A friendly reminder from Unni

Remember peeps, 女王 Nǚwáng Queen is a way out there, far fetched, a Frankenstein of 3310 fantasy fan fiction, sexuality and my warped humor. It’s also an adult fan fiction and rated XXX. It’s naughty, naughty, good and naughty. I will explore all kinks with the exclusion of bathroom stuff. Remember, I’m OCD.

My hard limits will ALWAYS be bathroom-related issues, non-consensual, violence, abuse, incest, underage, humiliation and sadism. These are no-nos for this writer.

However, you will see language like fuck, cock and cunt, anal, double penetration, mild BDSM, lesbian, threesomes, public sex and you know my usual naughty stuff.

Those who are easily offended, PLEASE skip this story. Thanks.

Much love, Unni

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