A few words from me…

Hello, my dear readers.

Firstly, I want to thank those who have been emailing and writing to me on the regular. I truly appreciate your love, concerns, and well wishes. Last year was a year of havoc and chaos. It was also the year I had an outside request to write something modernly sexy and completely unrelated to 3310.

Sorry 3310 fans

For now, I’ll be posting a few chapters of my current work based purely for feedback. Thanks to my dear friend, there’s a high chance for great things to happen with Venus The Between Cyber Sheets. Anyhoo, I’m back to writing full time and yes, I’ll be writing 3310 Fanfiction in between.

The next update will be 女王 NǙWÁNG: QUEEN: TEN MILES OF PEACH BLOSSOMS ADULT FANFICTION EROTICA for all my loyal sexy readers.

Also a big shout out and cheers to SuninTaurus and the girls for making Peach Dreams such a hit. The critic reviews have been superb thus far. See what happens when you get a group of skilfully naughty writers together on one project? You get enchanted magic, an underground hit enjoyed by many globally.

Lastly, thank you for all your unwavering support and as always, Unni loves you.


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