Mix+Match=Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Chapter 1

“Crown Prince, Shifu is waiting for you.” The voice was polite as usual but friendly, and Ye Hua immediately recognized the cordial scholar who came to greet him. It was Mo Yuan’s second disciple, Wang Xiao, who played a mean game of cards and loved any woman who had big breasts.

Ye Hua respectfully nodded and followed the disciple, as he led him to his brother’s bedroom. Kunlun Mountain was his second home, and being High God Mo Yuan’s younger twin brother was an honor, of which he was forever grateful. Their births though several hundred thousand years apart, didn’t have any bearings on their brotherly bond. If anything, it brought them closer because he and the Master of Kunlun Mountain were best friends.

He and his older twin were often partners in crime, of course covertly. Everyone noticed their closeness and how Mo Yuan fondly spoiled, and attentively cared for his younger twin Ye Hua, but there was something many didn’t know. Nobody was aware that Mo Yuan was sometimes a bully, and this was another one of those occasions, when he abruptly summoned his younger twin in the middle of the night.

He scowled as Ye Hua stepped into his brother’s chamber, and sat across from Mo Yuan comfortably. They had dropped formalities long ago. Ye Hua didn’t bow and his brother didn’t expect it, but brightly smiled when he saw his sibling and it was too…it was too damn cheerful Mo Yuan’s grin that it instantly made him apprehensive. “Ye Hua, your big brother needs a favor.” He spoke in his most engaging voice.

“No!” Ye Hua rapidly spat without bothering to hear the request, because he knew his brother too well and the set up was too smooth. He and Mo Yuan sat in tense silence, until both twins spontaneously threw out their right hands at the very same time resulting in a fierce game of rock, paper, and scissors.

Damn ‘Rock!’ Always the ‘Rock!’ Mo Yuan ALWAYS threw out the ‘Rock’ beating Ye Hua’s scissors! His nostrils flared and his cheeks flushed with annoyance as Mo Yuan began his appeal, “I…” He handed his younger brother an extremely regal looking scroll, and continued in his most coaxing voice, “I’ve gotten myself in a bit of a quandary and I need you to help me…”

Mo Yuan delayed so it had to be a substantial request, and Ye Hua was quickly losing patience. He was cantankerous since Mo Yuan had pulled him from his bed, and Ye Hua made the rolling hand gesture for him to hurry along. Mo Yuan nodded that he understood and continued to explain his predicament, “I’m supposed to meet a young woman for a pre…a premarriage kind of meeting and I want you to go in my place. The scroll has the time and place of your rendezvous.”

“No! Ab-so-lute-ly not! The last time I pretended to be you, it was mayhem!” Ye Hua was adamant but Mo Yuan ignored him and went on, “The little girl is from Qing Qiu and her father is my dear friend, hence I couldn’t come out and rudely refuse. Ye Hua, it’s very uncomplicated. You dress like me and go in my stead. Be your polite self. Be a true gentleman and tell her that I’m not interested in marriage. That’s it. I ask nothing more of you, I swear.”

Mo Yuan solemnly raised his palm in the air with his verbal oath, but Ye Hua glared at him with suspicious narrowed eyes. He knew this was a terrible idea but then Mo Yuan used the almighty, the unbeatable Lotus card, “You know, Ye Hua, I cared for you for hundreds of thousands of years in my pond.” Mo Yuan now made the hand motion as if to shelter, “I used to cover you when it was too cold or snowed carefully…”

Ye Hua finished Mo Yuan’s sentence because he’d heard this from his brother a million times before, “And you watched over me like a hawk so bugs wouldn’t eat any of my petals.” Ye Hua rolled his eyes, as the fingers on Mo Yuan’s right hand made the chomping gesture of bugs eating petals, while his left made the swatting movement demonstrating how he had kept the insects away.

“Mo Yuan, have you seen her? What if she’s as ugly as a goblin’s foot with giant buck teeth like a rabbit? Or she has a mustache bigger than yours or appalling manners?” These weren’t true concerns but Ye Hua brought them up, because he was sleep deprived. Mo Yuan chuckled and said, “The young lady is a Fox…literally. She’s a Nine-tailed Fox and her mother is stunning. Look, Ye Hua, I’m not asking you to marry Bai Qian but meet her once, appease her with your charming ways and please wear my blue robe. I look best in the color blue and wear that hair ornament that resembles a sailboat. I look exceptionally handsome when I wear that particular headpiece.”

Ye Hua sharply exhaled in utter frustration, and roughly shoved the scroll in his sleeve begrudgingly before he complained, “Why do I feel like this affair is going to blow up in my face?” He stood to leave and stomped his feet before grumbling, “Mo Yuan, you owe me BIG, BIG TIME and I’m not going to forget this! When is this meeting?”

“Tomorrow…at noon.” Mo Yuan nonchalantly answered while Ye Hua huffed and puffed in irritation. “Ye Hua, take flowers…something expensive. Perhaps orchids when you meet Bai Qian and have fun.” Mo Yuan calmly sipped his tea and winked at his grouchy younger twin playfully.

To be continued…..

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