金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 38

“High God Mo Yuan, please accept the Dragon horn. It’s the auspicious hour and time to remove High Goddess Bai Qian’s veil.”

Bai Qian immediately recognized her eldest brother’s wife, Princess Consort Cheng’s feminine voice officially announce, while she remained still as a marble statue.

The new bride, Bai Qian, dressed in her magnificent handmade gold spun Phoenix embellished wedding gown sat perfectly perched in the newlywed bedchamber with her silk bridal veil covered over her head and face.

Under her traditional bridal veil, she wore her bejeweled crown, all the many different gold decorations, the elegant golden hairpin of a soaring Phoenix with a luminous pearl in its open mouth. A wedding gift made by Mo Yuan personally. Then more gold with bejeweled hair ornaments, and a pair of classic golden long chandelier earrings.

The veil slowly began to lift as Mo Yuan tilted the metal tip of the Dragon horn wand, and two other female servants were waiting at Bai Qian’s side. Once he had raised the thick material enough to reveal her lovely face, they joined, helped him and carefully removed it entirely from her head. And finally, the newly married couple saw each other’s faces for the first time, since the ceremonious wedding began.

They communicated without a single spoken word. The bride and groom exchanged bashfulness, but knowing glances before Mo Yuan gave her a little grin. She could read his mind by looking into his eyes and they said, ‘Oh my goodness! How many more steps are there?’

Bai Qian held back the strong urge to chuckle at his expression, and bit down on her rouge bottom lip. Discreetly she surveyed the entirely red decorated newlywed chamber with the many people in participation, turned her big round eyes towards him and blinked back in disbelief. She silently replied and conveyed her thoughts through her gaze, ‘I know! I can’t believe it either! Why is this wedding taking so long?!’

Mo Yuan’s answer was a slight shrug of his shoulders to her soundless question. Indeed, their nuptials were extensive, traditional, lengthy with precision because it was more than just a simple union of two people, but two highly esteemed High Gods.

Mo Yuan’s station, ancestry and roles as the God of War, eldest rightful son of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, Master of Kunlun Mountain and father to her grandson was a distinguishing factor the Fox Empress carefully took into significant consideration, when planning the royal wedding.

She honored him and his elevated position with an elaborate display of the utmost respect for Mo Yuan’s first and only marriage to her only daughter, Bai Qian. Yes, the ceremonies, rites and rituals were perfect and highly detailed. Everything, every aspect, down to all the little tiny details were formal, proper and arranged flawlessly by the Fox Empress personally.

“Sit upon martial bliss.” Politely, Bai Qian’s other sister-in-law, Princess Consort Yu, instructed and helped her rise from her seated position, so that she and Mo Yuan could sit on the bed at the same time as husband and wife. They now sat side by side.

“Bring the nuptial wine.” A male attendant called out, clapped his hands twice and a wine table was brought then set before them.

The small table had an intricate golden wine container covered in Qingqiu pearls, and precious gemstones. On the tabletop, there were two tiny golden jewel encrusted cups attached, and securely tied together with a long red thread to signify their fated unity.

“High God Mo Yuan and High Goddess Bai Qian, please drink to your marital bliss. May you enjoy an eternity of marital happiness.” Bai Qian’s older sisters-in-law, Princess Consorts Cheng and Yu, both offered their heartfelt wish to the newly married couple in unison, and carefully handed them the cups of ceremonial wine.

Instantly, Bai Qian met eyes with Mo Yuan and tried not to giggle at his awkward facial expression, as she correctly covered her wine cup with her hand, and drank the fruity contents hidden behind her open palm.

“Serve the abundant offspring dumpling.” Someone announced and two attendants brought over two bowls of dumplings on a tray.

Princess Consort Yu expressed most sincerely, “High God Mo Yuan and High Goddess Bai Qian, may you be blessed with many children.”

Bai Qian took a little bite and asked surprised by the odd texture, “Raw?”

The Princess Consorts snickered and responded, “Your choice of word is perfectly fitting and accurate. Precisely giving ‘birth’ is what you will do. (The words ‘raw’ and ‘birth’ sound similar.)”

Everyone in the room giggled when Princess Consort Cheng added slightly suggestively, “If High Goddess Bai Qian says ‘birth’, then High God Mo Yuan will be entirely preoccupied in the upcoming years.”

The man of few words, Mo Yuan, turned to Bai Qian and playfully winked at her causing everyone present to laugh merrily. They removed the wine table with the containers of dumplings as Bai Qian’s sisters bowed, and announced the most divine and heavenly words.

The most lovely words in the world and music to her ears were… “The ritual is over.”

Then everyone in the room neatly formed two lines, dropped down to bend knees, rounded their arms and celebrated in unity, “Congratulations on your marriage, High God Mo Yuan and High Goddess Bai Qian.” Respectfully everyone kowtowed, and finally lowered the red screen divider leaving them alone.

The very moment the curtains closed, Bai Qian exhaled a long lung hollowing breath as if she’d been holding it the entire time. She dropped her head forward, and faintly chuckled when she heard Mo Yuan beside her did the same thing. His prolonged exhalation was as long and deep as hers.

Dumbfounded, he shook his head incredulity at the many rituals and ceremonies they had performed, and spoke in his soft voice straight faced, “Why would any sane man want to marry more than once and have several wives? Qian’er, that was exhausting. Going into combat is less tiring than getting married.”

“I know. I’m exhausted too. I was fine until my older sisters called me High Goddess Bai Qian. They never call me that and suddenly I felt lightheaded, anxious then weary. I’m so glad it’s finally over.” She uttered back in the same tired voice as Mo Yuan, then they looked at each other to laugh at their shared inclinations and commonality.

Mo Yuan stopped chuckling, drank in the glorious sight of her extreme beauty and tenderly caressed Bai Qian’s soft, rosy cheek then said, “My wife, you look stunning. Absolutely beautiful but I have a question?” Suddenly turning his eyes to her head, he inquired, “How were you able to kowtow, bend repeatedly and support your neck up straight with all that stuff on your head?”

Bai Qian openly praised his handsome appearance and gushed, “Mo Gēge, you look so handsome and different dressed in red. I bet all the women in my family were staring at you. I think even my mother’s heart pitter pattered when she saw you.”

Now she complained but radiantly beamed since everything was over and completed. “It took nearly six hours to get prepared for the wedding between hair, makeup and all the clothes. I don’t know how they managed to put everything on my little head.”

Mo Yuan carefully scrutinized all the countless pieces of hair decor, her attire and spoke, “I can see why it took so long to dress you. Your bridal attire appears more cumbersome and substantial than my armor.” His voice softened, “Let me help you undress and get more comfortable but let’s start from your head.”

He reached out and so tender was his touch. It never ceased to astonish Bai Qian how gently his large hands felt, as they carefully removed one piece at a time without pulling at her hair. While Mo Yuan busily removed her hair ornaments, she reflected on how dashing he looked in bold colors, and began to unbutton the many buttons on his Golden Dragon embroidered heavy outer garment.

Removing the final piece – her crown – Mo Yuan loosened her up do hair, carefully ran his fingertips through her long thick locks, and lightly massaged Bai Qian’s sore scalp causing her to moan faintly. “Oh my. Thank you. That feels so much better. My head was killing me towards the end. Is it weird if I said that I preferred our private mortal naked wedding? Honestly, everything was so formal, tense and nerve racking this time around.”

“Yes, your mother turned our intimate wedding into a spectacular event that won’t be forgotten, or outdone anytime soon. If ever. Zhe Yan believed there was probably going to be almost 5,000 guests in Qingqiu for the wedding banquet. I can’t even begin to imagine how much everything cost.” Mo Yuan wondered aloud as he continued to massage her scalp now with both hands.

Bai Qian replied in between little moans and groans of relief, “5,000 guests? I didn’t know we knew so many people. Don’t worry, my parents anticipated an extravagant wedding and dowry, because I’m such a homely, overweight and odd girl.”

Mo Yuan didn’t skip a beat and nodded in agreement, “That’s true, quite wise and prudent on their part especially with a daughter as homely as you. Qian’er, luckily we won’t ever have that problem, because they say daughters take after their fathers and if our daughters take after me; well, they might be too beautiful. That could pose as an issue too.”

He teased her verbally, but privately wondered how he’d gotten so lucky to catch the eye of such a stunning young woman like Bai Qian. He asked most curiously, “Qian’er, I have a question? When did you fall in love with me? Why did you, a young woman like yourself, fall in love with an old man like me?”

Bai Qian beamed so brightly that her dimples on both cheeks became accentuated at his question, and replied, “You tell me first then I’ll tell you a secret.”

“A secret? Now, I’m even more curious.” Mo Yuan declared as the sensation of being treasured and cherished washed over her.

It overwhelmed her when he affectionately cradled her face with both hands to look at her lovingly. He was indeed the best of both worlds. Mo Yuan was strong, omnipotent, powerful but gentle, tender and affectionate. Bai Qian’s swiftly pounding, racing heart, felt flooded, submerged and overfilled with unconditional love for him.

He divulged, “Let me think back. I do believe that you intrigued me from the start but I assumed, or even suspected that I was going through a midlife crisis. After not having sexual urges or desires for a very long time. Then I met you and I wasn’t sure of my sentiments for you, until you asked about Die Feng and Ye Hua.”

“I lied to you and them. I fibbed to everyone even Zhe Yan because I was jealous. In my subconscious I think I’d already picked and marked you for myself, but it was Ye Hua. It was he who opened my eyes when he told me he had his sights on you, and that forced me to admit my true romantic feelings for you.”

Her tone was playful when Bai Qian harassed her lovesick husband, “I can see little hearts pouring from your lovesick eyes when you look at me. Do you love me that much?”

“I do.” He whispered and studied her face, her features before placing light kisses on her forehead, over her eyes, both sides of her soft cheeks, the very tip of her nose and finally he kissed her soft, full, pillowy irresistible lips.

Gradually his kiss deepened, as one hand supported the slightly exposed nape of her sensitive neck, while the other began to unbutton the first of many buttons on her most outer gown. Mo Yuan kissed down her jaw then back up to her ear, until Bai Qian giggled from the ticklish sensation of his mustache brushing against her.

“Then undress me, my husband, and I’ll tell you my secrets but you must promise not to laugh at me.” Bai Qian fluttered and batted her long, thick, mascaraed eyelashes flirtatiously at him and told Mo Yuan everything…

Bai Qian’s confession was somewhat backward instead of chronologically. She started her narrative from her blotched enchantment spell at Zhe Yan’s request, then his visit to Qingqiu and their casual conversation while star gazing.

She spoke of her audacity and nerve to suggest they become friends. And how now in retrospect, it was sheer brazenness on her part to make such a bold request to someone of his respected position. But the fact Mo Yuan readily agreed was a true testament to his warm, loving heart, generous nature and kindness.

Bai Qian reminded Mo Yuan of their strange friendship then her trip to his prized vineyard, and how he’d tenderly washed her feet without hesitation or ego. Her voice softened demurely when she described, how even now, when she closed her eyes, she could vividly recollect the gentle sensation of his touch distinctly.

Mo Yuan butted in her verbal account of their beginning and spoke, “You know, that day you came to Kunlun Mountain looking too beautiful that all my students were stunned, and speechless. But I’ll never forget your shocked facial expression when you slipped in the grapes, and landed against my pelvis. I can still see it so clearly and I’d never seen or met a silly woman like you.”

“Mo Gēge, you said I was homely and odd, so I put in some serious effort to debunk your negative opinion of me. You think my facial expression was funny, but your face was the same dark shade as the smashed grapes when I said I would taste grapey, and sweet down below. Tell me the truth, did you want to eat and lick me then? Secretly perhaps?” Bai Qian purred in her sultriest tone of voice.

His face reddened as Mo Yuan grinned but refused to reply. He said nothing while busily removing all her many layers of clothing, as Bai Qian continued with her confessional in her roundabout kind of way. Although softly she sighed, as the clothing between his hands and her bare skin decreased with every removed layers, and lied that she didn’t know when it happened.

Bai Qian stated she wasn’t sure when she really fell in love with him. She randomly mentioned the day she noticed him coming through the rain in Zhe Yan’s orchard, and in her eyes how he looked like a ray of sunlight. She teased Mo Yuan for the last time then finally exposed the hidden truth…

“Mo Gēge, truth be told, my infatuation with you started much earlier and long before our first meeting. Now this is going to sound silly so you mustn’t laugh at me.” Bai Qian pouted and spilled her heart out for him.

Throughout her entire life, Bai Qian heard countless stories, recounts of Mo Yuan’s deeds of unparalleled bravery, courage, wisdom, compassion and gentle characteristics from Zhe Yan and her father. Even without ever seeing his face or knowing how he appeared, she’d been in awe and harbored a secret crush on the mighty God of War.

When she became of age, Bai Qian urged Zhe Yan to support and somehow convince Mo Yuan to take her as his pupil, but to her dismay he flat out declined. And little did he know that she’d sobbed for weeks in her room after his absolute refusal. It was after she failed to become his disciple, she understood and accepted that he was a man she shouldn’t covet or desire.

And had she known, that day it was Mo Yuan she was enchanting for Zhe Yan’s prank; Bai Qian would have adamantly refused because it was disrespectful. But her broken heart hadn’t recovered and she wasn’t over him yet. Then fortune stepped in and fate worked in mysterious ways; he came to her.

She clearly recalled it was a dreary Tuesday and out of the blue, High God Mo Yuan, the man or God of her dreams unexpectedly came to their home for the first time since her adulthood.

Finally, she would be face to face with her long worshiped hero. The very second she heard her father welcome Mo Yuan into their Fox Den, Bai Qian rushed into her room, changed into her most flattering gown, magically revamped her hair, makeup then sauntered out as calmly as she could. Then she saw his striking face and couldn’t speak because of her utter shock and disbelief.

High God Mo Yuan wasn’t anything as she’d imagined. Not even close. Bai Qian expected to see a distinguished somewhat elderly white haired God, maybe with a long white silvery beard but alternatively, he was the most incredibly handsome man she’d ever set her sight. Never would she have imaged the God of War would be so…so…thoroughly dreamy.

“What about me was so dreamy? You cried when I refused to take you as a disciple?” Mo Yuan interrupted her story quite stunned by Bai Qian’s confidential disclosure.

The cute expression on her face made her look more girlish and younger when Bai Qian pouted, pushed out her reddish bottom lip and sadly nodded her head then said, “Yes, of course I cried. I merely wanted to be near you and you flat out refused me without a valid reason. What’s the big deal about taking a female in an all male school?!”

“Also, Mo Gēge, stop fishing for compliments about your looks. You know you’re dreamy and the ultimate yummy eye candy. Now, stop interrupting me or I won’t tell you anymore of my secrets. Where did I leave off? Oh yes, I was describing what I was thinking the first time I saw you.” Playfully, Bai Qian lightly tickled under his beard, and picked up right where she’d left off to continue with her confession.

The man of Bai Qian’s dream was unbelievably attractive. The God of War, High God Mo Yuan, had slightly almost delicate facial features with warm, expressive, nearly black eyes and full brows that framed his eyes perfectly. He had a sharp, straight high bridged nose and full shapely lips with an entirely defined cupid’s bow. There wasn’t a single grey strand in his top knotted hair, neatly groomed beard and perfectly trimmed mustache. There was only one word that described him and that was perfection.

High God Mo Yuan… He was perfection.

His calm demeanor with lack of words. He was quiet but his gaze spoke volumes. There was an unspoken serenity, a warmth that exuded and encircled him. It was as if he’d enchanted her, because the glowing heat radiating from him made Bai Qian want to touch him.

She deemed that Mo Yuan was too flawless and out of her league. But still, she felt beautiful, confident, calm and had everything under control, until her ridiculously absurd father mentioned the unmentionable. In his loudest voice, her father brought up the most damaging, terrible incident of her peeing on Mo Yuan’s shoes.

Bai Qian wanted to punch her father hard, and it took everything within her not burst into tears on the spot. If she could, she would have surely sprinted or vanished out of the room from the shame, humiliation and utter embarrassment. But somehow she managed to continue serving Mo Yuan’s tea without looking at him, because she was too flustered to make eye contact.

Only after attending to his drink, she rushed outside to hide because she couldn’t breathe and thought she might faint. However, secretly she peeped on him from a distance. It was then Bai Qian noticed a falling star in the night sky and made a huge wish.

“I wished you would come out, sit next to me and that’s what you did precisely. I even touched your knee, but I was honestly feeling you up and your hard muscular thigh.” Bai Qian giggled, then blushed surprised to see herself down to her last layer of clothing, before her undergarments. All that stood between Mo Yuan and her bare body was the slippery silk white slip-like gown.

What a funny girl was she, and Mo Yuan couldn’t wrap his head around her candid confession. He’d somehow unknowingly married his stalker. Why hadn’t he sensed her interest in him, and it was Lifen who had made the first move on him. But then he thought back to all of Bai Qian’s subtle touches and caresses; one thought came to his mind.

Mo Yuan stated, “I guess… I think… I think you seduced me. Maybe your Nine-Tailed Fox enchantment spell was more impactful on me than I considered. Zhe Yan can’t break out of one and perhaps it’s the same for me.”

Snickering most mischievously, Bai Qian admitted, “I did seduce you honestly. You think I enchanted you once but wrong. I used my magic and bewitched you three times in total. The first time, I didn’t know it was you.”

“However, I did deliberately cast a Nine-Tailed Fox charm spell on you that first night we were talking outside in Qingqiu, and that one was a doozy! It went straight from me into your body because I did it when I touched your thigh. I was concerned that you would feel the heat from my energy and call me out, but you didn’t say a word.”

“The last time I cheated, and used a spell was when you gave me a piggyback ride up Kunlun Mountain. I had full body contact with you so I used all my magic and called a whopper of a spell. I cheated to seduce you but we’re married now and it’s too late for you to back out. I’m officially your wife and we already have a son together.”

Unblushingly Bai Qian confessed, no, haughtily bragged, and the playfully naughty expression on her appearance wrinkled up her cute little nose most adorable. She was shameless and blatantly proud of herself with her sneaky, underhanded deeds and her accomplishments.

Without a hint of shyness, Bai Qian openly stated, “When I was Lifen, I used to stare at your handsome face when you taught me how to read and write. And ponder what it would feel like to kiss you. I also wondered if your mustache and beard would tickle if I sat on your face, and you ate me like one of my moon-cakes.”

Her last comment made him laugh, and Mo Yuan shook his head at her audacity in disbelief, while she eagerly undressed him from his many layers of clothing. She first helped Mo Yuan out of his massive Golden Dragon embroidered outermost garment, and boots. Bai Qian’s small hands skillfully undid the rest of his clothing reasonably quickly, and had him topless with just his silken underpants.

“My flawless husband is so handsome and dreamy. I could stare at your naked body for all of eternity…” Her faraway melodic voice. Her words floated in the air like butterflies, and she sounded more as if she were talking to herself, but aloud as Bai Qian caressed, touched and admired his powerfully built male physique.

Mo Yuan’s full and broad muscular shoulders. His substantially large and flawlessly defined arms with firm pectoral muscles. She deliberately ran her hands slowly over his exposed body, and felt the smoothness of his hairless skin. The arousing way his little nipples instantly hardened from her touch made her wet. She couldn’t undress him fast enough, and began to unknot the sash on his waist but paused quite suddenly.

There had been an unspoken issue that had concerned Bai Qian for months. It was her insecurities about her curvaceous and fuller body. Lifen had been graceful, slim as willow where Bai Qian was not.

This concern caused her to nervously clutch onto her last piece of clothing tight, and close to her body. This thin white gown was all there was over her intimate lingerie, and suddenly she frowned before finally expressing her anxieties verbally.

“Mo Gege, you are aware that I’m not as slender, willowy and gracefully as Lifen.” Her arched brows furrowed with apprehension as she added, “I’m…well, my body is quite the opposite. As I recall how much you fancied her slim, trim and lean body but I can lose weight. So maybe we should blow out the candles first before you undress me?”

She suddenly looked so nervous. During their engagement for months, Mo Yuan had yet to see her completely nude. They had often engaged in hot, passionate, kissing, foreplay and heavy petting but never fully undressed. Mo Yuan being a traditional man wanted to wait until marriage, and explained that if he saw Bai Qian totally unclothed; He admitted that he lacked the willpower, and wouldn’t be able to control himself or his desires to take her.

Mo Yuan sat on the bed, pulled her towards him and explained in his gentle voice now growing hoarse with desire, “Qian’er, I love you and there isn’t any denying that you are physically stunning. But for me, it was and has always been your inner beauty that arouses me most.” Closer he pulled her so that his head rested firmly against her breasts, and deeply inhales the fragrant scent of her smooth skin.

His words of reassurance worked. Bai Qian released her tense hold on her gown and embraced Mo Yuan, then kissed the top of his loose hair. He knew just what to say, the exact words precisely to make her feel gorgeous and desirable. Swiftly he removed the last gown, undid her bra and kissed her bare breasts. She felt his fingertips slip between her skin and the satiny lower undergarment, before gliding them down her body so she could step out of them.

His voice sounded husky with need and heat when he said, “Now, let me take a good look at how beautiful you are.”

She blushed wildly. Bai Qian stepped back a few paces and stood with her gaze demurely dropped to the ground, while Mo Yuan’s lust filled eyes consumed in the alluring sight of her. Her voluptuous body was utterly different than of willowy slim Lifen. She was luscious and curvy like an hourglass.

Bai Qian had rounded, teardrop shaped, ample womanly but firm, youthful breasts and her delicious dark berry-like nipples the size of the tip of his index finger… Edible. Her stomach was flat and showed abdominal muscle definition.

Her silky, supple, tender baby-like skin glowed from the many red candlelights. Her waist sharply cut in narrow, before curving out like a bell top to form a sensuously shaped body. Her inviting feminine mound had a little bit of silky hair, while her legs were fuller but firm and shapely.

‘Delicious.’ The anticipation, the sexual tension building up and rising. He thought to himself, and pondered how could she exceed all his expectation when he heard himself say, “Turn around…slowly so I can relish every part of you.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, she complied to his request and provocatively, slowly twirled around so he could appreciate her beautiful backside. Bai Qian seductively lifted her hair with both hands, and held up her thick locks so he could view her entire body.

Her graceful backside was feminine and smooth, even toned creamy-like milk with a sharp definition where her vertebrae lead down in a perfectly straight line. The alluring deep dimpled indent of her lower lumbar that curved up to form a peak, then rounded into her high, peach shaped perfect bottom. She had a full sensuous derriere that would fit perfectly into Mo Yuan’s open palms.

She purred, “Do you like what you see?” Bai Qian ran her hands seductively down her tantalizing bottom, and asked in her sultry beguiling voice, “Do you want to take a bite out of me?”

“How can you be this beautiful? If I weren’t such a jealous man, I would parade you and show you off naked to make other men envious, but you’re all mine.” He expressed in pure awe and reverence as Mo Yuan wrapped his arms around her narrow waist, pulled her to him, spun her around and sat her straddled on his lap.

He held her face with both hands, met her passionate gaze and whispered, “Qian’er, you’re gorgeous and I love you. I think we’ve waited long enough and it’s time to make love to my stunning wife.”

“It’s time to make another honeymoon baby.”  Said Mo Yuan as he rotated his powerful body and speedily laid his bride, Bai Qian, on the bed before he crushed his mouth to hers with a desire filled tempestuous kiss.

To be continued…..