A May-December Romance: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Short Story Ch 4

It could be perceived as rude or lacking in manners, but she openly stared at him while he spoke. Ye Hua’s striking features were identical to the face Bai Qian had studied a million times before. Saying that it was only million times was a far stretch of the truth, and a significant oversimplification like saying the surface of the sun was a trifle warm.

For endless hours of drinking, absorbing, learning and relearning never being able to get enough regardless of how long she stared at her former lover, Mo Yuan’s, features. Bai Qian had scrutinized him at great lengths and presently, could easily, even with her eyes closed identify the most trivial of details on his face.

Every corner, crease, freckle bit by bit even down to the placement of every follicle within his eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache and beard she knew. And now, here she was with her well honed Fox eyesight keenly, sharply, meticulously analyzing someone with the same profile, but there were differences surprisingly.

Ye Hua’s eyes shaped like two perfectly placed almonds were a bit smaller than his brother’s with a higher up swept at the outer corners. His thick downcast eyelashes were extraordinarily silken and long that grew straighter than Mo Yuan’s, and cast a long horizontal shadow across his cheek when he blinked. He had a little beauty mark, or since he was a man, it was a tiny mole above his almost too delicate for a man’s mouth on the right side that Mo Yuan didn’t. And now, he was staring at her staring at him.

“Qian Qian, are you comparing me to my brother?” He caught her red handed. Her cheeks flushed, and sudden heat emanated from her neck spreading to her face from her embarrassment. What was it about his penetrating gaze that made her feel modest, and bashful that she could barely stand to be with him?

Bai Qian couldn’t find her lost voice and when she eventually spoke, she sounded similar to a little squeaking mouse. She squeaked, “I was looking for the differences. I know you’re twins but there are differences like the shape of your mouth. You have a higher cupid’s bow.” Her weak voice cracked and she gulped nervously as her mouth went dry. After the words came out of her mouth, she wanted to slap herself for rambling and carrying on so absurdly.

Ye Hua doesn’t seem to find her chatter pointless, and his voice flowed like a gentle brook of water when he spoke eloquently, “I like when you stare at me. I like your eyes to be full of me and I like seeing myself in your warm gaze.” He smiled a little smile, lightly caressed the back of her hand crossed in her lap, and his soothing touch left a tingling trail of warmth on her skin. Like a shy virgin who had never been touched, Bai Qian flinched then crimson further. The blushing was out of her control and it made him laugh to see her lose composure. He faintly chuckled, before he stroked her cheek with the kind of boldness she’d never known. He didn’t hesitate or wasn’t afraid to move quickly in his courtship, as she nervously fidgeted in her seated position. He made her timid, and now she was looking heavenward without reason to avoid his gaze.

“Qian Qian.” His smooth voice drew her eyes to him, and his fearless gaze caught hers which were full of nervous excitement, “Can I kiss you?” Ye Hua asked without reserve or uncertainty and she nodded that he could. He shifted nearer while in their jointly chaired position until their bodies touched. The tantalizing clean scent of his skin overcame her sense, as his delicate mouth brushed against hers and when their lips met, all she could see were fireworks exploding behind her closed eyes.

In her nervous stomach, the sensation as if her insides were rolling and churning left her winded, and panting as much as his breathtaking kiss. Ye Hua’s sensuous lips kissed the corner of her mouth, then lightly pressed his forehead to hers and whispered, “I could easily fall in love with you if you would let me.”

It was like countless and innumerable butterflies. Bai Qian’s tense stomach vibrated, rolled and turned as the myriad moths within her frenzied around the new flickering flame, now flashing inside her. What was this tense, rousing, nervous and anxious sensation she was feeling? She wasn’t sure but it felt like the stirrings emotions, intrigue one feels during the first stage and the beginning of new love.

To be continued…..

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