Mix+Match=Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Chapter 3

Bai Qian~

In a dazed stupor, she lingered in a trance long after Mo Yuan walked out during their date, and left the tea house. She would have stayed longer, but left when the owner kicked her out after midnight because he needed to close shop. Back home, she stood in front of her mirror in the same stupefied state for hours scrutinizing her reflection, until she concluded.

It was her hair. Her unoriginal hairstyle must have turned Mo Yuan off. The traditional style she chose to fashion her locks was too dull and ordinary. It was also her face. Her overly natural, clean, under made up face wasn’t pleasing enough. Bai Qian should have used a deeper shade of red like a beguiling claret or vermilion rouge. That would have been the wiser choice. Furthermore, it was probably her dress. The matronly unsexy flowing gown was most unflattering. She should have worn the tight black dress that complimented her recently blossoming curves.

There were too many should of, could of, would have… Arrrrr! What was the point of regrets now?

Bai Qian stomped out of her bedchamber, and the Tree Sprite jumped startled from her sudden appearance. He barely had his bearing when she started in on him, “Migu, what do you think of this gown that I’m wearing? Is it too conservative? Do I look like an old maid? Maybe I should have worn something low cut in a rich, deep shade of blue like his robe. Do men prefer dark, sexy colors over bright shades? Also, what about my hair? Should I have curled or worn it up instead? Migu, what kind of women do you fancy?”

“Your Highness, Migu prefer the color tree bark brown on women but then, I’m a Tree Sprite and don’t fancy many women unless they have green leaf colored hair.” She scowled at his ridiculous response. What was she thinking asking a tree dating advice? Bai Qian stomped out of the kitchen the same way she had stomped in. She went back to her mirror and proceeded to tear herself apart.

Bai Qian decided it was EVERYTHING! Every single thing about her was hideously displeasing, hence causing Mo Yuan to walk out during their date. She kicked at the air in frustration and had an outburst, “How could you ask the man out for a second date? It’s unladylike to be so forward! And why did you tell him that you liked him first!? Why!?” She cursed loudly before throwing herself to her bed, and continued to converse with herself. “I said it because I meant it. High God Mo Yuan… Why did he have to be so handsome and dreamy?”

The long sigh sounded as if the sky was falling for her, and she dramatically threw her arm over her head and whimpered, “High God Mo Yuan had such nice full lips. I bet they would feel so soft against mine, and he had the most beautiful hands that could touch me everywhere, and he smelled so pleasant. Clean, fresh, masculine, even a bit sweet… And the best part about him was he never gave me that weird giant ‘Hey, look at me. I’m a playboy, let’s mate or the Marry me! I’m in love with you, Bai Qian.’ Not once did he give me that cheesy perverted toothy grin all other men usually give me.”

Now rolling on her stomach, she crossed her palms one over the other, and supported her jutting chin to continued her self-soothing session, “Bai Qian, you must forget all about Mo Yuan, otherwise, your life will be ruined. You can’t use him as the standard for other men when he stands so high above the rest. Yeah, wipe him clean from your mind since you’re never going to see him again, Bai Qian.” She said this aloud but inwardly hoped he would visit her in her sleep.

Ye Hua~

Bai Qian wasn’t the only one thinking about their meeting. Back on Kunlun Mountain, Ye Hua also had her on the brain. He felt terrible leaving her as he did but there wasn’t any need to prolong the inevitable. Still, he considered if he could have handled it better with more finesse but then, what was the point of delicacy and tact when the bottom line was a rejection… Stupid Mo Yuan didn’t know what he was missing.

If anything, it was rather unfortunate that he hadn’t met her first. Bai Qian, Bai Qian, Bai Qian, the one and only Fox Princess had that certain je ne sais quoi about her. A spirited, playful personality that was both sexy and charming. And above all, she wasn’t aware of how beautiful she was, made her more desirable. She was Ye Hua’s type if he had a specific preference and her scent. She smelled mouthwatering like fresh baked goods.

“It’s too late now. Forget it, Ye Hua.” He mumbled now speaking to himself, until the faint sounds of his brother entering the chamber interrupted him from his inner thoughts. “Big Brother, you should have gone. I think you’ve missed out on an excellent match. Bai Qian was gorgeous.” His snippy tone lacked his usual triviality and sounded somewhat judgemental, but all Mo Yuan said was, “Bai Qian comes from a fine ancient genetic lineage, so I’m sure she was quite captivating.”

There wasn’t any need to waste his breath since his advice went on deaf ears, and there wasn’t any point trying to convince Mo Yuan. Ye Hua now stood in the mirror, adjusting his hair while trying to tame the little curls that always formed at his temples.

Behind him, Mo Yuan settled on his broad table, and began to pull all the things needed to practice his calligraphy. And without being asked, Ye Hua sat beside him, rolled up the sleeve of his black robe, steadily ground the ink in the inkwell. “Older Brother, why don’t you meet Bai Qian once? I think you might like her and what harm would it do? I think you might regret your decision later on down the road.”

The peaceful expression on his older twin’s bearded face was one of serene and calm. Mo Yuan dropped the smoothly tapered brush tip in the black pool of paint, gracefully moved the brush in horizontal waves, before using the edge to remove the excess ink from his brush. “Ye Hua, I trust you made things clear with Bai Qian on any plans with me, although, am I sensing some interest in your voice?” With a tinge of teasing, Mo Yuan spoke without taking his sights off the parchment before him. “Was she that lovely, Ye Hua?”

Was she that lovely? Ye Hua momentarily stopped grinding the ink and his sights shifted, drifted up to the ceiling, heavenward as he thought back to his short but memorable time with her. He tried to evoke the sentiments but everything was too complicated now. He grumbled. “How can I approach Bai Qian after today? I’m sure she would welcome me with open arms and a warm embrace if I said, ‘Hi, I’m Mo Yuan’s younger twin, Ye Hua, and I secretly came in his place that day. I’m sorry we pulled a terrible prank on you but can I stick my tongue in your mouth?'”

Lightly he laughed and Mo Yuan’s soft chuckle filled the quiet air. Thoroughly entertained was he by his younger sibling grievances, but before Ye Hua finished his sentence, Mo Yuan said suddenly sounding self-righteous, “Ye Hua, if Bai Qian or the Fox Clan ever comes to learn the truth, I’ll deny any involvement. I’ll say you stole the invitation before I saw it and went in my place without my knowledge.”

The involuntary gasp from Ye Hua was hushed but forced, “Mo Yuan, you would throw me under the wagon wheel like that? I do you this massive favor and you turn me into the bad guy?” Astounded was he with the ink block in his hand, Ye Hua roughly flung it. Instantly the ink flew toward Mo Yuan but his older twin used his blocking magic before the mess splash. Now the ink wand stirred on its own as if held up by an invisible hand magically, as he used his mighty magic wantonly.

It was just like Mo Yuan to make everything logical and rational with a few simple words, “What are the chances of you ever seeing her again, Ye Hua?” He deliberated on it and Mo Yuan was correct. What were the chances of Ye Hua ever seeing the Fox Princess Bai Qian ever again?

In his entire life, he’d only met her once and that was due to a prearranged meeting. Their lives, though both immortal beings, traveled in different circles, cliques and societies. Their chance meeting was short however sweet, and Ye Hua considered his rendezvous with Bai Qian to be a once in a lifetime, and that he would never see her again.

To be continued…..

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