女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 5

Ye Hua~

Sublime perfection… This incredible moment between us is a true definition of that term. Correction. It’s not the moment but it’s her– her very presence. Beautiful SuSu entirely presented to me on all fours with my enlarged cock buried down her throat. Nearly three-quarters of my needy length, she engulfs.

Despite occasionally gagging, she nevertheless, readily consumes everything I give her. My little pet SuSu, the passionate and eager-to-please virgin without any inhibitions is sublime perfection. Out of the 370,000 known terms, there aren’t words in the human vocabulary to accurately describe her, and how she makes me feel.

Everything about her blows my mind. She’s exceptional in all ways and a total overload on my senses.

Like now. The feeling of her delicate, rosebud lips wrapped around my sex while watching her perfect, curvaceous figure and succulent, ample breasts, pink from punishment, generous globes; her rear swaying, rocking with the rapid bobbing of her head, as she sucks me is almost too much for one man to take. Being born an Immortal God wasn’t my only reward. My other prize, my greedy little pet SuSu, relishes the taste of me and I’m about to provide her with much more– my seeds.

Firmly I pull back on the hand entangled in her wildly flowing hair. The sudden jerking movement forces her mouth to come off me. A viscous strand of saliva mixed with my precum still connects her mouth to me, when I yank her hair back hard enough to cause her jaw to sharply jut out, before our eyes meet.

“My pet, I’m about to come,” I warn her. I’m not one of those arrogant fellows, who require a woman to swallow if she doesn’t want to, and this ‘little darling’ isn’t just any woman. She’s the woman I want to keep. “Would you like to swallow my seeds?” I ask and her reply is most delightful. My pet responses with a quick series of head nods, before she hungrily sucks me back into her mouth.

I securely grab the thickened base of my ready shaft. With a firm stroke, I force the flow of blood in my member upwards. I want to give her a huge mouthful of my cum and observe her reaction. In my opinion, a man can tell much about a woman’s personality, her passions and her sexual inclinations when one comes in her mouth.

Will my pet stop too overcome with uncertainty? Or will she gag from the volume? My sacs draw into my body. Here it comes… She’s sucking on me with an expression of pure determination. I continue watching her face when I blast off in her mouth.

Ahh. Sweet release. My hands encircled in her lush mane, her thick tresses, roughly fist as I pull her hair from the intensity of my conclusion. What will my little pet do? Freeze? Choke? Hell! Not even a second of hesitation, before she almost intuitively gulps down ropes of my semen that fills her mouth.

Damn! SuSu makes me come so hard that my knees buckle. I think she’s purring with satisfaction, but what I notice was her needy body language. She, likewise, needs release. She’s trying to get relief by rubbing her thighs together to create friction, and seeing this makes my mouth water because I’m about to relieve her.

While I grapple to remove the rest of my clothing, her tongue slowly, languidly washes me clean with full lapping sweeps, before she blushes most becomingly. Then with a sweet demureness, she glances up at me rosy faced, bright eyed with hearts pouring from her love filled gaze then sweetly purrs, “Thank you, Ye Hua, for disciplining me and I love you.”

Bai Qian~

The seat of power comes in many forms. The position of unrivaled command for a female Sovereign isn’t only a throne, or an elevated platform. Sometimes ironically it’s much lower and on her knees. When one has a man’s cock in their mouth, one reign supreme. Even great immortal Dragon Gods like Mo Yuan and Ye Hua become putty, and piles of pliable dough when between my lips.

“Thank you, Ye Hua, for disciplining me and I love you,” I say and I mean it. I know I barely know him but it’s true. I do sincerely love him, and my infatuation with him is forever growing with every piece of his black garb that’s dropping to the floor. He’s removing all his clothing and I have a moment where I pity other men. Not only was he born an Immortal God with a divinely, chiseled godly face and magnificent cock but the body on him is sinful, delicious… Too yummy.

Ye Hua’s sinewy body is all muscle with the most extraordinary definition. He has that sharp V-line, an inguinal crease by his pelvis directly above his still semi hard cock that makes me feel faint, and I anticipate things to escalate quickly between us.

Seeing Ye Hua nude gives me the vapors. I give my knees and head a break, sit back on my calves then press my right cheek to the bed, when I feel him shift behind me. “My pet. How naughty of you to become this wet from a whipping and sucking me off.” His smooth voice is pure silk. “SuSu, you have a beautiful cunt. Do you taste as delicious as you appear?” He asks then I gasp, as the sensation of electricity like white lightning courses throughout my body, when his tongue licks me from my clit separating my lower lips, and up to my tightly puckered place in repetitive strokes.

“My Heavens.” I groan from the pleasure, when the concentration of his tongue focuses directly on my throbbing clit that seems to have a pulse, due to my deep level of arousal. The steady cadence; the rapping action of Ye Hua’s tongue is fast and repetitive. I barely notice the subtle shift of his body, when he lubricates his finger with the balm he rubbed on my burned skin, then inserts it in my tight ass. “No, Ye Hua!” I cry. “Not there! That’s a dirty place!” I tell him this but find myself coming in spite of my embarrassment.

The shame of orgasming with his finger burrowed inside my bum should hinder climax; however, instead, I come harder. “Don’t hold back, my pet. Come in my mouth. There isn’t a part of you that’s dirty.” Ye Hua responds in his orgasm producing, wetness inducing voice and proceeds to eat me harder, while steadily penetrating my virginal rear entrance.

Ye Hua~

Like an addict, I lick her spasming cunt ravenously. Between her milky thighs, lies the most exquisite treasure. I’ve never seen such a beautiful pussy. Similar to a newly budding flower, it looks. The dark rose, pink hued lips that are almost perfectly twined in size and shape appear to be pouting, begging for a kiss. And I know it doesn’t make sense, but the flavor of her honey tastes like juice from a fruit. Eating her is similar to consuming a juicy sun ripen peach. Again, I know that doesn’t make any sense but it’s factual.

I could eat her for days, months, years…endlessly. I feel dazed, out of it, out of control devouring her and the best way to describe my state is possession. I feel possessed, but her intense culmination forces me to move away from her pulsating clit that I’m dying to suck on. But it doesn’t prevent me from licking up her sweet cream which I do frantically.

It was SuSu who came but I strangely feel the blissful afterglow with her. It takes a while for both she and I to come down from her pleasure peak. Afterwards, I can practically touch the embarrassment vibrating off her with my fingertips, because it’s nearly tangible but there isn’t any need for her to feel this way. I desire to see, know, feel, love and worship every part of her.

However, this is not the general consensus and I, alone, feel this sentiment. She’s dying from embarrassment. It’s downright adorable, so damn endearing how she can’t look into my eyes, and is uncontrollably blushing from head to toe. “My pet, did that feel good for you?” I ask and she still can’t meet my gaze. SuSu is nervously wringing her hands in her lap, when she notices my sex is eager again. Without a spoken word, she dips her small hand into the balm, proceeds to smear and lubricate my thickened shaft with the slick salve from root to tip.

Her big, brown eyes gaze intently into mine before she wordlessly presses, and gathers my lips with hers. And the kiss is explosive! It’s pure heat as our tongues touch, dance and tastes each other for the first time. Between the hot kiss and steady stroking of my sex, I could quickly come. A hoarse groan of my pleasure escapes from the gaps between our mouths, as she covers me entirely in the slippery emulsion.

Suddenly SuSu breaks the kiss before spinning around, and gets back up on her knees. However, with her upper body level on the bed, and only her perky bubbly derriere up in the air. I think I understand what she wants but still question, “SuSu, what do you want?”

“Ye Hua, I want you to fuck me in the ass… Please.” She replies. What’s more arousing? SuSu’s sweet voice or the naughty, lewd utterance being spoken in that faint voice? Or the situation I find myself in? It’s all of it! Everything. “My pet, have you ever done this before?” I need to know and she answers. “Never, but I want to with you. I want to do everything with you, Ye Hua.”

She doesn’t need to ask me again and in a flash, I’m up behind her. I have a moment when I quietly thank my parents, and the universe that I was born a male with a cock. And that appreciative cock is eagerly twitching when I rub against her. Lubed up and slick, I squeeze big handfuls of her pink flesh, her sweet cheeks, spread her apart then press the head of my sex into her, until she gasps and her body tenses up from my penetration.

Bai Qian~

Ass sex. Anal penetration is a big taboo for some but with Ye Hua, I want it all. Everything about him makes me greedy to do things that others would shun. Like now, his fat cock is slowly sliding in my ass and I grit my teeth, because the pain is ridiculous but I crave more. So much more.

“SuSu, do you want me to stop?” He speaks with clenched teeth. I can clearly detect the tenderness from his concern sandwiched between his lust filled voice. “Fuck, you’re so tight…” He groans, and hearing Ye Hua use vulgar profanity makes me moan in spite of myself, in spite of the discomfort.

Despite the pain, I moan. “Break me in, my great Dragon God.” I half growl in a voice foreign to me. I don’t know where it came from, that lascivious voice. As I said, Ye Hua makes me crazy, and is the catalyst awakening an unknown sexual desire in me that is just starting to rouse.

“Give it to me.” Sultrily I respond in a throaty voice laden with lust. When like a battering ram, he dives into me, I scream, “Stop! Don’t move! Stay still!” I’m panting like a woman during childbirth. The excruciating stabbing pain takes my breath away, gives me an instant stomachache, and my vision blurs from the sudden torrent of tears.

With purpose, Ye Hua shifts and adjusts his postures behind me, as his left hand grabs the side of my hip before instructing, “Breath slowly.” With his right hand, he begins to stroke my clit in steady winding motions. It’s astonishing how that subtle shift of stimulation changed the dynamic and now, the pain instantly lessened. And he begins to move inside me.

The internal fullness of his sex in my tightest entry is ever present, but the pain wanes and in its place, pleasure evolves and intensifies. It’s not long before I want him to fuck me. Hard.

His sensuously shaped mouth comes inches from the sensitive pink shell of my Fox’s ear; the grunts, groans, the sounds of his ecstasy is almost as sensual as him. And his hand, his skillful, expert hand is stroking my clit just right, “Ye Hua, you’re going to make me come.” I moan.

My entire body trembles from the sizzling sensation when he licks my ear, and growls husky, “Alright, here we go…” With his free hand, he gives my ass a firm slap, before the speed of his skilled hand rotating my clit quickens along with his penetration. I start to scream as I climax like I’ve never come before, while feeling Ye Hua reach his release and overfill my tight hole with his hot seeds.

My climax is ridiculously long. I don’t know why it’s such a taboo? Why people think it is so dirty and offensive? Like everything else in life, done right with the right person, anal sex is fucking incredible!

I’m not the only one reveling in my post orgasmic state. Still gasping and panting fighting to catch his breath, Ye Hua sounds intoxicated when asks in between exhales, “SuSu, do you want to be my concubine?”

What?! Be his concubine?! Me? A queen like me be his concubine? How incredibly laughable. If he only knew. Bai Qian, the white Nine-Tailed Fox Queen from Qing Qiu will never be a mere concubine for a man.

Most affectionately, I cover his cheek with wet kisses and say, “No, Ye Hua. I’m not suitable or concubine material. However, if you like, you can be one of my consorts. I’ll grant you the title of one of my main husbands in my harem.”

To be continued…..

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