報復 Bàofù III: Homecoming: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 6


Dear Crown Prince Ye Hua,
In life when one gets sour lemons, a wise man makes sweet lemonade. I suggest letting bygones be bygones and stop fighting the desire to be with the one you want, because of past unchangeable grievances.

Take it from someone who is much older than you, one day you will regret your delay. Enjoy my heartfelt present with your side consort, and expand your harem with a night of endless unbridled bliss.
Bai Qian

Bai Qian handed Nai Nai the wine bottle and a message to deliver to Ye Hua. Oh dear, how she often surprised herself immensely. She was more than frequently impressed by her giving, generous nature and extreme thoughtfulness.

After hearing that Ye Hua and Sujin had yet to consummate their long desired marriage, Bai Qian took it upon herself to send over a bottle of Zhe Yan’s highly coveted infamous passion wine. Her true sentimental, and romantic nature filled her heart with joy to play the role of cupid to help them overcome any, and all bad feelings created between them when Ye Hua’s old grandfather married Sujin first.

It was more than understandable for a prideful young man such as Ye Hua to feel somewhat resentful of getting his grandfather’s sloppy seconds. After all, he’d loved Sujin first since youth and was most likely upset, disappointed he wasn’t the one to deflower her.

After sending Nai Nai away since A-Li was napping; Bai Qian turned her attention back to the blank scroll before her, as she sat at her desk feeling full of inspiration. Endless ideas crowded and overfilled her mind, but why was it so difficult to write the first words? Why was the beginning most challenging?

First, she thought of the tone and vibe she wanted to convey and create. Yes, this story would be a tragedy of bitter betrayal, love, twisted revenge and opposite her true humble magnanimous High Goddess self. She, herself would be the demented antagonist. A real psychotic bitch with a devious plan and goal. She would aim to destroy the ones who did SuSu wrong by toying with their hearts, before going for the grisly kill.

“Let’s see… SuSu’s enemies? Who were they?” She mumbled to herself as she considered the list. However, the list was quite long since everyone was hateful to poor weak darling Mortal.

“Naive, trusting SuSu.” Bai Qian uttered under her breath softly and sighed because she often felt guilty, blameworthy. That she, the sleeping immortal within the mortal’s body could do nothing to aid the poor frail creature during her terrible ordeal.

She considered it a shame that she couldn’t have jumped out of SuSu’s body, and blasted everyone in sight with a single sweep of her fan. It was shameful for a mighty clan such as the Celestial to gang up, and pick on an opponent who was not of equal standing. “Damn these Celestials!” Bai Qian’s sharp teeth ground when she sneered and wrote the list of SuSu’s enemies:

Heavenly Lord
Consort Le Xu
Ye Hua…

Bai Qian paused then circled Ye Hua’s name repeatedly. He should be on top of the list.

All the servants…everyone.

Everyone had treated SuSu poorly, disrespectfully but Nai Nai and Li Jing out of all people.

Next, she considered the story line…hate, betrayal, deceit, jealousy and bittersweet love. All that was missing was a love rival. Every outstanding fictional novel had a love conflict like a passionate love triangle, square or sometimes even a love octagon.

But who in the world could possibly compete with Ye Hua? Not many. It would have to be someone extraordinary… Someone as handsome, powerful and charismatic… Who? Bingo! Shifu!

Who would be more fitting better than Ye Hua’s older twin, High God Mo Yuan, God of War? It was perfection and Bai Qian patted herself on the shoulder proudly, as she imagined the concept unfolding mentally.

Yes, powerful Dragon twin brothers would sacrifice their brotherly bond and battle over one sexy, desirable, beautiful mortal? No, Fox because this would take place after SuSu’s death, but perhaps two or three hundred years later. During this time Ye Hua would cry and pine for his dead wife nightly, while she did naughty things with his older brother…

“Hehehe,” She snickered mischievously.

How scandalous and utterly vulgar. A juicy, scandalous and naughty novel with many graphic sexually explicit scenes. Bai Qian threw her head back and rubbed her hands together swiftly, because she knew this story would be epic!

Dramatically, she declared, “Xiao Wu, shall we begin?”

Bai Qian finally raised the pen and as the brush tip dipped low, she heard Nai Nai faintly clear her throat. Why was she back so quickly? She glanced up to see the blushing servant holding the wine that she’d sent to Ye Hua.

“Was Crown Prince Ye Hua not in his room? You should have left it on his desk.” Bai Qian said not understanding why Nai Nai brought the gift back.

Nai Nai blushed more and said, “Crown Prince sent it back with his reply. He appeared somewhat angry.”

“His reply? Why would a lovely thoughtful gesture anger him?” He was such an odd fellow, Bai Qian thought to herself and noticed the rolled up sheet of linen paper. Most curiously, she unrolled the paper and snorted aloud at the sensual picture drawn by Ye Hua.


And on the bottom he replied:

Qian Qian,
It’s true. My life is currently full of sour lemons and thank you for thinking of my wellbeing. Since you sent an intriguing, delightful gift, I’m returning the favor and drew this with you in mind.

Furthermore, I’d like to suggest you drink the wine. Then I’ll come to you tonight and give you something to suck and swallow much, much sweeter than lemonade.

Ye Hua.

She gasped and her jaw slacked, “What the fuc…heck is this crazy situation? What a randy cheeky bugger! Has he never heard the saying ‘not to look a gift horse in the mouth?’ He has some nerve……to call me Qian Qian?! Ha! You’ll give me something to suck? In your dreams, Crown-Prince-Ye-Hua!” She exclaimed flabbergasted and then scrutinized the sexy drawing. He was a cheeky brazen bugger but she couldn’t deny he was talented.

To be continued…..