A May-December Romance: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Short Story Ch 7

It was turning into a sizable mountain; the ever growing collection of audience, and wedding inquiries that came to Qingqiu daily overflowed the tabletop, as she read. “Hmmm… Grand Prince Qing Sheng of the Northern Plain. Currently 90,000 years old. He became a High Immortal at 72,000 years old. Skilled archer, renowned scholar and let’s see… He has the equivalent talents as the other men…” She said for all to hear.

Sharing the information with her fourth brother, Bai Zhen, Zhe Yan and Migu, who were all curiously peering over her shoulders, Bai Qian recited aloud, “He’s next in line for the throne…but what is this interesting fact here? It states here that this busy prince, he already has two consorts and four children. Pass!”

“Big– time— PASS!”

Frowning Bai Qian declared with certainty while placing the prince’s self-introduction, and biography in the discarded heap with the others. Along with all the other rejected wooers, his solicitation of her love and affections, his hopefully peach blossom dreams of her would end before they began.

Bai Qian moved onto the next petitioner. She had many. There weren’t a shortage of applications from would be suitors for her time, and consideration. They had started to appear in mass quantities and were growing nearly out of control, especially since more people were becoming aware of her separation from Mo Yuan.

“I’ve heard of this cheeky fellow!” Zhe Yan announced looking highly amused while studying the scroll in her hand. “I understand he’s quite the avid sportsman.” All three pairs of eyes instantly went to him most curiously when with his right hand, he snapped an invisible whip in the air.

Innocently Migu asked while scratching his head in confusion, “Does he like horses? Is he a skilled rider?” Zhe Yan snorted and answered in a teasing tone, “He loves to ride alright but not horses! No, he fancies tying up and whipping his women! Xiao Wu, did our Mo Yuan like to do such devious exploits to you?”

“As if…” Bai Qian blew. She rolled her eyes at the old Phoenix and mumbled without thought, “Don’t be absurd, Zhe Yan. Shifu would never whip me, but his hands were at times quite spicy when he spanked me.”

The chamber went dead silent immediately until her brother, Bai Zhen, nervously cleared his throat to get her attention which it did. With big puzzled eyes, she asked completely unaware or indifferent of her verbal faux pas, “What? Why is everyone staring at me? What did I say?”

“I liked Ye Hua best, Xiao Wu.” Her brother lectured. “Why bother going through all these other catalogs? He had a natural manly feel about him. Moreover, I understand he is still solo and quite anxious to start a family.”

Bai Qian couldn’t disagree. There was indeed exactness in her brother’s advice, and she nodded in agreement but said, “But it’s strange and he’s Shifu’s twin brother.”

Her fourth brother interrupted her dispute which he felt was inadequate, and entirely lacking before sharing his profound insight and asked, “What’s wrong with that?” Bai Zhen then exclaimed with great enthusiasm, “I think it’s fabulous. There must be some things about Mo Yuan you miss and long for, and you can have them but on your terms. Ye Hua has a good head on his shoulders. I would seriously consider him instead of wasting your time with the others.”

The tree sprite, Migu, who had been standing beside them suddenly darted out to see who was at the entrance, and quickly returned looking delighted with an assembly of Celestial Swans in tow all carrying huge bundles of red roses. The continuous length of attendants never seemed to end, and it went on and on until the entire Fox Den was full of red roses.

At the end of the long line, a Celestial bodyguard named Tian Shu handed Bai Qian a beautifully handwritten inscription that read as the following:

Qian Qian~
A red rose for every time I thought of you this week.
Sincerely, Ye Hua

Ye Hua sent 10,080 flowers meaning he thought of her every minute during all seven days of the week.

To be continued…..

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