報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 1

Mo Yuan~

It was he who found her first, after nearly a week of captivity with the most brutal of tortures, and it was he who held Bai Qian’s dying body, while listening to her exhale her final closing breath. He saved her life. Mo Yuan’s ingenious move, blowing his magical immortal breath into her hollowed empty lungs prolonged her living. Her respiration continued on his borrowed breath. She even opened her eyes momentarily, and spoke to him before she faded into unconsciousness. What she said to him would forever remain between them. He would never repeat those words because if he did, then he was the underdog, the runner up in the rivalry battle for her heart. What she told him made him the defeated loser in the grand competition for her love.

Mo Yuan had never lost a battle in his life and he wasn’t going to start now.

Ye Hua~

Ye Hua arrived at the identified location of Qian Qian’s abduction shortly after Mo Yuan. He was there before his men and Kunlun disciples. The agonizing image of his beloved ravaged, and lifeless body hanging limply in his older brother’s arms caused him to suffer temporary insanity.

The moment in question with accuracy, he couldn’t recall most of the details since it was nothing but a haze of lost time. Blinded and vision less was he by his uncontrollable raging wrath. Ye Hua annihilated over thirty Demon fighters and hired killers without mercy. He ached to kill Sujin in the most heinous and gruesome of methods. Mo Yuan stopped him from doing so, saying she would be fitly judged for her crimes. Furthermore, her testimony would be crucial to punish all those who had supported, and backed Xuan Nu and Sujin in their sinister conspiracy.

There was going to be a grand tribunal conducted, ruled and sentenced by Donghua Dijun and Mo Yuan, not Heavenly Lord since he too was implicated in many of the incriminating deeds. The two unbiased impartial Gods were going to listen, prudently weigh all the evidence, then execute and sentence the guilty who deserved retribution.

Everything was coming to a head belatedly but Ye Hua couldn’t help question, what was the point of an extensive trial with Qian Qian in a coma hovering closer to death than life? What was the purpose of prosecution, if she never awoke to relish in her triumphant victory, or savor the sweetness of her long awaited Bàofù over those who had wronged her?

Mo Yuan~ 

Mo Yuan moved soundlessly with soft as whisper footsteps through the now noiseless, hushed and quieted Fox Den. The silence was a welcome change, much needed after weeks of continuous bustling activities, and the sudden influx of bodies. For obvious reasons, all the Fox family members, and their closest of friends wanted to stay near Qing Qiu for their youngest family member.

The Den had become the nucleus, the epicenter for the gathering of those keeping a vigil for Bai Qian, who remained in a coma for the third month after her rescue. There wasn’t a shortage of people, although today, there wasn’t anyone to greet the arrival of a guest. However, Mo Yuan was far from being a visitor anymore, considering the Fox family identified him as her real fiancé. And the other reason for the silence was, the presence of the undesired outcast guest.

Ye Hua was with her much to her family’s displeasure. They gave him plenty of room to be alone with Bai Qian when he came. Or it was more accurate to say that they purposely avoided him, and Mo Yuan pitied his younger twin. He knew better than anyone else how Ye Hua felt about her. But in the Fox Clan’s judgemental eyes, he was the enemy or a part of the offending accumulation by association.

“Qian Qian, you know that I didn’t mean what I said to you that day.” Ye Hua’s soft voice cracked from his profound sorrow and regret. “You’re the only one for me and you know that.” The sound of Mo Yuan lightly clearing his throat from behind caused Ye Hua’s head to tilt toward the sound imperceptibly, but his longing wistful gaze never left her face.

“Ye Hua, you should go and rest. I’ll stay here.” Mo Yuan lightly placed his hand on his brother’s slumped shoulder. Ye Hua’s shaky voice snapped and cracked like a prepubescent boy, “Mo Yuan, in our last conversation, I called her a crazy bitch and told her that…” Ye Hua gasped or panted breathy and Mo Yuan knew he was crying again. “I’m so ashamed but I told her that there were more fish in the sea. Younger and more desirable than her.” Ye Hua’s hand reached out and gingerly touched her cheekbone, “What if Qian Qian never wakes up and that’s the last…the last words I spoke to her?” He sniffled nasally due to his congested nose between shuddered breaths, and when he turned his head to the side, Mo Yuan noticed giant teardrops rolling down his already tear stained face.

“What happened to all your optimism and confidence, Ye Hua? You said that she would wake up. You and I both know she’s not a quitter.” Mo Yuan hoped and prayed there was real gravity in his statement. It wasn’t his intention to oust, or chase Ye Hua away from his precious time of watchfulness over Bai Qian, considering his brother’s allotted periods with her were brief at best.

His recommendation was based on what he witnessed earlier in the afternoon in Nine Heavens. His nephew, A-Li, was suffering without the attention of either parent. He was no more than a toddler. However, the child seemed to understand and intuitively sense the unspoken, hence acting out is the only way he knew how. “Ye Hua, I’m worried about A-Li. He was withdrawn and cried the entire time I was with him today.”

“I know. I know A-Li needs me.” Ye Hua’s soft voice now viscous and heavy with guilt as he slowly, almost begrudgingly stood to his feet and sighed defeated. He bent over at the waist to caress her face with his lips and murmured with profound, heartfelt emotion, “Qian Qian, I’ll be back soon and I love you.”

Ye Hua wiped his tears from his face. The strayed tears dropped on her face from his slender hand. instantly the twins experienced a shared moment of mutual respect and courtesy. Their ceasefire was one of reciprocal surrender and they both agreed, conceded Bai Qian that her well-being were foremost. She was much more important than their selfish desires, wants and feelings.

“Mo Yuan, I trust you to watch over her tonight.” With those parting words, Ye Hua left Mo Yuan and Bai Qian alone. He took over the chair where his twin had just been, and carefully adjusted the nest of blankets around her tiny body. His fingertips gingerly ran over her short hair, and ferocity for those who harmed her swelled wildly in him to the point hot unshed tears of anger formed, and shone in his eyes.

He leaned in and moved closer then uttered in his faintest voice, “My Shì Qī, forgive me. I had Zhe Yan hid your pregnancy from Ye Hua. I don’t know why I asked him to do so. But I guess in the end, I’m more a possessive jealous man than a benign and benevolent God. Wake up now and scold me for deceiving him. It’s time to wake and feed your babies. Did you know that you’re carrying twins?” Whispered Mo Yuan as he took one of her cold hands between his, and pressed it to his cheek fondly.

To be continued…