Howdy Ho… Update on Bàofù.

Hello, my lovely friends and readers. I hope with the vaccine rolling out, and everyone is feeling a bit more optimistic. Some of you may know… well, our Anne does, but I research quite a bit when writing period pieces, and it has come to my attention during the Qing the men wore their hair, half-shaved in the front.

It was all that forehead action and that long ass braid.

For the life of me, I just can’t put our sexy heroes in that terrible style. It’s a sin, especially with Ye Hua’s gorgeous hair, and we’ll then picture them with an eight-head instead of a forehead.

NO CAN DO. Nobody can pull off the Qingllet aka ancient Qing mullet.

I’m making a minor adjustment from Qing to Ming. I know it doesn’t seem much different, but people look at this hair chart! Need I say more?! Some readers also notice and appreciate such nuances, so I like to keep it on the up and up.

Much Love Unni