Mix+Match=Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Chapter 6

Words of wisdom and invaluable advice from the renown Celestial Don Juan, His Highness, Prince Lian Song. Direct quotations from Ye Hua’s third uncle, the self-proclaimed aficionado on Qing Qiu customs and etiquette~

The Fox Clan are a warm bunch and in Qing Qiu they don’t bow to one another, instead they hug and kiss. Their preferred method of greeting is a kiss and if they like you, you can even kiss with your tongue.

On every full moon, Nine-Tailed Vixens strip off all their clothing, and provocatively dance with each other, under the Qing Qiu stars before they have an all female orgy until dawn.

Nine-Tailed Vixens’ blood runs hotter than others, so they’re incredibly passionate creatures. And will often hypnotize their men with a Fox enchantment spell that prolongs erections, then make love until the men pass out from sheer fatigue. 

With Celestials, you’re lucky if you can get an innocent hand holding session, and that’s only after years of courtship. But I’ve heard that you can get to at least second base with heavy petting on the first date with Nine-Tailed Foxes. 

The women of the Fox Clan practice nudism, and love to frolic around naked like playful water sprites. If my memories serve me correctly, I understand they shun all undergarments and go commando! You know, 裸 Luǒ (naked) and free-bluffing almost always underneath their flowing goddess gowns. I should visit you in Qing Qiu on a windy day. 

Ye Hua, my handsome chaste nephew, kiss your virgin status goodbye!

These ridiculous statements according to the Celestial Playboy, Prince Lian Song, were of the utmost significance, and extremely relevant information for Ye Hua to fit in during his stay in Qing Qiu. And when his young nephew inquired where his uncle had heard such outlandish rubbish, Prince Lian Song responded most earnest with a straight face~

“Ye Hua, it’s 100% accurate and reliable! I know because my good buddy from the Southern Desert realm heard it from his friend’s eldest stepbrother’s relative, who overheard from the most popular textile merchant, who happened to hear it when he eavesdropped on the traveling opera troupe from Qing Qiu. Now, if that isn’t a credible source of news and information, I don’t know what is!?” 

To be continued…..

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