女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 3

Mo Yuan~

With Little Dove’s body balanced and draped across my upper quadriceps, I glide my fingers underneath the delicate waistband of her silky, white panties. It’s astonishingly remarkable how soft the silken fabric of her lingerie feels against my fingertips, but as smooth as the material is, it has nothing compares to her flawless and creamy, satin skin.

Her smooth, ivory skin with a trace of pastel pink. Her rosy complexion is like a baby makes me feel apologetic that I will soon redden it. “I’m sorry, my Little Dove,” I tell her then expand my hand’s range above her perfect skin.

Fingers flared out; my palm rapidly comes down upon her round, fleshy cheeks. Hard. And the bounce back from her supple skin is exquisite. Spreading my digits further, fully stretched out, firmly I again spank her milky but rapidly coloring surface, which is pure decadence and her perky curvaceous derriere quivers, while looking like a juicy peach in my lap.

My form of punishment is solely disciplinary. I’m concentrating on the measured strokes of my hand making sure not to bruise her body, but the rush of warmth to my loins is ever challenging to ignore. I conclude her punishment sooner than I planned because my cock is hard, thick and dripping, fighting to be freed from the confines of my trousers.

My body quickly shifts with hurried movements, and I can’t set her on her feet fast enough. I need to get the weight but mostly pressure off my blood engorged member. But her sad crocodile tears move me. She looks adorable, sitting there pouting like a child. So I pull her into my lap where she fidgets, and unintentionally grinds herself against the desperation in my pants that is striving for release.

She’s making me sweat. Bullets. Even with the semi thick material of my trousers between our bodies, I can distinctly detect warmth exuding from her arousal. And when she shifts to the ground, there’s wetness from her moist sex that leaves a damp spot on my pants, where she was sitting in my lap.

Now she’s looking up, and her big eyes are shifting from my face to the unignorable bulge by my groin from my erection. “Mo Yuan, show me that you’re not angry anymore.” Little Dove whimpers. She hasn’t a clue what she’s asking of me; she’s inviting trouble. There are so many wicked things I want to do to her, to her alluring body but first, I want to see her nude. “Stand up and take off the robe,” I say.

The white Kunlun gown drops. Her flawless body reveals before me, and there aren’t words to adequately describe what my eyes are feasting on. I don’t know where to look first. Should I feast on her full and heavy breasts, her hardened berry-like nipples, flat cream-like navel, her tempting feminine mound with the tiniest bit of straight silken black hair? But it’s her lips.

In the end, her beautiful mouth is my downfall; my destruction, my undoing of all my vows because I hear myself telling her, “Yes, you may. Lick it, Little Dove.” I answer in spite of myself when she asks to taste me.

‘Pangu, help me.’ I whisper under my breath but whom should I ask for help at a time like this? Maybe I don’t want help. Perhaps I want her… Who am I kidding? Heaven, yes, I want her to suck me dry and she does.

Little Dove starts with one of her small hands; she holds then pushes my shaft against my abdomen and eagerly, hungrily licks the entirety of my length from underneath. It’s the most exquisite and warmest of sensations, when she uses her tongue to bathe me, while slowly caressing every inch of my twitching cock from my precum drizzling head to my heavy ball sacs.

The groan of pleasure I let out is so long and ragged. It sounds foreign to me. She’s not frightened or intimidated of my size like other women, and sucks on one ball then pulls the other into her mouth, while pumping her hand upward and down stroking my cock skillfully. This ‘Little Dove’ is a natural born cocksucker. Her beautiful mouth was made for me to cum in. Between her tongue deliciously lapping around the fat head of my swollen sex, and the gagging sounds from her greed, as she ravenously engulfs me down into her throat, it doesn’t take long for my tingling balls to draw up into my body, before I explode in her mouth.

With her long hair wrapped and twisted around my fingers, I come with a big bang.

My load is much larger than average. I expect her to gag on my juice, but she sucks me in as if she were milking me; draws from my body my seeds as if it were her life giving essence, and in the process extends my climax much longer than usual. After swallowing everything I give her, she licks me and her lips clean then graciously thanks me, before telling me that she loves me. She sincerely means it.

This ‘Little Dove’ is something else and my inner voice warns, ‘Fuck, Mo Yuan, you’re in trouble now.’

Bai Qian~

The next morning…

Mo Yuan’s palm is large enough to grasp most of my throbbing buttocks in one hand. I barely hold back the faint whimper that escapes my lips, when he gives my cheeks a substantial squeeze as a reminder, before advising in his monotonous voice that has a definable edge of warning, “Little Dove, behave today. I have a full schedule but will make time if I need to disciple you again.”

“Yes, Mo Yuan,” Sweetly I answer, as I flutter my eyelashes at him using my femme fatale abilities to weakens his defenses. Success. His determined facial expression softens immediately and now, it’s the caring gentleman I’ve grown to love who is standing before my eyes. “Didn’t you say that you appreciated wine?” He asks before stating. “I have an extensive wine cellar. Why don’t you spend the day sampling the different vintages? I’ve made most of them personally.”

Wine! Wine! Why did Mo Yuan wait so long to tell me about the wine cellar?!

His promises of libations are the sweetest of sweet music to my ears! Why does it feel as if it’s my birthday? Pure ecstasy rushes through me, while I hop up and down euphorically dancing around him at the mention of wine, even though my punished sore derriere is killing me, before encircling my arms around his neck and ask, “What trouble could I cause drinking wine?” His dark eyes dance like twinkling stars, when I cover his mouth and lightly bearded chin with wet kisses and gush, “Thank you, Mo Yuan, and I love you.”

Mo Yuan~

More than three hours later…

“Shifu, how in the world could a woman drink that much wine by herself?! A mortal woman at that?!” My second disciple questions in pure disbelief. The amazement on everyone’s faces mirror mine, exactly. It’s only been four hours… No, three and a half hours to be precise since I asked her to behave and one, two, three…five empty wine bottles surround Little Dove, who is passed out cold in the wine cellar.

My sixth disciple is carefully taking her pulse, even though her loud snoring is a clear indication of her breathing. Passed out drunk, but she still manages to look incredibly ravishing with the top buttons of the robe loosened, and her long raven black hair spill everywhere.

“Let me get her back into bed,” I say as my worried students clear the path when I stoop down, and gather her in my arms. She’s a little thing, light as a feather or weighs as much as a child. Effortlessly, I pick up her intoxicated body and take her back into the bedchamber, when the ‘Little Dove’ opens her glassy eyes, drunkenly giggles at me in a way which make me grin in spite of the situation, before vomiting all over… ME!

“Damn it! Shit!” Aloud I curse but then I look around worried and wonder in silence, because I can’t remember where and when the hell did Little Dove eat corn?

And as if I don’t already have my hands full, literally. From the other end of the long corridor awaits for me another kind of trouble. I cringe when I overhear Zhe Yan’s too loud and over chipper voice calling, “Mo Yuan! Tuzi! Your beloved brother, Zhe Yan, is here to spend a few days with you! Where are you?”

It’s the worse possible time for a visit from Zhe Yan! I look down at my sleeping beauty, and frown realizing that I need to send my Little Dove to Ye Hua sooner than I’d expected or desired.

To be continued…..

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