女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 2

Bai Qian~

“Little Dove, you need to be disciplined.”

Maybe it’s his Shifu voice, but his harsh tone makes me nervous. Because this is the first time Mo Yuan has shown any signs of anger toward me, since I followed him back to Kunlun Mountain a week ago.

That night at the temple after he and Ye Hua defeated the demons, they told me I exuded a unique scent that drew devils to me, and they would protect me until the next full moon. Or until they knew for sure all the demons were dead. Little did the Dragon twins know, that’s how I usually smell ever since Zhe Yan used his magic, and infused my entire body with his peaches.

I was an obstinate child who hid from him at any given moment, when he came to babysit and that was his grand solution. It worked like a charm and was a success. After Zhe Yan’s spell, my peachy fragrance always directed him to me like a beacon regardless of where I hid.

It was many years later when he confessed in his haste, he’d used his most potent aphrodisiac peaches in his spell. Therefore, it wasn’t only demons who were attracted to me like bees to honey, but all men and often women. Nobody was immune to the scent except family members.

“How many times have I told you to stay put? This school isn’t a playground and you’re a mortal woman in a world of immortals. You’re lucky Die Feng saw you being taken by Yao Guang and led me to you. She’s a dangerous woman who is capable of terrible things.” Mo Yuan scolds me in his quiet but stern voice. I turn my feet in like I did when I was a little kit, and stand with my apologetic gaze dropped, suddenly feeling like a disobedient child when he demands, “Little One, over my knee.”

“What?! Mo Yuan, are you kidding me?!” I first oppose him. He can’t possibly be serious, but then, set and resolute expression on his masculine face tells me that he’s dead serious. Gone is the gentle Master of Kunlun Mountain, and now before me resides the wrathful God of War.

The sudden change in his appearance intensifies his fierce demeanor. Mo Yuan has his usual neatly top knotted hair down framing his chiseled – like himself, Godly – face, because it’s soaking wet from rescuing me from the insane white goddess’s water torture chamber. It’s hanging loosely but pushed back over his broad shoulders. His undone hair isn’t the only element of him that lacks his usual formality. He’s taken off his soaking wet heavy outer robe, and only wearing his thinner layers which are also damp. They reveal his usually hidden physique that is beyond muscular and powerful.

I’m staring at his phenomenal shape when pats his knees then states, “Dove, the longer you make me wait, the more your ass will burn from me adding strokes for every second you delay.”

Whatever doubts I had about the seriousness and gravity of the situation fades. I’m in deep shit and know when I’ve lost a battle. Such as now. I slowly walk to him and stand in front of him. Wringing my hands in front of my body, I give him one last extra pathetic expression of remorse to show my repentance. But his firm appearance doesn’t change, and I drape myself over his lap to accept my punishment.

Mo Yuan~

Having the ‘Little Dove’ around is a source of great pleasure. She’s a bundle of delight that has an infinite supply of ridiculously entertaining linguistic antidote, jokes and stories that keep everyone around her laughing. However, along with her very engaging presence also comes unforeseen difficulties, because she is an exceedingly beautiful woman in a school of testosterone fueled, but sexually repressed young men.

That’s not the only problem at hand, she’s a busy body. A real handful! But I only need to tough it out a few weeks, until she goes to Nine Heavens to be with Ye Hua. If her overly seductive feminine presence isn’t challenging enough; she’s also gotten lost over a dozen times, and wanders around the lower remote parts of Kunlun Mountain, even after my many warnings for her to stay put. And tonight, she hasn’t a clue just how close she came to drowning in that crazy Yao Guang’s water cage.

She was mere minutes…seconds from death.

It’s not my purpose to hurt the ‘Dove’ without reason, but a lesson in discipline is much needed to keep her safe, so she’ll follow commands when it pertains to her safety and security. “Place your palms flat on the ground and toes pointed down,” A faint sob escapes her lips when I resolutely instruct her.

The little one with her midsection upon my lap is arching, and bowing her lower back in anticipation of her punishment. She’s wearing the – too large for her tiny body – thick white rode worn by my male students. Without hesitation, I raise the garment and hear her gasp in shock and horror, then stiffen up more like a wooden plank when I pull the thick clothing up and over her waist, before pulling her panties down past her thighs to fully expose her derriere.

“Dove, I’ve become quite fond of you and don’t want to see anything bad happen to you. You came closely – very close – to severe danger today. I’m sorry to do this to you but it’s my earnest hope you will remember this lesson.” My hand comes down on her milky flesh that instantly reddens. It pains me to do this to her, but my palm proceeds downward firmly on her round cheeks, and loud slapping sound echoes in the bedchamber.

Bai Qian~

The intense pain of Mo Yuan’s heavy hand slapping my bare ass takes my breath away. But I’m weeping because I feel abashed to be spanked at my age, and further ashamed by my unruly behavior that provoked such a punishment to be necessary.

“I’m sorry, Mo Yuan. I’m so sorry.” I sob. The blows from his palm are hard, flush to my body making full contact and steady. After the twelfth whack, my bottom is on fire and feels hot, swollen and red like one of those monkeys with giant asses like an orangutan.

The powerful slaps suddenly come to an end. Now, Mo Yuan is caressing my bare puffed cheeks with tenderness, before he pulls my panties back up and carefully sets me back on my feet. With his right hand, he wipes my tears away. Although his kindness makes me cry even harder, he pulls me onto his lap and holds me until I stop crying.

“Mo Yuan, are you displeased with me? How long will you stay angry?” Whining I sound like a child, because I adore this stoic and silent man who lets me sleep in his bed, as he remains in silent meditation beside me and protecting me, while I sleep without a care in the world. And him being angry with me is more upsetting than anything else.

I love his gentle voice that soothes me, “Shhh, it’s over. Once the penalty is over, we let bygones be bygones and never bring it up again.” That isn’t enough to console me. I fidget on his lap wanting to get closer into his warm embrace; also trying to relieve the developing warmth and new moisture between my thighs. His spanking brought fire and heat to places on my body other than my bum alone.

“Show me that you’re not angry with me anymore, Mo Yuan.” I weep. I used to do this when I was little. Reconciliation is necessary for me after any form of punishment, and I urge him to give me affection, as I drop on my knees by his feet. Looking up at him with my big tear filled eyes, I pout until he said, “Stand up and take off the robe.”

When Mo Yuan’s big hands hold my little ones, they seem to disappear due to the vast difference in sizes, as he fondly brings me to my feet. His eyes follow my hands every movement, as they unbutton the many snaps and fasteners, before I lower the white robe down to the floor. Having his dark, hungry gaze on me quickens my breath, and we both in unison suck in a quick burst of air when I stood utterly nude. I panted because of the cold air on my skin but he for other reasons.

“You are so beautiful.” His soft voice sounds hoarse when he says, “Get back on your knees.” Mo Yuan loosens and unties the silk sashes at his waist, and pulls out his thick swollen phallus.

I gasp in genuine delight and whisper in awe of him, “Mo Yuan, it’s such a magnificent sight. So straight, thick and long that it makes me weak-kneed. It’s a good thing that I’m already kneeling.”

He gives me a little smile, then does that thing with his sensuous mouth that I’ve grown to love. It’s so arousing how he bites his bottom lip before pulling it between his teeth, when I bat and flutter my eyelashes as flirtatiously as I can and ask, “Can I taste you? Please?” Then I stick out my tongue until the wet, pink tip is mere inches from his engorged sex.

“Yes, you may. Lick it, Little Dove.” He answers. I eagerly do as I’m told wanting to please him and lick his cock, savoring the drops of saltiness from the slippery fluid seeping from the little slit on the big fat head. “I love how you taste, Mo Yuan. I want more. I want to taste more.” I sound like a purring cat when I hum, while sharing with him my first impression of his masculine and musky flavor.

His big hands tangle into my wet hair as he groans thick and husky with need, then commands, “Open wide… I’m going to fuck your beautiful mouth until I come, and you’re going swallow every drop.”

I open my mouth as wide as possible to accommodate him; I’ve seen many nude men and their members while flaccid and erect, but nothing could have prepared me for this. Still, I take everything he gives me. Mo Yuan does as he said he would and fucks my mouth and throat.

I’ve learned my lesson. Now, doing as I’m told and more. Hungrily sucking on his fat cock even when my jaw aches, as it becomes too wide and broad for me to handle. But I greedily keep engulfing his sex until he comes in my mouth, then I consume every single sweet speck of his hot seeds that shoot into the back of my throat, before expressing my heartfelt gratitude for his gift and says, “Thank you, Mo Yuan, for teaching me a valuable lesson and I love you.”

“Little Dove, what am I going to do with you?” Mo Yuan asks with his dark charcoal eyes smile and twinkle, when he leans down to tenderly kiss my forehead.

To be continued…..

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