女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 6

Mo Yuan~

“Bai Zhi didn’t think everything through. His response was impulsive! He failed to seriously consider the ramifications of his actions, or what could happen!”

I hear Zhe Yan speaking but I’m silently wondering, what is it about the ‘little dove’ that I can’t get her out of my mind? She’s gotten under my skin. Deep and down to the dermis. I don’t know when it happened but she has and my old friend, Bai Zhi, wasn’t the only one who behaved impulsively.

Now she’s left Kunlun Mountain, remorse for my rash decision weighs heavily upon me. It’s too late but I shouldn’t have sent her away to Nine Heavens. The overly chatty Phoenix I should have driven away like the plague, like the time and pleasure stealing vampire, ultimate cock block that he is, instead of my little one that would be strapped across my lap bare assed, if she was here.

“What’s the issue?” Hiding my nuisance I ask because I fail to see the problem. “If Bai Zhi wanted his daughter to taste the bitterness of life, then what’s the problem of her doing what he intended? If anything, the little princess,” Zhe Yan swiftly interjects and corrects my minor slip of the tongue. For such an easygoing fellow, he’s always been a stickler for the usage of proper titles and states, “Queen. She’s not a princess. Xiao Wu is the queen.”

Aloofly I reply, “Whatever. Princess or queen… The young lady is probably having the time of her life. Unshackled from the confines of duty, and all the responsibilities that follow. Wasn’t young Bai Qian crowned Qing Qiu’s Queen, when she was a mere adolescent?” I ask.

Zhe Yan edges closer and talks too loudly for it to be whispering, lingering only measures from my face, “Mo Yuan, the problem being, Xiao Wu didn’t drink water from the River of Oblivion, before leaving for the mortal realm. She still has all her immortal memories and experiences.”

I feel like I’m missing something relevant, because I still don’t see any issues in the matter that would cause such worry, and say, “So? What harm could her memories cause?” Nearer he wiggles and if Zhe Yan moves any closer, he’ll be in my lap so I raise my palm to distance him as he speaks excitedly, “It’s not her memories but she is the harm! Xiao Wu had a very ‘special’ education. Her mother aspired for her stunning, exceptional, fearless daughter to be the queen, who was able to go-toe-to-toe with any man, and subdue that man by commanding both his heads.”

“The one on his neck and the one between his legs.” Zhe Yan pauses to look around before declaring, “Like untouched snow, she’s the virgin queen, unmarked by a man but she’s a walking sexual time bomb, and any fellow who comes into contact with her will fall in love with her! Mortal men vying for her affections could, and will start wars to be with her!”

“That’s ridiculous, Zhe Yan. Haven’t you heard the old saying, ‘Brothers before others’.” I mumble and find myself chuckling at the absurdity, when Zhe Yan continues in earnest, “I’m not kidding! In addition to mastering all her classical schooling, Xiao Wu has flawlessly instilled in her a powerful, and endless love arsenal at her disposal.”

I notice Zhe Yan suddenly looks in awe of this young woman, when he declares, “Chuángshén, goddess of the bedchamber. Bai Mudan, White Peony goddess of seduction and last but not least, Jiutian Xuannü, goddess of sex and longevity were only some of Xiao Wu’s masters. Those distinguished training started tens of thousands of years ago long before she started her menstruation! While girls her age played with dolls, they taught Xiao Wu how to toy with a man’s body, heart and mind!”

“What in the world sort of education is that? Were they teaching her to become a great Sovereign, or a legendary courtesan?” I question, while growing slightly curious about this mysterious woman, Bai Qian. The goddesses mentioned by Zhe Yan never took disciples, but I too had heard stories of them accepting young Bai Qian as their sole protégé.

 “What did the virgin queen do wrong? What was her offense for her father to punish her with a mortal trial?” I question and Zhe Yan’s reply makes me chuckle further.

He replies, “Xiao Wu was supposed to marry Prince Sang Ji in a private, and informal Qing Qiu ceremony but instead, sent her attendant Shao Xin in her place. The fake bride consummated the union with the groom on their wedding night. If Xiao Wu’s childish behavior was not outrageous enough, she had the gall to tell her father that Prince Sang Ji was too wimpy, not man enough for her, and that she was going to have a harem full of husbands and wives!”

Bai Qian~

I feel like celebrating! I’m overcome by a superabundance of loving affections for him. Ye Hua has me feeling like a dizzy love struck teenager, and I squeeze him with both arms as tightly as possible, while spreading my kisses all over his face.

“Thank you, Ye Hua, for showing me such pleasure and I love you. I’m sure women tell you all the time that they love you after sex, but I honestly do,” I say this because I mean it.

He leaves me feeling drunk, intoxicated like the strongest of wines. I was utterly incorrect about Ye Hua being handsome; he’s so much more. With his striking face and tender heart, he’s drop dead gorgeous. The size of his spent, but substantial sex is impressive enough to catch my attention, as his exerted body gently sinks to the bed beside me.

“If you tell me that you love me one more time, I’m going to believe you and never let you go.” Belatedly he replies. Winded, catching his breath but now there’s humor in his quiet and airy tone, when Ye Hua says, “My pet, consider my proposal to make you my concubine carefully. I don’t know what you’re thinking but you can’t have a harem. Women do not have harems, and they don’t have more than one husband.”

“Not yet.” I say. Broader he smiles when I quickly and confidently tell him, “But I’m going to be the first as I marry you and Mo Yuan both.” I hadn’t even finished speaking when he laughs. Ye Hua is openly laughing at me. There isn’t any malice, but he’s talking down to me with a definite edge of condescension. “My pet isn’t only greedy but she’s ridiculous. SuSu, your little body, your delicate woman’s frame can’t handle more than one husband; that goes double…triple in regards to having my brother, Mo Yuan, and I both.”

“Moreover, men are too jealous of creatures to share a woman with another man willingly.” I see him dismissing my wishes as senseless folly when he pats my head. I can’t argue with witty repartee or a rebuttal, since he’s absolutely correct.

The world we live in is still designedly advantageous for men, and their inclinations. Having at their whim, at their fingertips a stable of beautiful partners at their beck and call, is the norm for men. Of course, it was men who set that cushy practice for themselves, and the average women wouldn’t ever consider having more than one husband at a time… But I’m far away from being the average or ordinary woman.

I’m Bai Qian and I’m the Queen.

The Next Wonderful Morning…

One day out of the year and only on my name day; our tree sprite, Migu, whom I miss more than my brothers used to indulge me by serving my most favorite meal to me in bed. A sumptuous culinary celebration consisting of custard egg buns, loquats and peach wine had always been my favorite, but now has suddenly lost all its appeal…

It wasn’t quite breakfast in bed, per se, but it was definitely satisfying. Crown Prince Ye Hua of the Celestial Clan roused me from my slumber with the most intriguing wake up call. By awakening me on the verge of sweet release to the euphoric sensation of his balls slapping upon my pussy with his cock like a steel rod, morning erection, penetrating my newly deflowered ass deeply. He made this morning the best morning of my life.

The speed of Ye Hua’s cock pumping into my tight hole is a comfortable pace, and even speed. Between us, the cadence of our undulating bodies moving against and with each other is steady and fluid, as he rides me like a wild stallion rides his mare.

He feels wider, firmly than he felt the night before. I’m drowning in ecstasy from his solid cock that feels like pure hot slick metal impaling me.

“My pet, I can’t get enough of you.” Thick from sleep is his morning voice, but not as thick as his plunging sex. “You’re so tight. I’m going to cum inside you again.” Beastly Ye Hua grumbles, roars as his sex pulsates then squirts ropes of his seeds that fill me. With him, I experience my first orgasm for the day, mere seconds after opening my eyes and without lifting a finger.

I could get used to this lustful lifestyle, easily. It’s sinfully naughty how much I love feeling Ye Hua deliver his semen deep inside me, and he seems to share this sentiment judging by his ravenous sexual appetite. The night prior until dawn, he had his way with me several times, before eventually falling asleep beside me.

And now, while basking in our after morning sex – post climatic bliss – he’s most nonchalantly sucking on my hardened nipples, as if my breasts belong to him when Ye Hua questions, “My pet, are you indeed a virgin? Or are you just playing hard to get?”

“What?!” Aloud I snort. I don’t know why? It’s either his question or his timing that makes me giggle. “If you don’t count my fingers than, yes,” I reply in between laughs.

Ye Hua’s right eyebrow spikes almost imperceptibly, but I can see the skepticism in his eyes. I take the hand closest to mine – his left – and guide just his index finger inside me. My inner walls clamp down around the intruder like a protective stronghold, and at the same time, hoarsely he groans, “Your sweet, little, virgin cunt is tighter than your ass was.”

Immediately after his curiosity is resolved, he gives me the ‘look.’ The look of selfish desire and I know what he’s going to ask next. He’s going to suggest he be the one to deflower my pussy, as he did my bum. So I push his hand away. There is something unprecedented about Ye Hua that must be noted, he’s a lascivious young man but very respectful and courteous. I’m continuously impressed by his polite demeanor.

Rather than acting out as most men would dejectedly; Ye Hua most accurately reads and respects my body language, and doesn’t try to force his whims on me. Or cross my decided boundary. Nor does he pursue the issue. His gentleness moves me time and time again, through and through.

“Good morning, my pet. I thought I was dreaming when I awoke with you in my bed.” He says while kissing my lips, then carries me into the oversized bathtub adjacent to his bedroom, as we bathe each other like the new lovers we’ve become. Or more like it’s him who showers me with gentle tenderness, because I’m his precious pet.

With a soft squishy sea sponge, Ye Hua delicately washed me from head to toe, as if I were his newborn before shampooing my hair. It’s not a sexual thing, our bath. He’s so meticulous with me, and how he respectfully handles my body. But it’s me, who turns our innocent washing into a more passionate matter, when the sensation of his strong fingertips stroking my clit, as he cleans my sex arouses me so, that I urgently crave; need to suck his beautiful cock in the tub.

Ye Hua’s velvety voice makes me scream, “My greedy little pet needs my cock…again.” He states before feeding me his girthy sex. I nearly climax and my pussy throbs with need, when I taste the saltiness of his precum on my tongue. The flavor of his slippery fluid makes me deliriously anxious to swallow his seeds, and I engulf his swollen sex using all my oral expertise.

Ye Hua~

I don’t know what’s more charming? Her enticing appearance? Or how she behaves?

At this moment, daintily sitting across from me at the dining table, my little pet is as pretty as a portrait. SuSu’s just-out-of-the-bath skin gleams like a baby. It’s pink and soft and glowy. Her jet black hair weaved into two long braids with black ribbons tied at the ends. The ebony hair ties match the black bow tied neatly around her neck, and that is all she is wearing, my pet.

Nude with only a ribbon bow around her neck like a present, her appearance is both arousing and endearing, but her cutesy behavior is precious. She’s hiding the peas she doesn’t want to eat in a hole at the bottom of her rice bowl. It’s out of my control and I’m struggling not to laugh, when I torment SuSu by giving her another heaping spoonful of the little, round, green, podded nemesis she’s trying to avoid.

“Ye Hua!” SuSu barks while twisting her body side to side. She’s having a tantrum. “I hate peas! I hate how they feel in my mouth.” Lips like perfect rosebuds pucker out; she looks like a duck while in pouting mode when I reply. “My pet, the peas love to be inside your mouth as I do.”

It’s a struggle but I somehow manage to maintain a straight face and say. “By the way, SuSu, you’re incredibly talented in the area. I would have to say one of the best.” There’s a part of me that knows I shouldn’t ask such things, but the jealous man in me defeats the sensible fellow, and I find myself asking, “My pet, how many men have you blown? How many men’s cocks have you sucked?”

My pet smiles proudly. In my opinion, too proudly, exceedingly brightly and this annoys me immensely. “How many pussies have you eaten? How many women have you fucked?” She comes back. “I’ll tell you after you tell me.” She intently studies my expression, then declares in a voice saturated in rebellion, “It’s such bullshit. The double standards set for men and women are bullshit. Men are considered God and Heroes if they’re promiscuous. But women are sluts. All men want to bed experienced lovers and whores but in the end, marry virgins.”

“That’s not what I meant. I was merely curio…” I start to say, but SuSu interrupts me by raising her right palm in the air, as if making an oath and declares, “I’ve sucked your and Mo Yuan’s cocks and that’s it.”

“Bullshit! That is total bullshit, SuSu.” I surprise myself and speak louder than I intended. “That’s impossible. No woman can suck a man off as you do without experience. I’m not judging you so there isn’t any need to fabricate.”

Defiantly SuSu crosses her arms over her bare breasts and replies, “Ye Hua, I’m not lying. I haven’t blown any other men other than you and Mo Yuan, but I’ve seen it being done hundreds of times.” Gracefully rising from her seat, my pet comes around the table and snuggles in my lap then explains, “Every text ever written about courtship, sexuality and human anatomy, I’ve studied and witnessed every sexual deed imaginable countless times. Due to my mother’s insistence, I’ve had a Love Shifu ever since I first bled. Since becoming a woman, I had male and female masters, who taught me how to please a man in every way possible.”

With her arms draped around my neck, her tantalizing body wrapped around me like a climbing wine. SuSu turns her warm, chocolatey eyes on me, and I’m striving not to drown in her beguiling gaze that entices me, when she says, “I’m not trying to sound conceited, but I can seduce a man with a single glance. And I can bring a man to finish, completion without touching him.”

To be continued…..

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