Inside the Brain of YeGenMo 21

Hello, my dear friends,

It’s been a while and I hope everyone is happy, healthy and frisky like me. Spring is my season for loooove! However, if you’re not feeling that spark, that fire, I happen to have a little something, something, that will boost your appetites, passions and set your desires aflame.

My friend, SunInTaurus on Wattpad has created something dynamic, and it’s a project that shows her love for 3310. She along with an astonishingly talented compilation of fan fiction writers have put their ingenuity together. Hence, producing a fantastic selection of NSFW themed short stories featuring our beloved Immortal Gods.

The Eternal Love based erotica pieces are all distinctive and represent the unique styles, voices, expressions used by the different authors. And the title of this beautiful collection of sensual literature is most appropriately…

Peach Blossom Dreams

Savor and enjoy the ride!

With much love, Unni


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