Mix+Match=Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Chapter 4

Bai Qian~

‘Sadness flies away on the wings of time.’ 

‘Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.’ 

‘And then the day came,
when the risk
to remain tight
in a bud
was more painful
than the risk
it took
to Blossom.’ 

‘Love will come to you when it’s ready,
Not necessarily when you are.’ 

‘You’re not alone. Ever. Ever. It’s a lie.’

‘A wounded deer leaps highest.’ ~ 

Momentarily Bai Qian pondered aloud, after placing her current book of interest down on her lap. “Hmm… I wonder if this quote applies to Foxes also?” She asked herself and reflected a while longer and answered herself, “I guess my leaps are high but I’m not certain they are the highest?” She thrust out her bottom lip, shrugged her shoulders, shoved her nose back in the book, precisely picked up where she had left off and read further.

‘Love often makes itself visible in pain.’

‘Let your tears come. Let them water your soul.’

‘Time breaks a broken heart, but it can also break a waiting one.’

‘The heart will break, but broken live on.’

‘You don’t die from a broken heart but only wish you did.’

“Why are all these quotes are so depressing?” Bai Qian bemoaned in a whiny tone as she sighed defeated, and curiously flipped to the book’s cover and read the title. “Heartbreak for Dummies *Immortal Translation.”

Heartbreak for Dummies *Immortal Translation??? Similar to a fiery, molten magma spewing volcano she erupted. Bai Qian’s teeth involuntarily clamped and ground in exasperation, as she violently flung the text in the air. The book flew across the room before her magic turned it into a cloud raining confetti.

However, that wasn’t enough to appease her furor, and Bai Qian’s balled up fists now punched at an invisible being before her. She hissed in a threatening tone seething in rage, “Zhe Yan!” She bitterly cursed him, because the manual on healing was clearly a mockery poking fun at her love rejection from Mo Yuan. “I don’t know if time mends a broken heart, but congee made with aged Phoenix certainly heals everything!” She growled.

It was just like Zhe Yan to pour fresh lemon juice into her sensitive open cut. He was lucky she wasn’t home, when he left the literature behind with a bottle of his peach wine and a note that read~

Xiao Wu, don’t fret. Time heals all wounds. Soon Mo Yuan, the one and only, dashingly handsome, sexually potent and gallant God of War will be a distant memory.’ 

Mo Yuan~

He wasn’t the slightest bit surprised by the Fox Clan’s dumbfounded reaction to his refusal of their daughter, the beautiful Fox Princess Bai Qian’s affections. It was precisely the response he had anticipated. Therefore, Zhe Yan’s sudden appearance on Kunlun Mountain, and his chosen topic of conversation was also something Mo Yuan was well prepared.

It boggled Zhe Yan’s mind said he and couldn’t wrap his head around it. This was his feedback in regards to his brother’s ill-considered conclusion. The old Phoenix was perplexed and couldn’t understand Mo Yuan’s decision, because in his judgment, Bai Qian was the ultimate young trophy bride who would bring increased prestige, influence and éclat to her husband.

Then to gain an understanding of his brother, Zhe Yan asked what Mo Yuan disliked about the Fox Princess, and the Golden Dragon simply replied, “Nothing.” And that was also his response when asked what he fancied about Bai Qian, his answer was the same. “Nothing,” He said, before the Master of Kunlun Mountain shared some of the worldly knowledge he’d acquired over three hundred thousands long years of immortal life. He declared with absolute certainty, “Bai Qian is a charming, beautiful, young woman and this is but a minor happening in her long life.” He spoke his words of wisdom, but Zhe Yan swiftly countered and shared some personal inside information.

Zhe Yan promptly dished out the inside scoop and according to him, young Bai Qian had taken Mo Yuan’s or Ye Hua’s – depending on how you looked at it – love rejection to heart and spent several weeks alone in her room. When she finally emerged from seclusion, she came out with her ENTIRE wardrobe in her arms, and burned everything because they were all unsuitable. Then she proceeded to shop to replace all her old clothing, and in the process spent the same amount of pearls, Qing Qiu’s currency as it would cost to build a lofty castle.

The prominent Fox Clan, Qing Qiu’s royal family, being one with unlimited resources and wealth, Bai Qian’s excessive purchasing meant nothing but that was merely the beginning. After her whirlwind shopping spree, she began a week long fashion show with endless questions, but it was much closer to a hostile interrogation about her appearance in the particular outfit she was wearing.

It was a week of continuous questions and answers, in which she wore everyone down, and sent her brothers running with their Fox Tails between their legs when they saw her. Following her week long fashion show of catwalks or Fox-walks in her case, in all her new clothing, she began to style her hair in different coiffures daily and of course, the interrogation style inquiries restarted.

Now, Bai Qian’s latest thing was losing weight, skipped meals leaving her grouchy and hangry. She’d determined, if there was ever a war she would fight beside Mo Yuan to the death if needed. She would preferably die a warrior’s death by his side, than carry on in misery without him. However, her newly bloomed ample bosoms made wearing a breastplate impossible, and after discovering; breasts were made of mostly fat cells, she ate less than a bird to reduce the size of her bountiful bust line.

“Xiao Wu had the same shape as a man very much like my Zhen Zhen until recently; she looks full figured like an hourglass. One truly feels the sands of time slipping by when you see little shooting buds grow, and blossom right before your eyes. My little fluffy white kit is ready for romantic love.”

Zhe Yan conversed but it was more of a spoken inner reflection, while Mo Yuan listened in complete silence and without expression, until the part of Bai Qian’s dieting to wear a breastplate. That tidbit of information made him chuckle because it was cute and silly. While he smiled to himself, he shook his head amused at her adorable shenanigans.

“Mo Yuan, my considerate and compassionate brother, I have an excellent idea. Why don’t you meet her again and this time act like a bastar…act like a jerk? Be a cad, a real scoundrel and let her reject you. Let Xiao Wu be the dumper, not the dumpy, and she’ll get over you quicker than a fly can sit on fresh hot Dragon dung!” Zhe Yan’s proposal sounded unexpectedly reasonable.

Mo Yuan blankly gazed into the distance, as he earnestly considered Zhe Yan’s practical and prudent suggestion. He was entirely unaware that his Phoenix brother had deliberately mentioned Bai Qian’s current feminine shape, because before Mo Yuan was the celibate Master of Kunlun Mountain, he was quite the ladies man.

The Casanova-like lover Mo Yuan used to have an infinite hunger, and weakness for young maidens (virgins) with a spirited tomboyish personality, an innocent cherub, an angel’s face with youthful but generous breasts, voluminous, hourglass shaped body.

Mo Yuan’s past preference in the female sex, and inclination was someone just exactly like Bai Qian.

Ye Hua~

Was it love at first sight? Was Ye Hua’s meeting with the Fox Princess earth shattering and life changing? No, not necessarily. Time still moved as it should. Seasons came and went as they usually did, and soon the year came to an end without another sighting of Bai Qian. Before long, his rendezvous with her became a fond and distant memory. The moment was exceedingly pleasurable but not substantial enough to alter his life.

Ye Hua’s sights stared ahead. He didn’t need visual guidance. Without a single glance at the mountain of Celestial documents, similar to a seasoned assembly line worker,  automatically he seized another scroll, and replaced the one he neatly moved into the finished pile.

Since Ye Hua was 35,000 years old, he had handled all official matters pertaining to world order. His responsibilities were endless, ever since Heavenly Lord delegated all concerns of Celestial diplomacy to his young grandson. However, not once had Ye Hua complained about his hefty workload, even though he secretly yearned for something more. But it was his birthright and position to lighten, and share his grandfather’s burdens.

Hence the monotonous shuffling of boring reports was what Ye Hua did, as he sighed with boredom and thought~ ‘If only I could be free without being tied down to find myself. I don’t even know what I like or dislike.’ 

The pleasant idea freely wandered in his mind as he shut his tired eyes for a moment, when his guard came rushing in with an announcement. “Crown Prince, you have a special guest waiting outside.” Tian Shu, Ye Hua’s bodyguard reported. “Who is it?” He coolly asked without raising his gaze from his work. “It’s Her Royal Highness, Princess Bai Qian from Qing Qiu. She’s requested your audience.”

The mere mention of her name had Ye Hua in a state of panic and anxiety. He whispered in fear because she was right outside his room. “What!? Bai Qian is here? Now!? What does she want with me? Does Heavenly Lord know she’s here!?”

“Crown Prince, Her Highness has received Heavenly Lord’s permission to speak to you alone. Shall I escort her inside?” The confused expression matched Tian Shu’s voice, as he queried somewhat hesitantly, because he didn’t understand Ye Hua’s sudden alarm.

Ye Hua’s small eyes were much bigger than usual as he replied in a hushed tone, “No! Not here! Bai Qian can’t come in my study! It’s improper for an unmarried woman to be inside a man’s room alone. I… I’ll go to her. Tell her to wait in my courtyard. I’ll be right out.” Tian Shu appeared perplexed but politely bowed. Ye Hua watched his bodyguard exit his chamber, and return to where she was probably waiting.

He grumbled under his breath, “I told Mo Yuan it was a terrible idea!” Ye Hua slapped himself across the forehead hard enough to leave a red hand print. He struggled to stand but his legs were suddenly two limp, steamed bean sprouts as his shaking, wobbling knees buckled and gave out causing him to slump over, and landed on his side.

“Ye Hua, get up and act calm. Play the ignorance card and deny, deny, deny, deny! You don’t know anything. Everything was Mo Yuan’s design. You’re merely the younger brother who must follow the older brother’s orders. That’s it. He ordered… No, Mo Yuan threatened you!” Ye Hua gave himself a short pep talk, quickly climbed to his feet, donned his best face of confidence and indifference, along with his profoundly official and completely intimidating looking Dragon garment.

A quick glance in the mirror and yes, his gorgeous appearance was perfect. Ye Hua now got into his arrogant Crown Prince persona, and confidently strolled out of his study feeling sure of himself. But he froze in place when Bai Qian suddenly turned her big, round curious eyes on him with full intensity and all he could do was sweat, and blink rapidly in total silence.

To be continued…..



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