预言 Yùyán: Prophecy: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Short Story NSFW

How extraordinary it was to see a woman staring back at her as the jadeite comb paused, while Bai Qian absentmindedly brushed through her thick locks of loose hair. With star-filled eyes and a faraway, dreamy look in her gaze, lost was she in her introspective thoughts.

The woman gazing curiously at her now from the mirror was at the beginning of her bloom. Bai Qian couldn’t help but ponder the feminine reflection before smiling because what she saw was foreign but pleasant…even beautiful. It was a rarity; highly unusual and most uncommon for her to so candidly reveal her true female form on Kunlun Mountain.

It had been so long…over tens of thousands of years, since she had first become High God Mo Yuan’s seventeenth disciple, Si Yin, and lived as a man. Often, quite often, she forgot that she was indeed a female and during those long drawn years, had existed in her male character. Bai Qian had been utterly oblivious to her transformation, her metamorphosis and the changes brought on by Nature.

She had failed to recognize how her once messy, cow-licked, tousled mop had grown into a silky, luxurious and dense mane that framed her face. That once plump, chubby-cheeked face of youth was now a profile with beautiful, soft angles and rose, petal-like lips that would provoke a hunger in any man who would see her.

Her tomboyish, straight, stick figure was no more. In the place of that flat chested, rough, tumble teenager currently sat a voluptuous, and curvaceous woman with perky but full shapely breasts. Among those desire provoking contours, she had the kind of hips that her mother cheerfully referred to as perfect childbearing hips. Not only had her adolescent and childish characteristics changed, but they’d also become defined into the appearance of an irresistibly attractive, and desirable beauty of the feminine persuasion.

Bai Qian’s hands deliberately slid, and explored down the curved sides of her now much rounder foreign body. Her palms moved over her nightgown to familiarize themselves with her new shape through the sheer, silky, sleeping gown. The delicate and thin material did nothing to hide the small goosebumps, instantly rising on her skin as she considered what was to come.

In many ways, her entire life…

Had she not waited her whole life for this very moment?

Bai Qian took one last careful look at her reflection before standing and walking toward her Shifu’s private bedchamber.

It was the night of her 70,000th birthday. The empty halls of Kunlun Mountain without the other disciples present, were silent and still. But she wasn’t alone, because the familiar voice of her mother accompanied her every footstep, as she advanced towards her fated destination.

Through her mother’s voice, the tale replayed in her head. It was the story that Bai Qian had heard since birth. She had listened to the narrative so many times that she could repeat it verbatim, word for word. It went something like this…

The Fox Empress always told the story with sheer reverence, and wonder in her tone when she spoke of Bai Qian’s pre-chosen path. “From conception, my daughter, you were destined to a great and magnificent Dragon God. When you turn 70,000 years old, you and your Dragon will join and conceive a new life to fulfill the ancient prophecy.”

It all seemed so splendid and significant. Bai Qian would play a role in fulfilling an ancient prophecy… That single statement had always stuck in her mind, but at the time it had all sounded somewhat nonsensical to her child’s ears. So she had asked…

“Mother, who is the Dragon God that I’m promised to, and is he someone with great magical powers like Zhe Yan?” Her mother’s reply was forever the same.

How beautifully her mother had beamed at her as she caressed Bai Qian’s cheek, and proudly stated, “He is your beginning and your end. An omnipotent God. He is someone who holds and controls the peace of the world in the palm of his hand.”

“Hence, for him, you must stay pure. Untouched like the pristine snow on top of Kunlun Mountain. You must remain innocent, virtuous for your husband and protect your integrity at all cost.”

“What is integrity, Mother?” Bai Qian had questioned innocently without knowing, or understanding half of her mother’s teachings or warnings.

“Xiao Wu, it means you can’t ever have a boyfriend or go on a date or kiss anyone else, because you’re a sacrificial virgin. A virgin who is fated to get eaten by a ferocious fire breathing Dragon. Afterward, he’ll spit out your little bones as if they were toothpicks.”

One of Bai Qian’s older brothers had teased as such after overhearing their mother, only to be whipped by their father with his long briar smoking pipe for scaring her, and making her cry.

She giggled as she recalled hearing her older brother howl with every whipping stroke of their father’s pipe. His punishment was well deserved and justly warranted, because she wasn’t a sacrificial lamb. The memory still made her laugh, and she was dreaming of the past, when the voices of yesterday faded into the night space.

Now the melodic music of the zither danced in the air, as Bai Qian found herself standing before her Shifu’s door. How strange… Why couldn’t she recall a single step of the long walk from her quarters? Was it because it was more as if she were floating, drifting on a cloud, rather than actually walking to her purpose?

The sudden knowledge of what was to come brought on a wave of nerves that left both her hands feeling clammy, and moist.

Bai Qian quietly chastised herself because she had never feared her Shifu. He was her rock; her foundation. She took a few deep inhales and exhales to calm herself, as his calming voice called out from the room, “Don’t dally in the hallway and come in, Seventeen.”

His voice was magical and soothing. “Yes, Shifu,” she whispered and smiled, casually walking into his room. But Mo Yuan’s overly attractive appearance brought a sudden heat, a blush of color to her cheeks as Bai Qian stood dazed by the doorway. She was unable to do anything else but blink nervously at her appealing mentor.

Her Shifu, Mo Yuan, was gorgeously dressed in his most casual evening attire. He wore loose, cream-colored, silken pants tied at his waist but failed to wear a shirt. His deep amber shaded, heavy outer robe hung open, scantily covering his flawlessly, defined, pectoral muscles and his firm abdomen. His hair, which he usually kept in a neat topknot, cascaded around his handsome face as he sat on the ground, and played his zither leisurely.

There wasn’t any nervousness in his smooth voice when he teased, “My Little Seventeen, don’t be scared and come in. I’m not going to bite you.” She could hear the smile in his voice without looking at his face. “There’s wine on the table, so help yourself,” Shifu uttered without glancing up even once. His manly hands fluidly slid up and down the zither strings as he played her favorite song.

Like his voice, the music had the charm to soothe the savage breast, and whatever fears or anxieties that Bai Qian held. Those stresses seemed to fade away when she was around her Shifu. He had the most calming effect on her and others with his composed demeanor.

Now that she was relaxed, Bai Qian took a wine glass in her hand, and perched on the edge of his bed without much consideration, as to where she was sitting. She gulped the wine quickly… Too quickly.

Bai Qian inhaled the potent, smoothly aged vintage instead of savoring the exquisite bouquet. The fast sounds of her swallowing were loud enough to make Mo Yuan chuckle, as he warned, “Slowly, Seventeen. That’s not Zhe Yan’s wine, and there isn’t any need for liquid courage.”

He paused momentarily as his fingers bowed, rose and dipped due to a quivering note of the tune before continuing, “Regardless of what your parents have told you, everything is your choice. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Mo Yuan asked as he finished playing the song and finally gazed up fondly at her face. He spoke with a small gentle smile. “You can leave anytime, and nothing will change between us. You will always be my Little Seventeen, and I will always adore you.”

She believed him, but she had questions…at least a million. The relaxed rapport between them was apparent when she blurted, “Is it true that you will turn into a Dragon, breathe fire and destroy the world unless you have a virgin? Are you going to eat me?”

“Am I going to eat you?” Mo Yuan repeated humored then responded in a well-practiced manner as if he’d been rehearsing the exact words a trillion times.

“I will not destroy the world with fire, but I will be trapped in my primordial form, and unable to take a human body for a long time.”

“Unless, you have a virgin, right? So do you need to drink or touch virgin blood? Have you had other virgins in the past?” Bai Qian spoke in chirps between taking sips of the fruity wine, unfazed by the severe nature of the matter of which she was discussing.

Bai Qian heard Mo Yuan cough somewhat nervously as he shifted the zither off his lap, and gracefully stood. And it didn’t go unnoticed by her for such a masculine man; it was somewhat astonishing how graceful he was when he took a glass of wine, and sat beside her in the most nonthreatening way.

He took her hand, gave it a gentle squeeze then emptied his wine glass in a single rushed gulp. Perhaps, it was he who needed some liquid courage and not her, because he drank quickly then sat quietly, seeming to gather his thoughts. Mo Yuan remained in silent inner reflection then spoke carefully as he usually did.

“I’ve had virgins in my younger days to satiate my inner beast, but many years of cultivation and abstinence have controlled my savage hunger. As for virgin blood…is it taste or touch? It’s both. It’s slightly like a rebirth and a ritual.”

“If you’ve controlled your need all this time then why is it so different this time around? Why do you need a virgin?” Bai Qian asked as Shifu leaned in and refilled their empty wine glasses to the rim, then produced a rare golden scroll in his hand.

So soft his voice sounded when he explained, “You will be my last virgin. It is written that you are to be the Dragon’s bride.”

In his palm, the manuscript was like nothing she’d ever seen. The gold gleamed more than any other gold, as if embedded were tiny diamonds in the little markings. The unintelligible pattern on the outside was an intricate design. No, she examined it closer, not some vague pattern but maybe scales. Yes, it appeared like dragon scales carefully inscribed on the outer side of the mysterious scroll.

Mo Yuan’s voice was low enough that it sounded as if he were talking to himself, but the words that came out seemed like music or spell inducing poetry. In fact, every word from his lips sounded like a hypnotic song, and Bai Qian felt bewitched.

“Long before I was born, there was a highly cultivated and compassionate human oracle. She was beautiful but born without eyes. Yet her powers to see into the future were so astounding, and entirely accurate that my father specifically brought her to the eternal world.”

“I think perhaps my father fancied her because he restored her sight. But to his surprise, she adamantly refused to accept his affections or his gift of immortality, because she loved the fragility of being mortal.”

“Seventy mortal years later, on the day before her death, she gave my father this scroll and told him not to open it until my birth.”

Shifu paused from his narrative to drink his wine and opened the scroll for Bai Qian to see. The ancient writing was like nothing she had ever seen and unreadable to her. But the knowledge Heavenly Father had once held this item was incredible, and impossible to describe in words.

She gingerly ran her fingertip over the fantastic and beautiful writing, as if touching the characters would magically give her some insight but alas… Nothing.

Mo Yuan chuckled as if he could read her thoughts, and his actions were full of tenderness when he placed his palm on top of her hand. He caressed her skin then explained, “It’s the most ancient text of all and only a tiny handful from the Fox, Celestial or Phoenix Tribes can decipher it.”

“Can my father read and understand it?” Bai Qian asked feeling proud that her father might be able to read, and understand such an amazing artifact.

“Yes, Bai Zhi can and has. Granted he was quite intoxicated that night, but somehow he remembered every single word. He was one of the most scholastic disciples, unlike you, my lazy Little Seventeen.”

Shifu squeezed the bridge of her nose playfully as he said, “The text was written thousands of years before my birth. It precisely described the date, time and the star formation in the sky the night I was born. It even predicted my twin’s delayed birth, but that’s a story for another day.”

“Then it predicted your birth and horoscope which is fully compatible with mine.” Mo Yuan cleared his throat lightly. “But the irony was that your father kept having only sons, so this scroll became a joke…somewhat of a big flop. It became what we believed to be the most absurd of false predictions anyone had ever seen.”

His soft voice felt like a warm comfy blanket covering her body. It brought on a sense of further relaxation, when he took Bai Qian’s index finger to point toward the lines of words a few rows down before saying, “Then incredulously, you were finally born on the exact day as prophesied. Even the stars were right. Fifty thousand years later you became my pupil.”

The scripture vanished with a wave of his hand. He turned towards Bai Qian to meet her curious gaze, and fondly touched her cheek with the back of his hand. “This prophecy predicts the divine birth of the greatest of immortal Gods, someone exceptional. It speaks the reincarnation of Heavenly Father who is to bring eternal peace to the world, and you are supposed to mother that child. Do you understand what that means?”

She should have reddened demurely as her mother advised, but Bai Qian asked the question she already knew the answer to. “Am I to assume you are to father this divine child?”

“A divine child?” Mo Yuan cringed ever so slightly, blushing and dropping his gaze. His shyness tickled her when he stammered like a nervous young man, “My… My little one, aren’t you afraid? Or feel compromised being a sacrificial virgin?”

Her usual girlish voice sounded husky, thick and mature beyond her years. “I don’t feel compromised at all because I know you love me. Although, I have to wonder. I question if it’s just because you need my blood or do you desire me? Am I sexually appealing to you, and do you think you could ever love me as a woman instead of your disciple? I don’t know if you can separate Si Yin from me, Bai Qian.”

The unexpected, deep tenor in her tone made Mo Yuan raise his dark, warm chocolatey gaze and his desire, his longing for her made all his embarrassment fade when he confessed. “I do desire you immensely, and I do love you beyond what a Shifu should feel toward his disciple.”

The genuine confession from Mo Yuan’s lips moved her. Bai Qian studied his face with great interest, and wondered how a man could be so strong, brave, mighty yet so tender, soft…vulnerable.

He was one of a kind. Even a love dense individual like her understood because her entire life had been in wait. But she never knew for what until now, and her conviction gave Bai Qian the nerve to articulate with faith, with unwavering confidence, “I’m not afraid of you, Shifu.”

She gulped her wine in a hurry while she was feeling courageous, and subtly shook her head because of the intoxicating rush when she stood. Bai Qian removed her thin gown before dropping it to the ground. She took both his hands and placed them on her bare body, because he seemed hesitant, possibly even afraid to touch her.

Bai Qian shivered even though it wasn’t cold as she stood naked before Mo Yuan, but he never took his sight off her face. The expression on his was one of love, tenderness, and overwhelming emotion. He said nothing but faintly panted between shuddered breaths, when she pressed her body to him and hugged him because he was trembling.

“Are you nervous, Shifu?” Bai Qian whispered as she ran her fingertips through his silky hair.

In many ways, she should have been the one afraid, but there wasn’t even a trace of reluctance or doubt in her. Everything felt incredibly right. She wanted Shifu to love her in ways she didn’t fully grasp mentally, but her body somehow knew and yearned for the physical intimacy.

At that moment, Bai Qian knew without reservation that she was born to be the Dragon’s bride, and to be loved by him because she felt it deep down in her heart. Mo Yuan was so tender when he pulled her on to his lap and held her almost protectively. Being in his powerful arms made her feel tiny.

He cupped her face with both hands gently and replied, “Yes, I’m nervous because you’re too beautiful and little. To me, you are exceedingly precious and delicate.”

She saw it in his eyes. To Shifu, she was still his little disciple. His body language was rigid, stiff, unyielding but his focused gaze never left her lips, as if he were fighting back the urge to kiss her. He was torn somewhere between what his body desired and needed, verses what his mind dictated to be proper.

Bai Qian ran the tip of her index finger to trace the shape of his perfect lips, and purred with the primordial voice of the woman lying in wait inside her body. “Shifuuuu…” Her pouty lips puckered as she lengthened his name in her speech, and purposely panted in a breathy way.

But how skillfully he controlled his appetite. Shifu’s expression became one of more significant concern when he asked, “Seventeen… No, Bai Qian, has your mother talked to you about what to expect?”

She nodded her head ‘yes,’ but a look of apprehension clouded his handsome face when Mo Yuan frowned. His full brows knotted and furrowed but Bai Qian quickly replied, “I know it will be painful when we join and I comprehend that I will bleed.”

“Shifu, every meaningful and life-changing moment in a woman’s life involved pain and blood. The pain and blood of becoming a woman are necessary to become a mother. I’m prepared.”

Bai Qian beamed as she repeated what all her sisters-in-law had told her, because everyone she’d asked had said the same thing. Unfortunately for her, he was not convinced, so she twisted her body towards him while sitting on his lap.

Pushing his heavy robe off his broad shoulders, and tracing his bare shoulders with her fingertips, Bai Qian asked a question popped into her mind, “Shifu, have you fathered other children with your virgins?”

“No, their bodies were both unable to endure my Dragon essence, and physically unsuited to mine,” Shifu answered but there was such melancholy in his tone, and Bai Qian understood why when he stated, “I killed them unintentionally because I didn’t know how to control myself. My Dragon’s touch is cold, hard like Winter and kills living things. Are you frightened now?”

The blame and guilt Mo Yuan carried in his heart… She saw the shame in his gaze and caressed his cheek, “Shifu, it wasn’t your fault. It was their fates. Your Dragon’s touch may be Winter, but my soft, warm body is Spring and ready to give a new life. Besides, I’m not worried or fearful because I know you would never hurt me. But what would you do… What would you do if I wanted to go with my virginity intact?”

Shifu sharply bit down on his bottom lip as if he were in discomfort, and the source of his ache was growing directly under her behind. He took her one hand off his shoulder and lovingly kissed the tips of her fingers. “Yes, I would let you go…” His sweet butterfly kisses changed, as he now subtly sucked on her fingertips and groaned out, “I would let you leave,” He licked between her index and third fingers most provocatively and murmured, “Eventually.”

The way he pronounced ‘eventually’ made her wet enough to create increased heat between her legs, and the sexually charged tone of their conversation was incredibly arousing. Bai Qian pressed herself to him, feeling the softness of his hairless skin. His smooth skin felt hot, feverish against her cool surface and she involuntarily hissed, because the sensation of melting on him was like rendering fat on a blazing fire.

The temperature of his scorching skin was nothing compared to the hot thermal energy rising between them, as their faces remained mere inches apart. Shifu was steadfast and resisted kissing her, as if that one kiss would be his moralistic undoing, but his bottom lip trembled in anticipation. He was afraid of what he might…what he would do to her but Bai Qian was not.

She took his face between her hands, fully extended her tongue and teasingly licked his lips diagonally as bait. He closed his eyes as he moaned and after holding back, his returning kiss was fiery, urgent and pressing. The pressurized sensation of him sucking on her mouth and tongue, created something very much like a back-draft that sucked the air from her lungs, and left her reeling from arousal.

She gasped to catch her winded breath. Bai Qian’s undiscovered body conveyed its unexplored needs, and her deep voice was so unfamiliar when she moaned, “Shifu…”

His mouth descending on hers swallowed the rest of her words. Shifu’s passionate kiss wordlessly told her one thing, that he loved her. But it also conveyed his profound need, his uncontrollable necessity to command and to rule her physically.

Bai Qian barely noticed he had laid her down on the bed. The weight of Shifu’s muscular body shifted on hers, and all she could do was moan breathlessly. She whimpered as his hungry mouth traveled from her lips to her neck, nipped a trail up and down her skin with arousing but slightly painful bites.

While biting her, Shifu reached down and removed his pajama bottoms. His hard male sex firmly pressed against her thigh. It was beckoning; his maleness and Bai Qian wanted to touch him, so she did.

“You’re magnificent everywhere,” she purred.

The full length and entire circumference of him, her hand explored eagerly. She stroked, and rubbed the girth of his majestic manhood that twitched in her discovering grasp, before he descended her body. The pleasure was incredible. Bai Qian kept her eyes wide open to watch her Shifu kissing, licking and sucking her skin.

He moved with skill as he proceeded smoothly down her body, leaving no part of her unnoticed or untouched… And now his beautiful mouth. Yes, Shifu’s tempting lips were sucking on her hardened nipples, as his huge hands cupped and fondled her breasts.

She stared at him transfixed as his mouth hungrily found one breast, and then the other before suddenly raising just his dark gaze. In his look of desire, all the passion, all the sparks in his fiery eyes, made Bai Qian feel as if she were the most beautiful, the most desirable woman in the entire world.

That’s how he made her feel… Mo Yuan stared up at her as his mouth devoured her breasts. It was sudden when she climaxed from Shifu’s passionate sucking and kissing alone. He paused as she moaned from her pleasure peak and whispered in a husky, raspy sound, “Your body is so sensitive.”

“Slowly,” he verbally willed himself. His voice flowed like a well-aged brandy, as he deliberately slipped further down to her abdomen, and scantily haired female mound, while covering the sensitive areas with wet teasing kisses. But there was something swiftly intensifying inside Shifu, and she sensed it long before he murmured under his breath something that sounded like, “They call women the weaker sex, but did you know women can bring even the mightiest of men down on their knees?”

She propped herself up on both her elbows and watched the scene unfold with wonder. With wonder, she observed, because it was the first time Bai Qian realized the power of the female body in its entirety. How spontaneously, how soundlessly the roles between lovers changed, shifting most fluidly and continually like the sea.

Even now, by all rights, she was clearly the submissive, considering she was laying on her back and Shifu was on top of her. However, he was positioned between her parted thighs and from her advantage point, it appeared as if he was at an altar praying between her legs. With her legs spread open almost indecently, he lay subservient as he worshiped her, “Beautiful…so beautiful.”

“Do I have a pretty pussy, Shifu?” Bai Qian uttered flirtatiously. He chuckled just once as if in disbelief of her openness, and lifted his head to make eye contact. His gaze looked dangerous as he answered in the lustiest voice she had ever heard, “Is that what you call your flower? If so, yes, you have a beautiful pussy.” She exhaled breathily and purred, “I like how your lips pucker when you say that but is it only beautiful? Nothing else?”

Shifu’s head lowered and he yanked her thighs toward him. It was a subtle reminder that he was on his knees but ultimately in control. Swiftly the power went back to him, rendering her weak when his lips, his tongue, and the slight roughness of his facial hair brushed against her silky inner thighs, before he deeply inhaled her distinctive floral musky feminine scent.

Then his tongue parted her delicate feminine outer folds, and licked the entire length of her pinkness in a deliberate, savoring, upward sweep repeatedly. He sucked, flicked Bai Qian’s exposed sensitive pearl with the tip of his tongue, and devoured her in ways that she had never imagined.

Next, Shifu’s tongue pointed, pushed and penetrated her narrow closed space, stretching her for the first time. She winced from the stinging and slight tearing sensation. Was she bleeding? Perhaps droplets because suddenly his human tongue grew different. It felt more extended, thicker, like a slithering thing as he entered her deep, far and further all the way up into her cervix. His tongue stabbed into the deepest part of her, when Bai Qian retracted her legs into her body as she climaxed again, violently.

She screamed. Bai Qian cried out in inexplicable ecstasy, as her Shifu brought her to multiple orgasms with his mouth. And when she couldn’t climax anymore his long tongue curled semicircular into itself; a subtle drawing, pulling sensation as he drank her juices then the feel of his soft lips kissing hers.

Shifu’s human tongue then moved into her mouth, and he tasted like her. Like her honey was the flavor of his mouth, but smeared on his lips was a slight metallic aftertaste. The way his tongue moved, curled and penetrated her mouth now was insane. Bai Qian felt as if she might climax again from his kiss, while his hand tenderly caressed her breasts and nipples.

However, breaking their kiss, Mo Yuan reached for a glass and poured more wine into her mouth. The flavor was different than the wine she had been drinking before. It was stronger, even a bit medicinal and he seemed to read her mind, “Yes, it is to help dull the pain and calm your fears.”

She wrapped both arms around his neck. Their lips met in a tender kiss then Bai Qian said, “Nothing you could do would scare me because I trust you.”

“You trust me…” Shifu murmured as he dropped his forehead on hers. He closed his eyes and deeply breathed through his nose before whispering. “Once it begins, once I change, I won’t be able to stop or transform back until my Dragon essence is spent. Meaning…it will be several times before I can change back to my human appearance. Do you know what that means?”

When Bai Qian shook her head that she didn’t understand, Shifu explained, “Unlike men, Dragons can and will climax several times without pause or rests. It won’t be quick or painless, and it will be continuous.”

There were so much disinclination and reluctance in Shifu’s anxious, apprehensive gaze as he tried to explain the situation. He appeared shaky, nervous and his dilated pupils shook with uncertainty. Bai Qian tried to lighten the mood when she answered straight-faced.

“I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, Shifu. Don’t men take potions and use magic so they can go longer? Wait a minute…are you bragging about a Dragon’s endurance under the guise of being nervous?”

For the first time, Mo Yuan chuckled with sincerity, and it cheered the solemn mood intensely. Bai Qian using the lighthearted moment between them, cupped his face with both hands, pressed and manipulated his face into funny shapes with every word she said.

“You-Are-Too-Handsome-For-Your-Own-Good!” She firmly slapped his cheeks then squeezed as she went on. “Tomorrow-You-Need-To-Kick-The-White-Goddess-Off-Kunlun-Mountain,” she articulated with intentional breaks between each word for emphasis.

“I’ve seen how she looks at you as if you’re a bao on a plate and she has to go. You must also tell her that I’m your woman now and that I have a beautiful pussy.” Bai Qian wrinkled her nose at him before bursting out into laughter. He shook his head at her in disapproval but he smiled, and when Shifu smiled he was the most striking man in the world.

Bai Qian’s giddy laughter calmed eventually, and she took a more earnest mannerism to reassure him that she was prepared for him, “Shifu, I’m ready and I love you.”

Shifu’s eyes closed. Sentiments overcame him, and he expressed in a voice that sounded winded, “My precious one. What did I ever do to deserve such an angel?”

He opened his eyes locking his gaze onto Bai Qian’s, caressing her face with the back of his strong, steady hand. And his eyes danced, crinkled because they were smiling. Shifu kissed her once more with full passion, before raising his body off hers to roll her flat on her stomach. His lips gradually coasted down the backside of her body until he reached her buttocks.

He stopped to admire her young round derriere before sitting up beside her, his hands taking over for his mouth. They traveled, caressed up and down the back of her legs as Bai Qian rose on all fours. She dropped her upper body then extended both her arms overhead, stretched out like a cat.

Spreading her arms up and parting her fingers. Bai Qian’s sharp fox claws scratched rhythmically into the bedding. Her nine tails appeared spontaneously, and gracefully swayed just enough to move the love spell that she called towards her Shifu. She wasn’t the one in need of something for encouragement and relaxation.

Bai Qian purred, and her words had a bewitching effect on him, “Reveal your real primordial self to me, Shifu.”

Still, Mo Yuan hesitated before he rose to his knees behind her, although only to massage her entire backside affectionately. He was in contemplation, but his even breathing quickened, and he began to pant perhaps from her spell. His soft, warm hands turned into cold metallic things suddenly, and his once human fingers now lengthened into golden claws.

He was letting himself go finally, and Bai Qian felt his long slippery Dragon tongue ravenously lick up her pink crevasse with greed. It penetrated her again and again before slithering up between her double cheeks, tasting every part of her along the way. Then up to her lower up to her mid back, before wrapping around her neck twice. The tip continued to slither up toward and into her mouth, wrapping around her tongue.

The bumpy surface; the slimy texture of his tongue was different as it rolled with hers. However, it tasted like her Shifu’s mouth. They tongue kissed passionately before his tongue suddenly withdrew and retracted. He roared and growled with beastly wildness.

But to Bai Qian, it remarkably sounded like he growled, “Mine.” And the roar that shook the entire bed only made her body tremble more with anticipation to couple with him.

“Yes, my Dragon God, take me I’m yours,” she groaned sultrily, as his balmy tongue now slunk up the front of her body like an anaconda. It encircled, looped around both her breasts, shoving and forcing them together with strength like a boa constrictor.

The flickering forked tip latched onto one of her hardened nipples and created a powerful pulling suction. The Dragon’s cold golden scale-covered thighs and his massive Dragon phallus eagerly stroked against her, spreading thick, gelatinous pre-cum all over her as he prepared for entry.

She was on fire, and breathlessly Bai Qian moaned, “I freely and willingly give all of myself to you to fulfill the prophecy,” before magically turning into an arctic white nine-tailed fox.

The End