報復 Bàofù III: Homecoming: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 7

The still shore and the curling sea…..

It was well past noon when she awoke. Bai Qian yawned and stretched lazily. After weeks of suffering insomnia from the constant brightness in Nine Heavens, she felt fully rested as she stood with her eyes closed while her maids, bathed, dressed and arranged her hair for the day.

A-Li was with Ye Hua until 6 o’clock and she considered visiting Shifu but her new hobby – her writing – which was challenging had begun to flow freely. Bai Qian wrote eleven chapters within a few days. It was rather enjoyable thinking up such a devious plots, and writing about underhanded secret things her evil alter ego could do to those who had hurt SuSu.

If anything, Bai Qian was a bit surprised with herself that she could conjured up such wicked deeds. It was then she realized she had a much more twisted mind that she was aware. So instead of leaving as usual, she sat at her desk to start chapter 12 but where was the manuscript?

It wasn’t on the floor, in her bed or anywhere in sight. Perhaps, Nai Nai moved it when she straightened up her room and Bai Qian called out, “Nai Nai?” The servant rushed in, “Nai Nai, have you seen the scroll that was on my desk?” She asked.

Nodding that she knew, Nai Nai answered, “Yes, High Goddess. I saw it. Your letter and I took it to the Crown Prince as usual when I took the little prince to his chamber earlier.”

“What?! You took it where?” Bai Qian suddenly raising her voice startled the maid and she replied anxiously, “High Goddess, that’s where you’ve left all of your replies to the Crown Prince. I assumed it was a reply to his drawing. Did Nai Nai do something wrong?”

“Oh no!” She cried out and in a flash, Bai Qian leaped up, speedily ran towards Ye Hua’s chamber and did something for the first time. She rushed into his room, saw A-Li on his bed and he was reading the incriminating scroll intently.

Excitedly, she rushed to him and stammered, “Ye… Ye… Hu… Hua. That’s not done. It’s the very first and rough draft.” She stuttered while trying to steal it from his hands while rambling nervously, “It’s 100% pure unadulterated crap. Garbage! Please, please, don’t read it. Give it to me now!”

It was humorous to see her so flustered as Ye Hua looked at her amused, and hid the scroll behind his back. She chased behind him like a puppy when he purposely turned away, then lifted the scroll overhead. Bai Qian gasped aloud in sheer desperation and resorted to her magic which he saw, blocked and the blank expression never left his face even though he was dying on the inside.

He wanted to laugh out loud because this was a new side of Bai Qian he’d never seen, and crimson swiftly rose up from her chest to her face, as she jumped up on her very tiptoes repeatedly.

Unfortunately she was without success, because Ye Hua deliberately extended his arm higher to tease her even more. Bai Qian wouldn’t cease and finally hopped up on his body, tightly encircled her arms around his neck, firmly wrapped her legs around his waist then extended her right arm, grunted and seized the scroll swiftly.

“Aha! I got it!” She exclaimed as she looked at him with a smug, victorious expression while he stared back at her in complete shock. It took a few seconds for her to realize their intimate bodies positioning, before she deftly jumped off him as if Ye Hua had a deadly plague.

Ye Hua’s cheeks looked flushed but he spoke calmly and said, “It’s quite good and well written. Bai Qian, may I finish reading what you wrote? It’s not garbage but somewhat frightening. I mean the part of drugging Sujin to make her think she’s pregnant. Are all women that vicious and vindictive?”

“Ha! Your side consort staged an accident that caused herself to lose her sight so she could steal another woman’s eyes.” Bai Qian snorted as she handed Ye Hua back the scroll. She sat on the bed beside A-Li, lovingly cradled him in her arms and added. “Then she tricked SuSu into jumping from Zhuxian Terrace, and you got the nerve to ask me if all women are vicious? You are extremely naive, Ye Hua.”

She was right and he continued to read but smiled slightly pleased. She’d finally dropped the ‘Crown Prince’ before his name. After almost six months of marriage, this was the first time Bai Qian came to his room, called him by name and it gave him a glimmer of hope that perhaps, she was slowing warming up to him belatedly.

And while Ye Hua read he heard her cooing to A-Li behind him in a silly infantile voice. She asked A-Li, “How in the world did I make such a perfect baby in my stomach? You are so, so handsome…much, much more than your father. It must be the Fox genes.”

“I’ve noticed that you have a new bodyguard. A grey wolf spirit from Qingqiu. If you needed a bodyguard, you should have come to me.” Ye Hua inquired casually even though he strongly disliked the fact. The well-built guard was handsome enough to become the newest hot love interest for all the maids, and even some of the female deities expressed words in regards to his extreme attractiveness when they saw him follow behind Bai Qian on her walks.

“Yes, Ming’er is one of my father’s cherished officers. He’s one of the best and skillful swordsmen in Qingqiu. I don’t want any Celestial near me. I much prefer and trust my people.”

Bai Qian responded too nonchalantly, which caused Ye Hua to roll his eyes most irritated because honestly, he was jealous of any man near her. He dropped the subject, finished reading the last chapter and turned then blushed to see her openly nursing A-Li.

She had her flowing dress loosened just enough to pull the garment down off her left shoulder to expose her huge breast. She was either indifferent or oblivious, and too focused on A-Li’s face with a tender smile that curled up the corners of her lips. She held one of his chubby plump hands and playfully sucked, nibbled on his baby fingers. Bai Qian declared in her silly baby voice, “Yummy fingers…mama is going to gobble you up, A-Li.”

“Do you not see a man in the room? How can you expose yourself in such a careless manner?” Ye Hua’s initial reaction was of pure shock, followed by umm…discomfort.

Bai Qian looked around the room and replied blankly, “No, I don’t see any men. Also, have you never seen a breast before? I mean didn’t your mother nurse you? My tails! You would think I was standing here fully nude when all I’m doing is feeding our child. I’m not committing a crime but this is nature, Ye Hua.”

“Celestials especially ones of royal blood use wet nurses and it’s done in privacy. My mother didn’t raise me. Heavenly Lord did. By the way…do you openly do this in front of your guard?” Ye Hua’s eyes narrowed as he asked, and his jaw tensed when she nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders to his question. “Well, DON’T do it in front of him. It’s improper. He might get the wrong idea and I know it’s not a sexual act but…don’t do it!”

It felt awkward standing so Ye Hua sat beside her, and lightly caressed his infant son’s soft cheek. A-Li who had been staring intently at Bai Qian swiftly focused on Ye Hua’s face, and she gushed then bragged with pride, “Did you see that? How instantly his gaze went to you from me. That focused look in his eyes is not one of a six-month-old. He’s highly gifted. I can tell and I’m not saying that because he’s my son but A-Li is a gifted, exceptional child.”

Faintly she began to sing a lullaby. It was indisputable how much Bai Qian loved A-Li, and suddenly Ye Hua felt jealous of their bond. The closeness mother child bond he’d never known or experienced and it was beautiful.

And his voice was whisper soft because A-Li’s eyes were becoming heavy, and drowsy now that his tummy was full. Ye Hua confessed, “I think I’m jealous of A-Li.” She side-eyed him suspiciously and replied with full of sarcasm, “Why, because he’s sucking on my breast?”

Ye Hua shook his head at her snarky remark and spoke truthfully, “That too but it’s the way you look at A-Li with pure love. I can tell. It’s obvious that he’s your life, your world, your everything and your heart is full of him. I wonder, Bai Qian, if there’s any room for anyone else in your heart?”

Such sincerity and her voice softened when she uttered, “Yes, A-Li is my everything. I would kill, die and do anything for him. The way I feel…the love I feel for A-Li. There aren’t words to express my sentiment but if I had to choose one word; it would be bliss. A-Li makes me feel a kind of bliss I never knew existed and as for my heart. Well, when we mate and have another baby, then I’ll make room in my heart for the new baby.”

New baby? When we mate? Did he hear her correctly? His soft tone of voice sounded excited with a hope that Ye Hua couldn’t hide when he asked, “What? We’re going to have another baby? When? How soon?”

“Maybe when A-Li is three or four. I think a seven year gap between siblings would be perfect, then maybe another one when the kids are in their teens.” Bai Qian’s answer deflated all his optimism as Ye Hua laid flat on his back, stared at the ceiling and mumbled, “We’re not going to have any intimacy for three to four years?”

Bai Qian removed now sleeping A-Li off her breast and put him over her shoulder. Steadily she patted his back and asked in earnest, “Ye Hua, I truly don’t understand you. You could be starting a new family with Sujin as we speak. You should be with her as often as possible. Seriously, after the fiasco you two created, because you were forced to separate now you’re finally together. What are you waiting for?” A-Li burped, and Bai Qian carefully placed the sleeping infant on Ye Hua’s bed on his tummy.

She was dressing when Ye Hua sat up and asked looking sorrowful, “Qian Qian, you wouldn’t care? Honestly? If I impregnated Sujin?” Bai Qian looked at him straight faced and replied, “Don’t call me Qian Qian. Only my family members call me that and I would sincerely congratulate you two. I would feel relieved because then you would focus less on A-Li and me. Then we could return to Qingqiu while you and your beloved live happily ever after.”

“Aren’t you tired of wanting, desiring someone and you’re so silly because the one you want is waiting for you? Ye Hua, forget the past, your pride and go to her. Don’t you two deserve some happiness? You both have Gugu’s blessing.” She stated then stood to leave and didn’t see the deep hurt in his eyes.

“That’s never going to happen.” He declared somewhat bitterly then whisper to her but mostly himself, “How can you not know me at all? Why can’t you see my heart is breaking?”

And as usual, Bai Qian didn’t give him a single glance back. Therefore, Ye Hua made a bold strategic move, and criticized her writing hence poking at her pride by asserting proudly, “The hot kissing make out scene at the Eastern Sea isn’t realistic, and not believable.”

His move was a success. Bai Qian stopped mid-step and slowly spun around to face him. Her eyes narrowed as she asked from the opposite side of the room, “What? Why isn’t it believable? A stunning woman walks up to you and you, of course, would surrender to her charms.”

Ye Hua shook his head and replied somewhat cocky, “Do you know what women call me behind my back?”

“Crown P… Hmm… Does it start with a ‘P’ and end with a ‘K’? Does the word rhyme with click?” Bai Qian was quick witted if nothing else.

Her quick response made him grin, “Close but add ice, arctic, cold, frozen to the ‘P’ word and that’s how other women all describe me. Furthermore, I’m known for being extraordinarily reserved and conservative. So the sheer idea of me dry humping a stranger with a crowd watching is absurd, and it would never happen because I wouldn’t kiss a stranger.” Ye Hua stated with resolve.

Bai Qian snapped back, “But she’s stunning!” He nodded his head in disagreement and retorted, “I meet gorgeous women all the time and I haven’t yet kissed any of them.” Quickly she came back and responded, “If she rushed to you how would you stop her?”

He smirked, “Even if she rushed me I wouldn’t do it. I have self-control and I’m not a heathen.” Before he finished his sentence, Bai Qian wordlessly hurried to him and placed her arms on his shoulders. She puck her lips and went in for the kiss but Ye Hua had his arms extended. So she couldn’t move closer and she stepped back, scrutinized him now with newly piqued interest.

How interesting. Hmm? Perhaps, Ye Hua had a valid point. She instructed him not to take a step and tried another approach. He had long arms. Therefore, she reconsidered her plan of action. If she proceeded from underneath and kissed him; that could be successful.

This time, Bai Qian moved from below, wrapped her arms around his waist and went for the kiss. But her lips never made contact because Ye Hua had his index finger on her forehead, pushing her back to keep his distance and his head turned the other way. What an unexpected quandary? Why hadn’t she consider kissing a man would be so complicated?

Bai Qian rethought the chapter in her mind and remembered her words. She’d written that Ye Hua’s body was like the still shore, and hers was the curling sea rolling up to him seductively. She pointed to him and advised with authority, “Don’t take a single step. Stay as you are and I need a moment to get into character.”

In silent reflection, slowly Bai Qian walked to the opposite side of the room, turned her back to Ye Hua and mentally gave herself a pep talk. ‘I’m a sensual luscious Fox, that’s sex on four legs. No man can resist me. I ooze pure sexuality and I’m hot AF!’ She took a few deep inhales, undid her hair and let it cascade like a flowing waterfall everywhere.

She considered what men loved…most men loved breasts and ass. She recalled Ye Hua being somewhat of a breast man. No, he loved everything sexual but still, she unfastened the top of her dress to show some significant cleavage. Then shoved her hands into her bra to forcibly shift both her breasts towards the center to create the visual trick of more volume, and fullness until they overflowed over her bra. Perfect, they looked similar to two giant melons or grapefruits.

Then the written words, the mental image of the scene flashed in her head as she seductively spun around, met and locked her penetrating gaze on him with dark, desire filled bedroom eyes. Deliberately she sauntered provocatively towards him, but this time she pushed her undulating wave-like body against him like the curling sea first. Then she grabbed a handful of his long hair, and roughly yanked Ye Hua towards her for a kiss.

Success! She felt his lips press against her and privately congratulated herself, ‘Yes! Haha! Silly boy, Gugu knows everything!’

When they kissed his desire overcame Ye Hua while she silently gloated. He lost himself and possessively pulled her body into his, while thinking he was making some progress. Bai Qian on the other hand was deeming how right and clever she was, almost oblivious of what she was doing until she felt something hard rising against her body.

It was then she wondered, Oh dear! How long had they been kissing and why was her face becoming so hot and red? How long had his tongue been in her mouth and what was that hardness? Oh no! Was Ye Hua getting an erection? How obscene of her to make out with a child even if it was purely role playing!

Immediately she pulled away and smirked to conceal her embarrassment. She taunted, “I told you it would work. Ye Hua, your problem is you lack imagination, and should never underestimate a woman’s determination. Consider this another fine lesson from Gugu.” She lectured then strolled out of his room haughtily with attitude.

Bai Qian covered her mouth and laughed as she remembered the stunned, aroused expression on his handsome face. She’d forgotten what a great kisser he was until now, and there was something she couldn’t deny from her memories as SuSu; Ye Hua was an amazing lover.

His youthful endurance and lack of need for recovery time were fantastic. Wasn’t there more than a few time, he’d made love to SuSu for almost an hour and held back his climax? In retrospect, it was pretty damn impressive!

Suddenly feeling inspired, she returned to her room and wrote chapter 12 of Ye Hua having a wet dream.

“Hehehe,” Bai Qian giggled mischievously with every naughty word she wrote.

To be continued…..