報復 Bàofù III: Homecoming: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 8


At the time, his thoughtful opinion was spoken out of concern but little did he know. Little did Ye Hua know that his utterly offhanded suggestion for Bai Qian to express herself, and her innermost thoughts through writing would be so beneficial to serve him, and his desires in such an advantageous manner.

Firstly, it kept her busy since she was preoccupied therefore her routine romantic excursions, and rendezvous with her lovers became notably less frequent. It didn’t stop her completely, and Bai Qian still wandered out alone but only once in a while. And if she was in her ‘writer’s zone’ or having what she described as her ‘creative flow,’ she seldom left her room preferred to work on her fictional novel. Correction. Her ‘fan fiction.’

Secondary, sharing her novel writing with Ye Hua, it turned out to be the catalyst for them to open a direct line of communication finally. In the past, the moment she saw him, she ignored him and went about her way but now she greeted him politely.

Bai Qian asked about the weather which was always the same in the Nine Heavens, or she brought up the subject that Ye Hua most despised hearing from her lips. She wondered why he hadn’t yet bed and impregnated SuJin, so she and A-Li could return to Qingqiu. Or allowed any of his new maids that she’d handpicked solely based on their appearance to serve him at night.

And much to her obvious disappointment, Ye Hua’s reply was always the same, “I have yet to consummate my marriage with my Crown Princess Consort, and I think this important issue takes precedence over anything else.”

Her standard response to his reply was always the same too. Bai Qian’s answer was a sarcastic eye roll followed by a long sigh of exasperation. Then subtle disapproving head shakes, before walking away as she fanned herself and mumbled under her breath, “Foolish headstrong unyielding Celestial… And they call me stubborn.”

Yes, without a doubt, she frustrated the hell out of Ye Hua but strangely, Bai Qian entertained him too and lastly… Lastly, to his wonderment perhaps, the best attribute that came out of her writing was it gave them a chance to be a family finally. Suddenly, instead of Nai Nai bringing the baby, Bai Qian brought A-Li to Ye Hua’s room with all of her newly written chapters, and lightly tapped on his entryway.

“Ye Hua, am I interrupting you because if you’re busy, I can go.” She looked around uncomfortably and added loudly, as if she deliberately wanted the servants to hear, “Since you did have some interestingly valid points about my writing last time. I’m here for your advice and nothing else so there isn’t any need to shut the door. No need for privacy. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

How silly. Her old fashioned over the top behavior made him want to laugh. Why was she so damn cute and funny? Since last time when he’d tricked her into kissing him, this was only her second visit to his bedchamber. Ye Hua feigned ignorance and asked straight faced, “Bai Qian, why are you speaking so loudly? Are you worried about what others may think or say?”

“Indeed, of course I am. A High Goddess such as myself must always consider her reputation, and I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of my innocent visit to you today.” She lectured and handed A-Li to Ye Hua reluctantly.

He tried not to smile but Ye Hua kissed A-Li and stated the obvious, “Everyone here knows that A-Li is our biological son, so I’m pretty sure that everyone knows how babies are conceived. They are all aware that we’ve been intimate at some point in our relationship, and neither of us is a virgin anymore.”

“Speak for yourself. My immortal body is still chaste and unsullied as a proper Kunlun disciple.” She snapped at Ye Hua. Then most dramatically, Bai Qian crossed her slender arms across her ample breasts to signify her innocence and virginity, then continued to express her opinion, “Whatever craziness or deeds I did with you during my heavenly trial isn’t valid, and doesn’t count officially because I wasn’t right in the head.”

She shook her head in remorse and added, “I slept with a stupid dragon thinking it was a snake for heavens sake. Damn! I should have left you in the cave. I should have… I could have… My life is full of regrets. Well at least, I have my precious A-Li so meeting you was not fruitless and in vain.”

Suddenly looking quite flustered, she declared, “Never mind, forget it. If I don’t want gossip then I shouldn’t be here. Therefore, I’m leaving. If there’s anything unrealistic, then jot it down and return everything to me when Nai Nai comes to fetch A-Li later.”

She articulated with her usual indifference, and attempted to make a swift departure when Ye Hua said, “Bai Qian, I’ll scan it and give you my feedback now but first, let me take a good look at this big handsome boy of ours. However, I think A-Li needs a diaper change.” Ye Hua nonchalantly declared trying to buy more time.

“I’ll do it so hand him to me.” Bai Qian automatically reached for A-Li when Ye Hua asserted, “I’m more than capable and I know how to change a diaper. It’s only #1 anyways.”

Ye Hua tickled A-Li as he laid the giggling baby on his bed, while Bai Qian stood at a safe distance. It was obvious she was nervous to be in his chamber but for reasons unknown, Ye Hua found her awkward behavior entirely endearing and adorable.

Her voice was wantonly snippy when she agreed and returned, “Yes, you should be an expert since you were wearing them not that long ago but, Ye Hua, be cautious. A-Li tends to…” Ye Hua briskly cuts her off, “Bai Qian, I know what I’m doing and you seriously need to get over our age difference.” He stated slightly offended as he lifted A-Li’s diaper, and overheard her erupt into a fit of laughter, before he felt the warm spray of liquid directly hit his chest.

“Hahahaha…my tails! Ye Hua, A-Li peed on you!” Bai Qian cried out before losing her stiff and proper composure. She wrapped her arms around her stomach, folded over in half while laughing hysterically.

Tears ran down her flushed face but she still managed to boast in between giggles, “What a good, good boy! Not every baby boy has such a powerful urine stream! A-Li must get his mighty life force, energy and strength from his uncle, my Shifu. Does my baby feel refreshed and better, after peeing on the Celestial Crown Prince?”

Ye Hua reddened but chuckled with her. How could he not? Granted, he had lost his opportunity to impress her when A-Li urinated on him, but Bai Qian’s genuinely entertained response was hilarious. Because still, even after almost seven months of marriage, she was still extremely guarded but pleasant, and treated Ye Hua with distance as if he were a guest.

She was more somewhat courteous and polite, although, when around A-Li, she was a completely different woman. The warmth exuding from her presence when Bai Qian walked towards him to affectionately scoop A-Li up, and lift him in the air playfully, he felt it distinctly.

What Ye Hua sensed from her was similar to the warming feeling of the comforting movement of heated temperature from a glowing fireplace during wintertime. Her heat and fire gave off from her very being, then coursed through his body and warmed him down to the bone.

There was once a time when Ye Hua’s older brother, Mo Yuan, described her as cheerful, bright, luminous and he never understood but he did now. She radiated warmness with her happy, vivacious personality and Bai Qian was lighthearted, carefree as she utterly adored their child. She blew raspberries all over A-Li’s exposed body and face lovingly.

“I tried to warn you, Ye Hua. I’ll finish changing him so you can get out of your wet clothes. One must be fast with this precious little dragon baby. You have to do the double lift. First, a very quick peek but always ready to cover in case he does that.” Bai Qian said while still chuckling. “Your shocked facial expression just now was priceless. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Now, if he would have pooped on you… I might have passed out from laughter.”

She whispered but Ye Hua overheard her saying, “Next time my son goes for #2 right on the Celestial Dragon robe.” He threw her a fake expression of indignation to let her know he’d heard her, as he switched his garment and casually picked up the most recent chapter of her story.

It was intentional and purposeful when he read every word slowly even a couple of times, because Bai Qian’s writing provided Ye Hua profound insight into her unspoken thoughts. The sad tone and her choice of wording were precisely what he had expected. Her writing of plot were dark, bitter, tormented and vengeful. But what Ye Hua hadn’t anticipated was her literature would be so highly erotic and explicitly sexual.

“What the heck? Is this a dream or did you use a spell and visit me under invisibility?” Ye Hua asked inquisitively, after reading the sexually detailed scene of himself having a wet dream, after meeting her at the Eastern Sea.

The written sex scene was graphic, visual and highly arousing, but it made him wonder how she knew about such graphically explicit and lewd sex. He had always been very gentle with SuSu during intimacy, and Bai Qian verbally stated she was still a virgin. How would she know about such things?

She smirked and retorted, “What do you think? It’s obviously a wet dream because that’s how bad you needed it. In the story, you’ve been celibate for 300 long years.” She explained and immediately turned all her focus to A-Li, although Ye Hua couldn’t drop the sexually charged subject.

“I have a question? Do you remember everything? I mean every detail from your life as SuSu?” Ye Hua watched her reaction. However, there wasn’t one and Bai Qian nodded that she did without taking her attention off A-Li.

He pushed forward even though he knew it was presumptuous and also a bit shameless, “If you recollect every detail, then you recall when we were intimate, right? SuSu was a virgin. She was sexually shy, meek and would never initiate bodily pleasure. It was always me. You remember that, correct?”

Bai Qian finally raised her gaze and stated looking disinterested, “Yes, Ye Hua. I recall you were a randy little devil. A real horny bugger. So what has brought on this verbal walk down of memory lane, and the strange line of interrogation?”

“It’s the unique style of your sexual writing. I find it confusing because you were…” She abruptly interrupted him and vocalized, “You are still confused, Crown-Prince-Ye-Hua. I’m not SuSu. I’m Bai Qian. SuSu was a temporary character produced from a spell, or backlash of dark magic when I resealed Qing Cang.”

“She was a beautiful and compassionate being but she was empty, more like a blank canvas without many life experiences other than, perhaps basic self-preservation. She survived for several years by hunting, foraging for food, eating, caring for wounded animals and occasionally going into town alone.”

“I, Bai Qian, was born from an immortal embryo into an aristocracy, led an army into war under Shifu, and I’ve ruled as the Queen of Qingqiu since I was 70,000 years old. I have lived for a very long time, and accumulated many experiences during my long life so it’s only natural for us to be different.”

Momentarily paused as she blinked in quiet contemplation and said, “Let me think of a good example to show our immense differences. I know. SuSu loved it when you raked your fingers gently through her hair, while you made love to her. However, I, Bai Qian, would prefer to have my hair pulled roughly.”

Ye Hua returned utterly dumbfounded, “You like your hair pulled? Why? Doesn’t that hurt?”

She continued in her flat lecturing tone of voice much like a professor, “Yes, that the point. Let me clarify a few things for you in regards to Bai Qian versus SuSu…” Lightly she cleared her throat, while steadily bouncing an upright sitting A-Li on her lap and explained further. “SuSu loved to hear tender words of love, gentle, slow lovemaking and a lot of snuggling post-sex. She preferred no lights so you blew out all the candles before intimacy. She was a modest, conservative woman and there’s nothing wrong with that but…”

“But High Goddess Bai Qian would love to be spanked and tied up. Maybe even blindfolded but not blinded so let’s not make that mistake again. I just fancy the thought of hearing dirty, explicit, vulgar words describing either the act, my body parts or just in general. The more explicit, the better. Furthermore, I would have all the lights on so I can see what’s going on because I’m a visual person. Just the thought of harsh, ruthless and naughty fornication turns me on a lot.”

“Instead of tender snuggling, I’d much rather snaggle! That’s snuggling but on all fours preferably with someone behind me, and in me just in case you’re not familiar with that expression. I think I’d love to be handled roughly and coarsely like a common whor……” Bai Qian snickered mischievously as her soft, smooth cheeks began to crimson, and her dark eyes sparkled fiery with sudden arousal as she paused.

She laughed at her almost verbal faux pas, blushed and whispered, “I shouldn’t say that particular word out loud with A-Li sitting here on my lap. What if by some weird chance he repeats it and it becomes his first word? Anyway, now you know the fine distinction between Bai Qian and SuSu… Any other questions?”

No. He didn’t have any other inquiries, but the entire time Bai Qian was explaining the differences between her and SuSu, Ye Hua determined it was time to consummate their marriage. NOW! It was his most earnest hope that she would be willing and accept him, but the lust filled man in him had enough. For weeks, he had fantasized and obsessed about her breasts, as the stimulating conversation pushed him over the edge.

Seven months was long enough to wait. Ye Hua at that very moment concluded he would tear off her clothes and take her by force. He abruptly grasped A-Li from Bai Qian’s lap, turned to call out for Nai Nai to bring him back to the Hall of Beautiful Youth, when suddenly out of nowhere a baby voice uttered, “Dada…dada.” And Ye Hua’s lustful appearance transformed into one of pure astonishment instantly.

“Da…da, dada,” A-Li repeated his first words as both Ye Hua and Bai Qian stared at each other thoroughly stunned with big surprised eyes, and open mouths.

Then euphorically Bai Qian beamed, glowed with unbridled pride as she gushed, “Ye Hua, did you hear that? A-Li just spoke and his first word was dada! Our genius son said his first word! But I wonder why he said dada first? It should have been mama but what did I tell you. I knew it! Our son is extraordinarily gifted and talented!”

She covered the infant’s face with countless kisses and coaxed, “Now come to your mother, A-Li, and say mama. Say mama not dada this time. Say mama, mama. I know you can say it.” She persuaded in her sweetest voice but A-Li babbled, “dada, dada, dada,” at Ye Hua. Words alone couldn’t describe the elation he felt. It was a day of firsts and many revelations.

Ye Hua fully understood the incredible joy of being a father, but he knew he still had a long way to go to become a ‘real’ husband to Bai Qian. He also acknowledged that he’d never desired anyone as much as he wanted her. Honestly, not even SuSu and it wasn’t that he didn’t love her entirely.

But he ultimately understood that love can and does evolves into changes, and his growing feelings for her wasn’t just because she was SuSu. But instead, he’d become both infatuated and fascinated with High Goddess Bai Qian. How could he not? She was a highly intelligent, talented, passionate, witty, sensuous and an astonishingly desirable woman as she clearly stated, Bai Qian wasn’t SuSu anymore.

Finally, Ye Hua recognized and accepted his first love, SuSu, was gone.

But as old as the saying goes when one door closes, another opens and not all was lost. Ye Hua did suffer a loss but he also gained, because their cherished son spoke his first word which happened to be ‘dada,’ and it was the first time Bai Qian called A-Li ‘our son’ instead of her usual ‘my son.’

To be continued…..