報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 33

La Sangre Llama– Blood Beckons


Everyone has their place in total solace. Our mother’s side is where my twin Changchang finds her. Deep within, securely wrapped in our mother’s softly fragranced embrace with her face pressed upon mother’s chest, while listening to her heartbeats is my sister’s safety.

Though identical twins, mine is the opposite.

My surrogate father, my uncle Mo Yuan’s deep sepia hued gaze, is my sanctuary. It’s not only my place of refuge but also happens to be my first memory—I recollect all-engulfing warmth. Maybe directly following my birth, I recognized him and his love, full acceptance, and promise to cherish without a single touch or caress from the way he looked at me. Like a baby bird in its bonding stage, I connected bonding myself to him.

I love him more than my mother. Im not ashamed to admit this. Truth, the reality is often painful and cruel, but I worship him not only because of his mighty presence. It’s the soft, gentle, and tenderness in him that tugs at my heart so profoundly.

High God Mo Yuan, a revered and feared solemn man of few words, but his actions expressed his feelings and intentions. Without spoken words between us over the years, his expressive eyes told me countless stories of himself, his life, yet my mother only saw a man to distrust.

She feared her once Shifu, and now her husband would behave like a male lion taking over an opponent’s pride. Destroy my sister and me since we were not his biological offsprings. When it was quite the opposite, he did everything he could to prove that wasn’t the case.

A perfect example, our sudden growth spurt caused mother to worry our ascension to high immortals would occur sooner than expected. The thunderbolts would reveal the White Fox spell, confirming we were twin black Dragons, Heavenly Lord’s daughters. While she worried herself to the point of illness, that her lie would come to light, the man who raised us as his own, Uncle Mo Yuan, instead, he prepared us to persevere.

Forged magical relics from deep within Kunlun Mountain set upon sacred Dragon bones, he made our swords and began teaching us how to fight. Changchang’s sword, 日落玫瑰: ‘Sunset Rose,’ due to its orange and pink-streaked blade that glows like the sunset in response to her magic, is beautifully embellished similar to its owner, my flower-like sister. Like her witty yet sharp tongue, the edge of the blade, like the sharpest thorn, tears thoroughly.

My golden sword is bare without carvings, scrolls, and decor, only 风暴之眼: ‘Eye of the Storm’ carved in his perfect calligraphy. His profound meaning, I understand precisely. Only draw my blade during a storm, calmly amidst the chaos, seek to find my center, balance regardless of my circumstances, become like the eye of the storm. The blade kills instantly, delivering fatal blows because its source is his golden Dragon scales.

He gifted his Dragon scales to me. And I can hear my uncle Mo Yuan’s words of wisdom as if tenderly whispered in my ear every time my eyes see the characters alone. Because he understands my innate gift is in medicine and healing. If I must draw my weapon, it’s my last resort, and it’s to kill. We’ve always shared a deep connection. He gets me as I understand him.

Uncle Mo Yuan would never hurt my sister or I. He wouldn’t harm anyone connected to my mother. His unconditional love and relentless desire for her makes him blind, foolish, and selfish. The heart wants what the heart wants and try as he may not even the God of War could force love. So was it coerced captivity? Yes, for them, perhaps. Made to stay against their wills since both mother and Changchang have fled Kunlun Mountain for Nine Heavens, yet it wasn’t for me. Therefore, I’m the last to go reluctantly.

I’m still here. My steps are small, deliberately delayed, and drinking in every little detail with my eyes. The textured cold rock walls brought me warmth, the greyish stone but smoothed over time marble columns were my favored hiding spots as a child. Widely splayed, my opened palms to the very edge of my fingertips gingerly linger as I pass them in what may be my last time on Kunlun Mountain. I love it here and wonder if I’ll ever grow used to the decadence in Nine Heavens after living here happily surrounded by more simplistic sophistication?

My feet lead to the bed-chambers, and while walking through our bedrooms, I notice neither mother nor Changchang took a single item from their rooms. The perfectly prepared beds, puffed to fluffy just so pillows all in wait of its owner. Closets, wardrobes full of clothing, neatly laid out with jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, and hairbrushes, everything remains on their vanities. Nothing is out of place. Everything remains. Clear evidence our lives here meant nothing and were nothing but a pitstop, an interim to where both mother and my twin sister wanted to be, which is by Heavenly Lord’s side.

Tears?! I’m sobbing. I don’t weep or whine as my sister does quite often. Wiping the foreign rush of wetness flowing from my eyes down my face, I recall the one time before when I cried. The day I realized Uncle Mo Yuan wasn’t my biological father. The anguish and shame after discovering the opiate-dependent sexual deviant younger twin’s blood ran through my veins… I cried tears of fury and rage. Now I’m crying because this situation feels too unjust and unfair towards the man who raised us. 

Sneaking off like cowardly bandits in the night without giving him a chance to explain his actions or defend himself, a guilty verdict without a trial goes against all that is proper. He needs to know, and it’s incredibly selfish motivation, but I want him to come out of seclusion to stop what’s happening to him and his life unbeknownst.

It makes me ill. Convinced, repulsion makes me nauseous to know that his younger twin is fornicating with my mother. Considering what a vile sex fiend he is, it’s possibly occurring at that very moment. Not one, nobody is on my uncle’s side. Not a single person will stand by Mo Yuan but me, and since everyone is playing sneaky, cheating, it seems only fitting that I do the same.

Standing outside his seclusion cave, I beckon my Dragon magic over the elements. My small body vibrates as Kunlun Mountain begins to rumbles under my feet, my spell becoming like invisible roots of a tree growing, moving, and latching to the planet, causing the mighty mountain to shake. Fingertips outreached, whispers carry into the wind, “I command fire to heat the cold Dragon’s blood flowing in uncle Mo Yuan’s veins. Metal, I direct Xuanyuan, mighty undefeated sword belonging to the God of War, to stir and awaken.” 

I’m pushing my limits physically and magically both. My potent magic is affecting me in ways I have yet to control. Sweat, tears, blood, and mucus from my bleeding nose, metallic, and salt mixed bodily fluids run over my mouth then chin. Locks of my long hair become lashes wildly whipping and swinging hard enough to sting my wet face from the sudden howling winds as I urge, “La Sangre Llama– Blood Beckons. Father, I need you!”

Falling on my knees, the last of my strength leave my body as forceful gales of wind blow inraged. I’m bending over in a cyclone for a few seconds before I overhear, “Yinger?” A soft, familiar voice calls my name, sounding concerned makes me realize someone with more potent Dragon magic has calmed the winds. I did it! Hope fills my exhausted body anew with a sudden burst of energy, causing me to hop to my feet and open my tightly shut eyes. My weak chuckle of relief comes to a sudden halt to see it’s not my uncle Mo Yuan. Instead, it’s the Celestial Emperor himself, Heavenly Lord Ye Hua standing behind me.

Blinking several times in sheer confusion, I can’t make heads or tails of what I’m seeing. If anyone shouldn’t be on Kunlun Mountain, it’s this individual. He’s in the epicenter of enemy grounds alone and unguarded. 

“Why are… you…. here? Shouldn’t you be… bee.. bet..ween mot..her’s thighs, hick, hick?” Severe hiccups break up my sentence, making me sound ridiculous. Either this enigmatic man is fearless or has brain damage from his drug use because he marches closer to me at the very mouth of his most dangerous adversary, his twin brother Mo Yuan’s seclusion cave.

“You called for me.” Says he sounding so casual. If I didn’t loathe him as I do, the word charming would come to mind. “Your mother… MY Qian Qian.” The adoring manner of the way he speaks her name in loving reverence makes me blush despite myself.

“Daughter, I heard your call, so here I am, and you ARE as important as she to me. I will forever answer your call even if you were in the eighteenth level of hell…” Pause then with more resolve, and he continues, “Especially if you were in the eighteenth of hell without hesitation.” Nearly black eyes, his gaze shifts turning anxious. An attentive, worry-filled visual once over then with his royal garment’s heavily embroidered sleeve, my biological father gently wipes my tears, blood, and saliva from my soiled face most gingerly as if I were an infant.

A relaxed little smile that comes to his set lips reminds me of mine. Mother was correct, Changchang, and I do take after him, I think when he takes my small hand in his, stating in his soft voice, “Ying’er, you’re an imperial princess. Entering Celestial ground for the first time without a guarded escort is not how to introduce you properly, your Highness.”

Much like his older brother, he too speaks through his action instead of words. The Celestial Emperor doesn’t bow to anyone. He is the zenith of power and influence, yet he kneels humbly at me as if he were my serf like a silent vow to forever serve me. After accepting his bow towards me, I allow my biological father, Ye Hua, to take me to Nine Heaven’s, my new home.

 To be continued…