and celestial floozies sluts! DON’T forget the fact that I’ll CANCEL the wedding, NEVER forgive you and I’ll hate you FOREVER!


She was spicy. Mo Yuan had a valid reason to fear his little Fox, Bai Qian, because she was beyond scary just like her message, and his cautious attitude was somewhat of a knee jerk reaction. An automatic response that he’d developed due to her jealous nature, and quick temperament.

Mo Yuan’s genuine concern made it so he couldn’t sit still or relax for the whole night. Instead, he twitched, fidgeted and shifted nervously in his seat slightly apprehensive the entire evening. No, his anxieties weren’t slight, and honestly concerned was he of his young possessive fiancée, who could very well appear at any given moment.

While Mo Yuan studied his area cautiously, Zhe Yan was inebriated and his speech slurred, “My beauties, Mo Yuan is not snubbing you because you’re not beautiful enough. No, he’s merely frightened of his future wife’s Fox temperament with good cause.”

Zhe Yan was already loaded but dramatically gulped more wine, then explained suddenly looking solemn, “I’ve known that little girl since she was born. Mo Mo’s baby Fox is…a hot head and her youth tend to make her extra irritable but she is a scary one.”

“Now that little girl is a High Goddess, which means she could easily turn any of you gorgeous darlings into a fat warted toad for messing with her man. I can see Xiao Wu doing such a thing, can’t you, Bai Zhi?” Zhe Yan was garbling.

Bai Zhi nodded his head in agreement. He inhaled on his long pipe, puffed out perfect smoke rings in the air from his exhale and preached, “To be honest, I simply can not relax because I’m sincerely worried that she might show up, and cause a massive scene. Zhe Yan, why not allow these ladies to retire for this evening.”

“Yes, I too agree. Do send everyone away because I’m extremely curious about Bai Qian’s heavenly trial.” Declared Donghua Dijun out of the blue.

He was usually the quietest and lacked interest in just about everything, so his sudden remark caught everyone’s attention. Donghua was one of Mo Yuan’s old friends who were present at the party with Bai Zhi, Ye Hua, and Zhe Yan. Donghua’s surprising, offhanded statement about Bai Qian’s ascension stopped all discussions cold.

There was absolute silence, and even the many females paused to eavesdrop on the juicy bit of gossip. Because Bai Qian’s secretively mysterious heavenly trial and her new son, Jīnlóng, was most unexpected. Nobody knew of their relationship, so her sudden marriage to Mo Yuan was the foundation of multiple rumors, and endless scandals in all the eternal world.

Only a small handful of people knew the truth and it was a well-guarded intrigue. Zhe Yan relished tormenting Mo Yuan and making him squirm like a worm, but he enjoyed scandal and gossip more.

With two sharp claps of his hands, all the courtesans surrounding them disappeared and faded. Zhe Yan waited with baited breath because there was much to the story he didn’t know, and his curiosity had been killing him.

Donghua dove right into the precarious subject immediately without delay, “I knew something was questionable and exceedingly suspicious, when I saw Mo Yuan’s magic on the mortal seaside so close to Bai Qian. He denied it and said it wasn’t his magic but I’d recognize it anywhere.”

“Who would have thought you, Mo Yuan God of War, would infringe the laws and fornicate with her during her heavenly trial. Friends, it’s clear. Our Tuzi is not dead.” The Rock God spoke impassively.

Donghua raised his glass to Mo Yuan and smirked. Or at least it was his version of a smirk which was almost invisible, but it was just enough to make Bai Zhi snort and scold him.

“My old companion, Donghua. Qian Qian is my precious one and only daughter. Fornication is such an ugly, rough and crude word. I’d much prefer something like destiny, soul mates or fate. Your problem, my friend, is not enough romance in your life.”

“Our Tuzi did break the rules which is very unlike him. It’s still incomprehensible to me, his behavior. Now tell me. I know Tuzi intervened but who saved Xiao Wu from the brothel and hid her? It had to be you, Bai Zhi. Was it you or one of your boys?” Zhe Yan asked while sipping his wine.

Bai Zhi looked around first to check his surrounding then explained in a hushed voice, while dragging on his pipe leisurely, “We finally located her that day we all met at Kunlun Mountain. That was the only reason why I left without kicking Si Ming’s goofy ass!”

“We sent the payment to that sorry excuse of a woman, Qiao Hui, but the day we were to take her away, someone else beat us to the chase. We got there but were told she left in another vehicle, and I almost had a stroke because we missed her by minutes.” Bai Zhi explained and filled everyone’s glasses with the amber colored liqueur.

Mo Yuan had remained silent the entire time, while attending keenly to the other part of the story he had yet to hear. He knew specific descriptions from Bai Qian’s point of view, but never listened to the other part so this was incredibly interesting for him. He finally heard the rest of Lifen’s story.

“Yes, that was me. I intercepted Lifen, I mean mortal Bai Qian.” Donghua announced nonchalantly and added without expression, “I discovered where she was and stepped in to shield her during some of her heavenly trials. Of course, without Si Ming’s knowledge.”

Donghua Dijun’s disclosure created instantaneous silence. The group of men were stunned speechless by this strange new shocking revelation. It took moments before Mo Yuan found his voice and demanded, “What?! Why would you do that? You never get involved in anything!”

“Aya! Donghua! You had no business taking my Qian Qian away! When I think of the incredible headache you caused me; I aged at least 50,000…no, 70,000 years that day!” Bai Zhi scolded and grimaced with annoyance.

The newest revelation was extraordinarily astonishing, and all the men present were amazed by Donghua’s candid confession, but his retort was even more bewildering when he spoke.

He declared, “I didn’t want Bai Qian to go through such a terrible ordeal. I believed she was untouched and a still virgin. Life in a brothel would be a most traumatic way for a maiden to enter womanhood.”

Everyone there exchanged uncertain skeptical glances, and it was Ye Hua who asked the first question.

“Forgive me, Donghua Dijun, but why would you worry how my future sister-in-law loses her chastity? I fully agree with your mentality, but still, don’t understand why you would care or get involved.”

Ye Hua finally entered the conversation entirely. He had been distracted earlier by the women but now they were gone, so all his focus shifted to the ongoing discussion.

Ye Hua asked and his curiosity was written all over his face, “You’ve mentioned this before about my brother’s behavior, but I have to wonder why you out of all people would do anything at all?”

Donghua’s blank expression never changed when he said, “I had my reasons. I did it because she is beautiful, innocent and I had been interested enough to have my eye on her.”

“What?!” The perplexed group collectively responded spontaneously.

“Yes, the last time I saw her with Bai Zhi, I was astonished and delighted. Bai Qian has grown into a remarkably attractive young woman, and I found myself wondering perhaps if it was time for me to marry and have children.” Donghua stated as if he were discussing something trivial, and irrelevant to his stunned audience.

Donghua’s statement caused everyone to go silent, and Zhe Yan was the first to snap out from his state of shock. Uncontrollably he laughed, that he toppled over sideways from the grouchy expression on Mo Yuan’s face.

Mo Yuan’s fixed facial impression was one of apparent possessiveness, jealousy, suspicion, and mistrust. He wasn’t the slightest bit pleased to hear such a confession, from the most unmovable individual who many believed to have come from a rock.

Speedily Mo Yuan and Ye Hua glanced at each other, and exchanged a knowing suspicious glimpse between them, before both narrowed their gazes at the old God. Donghua continued with his fascinating narrative.

He confessed, “I’d successfully located her and even had my men take her from the brothel but then lost her. Someone else stepped in and stole her from me in route to the hiding place.”

Bai Zhi chuckled, boasted arrogantly with a mischievous smile after downing several shots of wine, and divulged without shame, “That was one of my boys! Hahaha! We found your sedan and hijacked her after putting all your men to sleep.”

“I was wondering who would have the audacity to take her. Fortunately, we found, re-stole her in the palanquin and took her to Qingqiu.” Bai Zhi tilted his head apologetically towards Donghua but it was as fake.

“Was anyone not involved in Xiao Wu’s heavenly trial? It seems to me that everyone played a role except me and I’m usually the lawbreaker.” Zhe Yan stated and asked, “Ye Hua, what about you?”

Ye Hua smiled a tiny smirk and confessed, “I knew everything from the very start. I also had my eye on Qian Qian but Mo Yuan came to me, and admitted he had amorous feelings with passionate intentions.”

“So, I yielded to my brother as a dutiful filial younger brother should. Had I not conceded she would be with me because I have a way with ALL women.” Ye Hua stated with confidence looking extremely smug.

All the older men there scoffed out loud, rolled their eyes before making rude, and inappropriate hand gestures at the overly confident young man. They found Ye Hua’s brazen and bold mannerisms humorous since they had all met, when they were close to his age many long years ago.

There was a sense of nostalgia. Bai Zhi raised his glass and toasted to his future son-in-law, “Here’s to one of the last great but stupid bastards. No, I mean bachelors to succumb to a Bai Fox of incredible breeding and bloodline.”

Ye Hua chimed in and added straight faced, “May my brother and new sister-in-law have a lifetime of passion, and make many more beautiful babies. Please grant my brother the energy to deal with all of Qian Qian’s would be suitors on Kunlun Mountain.”

“Imagine how all your poor virgin disciples will experience pain having such a stunning young goddess around. Brother, you should change the name of your school to Blue Balls Mountain, or Self-Stimulating Summit.” Ye Hua advised without expression causing all the men to break out into loud hysterical laughter at his absurd suggestion.

“Here, here! To Mo Yuan’s endless future headaches, heartaches and acid reflux due to Xiao Wu and her wild, moody temperament! Life is fair and there’s a fine balance. For all pleasures being with such a young trophy wife, one must deal with their follies!” Zhe Yan said merrily and raised his glass to his brother with another toast.

This time it was the usually silent rock God Donghua Dijun to raise his glass towards his old friend, and love rival to make a toast, “To Mo Yuan, one of the last great and lucky bastards, no, bachelors to surrender to a stunning Bai Fox the age of his great, great, great, great, great, great, greaaaaaat granddaughter.”

To be continued…..