報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 13

Mo Yuan appeared dissatisfied. He seemed to be complaining. However, it was all a farce, a pretense because his bragging was as plain as the sun in the sky, when he said without a hint of jest in his earnest facial expression.

“It’s a burden that our girls are TOO perfect.”

The proud new father went on to boast further, and it was more than apparent that Bai Qian wasn’t the only one bursting over with new parents pride and joy. Mo Yuan who was a cautious, taciturn character was abnormally forward and brazen in his flaunting.

“When I think of the endless lines of admirers who will want to marry our beautiful girls, it’s fortunate that we live on a mountaintop so it will be easier to control the crowds.”

Then in his quietest voice, in barely a mumble, Mo Yuan whispered to the babies but she heard him, “My girls are even more gorgeous than your mother.”

Her smile broadened watching Mo Yuan. He was terrific with the girls and now he was lovingly cradling and rocking her… No, them. The girls were ‘their’ three-month-old infant daughters. He was skillfully swaying them like a professional nanny in the crooks of his muscular arms, before directing his question toward his two swaddled bundles of joy.

He asked the girls, “What is your feeble, elderly father going to do with you two beauties? Lock you away in my seclusion cave until you’re both over 100,000 years old?” Mo Yuan dramatically sighed and carried on, “I foresee that my princesses are going to break many, many hearts and I… I predict that your father is going to break many, many…many heads.”

He was a quiet and reserved man of not too many words. A highly private character who usually barely spoke at all. However, Mo Yuan conversed with the infants more than he did with adults, and Bai Qian admired this newly discovered side of him.

It made her wonder why he’d never married or fathered any children before. Who would have ever guessed that the undefeated God of War turned into jellyfish, when it came to children? His slightly absurd bantering, his strange gibberish, his baby talk with the girls was charming. It was heartwarming to witness someone so composed come undone, and became an absolute fool in the presence of babies.

She smiled, while watching a bit more of the entertaining one sided dialogue from a distance before going to join Mo Yuan. There was a newly relaxed closeness in her body language, as she stood beside him intimately, near enough that her left breast pressed into his bicep. She moved even closer, held her stance without flinching away when the babies noticed her, began to cry and fuss in his embrace.

His focus was fully on the babies, and their whining promoted him to frown with worry without any acknowledgment of her massive bosom on his arm. But then what had she expected? Considering how many times Mo Yuan had watched Bai Qian breastfeed the twins, and never showed any inclinations, or interest even after seeing her bare lactating breasts.

Like the other times, Bai Qian had tried to get a response from him; there wasn’t any sign of arousal. Instead, Mo Yuan openly frowned before most begrudging handing the older twin to her. The firstborn, Changchang, was fussier and habitually cried when he held her unlike her younger sister, Changying, who was the happier of the babies and rarely complained. Or at least not around him.

For Mo Yuan and his younger daughter, Changying; Bai Qian noticed it was mutual instantaneous love and the baby adored him. The moment Changying sets her sights on him, the baby’s eyes lit up brilliantly. She beamed, giggled, slobbered and blew spit bubbles at her bearded father. Even now, he was covering the baby’s round cheeks with sweet, little kisses then making faces at her causing her to giggle more and distracting her.

Since Mo Yuan was keeping Ying’er entertained, she carried A-Chang cradled in her arms, and situated herself in the corner of the nursery by her husband’s most recent surprise present. His gift was a wide bay window that overlooked the magnificent skyline of Kunlun Mountain. The spacious sitting nook was personally drafted, and built by him with her needs in mind to be extra comfy for prolonged sitting.

The location of the window seat was also well thought out and perfect. Mo Yuan knew how much she enjoyed the flow of fresh air coming through an open window. Hence, he installed the windowpane in the nursery, because Bai Qian often slept with the babies due to their constant nursing demands.

The comfortable cubbyhole was her preferred place to peacefully nurse the twins, while looking outside and enjoying the sunlight. It was thoughtful of him and only one of the many kindnesses he did for her. it was becoming a real challenge – if not an impossibility – to loathe Mo Yuan when he was so charming and attentive.

This dilemma prompted Bai Qian to often ask herself, if it was reasonable to feel grateful even warmth toward the captor, the abductor that had threatened her to get his way? She didn’t know how she felt anymore because there were times, many times when it was simple to overlook the twisted way things came to be.

Perhaps it was a weakness on her part because it was easier to forget. Her hatred was fading and creating room for something new. Something was stirring, something passionate, something… Bai Qian desperately needed and welcomed.

She felt herself coming back to life and she was starting to desire Mo Yuan. After two and a half years of marriage, Bai Qian wanted her husband to take her and she wanted to love him– if it were possible.

So it was happening…she was letting go and moving on with her husband, as he’d suggested in his only message from Nine Heavens.

Bai Qian received a letter from him one year after he’d impregnated, and married her cousin. The cousin that she had personally selected, painstakingly planted in Nine Heavens solely to care for and watch over A-Li, until she could escape and run away from Mo Yuan.

But in the end, he seduced and took the woman she sent to safeguard her son as his wife. Then he sent Bai Qian one simple indifferent note instructing her to stay with Mo Yuan, to forget him and their past, because he was in love with her cousin and wanted to forget her.

There was nothing else written except the last line denying to be the father of her twins. He declined to accept responsibility to the babies, whom he referred to as ‘her’ half-demon bastards.

Mo Yuan~

“Are my girls asleep finally?” Mo Yuan asked drowsy voiced with his eyes closed.

It was late; sometime past midnight, Bai Qian was noiselessly creeping around their bedroom assuming that Mo Yuan would be asleep. He’d intentionally waited up for her, as he did every night to make sure that she rested when she could, and especially because he felt her openly rubbing up on him earlier in the nursery.

“Yes, your little piggy princesses are fast asleep in a milk stupor, after draining two other nurses and me. I feel more like a Cow than a Fox these days. Did I wake you? I’m sorry, I was trying to be quiet.”

Bai Qian answered in a whisper even though he was awake, while hurriedly releasing her slightly messy but sexy up-do. She haphazardly brushed her silky waist length hair and changed into her nightgown, unaware that Mo Yuan was quietly observing her getting ready for bed with a smile on his face. It made him exceedingly happy to see her looking healthy.

Bai Qian wasn’t slender as she’d been, and gained all of her healthy weight back plus more during her last year of pregnancy. She was delicious with a voluptuous figure that was ravishing and remarkably feminine. Her large, plentiful breasts were heavy and full. Her enormous nipples darkened like blackberries. Her body was soft and enticing. Her ravishing silhouette drove Mo Yuan crazy with want.

However, they hadn’t resumed intimacy…

They had yet to consummate their marriage, even though, there was kissing and skin-ship when he massaged and held her nightly. There wasn’t any need for haste, and Mo Yuan wasn’t in a hurry because they had an eternity ahead of them.

There was another reason, a more personal basis for his hesitation recommencing sexual intimacy with Bai Qian. Mo Yuan was apprehensive that he wouldn’t be able to please her sexually, as he hadn’t in the past. Another nagging matter of concern was that she would imagine he was Ye Hua, and fantasize that it was Ye Hua making love to her instead of Mo Yuan.

Either way, it would be a massive blow for his often wavering ego, and Mo Yuan wasn’t sure if he was ready to face that disheartening predicament. Still, there was a glimmer of hope, because he noticed a difference in the way she looked at him.

Bai Qian didn’t glare at him anymore as if he were the enemy, alternately regarded him with tenderness, and warmth as she did when she was his disciple. It seemed to Mo Yuan that she finally understood that his profound love, and unwavering affections for her and the girls were genuine from his heart.

“A Qingqiu luminous pearl for your thoughts.” Bai Qian casually asked while getting into bed beside him.

Mo Yuan didn’t respond and instead, shrugged his shoulders then rested level, flat on his back as she rolled into his waiting embrace. As usual, Bai Qian used his arm as a pillow before snuggling into his body.

It wasn’t a preconceived plan when Mo Yuan asked, “What am I to you?”

Bai Qian stretched her neck back to look up at him, and her eyelashes batted as she rapidly blinked her eyes in confusion. Mo Yuan pulled her closer, keenly studied her gaze for any implication of her feelings and asked again, “What am I to you?”

It was her turn to study his expression. She scrutinized Mo Yuan with great interest and a line set between her brows, before her mouth curved into a smile as Bai Qian replied, “You’re my husband…”

She momentarily delayed, nibbled on her full, pouty bottom lip before slowly tilting her head up and down. She nodded as though she was understanding, or perhaps accepting her circumstance and said, “You’re my husband, Mo Yuan, and you’re A-Chang and Ying’er’s father.”

Bai Qian spoke with certainty, then her penetrating gaze silently studied the look in his eyes, and finally saw Mo Yuan. She read him like an open book. She read his thoughts, hopes, fears, his soul, his everything and after dissecting his exposed inner reflections, she pushed herself up on her elbows to directly lay across his upper body.

Her beautiful face was mere inches from Mo Yuan’s, as she stared into his eyes with desire, murmured in a seductive tone that left him achingly hard and breathless. Honey dripped from her eyes, although, her sweet gaze was nothing compared to the honeyed words that flowed from her enticing mouth.

She hummed, “You’re my husband, Mo Yuan. The only man in the world who loves me and you’re the only man who wants me.” Bai Qian paused and traced the shape of his lips with her index finger. Her sexy voice was pure sexuality saturated in lust when she whispered sultrily, “Your wife would like to know when are you going to make love to her?”

“Was my wife deliberately rubbing up on me in the nursery earlier?” Mo Yuan teased and she flat out lied, “No.”

“Is my wife going to speak profanities to me again like she did the first time?” Mo Yuan asked. Bai Qian blushed becomingly and responded in a sly little voice, “I will if you want me to.”

Her soft voice suddenly gathered strength and became huskier, deeper with desire when she purred like a temptress, “It’s up to you. I’ll do whatever gives you pleasure. I’ll do whatever serves your body’s needs because you’re my husband, Mo Yuan. And it’s my role as your wife to please you.”

Completely taken aback he was because this was a first, and never had Bai Qian spoken to him so seductively. Never had she appeared as captivatingly enticing as she did now, sprawl out in his arms willingly yielding herself to him. Yet, here he was still hesitating, holding back while staring in her eyes searchingly.

Mo Yuan wondered if it were possible that she recognized his questioning. If he were honest, did she detect his total lack of confidence?

Indeed she did, and her provocative actions spoke volumes, when Bai Qian wordlessly braided her small fingers into Mo Yuan’s, leading their linked hands between her creamy thighs by her warmth. Then, she lingered waiting for him to make a move.

The temptation to touch her, to stroke her sex was irresistible. He without any fight succumbed to its beckoning, and discovered his worries had been in vain. There wasn’t any lack of want or desire in her, judging by the excessive slickness on her silky outer folds that coated his fingertips wet from her heightened arousal.

Bai Qian not only accepted him as her husband, but she wanted him to make love to her as much as he desired her after all. The wait was over and there wasn’t any reason to hesitate any longer. Perfectly bloomed and ripe was she for the picking… Mo Yuan took her and made her his real wife.

Bai Qian~

It had been a long time since a man had last handled her body with such intimacy. Even longer since a man had joined and became one with her. Bai Qian too had been in desperate need of the physical release that only happens, when partaking in bodily pleasure with another.

As Bai Qian reveled in the pleasure of his hands caressing every inch of her body. As she exulted in the ecstasy of his tongue licking her from head to toe. As she relished in the rapture of his thickened phallus thrusting, stretching, filling her again and again. And as she rode out her body trembling orgasms… She forced herself.

Bai Qian willed her mind not to wander. She commanded herself to keep her eyes wide open and her sights full of Mo Yuan. To see only him and not to become confused, she dictated herself to think of him solely.

Yet, in the end, it was still his face and remembering his hardened manhood pumping into her that pushed her into orgasm. And it was his name on the tip of her tongue that she almost cried out when climax overcame her.

Then the most heart-wrenching realization hit her.

The painful awareness was this: regardless of everything and everyone; regardless of all the circumstances and events that had occurred; her devotion, Bai Qian’s deep-rooted love, and yearning for him were, unfortunately, stronger than ever.

And even after being filled with Mo Yuan’s seeds as she drifted to sleep in his arms… It was him again that appeared in her dreams…as he had since the day she left Nine Heavens.

To be continued…