女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 4

Bai Qian~

“SuSu, take off your dress.”

I have another name. Mo Yuan called me his ‘Little Dove’ but Ye Hua calls me by the name of ‘SuSu’ 夙夙. Instead of using the more commonly applied character 塑 Sù for my new name, which means ‘plain’; he opted for 夙 Sù, used to imply ‘long cherished.’

Ye Hua has an unspoken, gentle kindness about him much like Mo Yuan except not at this very moment. At this moment, he’s cross with me… Big time. And I’ve only been in Nine Heavens one day.

“SuSu, take off your dress…now!” Sternly Ye Hua tells me again, and judging by his biting tone he’s not going to repeat himself. But I stubbornly resist his command and clutch the tea stained dress to my body.

After wearing an oversized men’s robe all week on Kunlun Mountain, regardless of the drab color I usually wouldn’t wear, I adore this celestial uniform and hate to part with it so soon. But my opinion clearly means nothing, because he tears it from me with his bare hands. The silky material rips as if it were the thinnest, crepe paper in his grasp.


There goes my beloved dress, which Ye Hua discards and tosses the fabric aside like two silk handkerchiefs. Now, he’s eyeing my drenched lingerie before he wordlessly shreds them off me as well, like he did my gown before throwing them into the heap of material at my feet. I’m bare and shiver at my sudden nakedness.

It might be counterproductive, but I attempt to salvage any trace of self-dignity that remains. Demurely I proceed to cover my breasts and mound with my hands, but he gives me a deadly glare to stay still with a single glance of his pure onyx eyes. That one threatening look of warning is enough to make me stiffen like a marble statue, and stood stock still with my arms down beside my body.

It’s so awkward standing here like this.

Had it been mutual nudity, I would feel less self-conscious. But I alone stand fully exposed in his bedchamber, when Ye Hua drops to his knees. His perceptive gaze travels with the most precise study, as he examines my body from my blotchy, reddened right breast to the flushed, raised skin on my midsection and lastly, the sensitive part of my right upper thigh that prickles, and stings from burning myself with scorching hot tea.

“What were you doing at my grandfather’s palace?” Ye Hua asks in between exhaling, and blowing his cooling breath upon my burning skin. There isn’t any judgment in his soft voice, just concern. “After you left,” I answer. “Sujin came here and asked if I knew how to brew tea. I’m not an expert but I said I did, and the next thing I know she’s dragging me to his palace.”

“I wonder if she did it on purpose?” I ask myself in a whisper but Ye Hua overhears me and his chiseled jaw tenses. Thinking again about how Sujin knocked the teapot from my hands, I’m belatedly irritated and complain, “How was I to know the tea water was the same temperature as hot magma in the earth’s core?!”

Next, aloud, I question Ye Hua with genuine curiosity, “Is your grandfather so old that he’s no longer able to detect temperature with his tongue? How can he effectively rule over Nine Heavens, when he can’t discern between hot and cold?” I ask then for reasons unknown, I picture Heavenly Lord’s old, useless, dead tongue looking like a gray, lifeless mackerel that’s been out of the water too long hanging out of his mouth. This absurd image of him makes me giggle, until something else pulls my attention and takes my breath away.

It’s exquisite, the sensation, the light pressure of Ye Hua’s fingertips gingerly applying a soothing balm on my burned skin renders me speechless.

“Aaahh.” I blush crimson when a loud, hoarse moan escapes my lips before I can suppress it. How embarrassing but then, the moan is nothing when I notice both my dark nipples pull tautly, hardening before standing on peaks as if they were trying to get his attention.

I understand why my nipples are vying for his touch. It feels so ridiculously good, his fingers on my skin. His touch is incredible, arousing and I know it’s for medicinal purposes only, but I feel a fluttering of need in my wet sex.

Ye Hua’s handling of my body is provocative but so is he and I’m watching him. My gaze is stalking his every move, as he applies the salve on my burned skin with tenderness, before he stands and advises, “Stay away from Sujin and be cautious of her always.” It’s not my place but I feel a sudden spur of possessiveness over him, when I feel overcome with newfound resentment.

“It’s obvious she wants you.” I say and he replies, “People in hell want ice water. All men want big, thick cocks but that’s not how life works, SuSu.” Ye Hua continues to converse with me casually, but now with a smirk on his handsome face. “Since your front side is too sensitive, I can’t throw you over my lap and spank you as punishment.”

“Punishment?! Why should you punish me? I didn’t do anything wrong.” I’m outraged and passionately argue with his unfair judgment of me. “It was Sujin!” I yell in excitement and Ye Hua simply nods in opposition before correcting me, “SuSu, your offense was damaging yourself. Because hurting you is hurting me. I decided to make you mine the first night I saw you. Therefore, harming yourself is a great crime and I could care less about Sujin. However, your body now belongs to me and it causes me great pain to see you suffer.”

“So, it’s out of the great generosity in my loving heart that I’m not making you lie on your stomach. Get on the bed on all fours and grab the top of the bed frame with both hands. Keep your legs open– wide apart so I can gaze at your beautiful pussy that will soon be mine.” Ye Hua commands.

And I’m totally speechless! I’m absolutely out of my mind, floored but he further astounds me when Ye Hua says without expression, “My pet, if you don’t hustle and get on that bed this very instant, I’ll dry fuck that virgin ass of yours so hard that you won’t be able to sit comfortably for days.”

My entire body breaks out in tiny raised goosebumps when he growls, “Move it.” And I do. I move fast like the wind. Submissively on all fours, presented in the center of Ye Hua’s bed with my legs separated wide apart with my warm, damp pussy exposed. I grab the headboard and wait.

It’s disgusting how much I want Ye Hua to punish me.

I’m watching him watch me. With his pitch, black eyes as dark as a moonless night, Ye Hua is staring at me everywhere; taking in, drinking in the sight of me in total submission, before I hear the buzzing sound cut through the air. The sound…it’s the telltale whizzing noise of a whip in flight before it stops. The leather straps splayed as they strike the tender backside of my thighs.

I gasp before a loud moan comes from deep down my throat. When I groan, I feel overly aroused as I were in heat– such sweet, delicious pain. I could come like this…easily.

Who am I kidding? I AM about to come!

I’m so painfully close to my blissful conclusion and he skillfully pushes me there, over the edge. With his fingers, he slowly strokes up the slippery path of my wet sex from my swollen, quivering clit to my most private entry– he massages me. And his touch is all it takes. Loudly I cry out from climax and Ye Hua asks, “Can you feel how wet you are and how quickly you came? My pet, that’s just your body responding to its master.”

Ye Hua~

The sounds it produces is the most frighting aspect of the strap. The loud snapping, the noise of the whizzing whip in my hand is similar to a yippy little hunting dog like a terrier. It’s all bark without the bite. I know just how to handle it with precise accuracy, so the leather straps barely touch her radiant skin.

I wouldn’t dare hurt her. How could I? I’ve only been thinking of her endlessly, since Mo Yuan took her to Kunlun Mountain. I don’t know what it is about the human but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Possibly it was love at first sight? For me, the attraction, the intrigue for her was instantaneous. After waiting a week to see and to be with her, Sujin – like the nuisance she is – managed to interject herself, and hurt SuSu before I had a chance to warn her of the dangers of being with me.

I need SuSu to fully understand she’s in a precarious position among discriminating immortals, and those who are jealous of her, so I discipline her. Little did I know, she would moan with pleasure when the whip kissed her skin. From her tantalizing body, she would exude the heady fragrance of her arousal that permeate the entire room, and leave me reeling.

It feels like severe intoxication. My head is spinning from her perfume. I lower the whip to the ground, and tenderly caress her skin making sure I didn’t hurt her. SuSu is still on all fours and her body from arousal is hot to the touch. Everything about her entices me to her like a bee to honey. The mouthwatering smell of her; the smooth sensation of her silky skin; the ravishing sight of her seduces me, and I want more than anything for our bodies to merge as one in ecstasy. But Mo Yuan’s stern reminder comes to mind.

“Not her maidenhead, Ye Hua. I know she is tempting but her virginity should go to her future husband.”

It’s an internal struggle for me as I force myself to move away from her, but my starving eyes can’t get enough of feasting on such indulgence vision, as I breathe in the sight of her like air. It’s sheer weakness when I indulge myself for a fuller view of her, I stand between the lowly positioned headboard that hits the middle of my upper thighs and her; when she gradually raises her head, her warm milk chocolate eyes meet and lock with mine, then most deliberately travels to the part of my body, where my ready sex is throbbing in desperation under my clothes.

A small smile curls up the corners of her lips before she purrs, “Please.” I think I know what she wants but I find myself asking, “SuSu, do you want my cock in your mouth?” She nods. Her head bounces up and down before she purrs, “Yes, Ye Hua. Please…”

“My pet, if you want me then take hold of me and put my cock in your mouth,” I suggest and she does. The warm sensation of her greedy mouth repeatedly coming down on my shaft, before she eagerly and hungrily licks me from root to tip pushes me near the brink of madness. Inside, my inner voice warns me, ‘Fuck, Ye Hua, you’re in big trouble now!’

To be continued…..

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