Mix+Match=Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Chapter 2

On a sunshiny, gorgeous, spring day in the busy Mortal Realm in a traditional tea house, this informal setting was where he and Bai Qian were to meet…

The casual venue was a place used by mortals of primarily common birth, merchants, locals and somewhat unusual, considering the distinguished standing of both the Fox Emperor’s daughter and Mo Yuan. However, it did offer a sound sense of discreet anonymity of which Ye Hua was appreciative, and it also minimized chances of him running into someone from the immortal world dressed as Mo Yuan.

Another advantage of using such a sensible location was privacy. Privacy was necessary, because if anyone saw either Ye Hua or Mo Yuan with Bai Qian together alone. The sighting alone would cause a rabid frenzy of rumors. This kind of gossip occurred anytime either twin even stood in the same proximity with a woman; everyone automatically assumed they were either dating that female, or sleeping with them. Countless varieties of misconception about Ye Hua and Mo Yuan’s private lives were commonplace. The price to pay for being too handsome…too perfect…too fetching.

Talk about being too fetching, Ye Hua was highly attractive in his opinion, and he wore the cerulean blue garment his brother requested, but refused to wear the ornate hairpin too. Alternatively, he opted for a simpler metal stick and instead of flowers; he haphazardly tore a handful of wild weeds that were growing in front of the tea house and carried them inside.

He wandered inside and as usual, all the women in the place stopped what they were doing to rubberneck and stare at him. The struggle of being too striking was real… This feeling was his sentiment as Ye Hua inwardly reflected on his handsome appearance, as he nonchalantly strolled up and down the cafe.

How would he find this Fox Princess among all the women? It was difficult to tell which female was his date since all of them ogled him. It was a waste to expend his precious energy to search for his mystery date, so he decided to take a table and have her come to him. It didn’t take long before the tea shop owner’s daughter soared like an arrow to deliver Ye Hua’s tea, and her small hands violently trembled as she set the glassware on the table.

It was a planned act when he purposefully turned his face away, diverted his beautiful eyes and avoided glancing up at the nervous girl, because she might pass out if she got a proper closeup view of his handsome face. “Thank you.” Ye Hua thanked her in his soft voice without turning his head. It was high-noon sun in the sky, he analyzed the sun’s positioning and the Fox was one minute late…tisk, tisk, tisk… He began to judge her character. One strike against the Fox Princess.

He hated tardiness, and furrowed his brows in annoyance when a young man sat at his table. It was astonishing how presumptuously bold mortals were these days, but Ye Hua kept his calm composure and politely stated, “I’m expecting a guest so if you’ll please go.”

In his opinion, his request was one of the utmost courtesy. But instead of leaving, the mortal continued to openly scrutinize Ye Hua, who was growing irritated by both the unwelcome guest and Bai Qian’s lateness, which was now three minutes and counting… He sighed in frustration. “Fine, if you persist in staying, then I’ll go.” He spoke in his usual mono-toned voice without any expression only to hear, “High God Mo Yuan?”

Huh? Who was this young man and how did he know Mo Yuan, as the rude fellow poured himself a cup of tea and said, “I’m Bai Qian. Please forgive the concealment spell but my brothers enjoy a good laugh at my expense. The last time I meet someone, they failed to mention that this person preferred men and liked to cross dress like a goddess, so I was greeted by what I thought was a hideous woman.”

She drank her tea in a single gulp and exhaled so deeply, her chest retracted from the lack of air in her lungs. Bai Qian now beamed as if relieved and she had a pleasant voice, “I figured this was another one of their silly schemes, and since you’ve taken vows of celibacy and live with all men… I assumed, well you understand, don’t you?”

Oh, he understood her alright. He snorted. Ye Hua aloud laughed, or it was a sudden loud snort because Bai Qian thought Mo Yuan was… She thought the Master of Kunlun Mountain preferred the male gender, and he couldn’t wait to tell his older brother the comical news.

While Ye Hua snickered, Bai Qian covertly glanced around her surrounding before waving her hand, and now a beautiful woman sat across him. Stunning… She was remarkable and from what he could see, she had a well-proportioned body, meaning she had generous, delicious breasts.

Bai Qian cheerfully smiled, sipped her tea and declared, “Well, that’s better. Although, being a man certainly has its advantages except sitting down. The center set bulge makes it difficult for me to cross my legs and I’m rambling, I’m sorry. I guess I’m nervous.” It was difficult to keep a straight face but Ye Hua returned, “Why don’t you adjust the size. Make it smaller than you shouldn’t have any issues sitting comfortably.”

The giggle, Bai Qian’s abrupt laughter was full and loud enough that others turned their way, or it was due to her beauty but she leaned in closer and said in a half whisper, “High God Mo Yuan, I figure if I’m going to be a man than I should have an enormous remarkable…sword. Honestly, if you were a woman, wouldn’t you want large breasts?” What an odd question and it caught Ye Hua off guard because he agreed and said, “Of course, I would prefer to have large breas…what am I saying?”

Ye Hua quickly gathered his dignity and spoke in his best imitation of Mo Yuan, “So, you’re the Fox Emperor’s daughter?” And to him, she replied, “Yes, and you’re Heavenly Father’s son.” They blankly looked at each other and both nodded their heads to the affirmative. The pile of weeds on the table caught her eye. She held it to her nose and inhaled, as if it were a beautiful bouquet of jasmine instead of parched shrubbery, “Wildflowers, my favorite.” Bai Qian said smiling.

Hmmm… she thought the weeds were flowers, how interestingly her mind worked, but why was it so difficult to have a simple conversation? He tried to create a steady flow of casual communication, Ye Hua asked, “You have older brothers?” Bai Qian signaled for the waiter and without looking at him, she said, “Yes, unfortunately, I do have four older brothers and you have a brother also, correct?”

Finally…yes, finally, the conversation had moved into a subject of profound interest and it was about him, so he boastfully divulged, “My younger twin brother, Ye Hua, is an exceptional young man. His intelligence is immeasurable and his capacities, abilities for strategic administration, world diplomacy and statesmanship are unparalleled. I would go as far as to say, I, Mo Yuan God of War, can’t come close or compete with young Ye Hua.”

He continued to brag about himself in the third person, while Bai Qian now filled their glasses with the wine she’d ordered, “Ye Hua is better than me at everything…and of course, his appearance. His stellar looks are…are there words adequate to verbalize absolute perfection? Let’s just say that he’s far more attractive than me.”

“Really, more than you? Is that so?” Bai Qian’s friendly, deep, chestnut hued eyes flew wider in surprise, and her long eyelashes fluttered as she blinked. She had exquisitely beautiful eyes and the way her facial expression softened– it made her look demure. However, she spoke boldly, “I can’t imagine anyone being more handsome than you.” She dropped her now shy gaze to the surface of the table, blushed rosy flushed cheeks and nervously tapped at the table with her third, fourth and pinky fingers. She suddenly raised her eyes which were full of fire, batted her long, thick, black lashes and assuredly articulated, “I’ve never done this before but would you meet me again? High God Mo Yuan, I find you to be charming and engaging. I like you.”

Her unexpected confession made Ye Hua speechless, and it wasn’t just because she found him appealing. It was the honesty in her sincere gaze, her free speech, her confident body language and she had the most tantalizing, kissable lips… But she was a massive NO-NO, and Mo Yuan had instructed Ye Hua to turn her down gently, “Bai Qian, don’t take this personally but no. I’m not interested in marriage.” Her response was lightning fast, “How about friendship?”

He hated to do it but Ye Hua stiffened his upper lip, firmly shook his head ‘no’ took a deep inhale and broke the bad news to the smitten woman, “You seem like a very nice young lady and I’m highly flattered by your interest in me. However, Bai Qian, I’m an extremely busy man. I have many titles hence I have too many responsibilities. Well, please give my regards to your father and goodbye.”

“Goodbye!? Already!? You’re leaving now in the middle of our conversation!? The wine bottle is still full!” Bai Qian’s feminine voice went up several octaves when Ye Hua stood, and walked out of the cafe without a single glance back.

To be continued…..

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