女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 7

Ye Hua~

Petty possessiveness and male rivalry are qualities lacking in my character. I’m not generally a jealous man by nature. I’ve never cared enough about anyone to keep a woman around after being served. And sharing a woman with Mo Yuan isn’t anything out of the ordinary but this one. This female, I don’t want her out of my sight.

This sensation, this newfound emotional turmoil, and conflict, I find myself in a weird place of uncertainty. Even perhaps lacking experience. I can’t make heads or tails of it because SuSu drives me crazy. What is it about this human girl that makes me hesitant and unsure of what to do? How to behave? Like now, I have a million duties to handle, but I’m thinking about her.

On my desk is another heap of scrolls, nothing out of the ordinary. My position overfloweth with official documents. Reports ranging from minor offenses to significant matters could affect the Celestials, but my thoughts are all over the place and scattered because Mo Yuan wants.. wants is a bit of an understatement.

Correction. My older brother insists I return the young woman who has become my little pet and bed partner, SuSu, and I don’t want to send her away. It’s all new to me, this notion that inspires song, poetry, and others to carry on and on about endlessly.

Don’t quote me, but I think it’s called… feelings. Damn it to hell. I shouldn’t have asked Mo Yuan to accompany me that night to the temple, then I wouldn’t have to share her at all.

It’s not by choice. I need to send SuSu as we agreed upon, but I’m far from pleased. Call it an infatuation, lustful greed. I haven’t a clue what I feel, but this much I can assure, I don’t want anyone touching her perfect skin or kissing her soft lips but me. My teeth grind as my set jaw tenses, the sides of my temples even throb as I picture her bent kneed, her smooth, rosy, skin like baby cheeks puffed out, sucking Mo Yuan off.

What a fucking predicament!

Bai Qian~

“SuSu, come to me.”  Ye Hua says after abruptly stepping away from his desk and sitting on the edge of the bed.

His thick eyebrows are furrowed, and his lips flattened in a tense line. Whatever is about to happen must be something serious, and he’s not happy about it. Ye Hua lightly pats the empty spot on the bed, indicating I should sit beside him, and I do as instructed.

He states, “Mo Yuan wants to adjust our agreement accordingly. Since your allotted time on Mount Kunlun was interrupted, he’s requesting you return for the missed week.”

“Alright,” I reply with a sigh of relief. Ye Hua’s gloomy interpretation led me to think it was something terrible, but it’s not because I’m thrilled to see Mo Yuan again. My head bobs, tilting up and down to show I understand the situation. “I’ll miss you, Ye Hua,” I add, batting my long eyelashes with a relaxed smile on my face.

His cast closes up as if I’ve done something wrong. Was I suppose to act upset or dejected? He scrutinizes my content and unafraid facial expression, confused, “You’re an odd human.” Says he, then gingerly holds, cupping my face with both hands, and stares me dead in the eyes searchingly. “So many secrets in there.” Faintly, he mutters under his breath, sounding as if he is speaking to himself.

“SuSu, you’ve never spoken about your old life or how you ended up at the dragon temple that night. I know you weren’t a poor, uneducated, village girl or of common birth. Was your father an abusive tyrant Emperor or King? Were you running away?”

He’s so concerned that I want to curl up in his arms for a cuddle. Without breaking eye contact, his left-hand coasts until he’s holding my face by the chin, and his right caresses my head affectionately, “I’ve developed a genuine connection to you. When you return, I’ll turn you into an immortal and marry you. You’ll be my consort.”

Ye Hua seals his love confession and marriage proposal with a kiss undressing me, himself, lays me on the bed, and raises a privacy shield around us in the middle of the day. With his body, mouth, tongue, hands, touch, taste, and lick, kissing me everywhere.

There isn’t any rush. Our foreplay is gradual, a slow sizzling build-up before he pulls me on top of him but with my head towards his feet. He spreads my thighs apart obscenely with his hands and ravenously devours me from clit to ass while his thick cock penetrates my gaped mouth until his sweet juice squirts the back of my throat twice. After I lick his cock and balls clean, he rotates me around by my feet until our faces meet, and we kiss, hot and heavy, sloppy drunk off each other, our tongues inter coiling, interchanging as we taste ourselves on each other.

“SuSu, do you love me?” Ye Hua asked, and when I nod that I do because I do, he says, “Let make love and I’ll fuck that tight little pussy before you leave. I’ll make you feel so good.”

My goodness. What a lascivious cheeky fellow.

The lust in his husky but soft voice and needy desire in his dark eyes are….nearly irresistible. He looks so tantalizing with his hair all a mess, his handsome face wet covered in my juices. It’s tempting because I’d like nothing more than to feel that thick cock tearing my cunt open, but I hold my ground, “I’m sorry, Ye Hua, I’ve already told you. My pussy’s virginity is for my husbands. I’m going to have a reverse harem.”

“SuSu, you’re insane.” He grabs my face, kissing his muffled laughter into my mouth. “Fine, I’ll have to wait a bit longer, but I will fuck you where I can.” His slanted almond-shaped eyes narrow into dangerous slits before he yanks me by the hair, throws me on all fours.

In his fisted hand, my hair like a horse’s rein. He tugs and pulls my head until we make eye contact. He smirks deviously. The left side of his lip curls as he spreads my cheeks apart to spit on my puckered anus and thrusts his fat cock into me. The slapping noise echoes over my cries and his grunting when his palm comes down, delivering angry handprint leaving blows spanking my asscheeks bouncing off his thighs. Without breaking his unrelenting pace, he reaches around to stroke my wet pussy and clit to climax, fucking me rougher and longer than usual.

“You love it rough, don’t you, SuSu.” Ye Hua growls in my ear. “Grab your nipples and rub with your clit.” He commands fucking me like this. Biting and clawing at me like a rutting beast. He claims me, and I, in turn, orgasm again and again until he harshly grabs my hips, holds me in place, slams into me for his last diving thrust, then unloads hot ropes of cum that overfills me as his pulsating cock, squirts every drop of his seed.

“I love being inside you,” He groans, sounding spent, and sprawls out beside me. I feel sore, broken inside but in the best way possible, and it tickles me to no ends that Ye Hua won’t permit me to bathe before going to Kunlun when we’re done. Meaning, scandalous, the little mortal eighteen-year-old version of me is a marked woman returning to the celibate men school reeking from head to toe of sex and Ye Hua.

Silly Helen of Troy has nothing on me. I, Bai Qian, am going to start a cock war between Dragons.

Some might judge me for being an improper, vulgar woman. Shouldn’t I feel humiliated and used as a sex object? Humiliated and used? HA! Not even close. If anything, I feel adored and cherished because I love Ye Hua and his possessive way. His perfectly long, girthy, veined but smooth-skinned cock I crave and worship and the pain, I fucking revel in it.

I love it all.

Mo Yuan~

My outward appearances are more subdued, but my students, the exuberant Kunlun disciples, can’t hide how excited they are about our wine drinking, public vomiting, troublemaking human visitor, Little Dove’s return. She is a delightful walking talking party of one.

Judging by her respectfully bowing before me, she has learned proper Celestial customs while in Heaven. Gracefully lowering her body and dropping to her knees, small palms flatten as she braces her bending frame. Little Dove’s forehead presses against the cold ground as she kowtows to me. 

I wonder if she knows that every move she makes causes the air around her to circulate, stir, spreading the lingering scent of Ye Hua and his bodily fluids all over her. I’m not the only one to notice. My students look confused by the heady perfume she is putting out. Hence I excuse the student for the day and subtly suggest that my celibate male disciples meditate for self-cultivation.

I can’t hold Ye Hua responsible. The Alpha blood that courses through his veins runs in mine as well. He was marking her as his possession, his trophy, and my younger brother’s attempts would have been effectively held other men at bay but not me. It does the very opposite as intended, and contrarily, triggers my competitive side, making me want her more

To be continued…

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