報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 19 NSFW


All her life through the naive and innocent eyes of a child, Changying saw her beautiful mother as the perfect model. The embodiment of a fully contented wife and satisfied woman. It was easy to believe this concept, because everything about her implied to this impression.

Her mother never sulked or complained. She always smiled, agreed and obliged her father without ever raising her voice. She usually had very little if anything to say on all matters.

Her mother’s peaceful and serene life seemed perfect from the outside. If anyone had asked her yesterday or even earlier in the day, Changying would have answered that her mother was the happiest, and most fulfilled woman in the world.

However, after seeing her mother, Bai Qian’s, heated interaction with her birth father, Heavenly Lord Ye Hua, Changying perceived things quite differently…

Her mother wasn’t the most satisfied, not even close and instead, she was the most depressed woman in the world. All Changying’s beliefs and certainties wavered after finally meeting her mysterious birth father. She came to the sad realization of how little she knew her mother.

The composedly happy wife and mother weren’t the real Bai Qian. The pleasant and cheery appearance worn by her was nothing but a facade. It was a mask she painted on like a disguise, and Changying first hand witnessed how her mother fooled everyone.

They came back from Zhe Yan’s orchard, and Changying had expected a barrage of questions, or a scolding when they returned home, however, that never happened. She thought it odd when they reached the bedroom her mother shared with her father, she wordlessly went straight to her vanity and began to reapply her makeup. With shaking hands, it was nearly systematic, how she started to powder her tear streaked face with a sad, lost look in her dark eyes as she prepared for her pantomime.

This wasn’t the first time Changying had watched her mother fix herself up. She had sincerely believed she was trying to look more beautiful to please her father. Why else would she always remain flawlessly made up and prepared? But her glorified fairy tale was quickly coming to a tragic end, as she realized her mother used cosmetics to hide her real emotions from her all knowing, and keen sighted father, Mo Yuan.

Her mother purposely cosmeticized her sad eyes with a dark smoky liner, and black mascara to take attention away from her teary, bloodshot eyes. She heavily blushed her pale cheeks with vivid shades of pink to brighten the dullness of her flat, lackluster complexion and rouged her lips a bright cherry, or crimson red so nobody would notice her frown.

Now Changying saw things in a much different light, and made new conclusions based on her newfound insight. Certain puzzlement solved themselves such as why her tomboyish mother, who generally preferred more casual clothing intentionally disguised herself more provocatively in front of her father.

It wasn’t to sexually entice him but a scheme, so he would stare at her exposed body and disregard the grief in her gaze.

Bai Qian was once a Queen, the only High Goddess in the world, and she was still the greatly revered Shimu of Kunlun Mountain. However, in reality she was but a jester, or clown who painted a false appearance of happiness on her face, purposely dressed festively in eye catching attire to conceal her sorrow, and discontent.

She had everyone around her fooled even Changying.

Although, that childish delusion was no more, after what she witnessed back at Zhe Yan’s peach orchard. It was a brief instant. A fleeting moment at most. Yet, she recognized a passionate, spirited woman with a vibrant glimmer of excitement, and fire in her mother’s usually unruffled, composed temperament.

She had spoken only a few sentences but her mother furiously hollered. When she screamed, it was with her authentic voice, and her response was a genuine display of her bitter sentiments.

This revelation made Changying realize her mother’s performance of agreeableness was to hide the melancholy, sorrow and depression that all stemmed from being separated from him. Now she was back at her place of misery far apart from the one she longed for, and painting on her feigned smiling face to deceive her father, Mo Yuan.

It was distressing to watch. Changying turned to leave the room, when her mother spoke in a concerned tone of speech, “Changying, when and how did you and your sister found out about the truth? Did someone tell you?”

“No one told us but we’ve known since we were little…but I love my father. The father who raised me – Mo Yuan – and I feel guilty toward him. I feel as if I’m betraying him by knowing…”

She paused not knowing what to say before blurting what first came to mind, “Why did you let someone so stained and indecent impregnate you? I don’t understand what you were saying to Heavenly Lord Ye Hua earlier about betrayal. If you loved him that much then why did you marry father?”

Changying’s voice shook. She had so many questions. However, her mother answered somberly, too gloomily in a troubled voice she’d not heard her optimistic mother use before, “It’s cutting since the one he betrayed for, in turn, deceives him most heinously and he wasn’t always as he is now.”

“He was once unsullied and innocent having touched only one woman– me. He waited hundreds of years living in abstinence while I did indecent things, and offended him with his brother, Mo Yuan. So in many ways, he’s merely getting even with me. It’s painfully fitting and well deserved by me.”

“And sadly there are times when love is not enough. Especially if that love is one sided and the new temptation is irresistible.”

Her mother moved to the bed, patted the empty spot beside her and Changying sat at her side. Her mother tenderly held her face with both hands, examined her face intently and whispered wistfully.

Her eyes shifted all around and took in Changying’s features before she said, “I always knew. But it was still shocking to see how much you and your sister look just like your biological father. I know he and Shifu are identical twins. Still, there are differences and you girls are mini versions of him. Especially you. Your intellectual mind and studious habits were inherited from him.”

She hugged Changying to her breasts as if she were a baby and stated, “There’s much I need to tell both you and your sister but now isn’t the time. I’ll share everything with you but we must wait until we’re far away from your father, Mo Yuan. For now, forget everything you heard and never, never let Shifu know that you’re aware he’s not your biological father.”

Her mother released Changying as her head sharply perked toward the hallway. Now she sounded worried and spoke in a whisper, “I hear your father coming this way. Darling, use your magic and leave this room secretly.”

Changying didn’t have her mother’s acute Fox hearing but she was accurate. It was seconds later, when she also heard her father’s footsteps heading toward them, as she vanished from the chamber as her mother had instructed.

Mo Yuan~

He halted near the doorway because it sounded as though Bai Qian was crying. Mo Yuan’s footsteps ceased, when he overheard faint sniffling noises coming from inside. He peeked into their bedchamber through the partly cracked door, but all he saw was her back, because she was sitting on their bed facing away from him.

Mo Yuan faintly cleared his throat twice softly, yet loud enough to indicate his presence before entering the boudoir. Immediately she spun around beaming. Although, her red rimmed eyes and wet lashes told a very different story.

Bai Qian wore a radiant simper even though it was apparent she’d been crying.

“Precious, is something wrong? I thought I heard you crying?” Mo Yuan asked as he sat beside her on the bed, and tenderly caressed her cream-like bare shoulders. She looked gorgeous dressed in a pastel pink sleeveless gown that exposed most of her sensuous decolletage, and all her white neck and shoulders.

Bai Qian looked like a doll beautifully made up. Her enticing crimson tinted lips curled up, when she smiled embarrassed like a schoolgirl, then confessed in her feminine voice, “It’s nothing. It’s just my hormones. Crying without a cause happens when women get older. You should have married someone younger then this wouldn’t be an issue.”

Mo Yuan chuckled adoringly at her silliness and lightly squeezed her rosy cheeks. His anxieties had been in vain thinking there was something more pressing, and now relieved, he pulled her tantalizing body upon his lap. She looked stunning, edible and his mouth watered for her as his sex abruptly stirred to life.

He whispered against her face, “I wouldn’t marry anyone other than you and you know that. But this dress you’re wearing today is…all this exposed skin is making me hungry for you.”

His sex wasn’t just awakening; it was fully alert, ready and craving to be inside her wet heat. Mo Yuan groaned as he parted his mouth fully, clamped down on her breasts, one after the other, sucking on her nipples over her dress, until the sheer fabric clung to her skin revealing the bumpy texture of her darkened areola, since she was bra less.

Bai Qian wrapped her arms around his neck and purred, “Ying’er has been waiting to spend time with you all day. Your favorite girl will be perturbed with me if I keep you for myself.”

“Ying’er needs to understand that you are my favorite girl.” Mo Yuan replied as his magic energy flowed, and raised a privacy shield around the room. “Now stand up and take your dress of slowly. I want to savor every sweet part of you before I make love to you.”

There was a slight hesitation in her. He instantly noticed she wasn’t her usual self. Mo Yuan’s brows rose intrigued at her spirited, and joking mannerisms when Bai Qian teased, because he sensed something more behind her playful banter.

She jest but tensely, “I’m going to tattle on you and tell Ying’er what you just said. I hope you can back your decision to neglect your precious daughter, Changying. You know once she’s miffed, your daughter holds grudges. I would recommend going to see her first instead of staying here with me.”

“Are you denying me? Did something happen today? Is there anything you need or want to tell me?” Mo Yuan asked while intently studying her facial expression, and her eyes for any hidden clues. But Bai Qian shook her head ‘no’ with a pouty simper and purred like a kitten, “When have I ever denied you anything. What could have possibly occurred in my mundane, and boring day that would interest you?”

“Precious, I’m relieved to hear this from you. You mustn’t ever keep any secrets from me because I’ll find out eventually. And you don’t want to hurt my feelings, or have any misunderstandings form between us, do you?” He said, and noted her eyes widened a tad when she caught his barely hidden intention.

It wasn’t deliberate or was it? It was more of a Freudian slip, when Mo Yuan articulated with a subtle suggestion of caution in his smooth voice.

His physical need for her billowed as he instructed, “Get up and remove your gown slowly.”

This time there wasn’t any resistance. She promptly jumped off his lap as he began to undo and remove his clothing. His impatient manhood jerked, while watching Bai Qian strip off her dress that teasingly pooled at her bare feet, and now she stood mostly nude before him. She wore an only tiny, silky, white lower undergarment that revealed the cleft of her clit pressing into the thin material.

“You drive me crazy.” His husky voice was thick with desire, “Come here in front of me and slid off your panties. Then spin around, bend over with your legs straight, so I can look at your silky flower that belongs to only me.”

She was Mo Yuan’s trophy. The ultimate prize he had taken from Ye Hua.

Mo Yuan could and planned to spend eternity watching his beautiful young wife. He had her perfectly tamed. She heeded his every whim, desires and did whatever he asked of her. Like now, when Bai Qian slid off her lower lingerie, turned, bent over, presented her luscious bottom, and her tempting pink crevasse between her milky thighs inches from face.

He couldn’t resist such a delicious morsel. Mo Yuan grabbed her apricot toned rounded cheeks with both hands, spread them apart, hungrily licked a pathway from her pink pearl to her most private place, and back down again. The sweetness of her honey on his tongue heightened his demand, but he couldn’t get enough of her sweet flavor as he ate her ravenously.


A-Li absentmindedly traveled through the dense forest on autopilot. He was on his way to meet his father at the old cottage on Mount Junji, where his drug dependent father would spend all his time during his rehabilitation.

He navigated with quick agility considering A-Li knew the native woods like the back of his hands, and didn’t need to think about where he was going. He followed nature’s recognizable markers as his sharp mind busily digested, and assimilated everything he had heard from his maternal grandmother, the Fox Empress, whom he’d seen for a moment after leaving Sujin.

His grandmother was able to answer a few of his questions. But why was it the deeper he delved into the ugly past; the more unpleasant and worst the picture became?

“Damn it, Father! Why?!” A-Li’s booming voice echoed when he angrily shouted in frustration.

He couldn’t believe that his father would have knowingly kept the immense funds sent from Qingqiu that was to be used, when he, their mother and A-Li were on the run from Uncle Mo Yuan.

His grandmother stated that the outrageous amount was enough for the five of them – his father, mother, himself and the twins – to restart and exist comfortably as often as needed. They had prudently assumed that Mo Yuan wouldn’t stop searching for them for centuries, if ever. Hence, the amount was enough for them to never run out of assets.

After speaking to his grandmother, the mystery behind Dongmei’s endless money line was solved. She had kept all the money covertly granted by his grandfather, but reported that she had presented it to the intended party. She swore to had given his father along with the confidential letter sent by his mother.

Now in the eyes of the Fox Clan and his mother, his father was the despised villain, who kept Qingqiu’s money that was meant for them to escape, and run away from Mo Yuan together. Then his father betrayed his mother with the person she sent to deliver the funds, and the secret directions for their departure.

Then to add insult to injury, they all believed that his father chose Dongmei and Yingpei over their pregnant daughter and the twins, whom he called “her half demon bastards.”

To be continued…..