報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 2

Zhe Yan~

It was soundless in the hushed and still Fox Den. There wasn’t movement from any of the chambers except the faint noises of resting bodies tossing, and turning in their beds. Since it was long before daybreak it was fitting and reasonable. On his tiptoes, Zhe Yan stealthily crept through the receiving area of the residence, and directly headed to his usual first stop which was Xiao Wu’s room. And greeted was he by a familiar sight. The slouched and hunched over, the backside of Mo Yuan sleeping upright with only his head dropped, touching her bed.

This picture was a familiar scene considering he’d spent nearly all of his time beside her since her rescue. He was refusing to leave her side.

There was a concern because Mo Yuan himself was not at his peak health. Zhe Yan also worried for his brother’s constitution which was not as it should be. Since Mo Yuan transferred much of his life force to Xiao Wu to save her on the day he found her. He was fortunate not to become possessed and fall into a demonic state, since there wasn’t any fungal grass used for the transference. But the life preserving act itself took a toll on him.

“Mo Yuan, go rest. I’ll take over.” Zhe Yan whispered as he lightly tapped Mo Yuan’s slowing rising shoulder. His brother’s soft voice sounded gruff with fatigue, “What time is it, Zhe Yan?”

“It’s about five in the morning. It’s quite early and still dark outside. How was Xiao Wu last night?” The gentleness in his caring tone abruptly changed, and the obvious irritation in Zhe Yan’s way of speech was from his profound disappointment toward Ye Hua. “I thought Ye Hua was supposed to be with her. He was so damn adamant about wanting to spend time with her, but here you are picking up his slack… Again… Still!”

Mo Yuan deliberately rolled his shoulders to loosen the tension. He softly cleared his throat and cracked his neck with a quick, sharp tilt to both sides before defending his younger twin, “Ye Hua has A-Li. He’s a father and he has responsibilities.” Mo Yuan covertly yawned into his open palm. His mind and body were now coming alive, as the last traces of his shallow slumber vanished. “Bai Qian is Ye Hua’s soon to be sister-in-law. Nothing more and nothing less. He doesn’t have any reasons to be so deeply involved. What do you expect from the young man?”

“I assumed he cared more about her than mere in-laws, since they were married during her heavenly trial, but I guess you would know better than me. Mo Yuan, why are we keeping her pregnancy a secret from him?” Zhe Yan was curious. However, as always trusted, Mo Yuan had his reasons and this time was no different as he explained rationally. “Ye Hua has his hands full with the trial. I don’t want him to feel any more guilt for her current condition, and knowing she’s carrying my children will only burden his heart more.” He paused, and Zhe Yan asked the question that had been on the tip of his tongue for weeks, “Mo Yuan, are you certain Xiao Wu is pregnant with your children?”

Stiffly Mo Yuan sat up. He straightened his perfect posture further and tenderly caressed, stroked Xiao Wu’s face. It often surprised Zhe Yan how he openly adored, and cherished her without his usual reserve. He loved her as his woman not just his disciple. The rush of shame washed over him for questioning and asking such a ridiculous thing. No man in the world would be so loyal, and devoted if their woman was carrying another man’s child. It was a senseless thing to ask.

“Of course I’m sure. She was not in the way you’re thinking with Ye Hua. My fiancé, My Shì Qī is a respectable woman and wouldn’t behave so promiscuously. She would never act or do anything to bring me, herself and her Clan disgrace or humiliation.” Mo Yuan answered with steadfast certainty, kissed Xiao Wu’s forehead with love and adoration then stood to face Zhe Yan.

A genuine sadness overcame his placid appearance, and Mo Yuan suddenly seemed older when he declared, “I’m due in Nine Heavens this morning. Sujin has recanted her entire testimony claiming both Heavenly Lord and Ye Hua were associates, conspirators in SuSu’s blinding, death and Shì Qī’s kidnapping. It’s getting foul and uglier than I ever imagined. Maybe it’s better for her to be asleep. It would break her heart to hear such things.”

“Mo Yuan, what if Ye Hua is guilty? What will you do? The Fox Clan said they would seek the same sentence he suggested for SuSu. I understand it was he who came up with the terms for her punishment. It was two years of lightning punishment and the removal of her eyes…”

Mo Yuan abruptly raised his palm in the air to suspend Zhe Yan from saying another word, and spoke with his composed demeanor. “The Fox Clan are highly sensitive now, due to Bai Qian’s precarious and uncertain medical conditions.”

“Their child is in a coma after being savagely wounded. They have every reason to feel hostile but they too will come around. Bai Zhi and his people are not primitive, barbaric or cruel family to want such despicable actions. Let’s pray Sujin is lying and twisting the truth. I’ll be back later tonight.”

Zhe Yan watched his brother, Mo Yuan, leave and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Even though he the master of hiding emotions, thoughts and concerns, he had the heavy, burdensome weight of the world on his broad shoulders.

To be continued…..