A May-December Romance: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Short Story Ch 8

Mo Yuan~

Zhe Yan declared. “Mo Yuan, I was there and saw everything with my own eyes!”

He hadn’t stopped pacing since stepping foot on Kunlun Mountain, and he spoke as quickly as he paced, “Ye Hua is too cunning and smooth for his own good! That horny Black Dragon sent Xiao Wu over ten thousand roses!” He blabbered while making all sorts of animated hand gestures, “No, he sent her 10,080 roses precisely. A bloody flower for every single time he thought of her during the week!”

His pastel peach silk covered shoulders, he shrugged, then raised both hands with his palms up in the air to show his lack of awareness, “I didn’t even know there were that many minutes in a week, until that day. Ye Hua must excel in mathematics. He’s a crafty and wily fellow, that Ye Hua!”

Zhe Yan was more worked up than usual and in nearly a frenzied state. Between nervously swigging wine, pacing and repeating the same story of Ye Hua’s romantic antics, he couldn’t sit still. And now he was shouting at Mo Yuan thinking he wasn’t listening, due to his lack of response, “Hey, Mo Yuan! Mo Yuan! Are you listening to me? You’re going to lose Xiao Wu to that teenager, if you don’t get your act together!”

“My Shì Qī hates rose.” Mo Yuan said, “Out of all the flowers in the world, she despises red rose most!” Finally, Zhe Yan sat down for the first time since arriving two hours ago, and Mo Yuan continued sharing more facts without being urged by his nervous sibling, “The day she discovered Li Jing cheating on her with Xuan Nu, there were red rose petals scattered under their bodies, while in the throes of passion. The flowers were a present from Bai Qian to Li Jing, therefore it was a fierce slap across the face for her to see her gift thrown about in such a manner.”

He didn’t have much to smile about these days but it felt good to grin, when Mo Yuan spoke with a slightly smug expression that betrayed his guilty pleasure. “Every time she sees a red rose, she remembers that terrible moment and has hated them ever since. Young Ye Hua may have enthusiasm, but I have the gift of knowing her history.”

Bai Qian~

Bai Qian was restless and had been, since she awoke much earlier than her usual noon wake up time. It was a day that warranted celebration. Even without checking the calendar, she precisely knew what day it was because it was Mo Yuan’s birthday.

After tens of thousands of years of excitedly fussing, and eagerly serving her Shifu then her lover, Mo Yuan, on his name day; this year would be the exception and she would do nothing. And it seemed she wasn’t the only one, who was conscious of the significance of the special day.

“Your Highness, are there any other ingredients you need from the market to make the longevity noodles, and longevity peach buns?” Migu asked with a bright smile but his smile quickly faded, when he saw her indifferent expression. “Your Highness, it’s High God Mo Yuan’s…”  Migu began to say.

“I know what day it is but I won’t be making anything this year.” It was nothing but an act her indifference, when Bai Qian aloofly answered him before stepping out of the Fox den, suddenly overcome by the tightness in her chest. The tautness in her thorax stemmed from anxiety, and a small circle she wandered to alleviate the sensation of suffocation.

It felt unnatural to her likewise and somewhat stress inducing, not doing anything for him. Out of the various celebrations observed throughout the years for Bai Qian – including the most widely known and celebrated holiday; Lunar New Year – her most preferred had always been Mo Yuan’s name day.

When she was his disciple only, she had forgone sleep, and stayed up all night in the Kunlun Mountains kitchen making his special breakfast, then waited by his doorway. Usually still covered in flour, she had fallen asleep while waiting for him to awake. It was the sound of Mo Yuan clearing his throat louder than usual that roused her from nap, and that sound was the signal for her to rush into his room with his birthday treats.

In retrospect, it was incredibly forward of her; a woman to rush into a man’s room with so little consideration of his personal space. And in hindsight, it was extremely generous of him to allow such presumptuous behavior without a word of complaint.

In the years that followed – after becoming his lover – her preparation for Mo Yuan’s name day had started very much the same, as when she was his pupil with her staying up all night preparing his breakfast. However, instead of falling asleep while waiting by his doorway – like a high class courtesan – Bai Qian had dolled herself up, and provocatively coaxed him from dreaming with his erect manhood collected between her scarlet rouged lips.

That moment, when his sleepy gaze first took in the lascivious sight of her never got old, and had always filled Bai Qian with a rush of unfathomable satisfaction to know it was she, who brought him so much pleasure.

Even now, it made her smile, as she recalled how they had spent hours passionately making love, before Mo Yuan enjoyed his birthday breakfast in bed. Without a single grievance, he had consumed everything she presented him regardless of the noodles being cold, bloated and soggy.

Every year, Mo Yuan told her the same thing, “Shì Qī, this year, you have truly outdone yourself. Every morsel was perfect, but you’re the best birthday present I’ve ever received. My darling, I love you.”

Nostalgia overcame her and her eyes moistened. How was it possible for her to still have any tears to cry? She blamed the sentimentality. The sweet memories were the cause that brought on the barrage of tears, when suddenly a hand appeared out of nowhere, and wiped the trail of teardrops running down her face.

“Bai Qian, why are you crying? What’s wrong?” Mo Yuan asked in his soft voice, and his tender expression made her want to sob harder. “What are you doing here?” Bai Qian replied. Too roughly she wiped her wet cheeks dry then faked a smile, but her stuffed nose was red and full of mucus from crying.

“Mo Yuan, shouldn’t you be in Nine Heavens for your birthday banquet?” Nasally she sounded as if she had a cold. “I should but I’d rather be with you today. Shì Qī, I brought you a gift.” Mo Yuan said before spinning her around.

A surge of immortal energy rippled in the air as he waved his arm out, casting a spell of darkness and suddenly the day turned into night. It wasn’t like him to use his magic so recklessly and now in the black sky, hundreds upon thousands of fireflies in flight flickered like twinkling stars.

Bai Qian’s body inclined into his chest, when Mo Yuan encircled his arms around her waist pulling her into him, then pressed his cheek to hers. His lips caressed her skin, and his breath bounced off her cheek when he whispered, “The fireflies came to mate as they do every year, and you weren’t there. I know how much you look forward and wait to watch them every year. Therefore, I brought them to you. I love you, my darling.”

To be continued…..

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