A May-December Romance: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Short Story Ch 1 NSFW

Bai Qian wasn’t quite sure when it began for her. When did she stop seeing Mo Yuan, her Shifu, as a father figure and instead regarded him as a man? When precisely did she fall head over heels madly in love with him, and when did she develop a perpetual infatuation for him?

Perhaps it was after Mo Yuan suffered an injury during the Ghost War. Seeing him severely wounded and hurt made her understand. Bai Qian finally realized that he too could die, and that fear of losing him made her bold. She behaved in ways she would never have before, and the first of her daring moves happened directly after the battle. Her injured Shifu was in his bedchamber resting alone from his wound when she at the tender age of 70,000 years old wordlessly stripped off her clothes and got into his bed.

Shifu’s facial expression had been one of profound shock and bewilderment, but curiously he didn’t seem surprised that she was a female. Without asking for his permission, Bai Qian crawled into his bed naked without her concealment spell. It wasn’t that she necessarily desired bodily, or sexual pleasures but more than that, she needed his physical closeness for security, and somehow he seemed to understand that. He said nothing, not a word of complaint, protest or asking why she was there. Mo Yuan had embraced her for hours, tenderly stroking her hair while she fell asleep in his strong arms.

After that fateful night, she always slept in his bed most often nude, and Mo Yuan never made sexual advances toward her. He never touched anywhere on her bare body while they slept. He openly caressed the places he considered to be safe areas such as her face, hands, arms, neck and his handling of her was innocent. It was Bai Qian who had to beg for a kiss. He, of course initially resisted, but eventually gave in to her and even to this day she would never forget that kiss.

It was a slow burn, a progressive sizzle, a teasing light and gentle brushing of lips. Shifu’s full sensuous mouth barely grazed against hers. The ticklish sensation of his short neatly groomed mustache against her skin made her giggle, and they had lazily laid in bed kissing for hours in that slow teasing manner. Had she not pressed for more, he would have stopped there. However, it was she who first pushed her tongue in his mouth and urged him to follow. When his tongue finally slipped into her mouth, and provocatively tasted her while she tasted his flavor, Bai Qian recalled her body feeling tingly, ultra sensitive. The wetness from her virginal flower ran down her thighs like water leaving a small puddle of moisture on the bedding underneath her.

She wanted, desired much more, but Mo Yuan’s reply was, “Soon. My darling, soon.”

Bai Qian waited because she was young and wanted to respect and follow his lead. Also, Shifu called her his ‘darling’ which made her giddily snicker with delight for days. Months went by with more tender snuggling and playful kissing. She slept with him every night and enjoyed hours of kissing, but after a while, that too merely made her needier for more.

It was then she made another bold move and caressed Shifu’s perfect naturally tanned, golden-toned body first. The way his many muscles flexed, and rippled under her exploring hand made her breathless from the growing hunger inside her. For countless hours, Bai Qian had stroked his body in silent awe, and appreciation wishing the palm of her hand could drink in his unbelievably flawless warrior’s physique. His defined body was a wonderland for her, but he wouldn’t allow her to touch him below the waist, and it wasn’t due to lack of interest on his part. She saw his erections but she – a relationship novice – didn’t know how to bring up the topic.

At most times, she felt like a thirsty sexual deviant. Wasn’t it usually the man who plead and pressed for bodily pleasure? However, in her intimate relationship with him, it was always her wanting and needing more. Still, it was Bai Qian who was begging and pleading for more with her unyielding Shifu. He could resist anything except her tears. He was weak against her tears and couldn’t stand to watch her cry.

The first year as lovers passed, and their gradual affair finally progressed to the next stage of discovery by touching below the waist. He declared Bai Qian’s sensuous shape was the most exquisite that he’d ever set his sights, or hands on. Mo Yuan explored her young, hungry body with his huge manly hands everywhere, and stroked her down below skillfully bringing her to strong climaxes quickly, and frequently. His slow, unrushed, gradual, lingering touches as he fondled her full like puckering rose-hued lips, her silky outer petals and the dew covered exterior parts of her flower set her body on fire. The pleasing way Shifu rubbed her exposed pink pearl with her wetness or with the moisture from licking his fingers wet made her cry out from the sheer intensity of her forceful climaxes.

Bai Qian couldn’t get enough and wanted him to deflower her, but again his reply was, “Soon. My darling, soon.”

Some evenings, Shifu allowed her to rub and handle his hard male sex. She relished the feeling of the soft private skin in contrast to the hardness of his ample girth. The fat swollen head that leaked a slippery fluid fascinated her, and Bai Qian curiously licked her fingertips after petting him to taste the slick liquid. It was different, but she liked it. It was a bit salty, a little sweet and masculine.

It took some convincing on her part, but eventually, her journey of Mo Yuan’s body proceeded. The dense hair covered heavy sacks under his long, and thick shaft was a constant area of her interest. It was, to say the least, Bai Qian couldn’t keep her hands off his impressive sword, which many times grew harder, thicker and longer in her hands. Nightly, she provocatively massaged him in hopes he would lose his mind from lust, and deflower her, but that never happened. He wouldn’t allow her to bring him to climax.

Following the mutual exploration with hands only, he kissed Bai Qian down below and refrained from feeding her his male sex, so it was one sided. But he preferred to be the giver, not the receiver. Frequently and slowly, Mo Yuan tasted, savored her sweet, delicious flavor at a leisurely pace taking her to orgasm repeatedly. With his wet, pleasure and orgasms inducing tongue, he ravenously lapped up and hungrily feasted on her dew trickling, beckoning but the sealed entrance to womanhood.

Shifu whispered that the sugary nectar on her virginal flower was the sweetest he had ever tasted, and he couldn’t get enough. It was a struggle for the jealous Bai Qian, but she held her tongue, even though she was dying to ask how many ‘flowers’ he had sampled. However, the euphoric sensation of his greedy mouth devouring her was too incredible, so she let it go.

Mo Yuan’s enthusiastic consumption of her innocent flower bud was thorough, and complete. Utterly exquisite. Although, he never tried to penetrate her with his tongue or fingers, which at times created more stress and tension in her already pent up body. Still, Bai Qian stayed patient and tried to understand him and his reserve.

His grounds for his pause were many. He said Bai Qian was much too young and he was the age of her father. That she didn’t even have body hair yet, therefore, intercourse with him was inappropriate. Shifu worried that it wasn’t proper, and he shouldn’t engage in sexual activities with his youngest disciple. He declared it would practically be a crime if he deflowered and took her virginity.

Such adversarial comments hurt her feelings, and drove Bai Qian back to sleep alone in her single bed. She purposely stayed away from him, but it was Shifu who came for her, and lovingly coaxed her back into his bed with tender expressions of love. He confessed that he loved her and she believed him emphatically. She was weak and vulnerable to his charms. She couldn’t say no or refuse him, even though her dignity, and wounded self-esteem felt like a giant fish bone stuck in her throat. Her love and desires for him consumed and swallowed up her pride.

Many years passed in this semi innocent manner with Bai Qian forever waiting, and Mo Yuan was telling her perpetually, “Soon. My darling, soon.”

Almost another hundred years went by before their love affair advanced, and that only happened after she threatened to have another man deflower her. She was earnest, and she meant it. Bai Qian had grown weary and tired of pausing. She was fatigued of expecting him to make the next move. After a while, even being called Mo Yuan’s ‘darling’ and constant oral pleasure didn’t appease her. Her overly excited, anxious body felt as if she might explode from severe tension and profound anxiety. Their provocatively arousing nightly activities merely compounded her sexual frustration.

Even after Bai Qian’s threat of taking another lover, he didn’t respond immediately. Her warning failed to sway Mo Yuan instantly. Instead, he tenderly explained that he needed to meditate for a few weeks on such a serious matter, and urged her not to be rash or make any hasty moves, then went into seclusion after promising to return before the end of the month. However, he stayed in isolation longer than his promised time frame. It was closer to three and a half months. When he came out, he promptly deflowered her that very night without any begging or threatening on her part.

Was her defloration worth the long delay? Most definitely. Every second was pure bliss, absolute rapture for her because Mo Yuan had delayed and forced her to wait for so long. The sexually pent up Fox climaxed throughout most, if not, during the entire painful process of opening and making her a woman.

Therefore, both her newly blossomed lower flower and Bai Qian the ‘woman’ were extremely satisfied. However, she wasn’t aware of what was ahead of her. She didn’t know that was the beginning of the unleashing of her lover, Shifu’s insatiable hunger and appetite for her. It was feast or famine, and for her, it was an endless, unlimited gastronome buffet. As if that one single act had somehow unlocked the floodgates that had contained his sexual impulses. After that night, it was he who was eager and enthusiastic.

Presently, it was he who was the demanding one that took her every possible moment. Between his substantial size, frequency, magnitude, and duration of their heated, passionate lovemaking sessions, there were many days Bai Qian could barely walk but she loved every sizzling kiss, teasing lick and pounding stroke from him.

The Spring of her young life had finally sprung with bloomed peach blossoms everywhere, and it was the honeymoon stage of their love affair. Bai Qian was ecstatic and madly in love with her Shifu. It was the same for him. He likewise adored her. His young lover was the apple of his eye, the one he couldn’t get enough of…ever. The passionate new lovers indulged in the indescribable pleasure, and discovery of ecstasy through bodily pleasure with the one they cherished, loved and desired most.

They treasured the intense unending, passionate love between them and decided it was time for Bai Qian to come out, thus revealing her true female self to her fellow disciples. Her disciple brothers were immensely relieved. Some were even over the moon to know that their Shifu wasn’t engaging in sexual activity with Si Yin, a young man.

For over a hundred years, both she and Mo Yuan crept around to meet in hidden places for their countless spontaneous, and romantic rendezvous. They joined to steal playful kisses; exchange teasing caresses thinking nobody knew and it was their secret. The undercover sweethearts weren’t as discreet as they believed. The disciples noticed the sexual chemistry between them, and knew something was going on but were too nervous or afraid to discover the truth. They chose to feign blindness because ignorance was bliss, but they were much relieved to know their God of War Shifu was as manly as ever with a strikingly gorgeous knockout of a young woman, who was a third of his age.

After the big reveal to the disciples, ensuing it was their family members and closest friends who learned of their ‘special’ relationship. Most were pleased and rejoiced in their union. Others like Zhe Yan said they already knew, while others such as her strict father didn’t appreciate Mo Yuan bedding his young daughter, whilst she was under his care as his pupil.

The Fox Emperor didn’t care that it was Bai Qian who seduced her Shifu, and that he had waited over a hundred years to make her his woman. Her father felt he should have shown more diligence, and prudence being the more responsible party since he was the older one. But he didn’t complain much because of his awkward position as her father, and being Mo Yuan’s friend complicated matters tremendously.

High God Bai Zhi may have kept his strong opinion to himself. However, not everyone practiced such proper etiquette and decorum. There were continuous gossips, scandalous utterances about their close and special connection. Furthermore, since both Bai Qian and Mo Yuan were straightforward, honest people, neither she nor he felt the need or went out of their ways to hide their intimate association. Hence, it became a well-known fact in all the Immortal Realms that she was his young lover.

The skeptical women who failed to catch Mo Yuan’s attention stated they wouldn’t last. The jealous men who wished for such a prize of a young, and beautiful Bai Qian said he would quickly grow bored of her, as he had in the past with others after the novelty of bedding a young girl waned. They merely regarded her as his toy, plaything, his breathing and walking sex doll but before long the petty talks quickly died down.

That was eons ago, yesterday’s news. Against all the skepticism, Bai Qian and her Shifu were still together. He and his disciple had been blissful lovers for two thousand years without much disharmony. There was a shared loving unity because they genuinely got along famously, and enjoyed each other’s company. He had lived long enough to know what they shared was unique and rare.

The fiery passion between them remained. Thousands of years later, Bai Qian still slept in his protective arms every night unless Shifu was in seclusion. However, his burning lust and desire for her did simmer down slightly. Presently, he only made love to her twice a day. Mornings and nights at the most…usually and it was one of those hot steamy nights of passionate lovemaking. Wedged between her young milky parted thighs, he was in his place of infinite ecstasy and pleasure. Heaven was having his thickened male sex burrowed deep inside her juicy woman’s warmth.

Deliberately he entered and pulled out and when he withdrew himself, Mo Yuan did so thoroughly. The slippery slickness of her soaking sugar walls made the drawing pull back hot, and slick on his plunging sword. The moistening warming sensation was incredible, euphoric and so was the visual. The arousing picture of her soft roseate pouty lower lips being separated, and split apart by the engorged mushroomed head of his shaft drove him crazy with lust. Then the distinct feeling of those silky twin petals firmly stretching around, and securely hugging his substantial girth made it hard, if not impossible to hold back. Still, he successfully paced himself because underneath his rapidly swaying, rolling body, Bai Qian was suggestively sprawled upon her back eagerly welcoming, and absorbing his pounding penetrations, even though he could detect the subtle discomfort on her face.

Throughout their time as lovers, Mo Yuan had made love to her over thousands of times, but there had always been some pain because her petite body frame never changed. Bai Qian had stayed small and internally narrow. That didn’t change regardless of their physical activities. Hence, his extensive size brought her pain when he gave her all of himself. But the pleasure peaks he experienced buried in the lowest level inside her was indescribable and insane. So he had to be creative and found a method that always worked. And it was quite fortunate for him that his young lover experienced powerful climaxes from intercourse.

He purposely increased her pleasure for maximum lower moisture to accept all of him with less discomfort. With slower teasing and smoother thrusts, he pushed her arousal higher. On her beautiful face, the sensual expression of profound arousal and pleasure transformed her innocent angelic appearance to one of a lustful harlot. Her smooth ivory cheeks flushed, reddened with color and now matched the blushing shade of her parted lips. Bai Qian’s intelligent gaze changed into seductive bedroom eyes, and her pupils dilated to the deepest brown. Her even breathing changed, broke up as she came close to completion, and Mo Yuan knew just what she needed to push her there.

Slightly Mo Yuan’s body shifted back, placed her legs over his shoulders then slid forward, and back into his original missionary position. However, now Bai Qian’s knees were bent in half, and her legs dangled over his broad shoulders. He raised his upper body off hers and tented his arms on the sides of her. He loved this position, because of the angle of his penetration would allow him the deepest thrusting down to the base of him, and it didn’t take long before she started her climax.

“Aaaahh, here it comes.” Bai Qian groaned hoarse and raspy in her sultry pitch, as her graceful lower back arched sharply, thrusting her perfect breasts toward Mo Yuan. His hungry mouth enclosed around one of her hardened nipples. His tongue swirled around the textured, darkened, puckered areola before he sucked harder with just the right pressure. He couldn’t get enough and opened his mouth wider to take in more of her full breast, and pulled on her erect nipple a little harder with more suction. Instantly her woman’s treasure became drenched from the increase in her love juices.

“Come all over your Shifu,” he growled with her nipple between his teeth and her trembling body willingly obeyed, followed his verbal command, Bai Qian came. The excessive moisture from her soaked him to his skin. Her honey spread and smeared all over his large phallus, down to his course pubic hair, when he ground his pelvis against her soaking bloom on his most rooted descents.

She was coming hard. Bai Qian’s pleasure peak crested. Her narrow space squeezed and throbbed heat around his needy shaft. The syrup from her honey pot saturated him, and was everywhere further fueling his lustful appetite. Mo Yuan urgently pressed his lips to her and swallowed her moans of ecstasy. Her tongue frantically entered his open mouth, rubbing and rolling against his. He plunged into her silk vigorously providing her everything and all of himself. He gave her from the tip of the enlarged pre-cum covered head down to the base of him fast. The rapid speed of his piston-like pumping thrusts caused his mighty male pouches to swing wildly with his hastened movements, before abruptly tensing and retracting into his body.

Their urgent kiss deepened as their mating tongues frenzied against each other.

Then sweet orgasmic release before the body jerking pulse; the sudden pounding throb before the powerful, creamy spray within her female sex followed by another squeezing impulse, then more deliverance of his milky seeds, as he overfilled her tight space with his essence. The force of his intense climax caused Mo Yuan to collapse on top of her weakly. Now Bai Qian lovingly raked her fingertips through his loose hair, and softly revealed in between winded breaths. “That was incredible.”

“Did I hurt you? Ah… I hate hurting you.” This worry was forever Mo Yuan’s foremost concern when they made love. “There are times when it’s a bit painful but what can you do? Can you decrease the size of your manhood below 11 inches, or can I make myself loose and wider inside? Also, do you ever hear me complaining?” Bai Qian replied in her carefree and relaxed post climax tone.

He was still breathing laboriously when he tenderly kissed her lips, rolled his heavy body off hers and instead, rested beside her. He pulled Bai Qian’s small body into his arms and inhaled her natural scent. The sweet peachy fragrance of her hair added the intoxicating scent of him, and intimacy on her dewy skin overwhelmed his senses in a good way made his mouth water for her again. Inwardly, he was wondering if she would let him have another go at her when she whispered, while affectionately pressing her cheek to his muscular chest. She said, “Shifu, I was late.”

“Darling, what was late?” Mo Yuan asked while caressing her round bottom. He was a bit obtuse, oblivious when it came to female functions, and nonchalantly replied without opening his eyes. “My monthly visit was a week late. I thought or hoped I was pregnant. Alas, I’m not?” Her soft voice sounded sadly disappointed until he sprung up, and questioned in a panic, “What! How? Aren’t you on Zhe Yan’s contraceptives? Is that possible?”

His worried voice matched his concerned facial expression. Profound distress clouded his handsome face as he intently stared into her eyes. She smiled up at him because her Shifu was readable and transparent. Bai Qian automatically assumed he was troubled about her emotional well-being. But that fantasy came crashing down around her when he said in his soft, and somber voice. “Darling, I don’t think a child in our life would be a wise or good idea.”

“We’ve only been together as a couple officially…” Bai Qian speedily interrupted him with a snappy tone saturated in sarcasm, “Only 2000 years! We’ve only been sleeping together for 2000 long years! Shifu, wouldn’t you like to have a baby and start a family? Don’t you think we should think about marriage?”

Mo Yuan quickly replied with a tender and softened expression, “My darling, of course, I think we should do all the wonderful things you’ve mentioned but not yet. It’s too soon, and I honestly haven’t thought about marriage or fatherhood.”

“You’re still too young. You don’t have any hair growing on your body yet. There isn’t a need to rush, and everything will happen in due time. Besides, I don’t think Kunlun Mountain is a suitable place for babies or children. Noisy, busy, dirty children would be highly disruptive for myself and the disciples.”

He spoke from the heart and perhaps more from his rational mind. Everything he said was right for him and reflected his feelings honestly. He didn’t feel that he had said anything wrong, but the annoyed expression on Bai Qian’s face made him wonder if he had. It was her stiff body language as she jumped up, and threw on her robe in a single rushed movement. She looked angry or more perplexed as she glared down at him, she asked in disbelief, “You’ve never thought about marriage or children? What have we been doing night after night? What am I to you, Shifu?”

“You’re my heart and my love. However, in all honesty, I’ve never thought about us getting married or having children. My darling, everything is perfect now so why should we deviate from the course. Aren’t you happy?” Mo Yuan was genuinely confused and didn’t understand her exasperation. But Bai Qian was getting angrier with every word he spoke.

“So you wouldn’t marry me tomorrow!? You’ve never thought about marrying and having children with me!?” Bai Qian demanded a reply in an unusual tone that he hadn’t heard before, and why was he suddenly so afraid. Mo Yuan replied, “My Shi Qi, if I were going to marry anyone it would be you, but I’m not at that juncture.” Then he uttered his usual line without much thought, “Soon, my darling, soon. But for tonight, I’m going into seclusion. I need to balance my cultivation. I’ll be back soon.” He lovingly kissed her flushed cheek and said, “I love you, and I’ll see you shortly.”

He should have recognized it was an ominous, and foreboding sign when Bai Qian didn’t reply. He should have easily detected her resentful and bitter mood. He should have stayed to appease, and talk her down instead of going into seclusion but Mo Yuan, the God of War, was unfortunately not the God of Perception.

To be continued…..

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