A May-December Romance: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Short Story Ch 2

Mo Yuan~

Mo Yuan knew when it started for him. When he stopped seeing Bai Qian as his disciple, and instead regarded her as a desirable woman. He precisely recognized when he fell head over heels, madly in love with her and when she became the principal one in his quiet life. He knew down to the very second because for him it started when he first saw her face.

It was Tuesday afternoon, the fifteenth day of the eighth month. The exact time was forty-eight minutes passed the thirteen hour on a perfect Autumn day, when Mo Yuan’s sights narrowed in on her, while Bai Qian was lingering behind Zhe Yan dressed as a young man. Instantaneous intrigue for her roused within him. The thrilling sensation of the sudden, and intense infatuation that overwhelmed the chaste God was alarming, because it had been so long.

The last time had been tens of thousands of years, since he had felt that rushed charge in his heart, and this interest overshadowed the previous times. His profound fascination or fixation of her felt more substantial, exceedingly than ever before and against his inner voice telling him to send her away, Mo Yuan took her in as his student.

He shouldn’t have accepted Bai Qian for obvious reasons – her gender – but he needed to know more about the beautiful girl, and see if her heart was as lovely as her face. Therefore, against his sound reasoning, the young Fox princess from Qing Qiu became his seventeenth disciple– Little Seventeen.

Quickly he discovered compared to her warm and loving heart, her gorgeous face paled in comparison. Thousands of years went by without any complications, or any uneasiness between them. Mo Yuan kept himself in check, while constantly reminded that his physical desires for her were improper, and unfitting as her teacher. He adamantly reminded himself that the emotions of romantic love were one sided with him being the only affected party. As long as he held himself at bay, controlling his male urges, he and Bai Qian could peacefully coexist in the intimate, but platonic relationship as Shifu-disciple.

The concept sounded manageable enough but there were difficulties. The internal physical and emotional conflict was there. Still, he successfully controlled himself and his urges for over 20,000 years. Even though the tantalizing scent exuding from her made Mo Yuan’s mouth water, and the arousing feel of her smooth, silky baby skin touching his through innocent body contact brought heat to his loins. He endured with much effort, he held fast even though his convictions were wavering, but it was she who started everything. While he fought his inner yearning desires, Bai Qian jumped in his bed and arms naked, thus making all his strenuous efforts in vain.

When it happened, Mo Yuan had fiercely cursed himself, his character for embracing her as long as he did and not sending her away. It was a feeble attempt but he found some peace of mind, and mental ease in telling himself that he was doing it for her sake. He was offering security at her time of need solely as her spiritual father figure, and that this would be the onetime incident. This conclusion was what he had assumed, although he was wrong because Bai Qian kept coming back, night after night. He tried to repress himself. Even after restoring his energy and cultivation in seclusion, reminding himself all day to refuse and send her away when she appeared before him, yet try as he may, he eagerly welcomed her into his bed.

He couldn’t help himself. He loved embracing, cuddling her warm little form in his shielding hold and they slept together innocently, even though they were both nude with their bare bodies intertwined intimately. He made countless excuses for himself. It was his logical rationalizing when Mo Yuan justified himself and his behaviors, since there wasn’t anything sexual or bodily occurring between them. This was what he told himself, wanted to believe, he was merely in denial and deceiving himself.

Mo Yuan was deeply in love with his young disciple, and unable to stop himself from wanting to move forward. He desired Bai Qian more than he’d ever wanted anyone but he was afraid of himself. Frightened of his absence of resolve and willpower to resist her or her young, yielding body. He tried in vain to postpone and delay them from making love. However, it was relentless, the tempestuous passion between them was unstoppable. And it wasn’t long before the unavoidable genesis of their romantic love affair happened, regardless of his suspensions when their lips meet. It was the beginning of them and even to this day, he would never forget that kiss…

It was a gradual tease, a deliberate building passion. The arousing sensation of her soft pouty bee stung lips lightly brushing against his made him want to tear up. It was somewhat innocent but the kiss was that incredible. That single tender gentle meeting of their mouths were further gratifying, and pleasing than most of the sexual pleasures he had experienced with other women in his past.

It was disturbing how arousing that one kiss was but Mo Yuan ignored his demands, lingered back forever holding fast. Not wanting to make her feel rushed, or pressured into something of which she was not prepared, he assumed the passive role and let her control the pace of their growing intimacy. Which she did. Their first sweet and innocent kiss led to a passionate tongue kiss, then to the discovery of each other with touch, followed by tasting. And of course, after thousands of years, he had utilized every tactic to delay the action, he deflowered her and ultimately made Bai Qian his woman.

The evening Mo Yuan deflowered her after years of procrastination, virginal Bai Qian was sexually frustrated to the extreme and her tense, anxious body needed a release. From the moment he rubbed himself against her for entry, she started to climax and continued to do so throughout the entire process of defloration. She wasn’t aware of how that affected him. It was a strain and took everything within him not to rush, because he desired to pump into her vigorously due to the exquisite slick, hot wetness, ever tightening squeeze around his male sex. He too needed a sexual release after the long drawn out anticipation, and when he finally came, it felt as if his massive pulsating manhood doubled in circumference, as he released his hot essence inside her. The immense volume of semen inside pouring out from her was surprising, and disconcerting.

The outcome of Bai Qian’s long awaited defloration was that, Mo Yuan couldn’t form a rational thought for several long moments, and her deflowering didn’t merely open her to womanhood. It also shattered and destroyed the longstanding dam that had contained his carnal urges. After their first night of intercourse, he questioned if he were possessed by an unquenchable lascivious demon that couldn’t get enough of her young nymphet body, or the euphoric sensation of sharing bodily pleasure. But it was never simply sex or copulation for him. There was more significance behind his ravenous thirst. His appetite for the physical was forever intertwined with the emotional, and eternally rooted from his profound love for her.

It started at first sight for him. Mo Yuan loved her heart and soul. Bai Qian’s sweet feminine voice, when she told him that she loved him made his heart palpitation and race. Her beautiful angel’s face caused him to smile and chuckle in spite of himself. Her luscious blooming body brought heat to his loins, and made his thickened male sex harder, thicker, longer than ever before. Her dewy and heated, almost virginal inner silken walls made him climax with extreme intensity. She made him come the hardest he’d peaked in his life.

She owned him. Unbeknownst to herself, Bai Qian controlled, welded both an emotional and sexual dominance over him that left Mo Yuan reeling, feeling both blissful and vulnerable.

For the first time in his long life, Mo Yuan couldn’t control himself emotionally or his bodily demands. He was betrayed by his physical desires again and again, when all he craved and thought about was her. Regardless of his countless attempts to clear his mind and center himself, he was consumed with thoughts of seeing, holding, kissing, touching, tasting, making love and being inside her.

Mo Yuan, the God of War, surrendered for the first time. Any resistance at this point was futile. Her acquisition of him was total and complete. With love and matters of the heart, losing was winning. And this conscious acceptance made him wonder. While in seclusion, he entertained the notion of marriage and children with her for the first time. Perhaps it was reasonable to take their relationship to the next level. It was time to end his solitude. He missed his darling, Bai Qian.

Bai Qian~

The night he went into seclusion after making love to her, and then telling Bai Qian that he’d never contemplated of marrying her, it was like a splash of cold water or a fierce slap across the face. It left her dazed and confused. She went to bathe but as she stood waiting for the tub to fill up, down her legs to the ground her Shifu’s essence ran to the drain like her dreams, and she started sobbing. She couldn’t stop crying, and all she could do was weakly fall to the ground from where she stood.

For a long moment, stupefied Bai Qian silently squatted on the cold floor, curled her legs into her chest, hugged herself and wept. It was a significant wake up call. In that instant, she understood that all her dreams, hopes, desires of being High God Mo Yuan’s only official wife, the mother of his children and living with him forever had been nothing but dreams. Only her dreams.

Then Bai Qian asked herself, who was she and why was she there?

Her depressing answer to herself was heartbreaking. She and her body were good enough to share sexual pleasure, but not good enough to carry his child. She came to this conclusion. Bai Qian was nothing more than Mo Yuan’s young mistress, since he never intended on marrying or having children with her.

Suddenly the time she spent with her Shifu felt like a self-sacrifice. Bai Qian had happily given him everything, and there hadn’t been a single part of her that she held back from him. Her heart and soul belonged to her Shifu only. Her entire body she’d willingly, and eagerly submitted purely for his pleasure regardless of the physical discomfort. There wasn’t an inch, crack, crevice or orifice on her entire body that hadn’t been taken by her Shifu.

Then she recognized the real reason she had remained at Kunlun Mountain as long as she had. It was because she wanted to stay near her Shifu. Why did she want to stay near him? Bai Qian faithfully stood by his side because she had desired, even foolishly expected more from him. Although, now everything seemed so in vain and misuse and a waste of her precious youth.

What a somber realization it was for Bai Qian and now her other sadness came to mind. Throughout their lengthy love affair, she had experienced immeasurable rapture with him but it hadn’t been all laughter, happiness and joy. She had purposely closed her ears, while wordlessly put up with all the scandal and talking behind her back. However, she knew what everyone said about her and him. They stated Shifu was a playboy who would use her for his pleasure, then cast her aside as he had done with so many others in the past.

It wasn’t just external talk that pained her, but her internal dialog was hurtful as Bai Qian always swallowed back her pride. Forever held her tongue so as not to annoy him with her childish impulses, and perpetually attempting to be the perfect woman who was suitable for the God of War…

Profoundly she exhaled defeated and Bai Qian asked herself, what was it all for when in the end it was heartache?

Everything was total confusion and chaos. Bai Qian needed to make a radical, life altering change for the better. Just so she could improve things and rectify the wrongs for her sad situation. Only she could make a move that would forever change her life.

She stopped crying and splashed her face with cold water. Even though her heart felt as if it were bleeding, tearing into tiny pieces and the agony inside her body took her breath away, Bai Qian held herself together to do what needed to be done. She stood up, walked into her old bedroom, cleaned, packed her bags, bowed to her seniors and thanked them for everything over the years. She left behind every gift from her Shifu, because there wasn’t any room for them in her new life, and she walked out on the only man she’d ever loved, her Shifu.

Bai Qian left Kunlun Mountain and ended her love affair with Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan~

Finding the collection of memorabilia on their bed should have set off an internal alarm for Mo Yuan, yet curiously it didn’t. He had spent enough time with Bai Qian and knew she was a disorganized partner. If anything, the messy disorder made him smile, as he systemically returned everything to their proper places. He was well used to picking up after her. He found his darling’s hodgepodges to be adorable and cute.

Mo Yuan was blind.

Hearing about Bai Qian packing her suitcases, and leaving Kunlun Mountain should have roused some concern in Mo Yuan, but strangely it didn’t. He merely believed she became lonely after he went into seclusion, and went to visit her family. It wasn’t the first she’d grown homesick and returned home. If anything, he hoped she was eating food as well as drinking wine. He preferred she stay soft and squeezable as she was now.

Mo Yuan was oblivious.

Instead of an alarm, he was delighted. Knowing of Bai Qian’s visit home pleased him. He was well aware that he monopolized most her time, and her Fox family missed her tremendously so he wouldn’t disturb them. However, Mo Yuan desired for her sweet company. He couldn’t sleep without her. After sharing the bed with her for 2,000 years, sleeping alone was a struggle. He missed her warm little body curled into his, and inhaling her delicious fragrance that filled the air as he drifted off to sleep.

As much as sleeping alone was terrible, waking up alone after barely sleeping the night before was miserable. He was accustomed to her beautiful face being the first thing he saw in the morning drinking tea, while listening to her chirp like a bird about this and that or whatever was on her mind. Therefore, the profound quiet was unendurable, and it made him wonder how he had lived without her.

It was true and distance did make Mo Yuan’s heart grow fonder.

He longed for Bai Qian. Mo Yuan’s mind and heart yearned for her but so did his body. He had the extraordinary privilege, and indulgence of enjoying an extremely active sex life with her. After 2,000 years of continuous bodily pleasure, his body had grown accustomed to the frequency of their physical joining, so he was suffering. His morning erections could cut down redwood trees easily, and he disliked self-pleasure because he didn’t need to for 2,000 years.

Fortuitously for him, Mo Yuan had the most desirable sexually gratifying woman in his bed every morning, and night. Hence, self-pleasure was unnecessary. Furthermore, even with masturbation, it didn’t tame or take away the percolating hunger for Bai Qian. If anything, it made him needier for her.

Inadvertently and unknowingly Mo Yuan had become addicted to his lover, Bai Qian, and her body. The absenteeism of both their physical, and emotional love left a substantial gaping hollowness inside him. It was a  bit selfish on his part but he needed her home with him, and he decided to go to Qing Qiu after his lessons.

Zhe Yan~

When Zhe Yan first heard that Xiao Wu and Mo Yuan had split up, he didn’t believe it. They were ‘the couple!’ They were the perfect couple everyone wanted to be. They had the ideal relationship that everyone wanted to have. Their blatant, extremely visibly affectionate, passionate, caring love affair with one another was the envy of those near and far.

Mo Yuan and Xiao Wu together were the couple that everyone loved to hate, and hated to love. If anything, everyone expected them to marry and have a child soon. Therefore, hearing of their unexpected mutual breakup from her was indeed surprising.

Zhe Yan was counting down the minutes expecting to see her run back to Mo Yuan after a few days apart. He wasn’t the only one who thought this. Her entire Fox family expected the same, or at least to see Mo Yuan come to take her back to Kunlun but that didn’t happen.

Another component of the breakup that struck Zhe Yan unusual was the following. He wouldn’t dare share such privy information, but he knew for a fact that no woman had ever broken up with Mo Yuan. Ever! It was him that left the woman who begged and pleaded with him to take them back, but a mutual break up was unfathomable. Especially with his proud male ego and excessive possessiveness of her, he would never endure Xiao Wu leaving him, so was it he who wanted out?

If it was him, had Mo Yuan reverted to his old womanizing and philandering ways? Infidelity or betrayal Xiao Wu would never tolerate or forgive.

What made their situation further incomprehensible was Mo Yuan, and Xiao Wu never even argued let alone split up in the past. It was indeed a mystery. If that wasn’t odd enough, she spoke to her father about spreading the news that she and he, were no longer a couple so she could start meeting other men. Her worried that other men wouldn’t approach her due to their fears of offending God of War… Although, her worries were in vain because there wasn’t a shortage of would-be suitors, and one of those was his younger twin, Ye Hua.

It was at that point Zhe Yan became thoroughly perplexed. He couldn’t believe that Mo Yuan the most possessive and jealous man in the world, when it came to his Little Shi Qi, would be indifferent to her meeting other men so soon after their breakup. Did this mean there wasn’t any chance of reconciliation? Were they going to let a 2,000 years long relationship go without any efforts to salvage their love? He had to see his face with his own eyes to believe that they were finished forever.

It was towards the end of the day when Zhe Yan appeared on the school landing. He noted Mo Yuan didn’t appear any different than usual. He had half expected to find him drunk in his robe writing sappy love songs, but that was not the case. The Golden Dragon seemed… Fine as ever.

Mo Yuan noticed Zhe Yan and subtly signaled to his disciples, excused them for the day as he slowly sauntered toward him. The old Phoenix scrutinized his Golden Dragon brother, and gave him a visual once over in disbelief impressed by his appearance.

“Mo Yuan, I’m impressed. I thought you would be drunk in your underwear crying with your zither in your lap.” Zhe Yan informally tossed out and casually sat across from Mo Yuan. He couldn’t help himself. Zhe Yan was stunned by Mo Yuan’s relaxed demeanor.

Mo Yuan replied without bothering to raise his gaze from his desk, as he busily organized his lesson plans. “Why would I be crying? Do I have something to cry about?”

Interesting. Zhe Yan had known Mo Yuan for most of his life, but there were times when he felt he didn’t know his brother at all. Alcohol was the answer. Zhe Yan needed wine. He waved his hand, as a little container of peach wine now perched in the center of his palm magically, and he took a decent swig before speaking. Now he had a tiny buzz, he conversed with more ease after taking another massive gulp from his bottle, “Mo Yuan, I honestly don’t understand you two. You were together for 2,000 years, Both you and Xiao Wu seem to be doing exceptionally well. Can I inquire what caused the sudden breakup?”

It was as immediate as flicking a switch, the abrupt change in Mo Yuan’s demeanor. The serene cast belonging to the Master of Kunlun Mountain spontaneously turned, and now the dark expression best fitting of the God of War surfaced. He looked intimidating, and would have terrified everyone who witnessed the sudden transformation. He didn’t raise his head. The same coloring as a severe sunburn was rising to his face from his neck, only his eyes lifted, stared Zhe Yan down. His light voice sounded strained, agitated when Mo Yuan asked with a trace of hesitation, as if he were afraid what Zhe Yan would say to him, “Zhe Yan, What are you talking about? Who broke up?”

“I’m talking about your break up with Xiao Wu. I’m shocked. Considering you’ve just recently split up after a long term relationship, I think you’re both handling things exceptionally well. Quite mature and rational. I guess you did teach her something other than sex education, when she was your disciple.”

The laugh was dry when Zhe Yan chuckled. It was due to his astonishment over the matter. He was perplexed. The Phoenix raised the bottle high toward his relaxed brother, toasted his untroubled composure. Announced something that made Mo Yuan’s dark brown eyes look bloodshot spontaneously, and the big vein on the side of his thick neck popped up, when Zhe Yan too casually declared, “I guess some brave immortals aren’t afraid of offending Mo Yuan God of War by dating his ex-lover. Your younger brother, Ye Hua, doesn’t seem to fear you since he’s meeting Xiao Wu tomorrow.”

The Golden Dragon’s wrath and his hostile attitude further intensified. Mo Yuan’s face crimsoned, but it was closer to maroon due to his swiftly rising temper. His hard, rigid expression stiffened more and he barked but in a menacing growl, “What the hell are you talking about, Zhe Yan? Are you drunk? Who has split up and why would Seventeen date other men.”

The ominous pitch of Mo Yuan’s threatening speech was startling, because it was more of an animal’s growl than a human’s voice. Confusion and bewilderment were written all over Zhe Yan’s face. Nothing made sense, and there was some deliberate delay in his reply, when he nervously answered Mo Yuan’s question, “Hmm… Xiao Wu said you two had ended things and she’s ready to meet other men.”

Then it was like being struck with lightning, when Zhe Yan realized that it was Xiao Wu who left Mo Yuan, making her the first and only woman ever to breakup with him first.

To be continued…..

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