Inside the Brain of YeGenMo 22

Hello my friends,

報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads is now underway finally and we are coming to the home stretch. I’m seeing many emotions, sentiments and intensities hitting a boiling point in some readers. I will not feel offended or hurt if many bailed out. I’m fully aware that this is a depressing and challenging read. I expected this kind of reactions from the start.

This fan fiction was a test for me to see how dark I could go, and it seems that I can go black. Let me quote myself from the posting I wrote before 報復 Bàofù: Revenge:

“Those of you who are used to noble Shifu, dense Bai Qian, and the doormat Ye Hua that often portrayed may want to stop reading. I know many become quite passionate when their ‘immortal twin’ is the underdog. Once again, I’m reaching into the dark pit of the characters as I see them.” 

This sentiment has not changed and the ending will be as I’ve hinted to some readers. But the road to happiness is often a twisted, curvy, sometimes hidden by mud puddles and massive piles of shit route. Also, my opinion of happiness may differ from others.

The synopsis for Crossroads, the closing chapter of Bàofù is how far will one go to get what they want? Who is willing, who is clever and strong enough to endure till the end? It’s a Dragon eats Dragon world but who will be the victor when all is said and done?

The other fan fictions that are being written simultaneously:

Mix+Match=Love. This item is a romantic comedy. A coming of age story and the discovery of new love. Ye Hua is the main man. The NSFW chapters will be written in a style similar to Yīngyǒng Eroica.

A May-December Romance is about a relationship with a huge age gap and my husband, Big Daddy Mo Yuan, is the main man.

Of course, the second part of 2 Dragons and 1 Fox will come out very soon. Then after Bàofù, Queen with the reverse harem will begin finally…

Until next time,

Love Unni

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