女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 1

Mo Yuan~

Was it chance? Or was it destiny?

Our unexpected meeting with the woman we would soon both grow to love, marry and accept as our equally shared mate, happened after Ye Hua spoke to me of grave moral misbehavior with an unusual trace of anger in his customarily reserved timbre of speech.

Ye Hua said, “The heretics are pretending to be immortal Dragon deities, and collecting human tributes…”

I nodded to show I was listening… Well, in truth, only slightly at best. When my younger doppelgänger first told me a distant village of mortals by the Eastern Sea were, and had been sending human offerings to appease a gang of despicable immortals pretending to be Dragon Gods, I was far from interested. 

The race of humans could, at times, behave with unfathomable lack of judgment. But when he announced they were using the sacred Temple of the Golden Dragon as the place for their sacrifices, my silent indifference swiftly turned to outrage to hear of such blasphemy.

“How long? How long have they been executing such outrageous misconducts in a sacred place of worship?” My disturbance was ever growing when I asked, and what he replied made my stomach churn, roll with disgust. “For over twelve years.” Ye Hua answered then said, “A new offering has been made every full moon. Brother, that’s 240 innocent lives taken inside your temple. We should go into the mortal realm, and annihilate these foes like the animals they are.”

Yes, indeed. Their foul behavior did certainly make them animals. He knows me well, my identical sibling, and goes on to successfully lure me into his savior’s campaign by saying, “I think they’re the darkest of demons but then not many have seen them, and lived to give an accurate description of the fiends. Only one witness survived but is no longer mentally fit, and can’t speak since she doesn’t have a tongue. The demons ate it.” Ye Hua explained as his youthful features hardened with a quiet fierceness. 

Many aren’t aware of a hidden truth. Behind his act of callousness toward women, Ye Hua is the unofficial patron saint when it comes to the sufferings of opposite gender from any forms of abuse, and his inherent enthusiasm filled valor comes through in his passive-aggressive petition for me to join his crusade, “These savages not only gang raped the poor females with barbaric violence, but they also kill them during these attacks. After their death, performed sinful acts of desecration on their corpses such as necrophilia and cannibalism.”

“Brother, it’s a full moon tonight and my great sword craves to taste the blood of a demon.” The look of threat on Ye Hua’s face said everything, and spoke volumes even before he declared, “Let’s get those bastards, show them what a real Dragon God can do, and save the innocent in the process of being a hero again…”

“Maybe she’ll be a gorgeous princess and fall in love with me, then beg me to take her right in the temple as gratitude for saving her life.” He said before asking. “You will provide me with some sweet alone time with the doll, after we’ve defeated the fiends, won’t you, Brother?”

I couldn’t help but grin in spite of myself at his amorous inclination, “Yes, Ye Hua, just what you need in life. Another female to fall in love with you.” My sarcasm doesn’t phase him but then in reaction to my next decision, he smiles with obvious delight when I say, “But you’re correct about the demons. We can’t allow such immoral misbehavior to continue. Therefore, let’s go rid the world of a few incubi and save a beautiful woman’s life.”

His younger vitality drives his desire for heroism differently than it inspires mine, and Ye Hua, like the wind, is the first to vanish into the mortal domain.

Ye Hua~

Inside the temple is silent, not a single demon in sight. Instead, I notice the backside of a petite woman, and by the looks of her frantically gorging on the offering at the altar, she’s been starved. “The poor, wretched human.” Mo Yuan speaks in barely a murmur, “The village must underfeed the women before bringing them here. Ye Hua, give her a little scare so she’ll run home before the demons appear…but first, let the hungry human fill herself a little more. Who knows when she last had any nourishment.”

My brother’s compassion overflowth as usual, but I find it odd the mortals would send a female of such noble breeding. Judging by her delicate spiderweb gown which is more elegant than immortal silks, and the platinum ornament in her silken hair with a brilliant blue sapphire gem over thirty carats mounted on its tip, this woman shouldn’t be starving.

I’m intrigued, highly intrigued. However, haven’t the time nor luxury of knowing her better because for her safety, she needs to go. The humans have left us a sweet, little dove of a mortal offering,” I spout the first thing that comes to mind and barely fight the urge to laugh, when Mo Yuan side eyes me with a firm head shaking of disapproval for saying something so cheeky. But I can’t help myself because I’m having too much fun, and utter something else that will surely earn me another shaking of Mo Yuan’s head, “She is the most delicious morsel I’ve ever seen. Brother, perhaps I should devour her in one bite.”

That did it. Mission accomplished and we have her attention finally. The woman pauses from her dining festivity and I inwardly count down, waiting for the scared little bird to fly away. ‘Three, two, one… Fly far, Little Dove…’ 

But instead of rushing away, she spins around with regal poise like a queen and replies full of arrogance, “How dare you! I’m not a dove! Nor am I a mor…”

How unexpected. This human is full of fire and unafraid. Also, assessing by her full, curvaceous contours, far from starving and as I assumed, she’s from noble birth. She looks like a princess, an Empress even. Her immense beauty is parallel if not far exceeds any women, immortal or mortal, I’ve ever seen. Her flawless, porcelain, white complexion, haughty body language and posturing, the defiant way she’s staring us down, as if we’re her underlings isn’t the stance of a dainty mortal woman.

Something about her fiery gaze attracts and seduces mine. I’m caught and drowning in her eyes when from my peripheral vision, I observe Mo Yuan’s signal as he sniffs at the air. The most putrid odor permeates my senses. I perceive the foul stench too, the demons are near, and this ‘little dove‘ could become harmed during the forthcoming fight. She needs to leave and I turn up the intensity to frighten her away, “This mortal woman is extraordinary. I might take this ‘little dove‘ home with me and keep her naked always as my pet.”

Mo Yuan understands my purpose, and adds on to encourage her departure before the battle begins, “Not if I beat you and take her first, Ye Hua.” But this one has the fighting spirit to argue back to the God of War, and chirps back in reply, “I’m not for the taking.” And to my surprise, Mo Yuan then asks, “Is that a challenge I hear in your voice, Little Dove?”

Twin telepathy is extraordinary, and without a spoken word there is communication between us. Mo Yuan and I, together at the same time, notice a strange, almost edible, delicious fragrance coming from the woman. Outside in the woods, we overhear the savages talking to each other, “Follow that sweet scent of cunt. Tonight, we fuck and eat well!”

The humans have marked this unfortunate female sacrifice with a particular scent to draw the beasts to her. Mo Yuan and I simultaneously move by cutting her gown from her body, then camouflage her enticing scent by entirely draping, covering her in our clothing to conceal her perfume. My blood and adrenaline are pumping as we circle her with a magical spell of shelter, before assuming our Dragon forms, because it’s time to rid the world of some life stealing demons.

Bai Qian~

It’s sickening how excited I am. I should be ashamed of myself for being this aroused but I’m delighted, and over the moon to see these gorgeous men both in their naked glory. However, as I raise my gaze, everything becomes blurry, because surrounded am I with a magical buffer of defense. I can’t see anything but I hear the sounds of bodies being thrown, crashing, growling, swords colliding. I hear a full blown out conflict!

Oh, no, how could this be?! The twin sons of Heavenly Father are fighting over me! Once again, my appeal is my curse.

Fiercely banging my fists against the energy barrier, I scream to stop their dispute, “Please stop fighting! You can both have me! There isn’t any need to argue! It might take some time for me to be able to take you both, but let’s have a ménage à trois!”

To be continued…..

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