女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 8

Mo Yuan~

Though not encouraged. Sharing bodily pleasure, sexual intercourse with humans isn’t against any Celestial rules and laws. We may not divulge the information, but we’ve all done it on the sly, on the down-low. I’m no different. Like other immortals, I’ve sampled and been served by, enjoyed a mortal female out of curiosity during my youth only once… Twice including Little Dove.

My first companion was a lovely woman who was captivating enough to catch my interest, yet the brief encounter wasn’t life-altering or habit-forming. My disinterest and opinion aren’t from a lack of enjoyment. Sex is sex. It felt gratifying, and I find humans aesthetically pleasing, don’t place any restrictions on myself based on irrational prejudices.

My sexual inclinations are more out of sensibility and compatibility.

We immortal deities, especially those with higher cultivation, must be responsible since we could unintentionally damage even kill our frailer mortal partners during fornication. A slip during the act of passion could result in a fatality. One must be careful. Humans are a fragile lot, so I’m relieved to see this sweet piece of eye candy looking healthy and whole after an entire week with Ye Hua.

Ye Hua fancies this female. Enough to collar her like a beloved pet. An eye-catching black choker-collar style necklace wraps around her ivory neck. The stark contrast in color is something, but so is the centerpiece. An apricot-sized brilliant-cut flawless black diamond decorates his brazen symbol of ownership.

When her rising head swings forward from bowing, the late afternoon sunlight catches the frozen lake-like surface, and the precious and priceless gemstone displays his royal Celestial emblem imprinted on the smooth glassy top. I instantly recognize the enormous rock since the black diamond is a family heirloom. My goodness, what an extravagant present to besow someone he barely knows?

The distinct and unusual accessory to her beautiful Celestial-style attire isn’t the only thing that catches my attention because that crafty little fellow has sent along an escort. Another attractive female, a pretty-faced little, dressed in pink Celestial Swan, probably one of his servants, kowtows a few paces behind her mistress. 

With her subservient gaze dropped demurely, the servant explains her attendance, “Crown Prince was concerned Mistress SuSu would be disruptive to High God Mo Yuan’s grand purpose as Shifu of Kunlun Mountain. This humble servant is here to serve as needed.”

“To serve as needed,” Humorous. I find myself repeating the servant’s choice of wording amused, and this makes her blush deeper—the red spreads across her face and exposed neckline. The intense coloring in her skin confirms my suspicions. She stops speaking, waits with her head dipped, staring at the ground, and it’s obvious. The swan’s presence is multi-purposeful to serve her mistress but, more importantly, a diversion of choice for me.

How considerate of my brother. Hm. Sibling rivalry over a female? This a first. I didn’t know Ye Hua was such a possessive and sentimental fellow. How could he think I wouldn’t see through his ruse? What a tricksy youth, going low and playing dirty. Although truth told, I am a touch proud of him and his efforts, but she doesn’t belong to him….yet.

Nothing I would put into words, but I’m not too fond of it or for what it implies. My hand extends towards Little Dove. The magically sealed neckband doesn’t budge at first; a rush of my magic overpowers his sealing spell as the collar snaps apart, comes towards, and lands in my open waiting palm.

“You can best serve me by returning this to Crown Prince Ye Hua, and there isn’t any need for your presence. You may leave now and don’t return.” I cast aside the broken necklace towards the startled Celestial Swan. Her apprehensive response is natural. The attendant, like most women, frightens easily around me. Her hand is trembling as she quickly picks up the discarded collar and scurries away.

Maybe because he’s my blood, but I find Ye Hua’s attempt to keep the human to himself adorable. I get his intent. Cultivation aside, deep down in our core, we ‘Men’ can behave like brutes, beasts, petty and jealous. Consider how many wars throughout history began because of a woman and desire? Even divine deities such as Medicine God Zhe Yan and Fox Emperor Bai Zhi fought, dueled for three days straight over the current Fox Empress.

“Thank you for your continued protection and benevolence.” Little Dove addresses. Her girlish and feminine voice sounds sing-songy, melodic before kowtowing again, hitting me in the face with another blast of her aphrodisiac perfume. 

It is not the first time I’ve noticed her distinctive scent because it’s luscious. One could even describe it as mouth-watering and desire-inducing. This description defies logic, but from her exudes a heady, fruity sweet smell, reminiscent of standing in the middle of Zhe Yan’s peach orchard mildly intoxicated. 

My initial impression was that the temple had intentionally smeared perfume like a scented oil on her or burned an aromatic incense to entice me, their Golden Dragon God, to their offering. Feasible expect it’s been weeks. She has been in two different locations, is currently covered in Ye Hua’s scent, yet I can still detect the fruity floral notes wafting from her, coming towards me like mist from an incense burning diffuser.

I watch her kowtow three times, and now she’s staring at my face with her big doe eyes affectionately. Her pretty pouty mouth puckers like a child as she raises her right hand in the air and requests, “Mo Yuan..can I” She pauses to correct herself, rephrasing her question. “May I sit on your lap?”

What is this now? She’s sending mixed signals and contrasting messages. Her mouth distinctly asked to sit on my lap, but her eyes and body language tell me something completely different. I am feeling a little curious, a little perplexed, and more than a little intrigued. She is engaging, adding a pleasant diversion to my daily routine, and it’s cute how Little Dove titters, swaying, rocking back and forth on her knees, needy, anxious.

What does she truly want? Why won’t she say? Just deafening silence, but the sexual tension building between us is real, three-dimensional, thick, and concrete. Concrete like my granite hard cock, she adds fuel to the fire, making it pulsate under my garment when her hunger-filled eyes, like invisible fingers, reach out, brushes my face. Bewitchment, without physical contact, her seductive gaze touches me, tracing my lips, brushes over my bearded chin, strokes my Adam’s apple, coasts down my chest, abdomen, and stops at my groin.

Long, dense eyelashes fluttered around widened eyes, her rosy cheeks deepen with color, surprised to see me staring back at her. Our locked eyes engage in a silent conversation before her gaze deliberately darts down to my crotch. She licks her lips hungrily, slurps her saliva, and a forced gulp conveys her unspoken desires. Mystery solved, she wants to suck my cock again, and I’m more than pleased to oblige her.

I am known for my magnanimous nature, after all.

“Come to me, Little Dove,” I grant permission for her to approach. She drops, submissively crawling to me until her face buries into my male region. With the vibrations of her throat from her humming, purring between gasping inhales, she takes in the scent of my sex, my masculinity, making my erect precum drizzling cock twitch.

My blood-engorged manhood eagerly springs out like a released coil when her hot little hands untie the waist sash and pull my pants apart. The fat swollen glossy head disappears in her mouth. Her tongue feels heated, hot sizzling flicks against the sensitive clear liquid oozing slit before her tongue rolls, tracing the mushroomed ridge of my shaft in a series of pressured circles. Her head suddenly drops, bobbing up and down, taking my girth to the back of her throat. Steady, enthusiastic hands stroke, jerking me off from the base of my thick pole to where her lips meet. The flow of slick warm saliva from her gaped mouth drips making her hands slip and slide with steady ease.

Shivering, creeping tingles, sheer pleasure courses down my spine, rushing to my full balls; she’s sucking the cum right out of me, but the Alpha male in me needs to mark her. I yank her off my readiness by her braids, and a massive shower of milky fluid flies splashing across her flushed cheek. Squirts of white, ropes of semen cover her face, splatters in her hair before I return her greedy mouth over my phallus to swallow the last spurts of my juice.

Such desire to please me. Thirsty little Dove drinks in greedy gulps as I release my load, emptying in her mouth and down her throat. I close my eyes and feel the incredible sensation of her lapping tongue swiping and licking me clean. Her touch is light and loving as she delicately places my spent manhood back in my pants. Busy little hands fly as she neatly reties the waistband before adjusting my creased garment back to its proper state.

“Thank you, Mo Yuan.” She tweets, staring up at me with warmth fondly. Shouldn’t I be the one thanking her? She is so happy. A beaming smile curls the corners of her fuller than usually swollen lips. How is it possible for a young woman full of genuine enthusiasm, gifted in giving oral pleasure as if blessed by Jiutian Xuannü, Goddess of Sex herself and covered in seminal fluid from two men, to be this angelic, innocent, virginal?

“Follow me. Little Dove, you need a bath and long soak in the purity hot spring.” I say. She needs an extensive cleansing. I’m taking her to the lower level, where untouched immaculate waters stream and flow. The pristine water is melted ice and snow from Mount Kunlun’s peaks. A botanical sanctuary with heated and cooling pools, crystal clear waterfalls, the intimately secluded bathing area is my private space used by me exclusively.

Bringing myself to my feet, momentarily, I pause when her little hand reaches for mine—skin against skin. I’m not a touchy-feely, affectionate kind of man, but there’s something to be noted, I’m enjoying how it feels. Her small hand cocooned, swallowed up in my massive palm as I lead the way feels….natural and fitting.

“What is your real name, Little Dove?” It dawns on me that I’ve never asked her name, and like a little bird, she chirps full of energy, without hesitation, without shame, “Mo Yuan, I’m your future wife, your Shì qī. I plan to marry you and Ye Hua both and become the mother of Dragons. I’m going to have a reverse harem.”

Such brazen audaciousness renders me speechless!

Is this concept of having more than one husband a new trend with modern women these days? Hadn’t Zhe Yan just shared the bizarre story about Qingqiu’s missing princess Bai Qian wanting a harem of her own? Have I fallen behind the world’s state and out of touch with the current situation between genders? Have times, customs changed so significantly, and women’s rights advanced to such degrees that they too wish to have multiple spouses like men? 

To be continued…

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